Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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chapter 13

Rin and Lin had grown up in the house where their parents were killed but the owner of the house always keep it hidden from the twins. The owner of the house was called Bines and he saw the two children of Iona and Donas as his own grandchildren. He was a very smart man and taught the two children about all he had learned over the years.

The children had wanted to leave the house and explore into the desert but Bines would not ever

let do so. This was due to firstly due to the danger of a desert and secondly the harm of the invisible hand cult.

Bines,”Children you must never leave this place unless I go with you or until I help you to be competent enough to battle yourselves. The cult of the Socanas desert is very evil and will do things to you that I could never repeat it to you.”

Bines wanted to protect the twins from the horrors that he had seen over the years for as long as possibly could. He was a loving parent to the two children but he only gave them as much information as was needed. He taught the pair as much combat skills as he could since the twins could walk. The desert was unforgiving and it would not spare anybody, including children. Rin and Lin were about the thirteen years old.

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