Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 12

It has been nine years since Tenlong had first left the cave dwelling of Master J and returned back to the village of Mary and Jimmy Jr. He had spent over eight hundred years training with the underground Master. The lad had spent fifty to sixty hours a week times times one hundred times training. He was now ten foot foot tall and one thousand pounds, while under four percent body fat.

Jimmy Jr had grown into a young adult and the man wanted to become a hunter like his father and Tenlong. He had blacked lot of his memories of his father but he had always remembered the stories told about him by many different people in the village. He wanted to help his village like his father and Tenlong had done. The young Giganto was such a talented hunter that he only had to hunt once a month or there would be no wildlife left. The young warrior had shared a lot of combat knowledge with Jimmy and the other hunters in the village. He brought up the skills of anyone who wanted to learn.

Mary had spent time towards the raising her two boys but spend no time towards the building of another romantic relationship, like she had once had with her dead husband. Grimwald had tried to set up the young mother many a time but the woman had still had her heart on Jimmy Sr. But, she had no desire to seek anybody else for companionship.

Tenlong had gotten some more education during the last nine years and completed two PhD’s: one in Psychology and the other in Kinesiology. Psychology was the study of the mind while the other was based on the study of bodily movement. Tenlong was surprise about how smart his teacher was truly was. Master J was hundreds of years old that much Tenlong knew to be the truth.

Tenlong had managed to get stronger over the last nine years under the watchful eye of master J. But something begun to eat at him almost daily.

That was the death of his mother, Zizi, by some unknown bandit. The boy wanted revenge for

his mother. He had many nightmares about his mother’s death and the lad was suffering from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Mary and the rest of the villagers helped the young man with his troubles. Tenlong never wanted pity from others and he just wanted to continue on with his life. The village all prayed that the Lord would he could conquer this burden.

Tenlong wanted to rid the land of Lowroda of all bandits that hurt others for their own gain. The boy saw the bandit that killed his mom and others at the same level of other pest such as mice. He wanted to protect the village and all those he could help, beside his extended family.

Master J spoke one day to the lad,”I know that you are angry but you are still green. I need to only fight when you are in the shape to do so. Once you can properly defend yourself and only then you are allowed to fight.”

Finally one day, Master J spoke,”You have completed your training, my fellow Gigantos and you have my blessing to fight who you may.”

Tenlong was shocked by what he had just heard.

The old man spoke,”I will soon be leaving this land and I will not see you for some time. Fighting is within our blood but do not let it control your life as it did to me. Warring to be the strongest is not wrong within itself but it can cause you to do things you will regret. This desire to be the strongest is a strong pillar to establish one’s fighting style and motivation to battle on. You must not forget that you are fighting for the sake of others. That will be your second pillar of power as a fighter. We Gigantos are empowered by many different motivations to get stronger. The more reasons you have the easier it is for our kind to get stronger.”

Tenlong spoke,”Thank you, Master J for all the help with my training.”

Master J spoke,”You are welcome and I will not see you again until you are ready to go to the next level. Bye!”

Master J vanished into thin air as Tenlong saw that he was now out in the woods near the man’s

home. The lad tried to find his teacher but he knew he was doing it vain. So he return back to his home outside his village.

Tenlong looked like he had lost his best friend when he enter his home.

Mary asked,”What is wrong, my boy?”

Tenlong looked up at his adoptive mother and spoke,”Well Mom, my teacher said that he was going to leave Lowroda.”

The mother felt relieved that this mysterious Master J would not be a major influence on her son’s life. She wanted Tenlong to stay in the village like her fallen husband had done before his death.

The boy frowned while he searched for the words to say.

Tenlong then spoke,”Mom, I want to avenge my birth mother’s death!”

Mary dropped what she was doing and ran to the lad. She held his massive torso in her slender arms.

Tenlong’s eyes begun to water and landed on his mother.

She spoke,”It is okay, baby!”

Tenlong spoke,”No, it is not alright! I have the ability to change the future of this land! Others must not suffer as my Mom had suffered. I can’t stop the violence from continuing on any further!”

Mary spoke,”What are you talking about?”

Tenlong looked tenderly at his mother and said,”If I do not do anything to help our people in this land then I will be doing the wrong as a person.”

Mary spoke,” But you are only thirteenth years old!”

Tenlong spoke,”But Mom, I had more the twice the training Than Bro Jimmy ever had.”

Mary let go her son as her face swelled up with redness.

Mary yelled,”You will not leave this place!”

Tenlong spoke,”You can not hold me here since I had reached the age of adulthood. I am a

Giganto warrior as well a citizen of Lowroda!”

Mary lost her mind and started to throw kitchen instruments at the young man.

The boy was not hurt physically by the mother’s attack just frustrated by her seeing him as only the young boy that she had found so many years ago.

Tenlong yelled,”I am going with or without your blessing since you are powerless to do anything about it.

Mary burst into a fury of tears and begun to pray while laying her upper body on her kitchen table.

Tenlong was enwrapped with rage over his mother’s death. He was lost in his rage and Mary could not calm down the angered boy. He could not help himself but be lost in his anger.

The village heard the yells clearly from the village and got Grimwald to respond.

Grimwald knew that something was wrong since he would not be angered with provocation.

The mayor and the local pastor, Funco, decided that they would go together to see what was going on.

The pair ran over to the house while riding in a horse and carriage.

Mary ran over to the pair and spoke,”The boy is angry about his mother’s death and he can not control his emotions.”

Grimwald spoke,”Gigantos were said through legends to be very emotional and get stronger when in extremes states of emotion. The boy would be next to invincible in such a state. That is why I brought you Pastor Funco. You got a lot of pull with the Lord so I might need you to call on His power to calm down our lad.”

The pastor nodded in agreement.

Grimwald walked in first into the house and shut down the door behind him.

Mary and the Preacher begin to pray for the two inside.

Grimwald walked into the house and towards the source of the yelling. Tenlong was ranting and

raving intelligibly.

The kitchen was a mess and Tenlong was waving his arms in the air like a madman.

Grimwald knew that he could not back out now.

Tenlong had wrecked the small kitchen like a tornado had just hit it and the teenager had

somehow been in the eye of storm. He was in a rage similar to back when the mayor had tried to use the village’s hunters to kill the lad nine years ago. Gigantos were the most dangerous when angered or cornered like an animal. The skinny mayor had to becareful or he would a dead man.

Tenlong yelled,”Haaaa!”

The boy was in a standby mode, ready to strike at any moment. He was using his breathing techniques to help him strike better, particularly with a loud shout. Jimmy had spoken to Grimwald about the dangers of a warrior when using correct breathing while striking.

Grimwald thought,”Wow, This lad is a brute, yet alone using a kiai shout! I need to keep my distance or I am dead meat!”

He puts up his hand in front of him in a defensive position, as if that would have helped.

Grimwald spoke softly,”Tenlong, my boy, I have come here to see if I could help you with whatever problem you could be going through. You are not alone since we are your family now.”

Tenlong laughed,”Family? What Family?”

Grimwald grew afraid when he looked the lad in the eyes.

They were completely white and without any pupils. Veins were popping all over the young man’s body. Tenlong’s body was covered in a black aura as he grew to over twelve feet and over twelve

hundred pounds.

Tenlong put his hand towards the mayor and a mass of ki fired at Grimwald.

The mayor was frozen as a statue as he was knocked through the wall of Mary’s house.

Funco and Mary was speechless as they saw Grimwald land roughly on the grassy ground.

The mayor was lying in the disturbed ground as Funco and Mary were standing horrified at such a sight. The mayor was over one hundred pounds at six foot tall but he was thrown through the wooden planks of Mary’s house like a hot knife through butter. The man created a skid mark in the ground when he slid to the ground.

Mary and the pastor ran over to the side of her beloved mayor but Grimwald was knocked completely out and could not be awaken.

The pair had no time to worry since noise could still be heard emitting from the opening in the wall.

Funco spoke,”It sounds like some sort of demon is in the house! What a terrible sound!”

Mary knew that it was her son that she was speaking about, but she knew that the boy was not

enough at this time.

Tenlong walked fiercely through the hole in the wall still covered in an enormous black aura.

Pastor Funco immediately started praying in some unknown tongue.

Mary cried out,”Tenlong, stop it!”

The lad shouted,”Shut up, woman!”

Tenlong slapped his mother in the face and knocked her to the ground cold.

He turned his gazed towards the old preacher and begun a slow menacing march towards

Brother Funco.

Tenlong was now totally lost in a fearsome rage that overpowered him utterly. He would never harm anyone except for self defense but that teenager was now lost to some sort of man beast that came

from within himself.

Tenlong started to run towards the old Funco with the intent to harm him.

Funco cried out to his God for intervention.

Tenlong had threw a punch less than one inch from Brother Funco’s nose but something had stopped him in his tracks.

It was Master J that had stopped Tenlong in a rear naked choke. Tenlong’s face was blue as the ocean as he was dropped to the ground.

Pastor Funco was left speechless by the sight of the fifteen foot tall plus Master J. The Gigantos’s beard was down to his thighs.

Master J spoke,”I am his teacher and I am sorry that you all had been assaulted.

Pastor Funco,”Thanks, for the help but is the lad okay?”

Master J spoke,”He is okay now because I gently put him to sleep. He should revert back to normal.”

Tenlong returns to his normal size as the black ki vanishes.

Master J spoke,” My name is Master J, at least the name I go by at this moment in time.”

Brother Funco spoke,”Where did you come from?”

The Giganto laughed,”I was from Lowroda originally many centuries ago.”

The old preacher was surprised by the statement. He knew that one on Violio could easily live for two hundred plus years, when they were not killed before then.

Funco spoke,”So you are of the Giganto race, aye?”

Master J spoke,”You Think? What gave it away?”

The pastor was taken back by the remark but said nothing in return.

Master J spoke,”Sarcasm aside, yes I am of the same clan of people that Tenlong is a member of. I had taken it upon myself to stop the lad from laying hands on the anointed of God. “

Bro Funco spoke,”So you know of the ways of the Lord?”

Master J smiled,”My parents were both ministers and raised me in His paths. I strayed from the way for a long time but I am trying to make a comeback.”

Brother Funco spoke,”That is good, brother J that you are trying to come back to the Lord.”

Master J lowered his head towards the ground.

The old Master spoke,”I had done centuries worth of iniquity before I thought to make my return.”

Brother Funco spoke,”His blood can wash all that sin away and show us how to forgive ourselves.”

The Gigantos raised his head with a veil of water over his pair of large eyes. He gave the pastor a tense look of sorrow that gave the man of God a small look into the old warrior’s soul.

The preacher gently patted Master J on his lower back.

Brother Funco spoke,”I would have pat you on the shoulder but I am only six foot tall with

my shoes on.

Master J slipped out a smile under his mighty beard that was alien to his normally serous demeanor.

Grimwald made a groan as he sat up on his rear end.

The Pastor ran over to the mayor’s side and checked on the village’s mayor.

Funco spoke,”Grimwald, are you okay?”

The old mayor lift up his shirt to reveal his enormous gut and a metal oven door strapped over his chest. The metal door had a large hand print engraved into it.

Brother Funco untied the oven door off the mayor and put it to the side of Grimwald.

Tenlong’s hand was bruised into the right chest muscle.

Grimwald looked down at the wound and laughed,”The boy did not touch me, yet he hits me this hard. I could only imagine what would have happened if he had hit me squarely.

Master J had his back turned to the nearby road when he felt that something racing towards him. The old warrior did not even turn around to face the potential danger.

It was the grown up Jimmy Jr and he had a huge ax in his hands. The lad was midair above the master.

Before the lad could land a blow, he saw several hundred hands flying at him.

The ax disintegrated before Jimmy Jr and turned to dust.

Jimmy Jr was startled by the loss of his weapon but he had no time to react since he was knocked back by some ki based technique.

Luckily, the boy was not harmed by the strikes and landed about one hundred feet from his

intended destination.

Jimmy Jr yelled,”How dare you hurt my family, you monster!”

Master J finally turned around to look at the young man.

The master spoke,”So you are Tenlong’s little brother.”

Jimmy Jr was six foot eight inches and three hundred and thirty pounds. He was now a taller man than his father, Jimmy Sr but not as muscular than his dead father. The lad was trained by Tenlong in his spare time and had the potential to be a greater fighter than his father ever was.

Jimmy stood there like he was frozen in place due to the enormous ki that pouring out of Master J. The old warrior had hidden his ki from detection but the lad still had the sensation of overwhelming power wrap over the young warrior.

Jimmy Jr thought,”This man is the strongest warrior that I have ever seen! He makes big brother

look like a little baby!”

Master J spoke,”I am Tenlong’s teacher and I was concerned for his well being. That is why I

am here.”

Pastor Funco and Mayor Grimwald then stared intently at the massive man.

Jimmy felt that he needed to check up on his mother. She had no mark on her face, despite being slapped by Tenlong.

Mary awoke due to be being stirred awake by her son.

Mary spoke,”What happen to Tenlong?”

Jimmy Jr spoke,” He is laying on the ground asleep.”

Mary forced herself up and ran over to her other son.

Mary spoke,”Tenlong, are you okay, baby?”

Tenlong spoke,”Mom, what happened?”

Mary spoke,”Nothing baby, You must had got tired due to overworking yourself after trying to remodel the kitchen.”

Tenlong looked confused but accepted the answer anyway. Mary did not want to put a burden on her son by telling him what had happened. The other three that knew what really happened just went along with that narrative.

The villagers came and fixed the house of Mary and her two sons. The family ate a big meal at the mayor’s house. They welcomed Master J as he had always been there his entire life. The old teacher wanted to return back to his cave but the village would not let him do that. The old man spent most of his time alone for the last several decades.

Tenlong and the others stayed at the mayor’s house that night. He went right to sleep that night right after supper in the mayor’s front room floor. Mary put a blanket over the overgrown lad. She was still worried about the boy’s anger problems.

Grimwald was sitting at his kitchen table, sitting with Mary, Jimmy Jr, Grimwald’s wife, and

Master J. The table was little small for the large man so he place a stone riser on the table so that he could eat properly.

Grimwald spoke,”You must be some kind of stone mason.”

Master J spoke,”I am essentially have some kind of masonry skill’s that I had learned somehow over the centuries.

Mary asked,”What is your purpose for training Tenlong?”

Master j spoke,”That is a loaded question that will take much narrative. I will try to give answer

that will require all night. Tenlong is to be one to be passed the torch that I had carried for far. He will become my successor to my style.”

The whole room gasped at the warrior’s statement.

Master J explained to the people at the table the pursuits of the Socanas gladiator promoters.

The old man then told of the ability to detect those like Tenlong though ki detection.

The whole table was speechless by the statement and fear of that they had for the young Tenlong.

Master J spoke,”I was led back to the land of Lowroda to pass on my knowledge to one like your young boy. I did not want to return back to this land, but I could not help but be drawn to this land. I knew that within myself that someone like Tenlong would be here. I do not know how but I did. That is all I can tell for now and I must make my leave. Tell Tenlong to return to the woods when he is ready to fight. I do have some final words of advice to give him.”

The next morning Brother Funco came to home of Grimwald to speak to everybody.

Grimwald’s wife had yet to fix breakfast.

Funco spoke,”I believe that we need to pray and fast so that we could get God’s will for


The giganto knew that something had happened but no one would tell me what really had occurred.

Everybody obeyed their Pastor and fasted for three days. Tenlong awoke to a vision of him wearing a white mouth less mask. He grew bigger than he was and fought in numerous battles with all sorts of foes.

Mary was crying in the kitchen when Tenlong walked into the kitchen.

He spoke,”What is wrong, Mom?”

Mary looked at her son with a rainfall of tears down her tender face.

She spoke,”You are going to leave here.”

Tenlong’s jaw hit the floor by his mother’s statement.

He ran over to his mother’s side and held her gently in his pillar sized arms. Jimmy Jr heard all the noise and ran over his family. The man jumped unto Tenlong massive back and wrapped

his arms around the thick neck of his brother.

The three member family cried together for several minutes.

Mary spoke after breakfast,”The Lord told me that you are to fight for the freedom of this land and help rid it of bandits. I knew of your talents but I did not want you face danger no matter what. You are my baby despite me never giving birth to you.”

Tenlong looked at his mother with tears in his eyes.

Momma, I love you, but I must leave this village to who knows where.”

The whole village prepared a huge feast for Tenlong’s leave. It was a party most of the day and into the night. The men of the village prayed over Tenlong that he would be protected by God. They went to bed sleeping good that night but Mary sure did not sleep well at all. She was worried sick by

the thought of not seeing her boy everyday. It was killing her inside.

Tenlong on the other hand went to bed with a full belly and went into a self induced food coma.

He had awoke to being plum full of drinks and food and he had needed to relieve his himself. Tenlong was half asleep when he saw some candlelight coming from the kitchen. He decided to see if his mother was up again crying.

Tenlong was right unfortunately right and saw Mary crying at her kitchen table.

Mary tried to cover up her tears from her son.

Tenlong spoke,”Mom, why are so afraid of me leaving. I know that you do not want for me to go but I have to go.”

Mary spoke,”I know that you can not escape your nature but I do not want you to lose your gentle nature.”

Tenlong spoke,”I will not change who am I no matter what?”

Mary knew that Tenlong was a good boy but she knew that he was still young and impressible. He had a side of him that he had little control over his was due to anger over his mother’s death.

Tenlong grabbed his mother into his arms and kissed her on the side of her face, The kiss left on the left side Mary’s face of her face was very wet.

Tenlong spoke,”It will be okay.”

Mary wipe off her tears and spoke,”I love you, Tenlong!”

Tenlong spoke,”I love you too, Momma.”

The two seat down at the kitchen table and were carrying out small talk.

Mary spoke,”I am still afraid for you and I must you about one thing.”

Tenlong looked confused in his chairs and spoke,”Well, shoot mom, I am all ears. Go, ahead.”

Mary spoke,” I must tell you how my husband died.”

Tenlong heard the whole story of his Mother’s husband.

Mary looked down at the floor and the said,”It was just one person that killed Jimmy’s father.”

Tenlong was taken back by the statement and asked,”Say that again?”

Mary looked up at her son and repeated,”It was just one person that killed Jimmy’s father.”

Tenlong was in complete disbelief by his mother’s statement and stood to his feet. He was shaking his head in confusion when Mary repeated the response.

Tenlong spoke,”But that could not be possible since he was a master in three different fighting styles. He was a high class master with those styles as well from what I had been told.”

Mary looked at her son in his eyes and said,”I did not believe it ether but it was all true. I had learned to accept to accept that fact.

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