Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 14

It had been a few years since Jimmy had successfully defended his village against the evil Red leader and his bandit gang. Jimmy Sr had built a small makeshift home for his family and never rebuilt his huge mansion. He had not rebuilt the mansion because he believed it to be the reason that the village had been attacked all those years ago. The village had no problems with bandits during the last few years and it had been a time of peace. Jimmy Jr was now about five years old and he was growing up to be such a strapping lad like his father.

Jimmy Sr was going to eat lunch at his family’s inn for lunch and spend some time with his grandfather Honno, Holly his mother, and Gerald his father. His family’s inn was always busy with customers and his family was very fun loving, especially Gerald.

He heard nothing but silence coming from the village inn.

Jimmy thought to himself,”This is not right! The inn is always loud and busy. I do not feel right about this.

Jimmy Sr walked into the inn and was horrified about what he saw.

His family had been murdered and were laying there in broken mess! The whole dining room had been covered in the blood of his family. Jimmy was completely livid and screamed out in horror.

The young father wonder to who would want his family dead and did they do it. The killing had been senseless and Jimmy was at a lost to what to do.

Several minutes has gone by and Jimmy Sr. had tried to make sense of how his family had been killed.

Jimmy had discovered that whomever had killed his family had been both a powerful and skillful martial artist. But that could not be since martial artists of this level were very rare in Lowroda. His teacher, Master Kimza was not even of this caliber. The young master was livid and he ripped the inn apart until he found a guest under one of the beds.

The man screamed,”Please, do not kill me! I have no money to give you!”

Jimmy pulled the man out from under the bed and lifted the man by one his legs. The man kicked at him to no affect.

Jimmy spoke,”I am the son of the innkeepers and I just want to know what had happened to my family!”

The man finally calmed down while sitting on one of the inn’s many beds.

The man spoke,”My name is Rob and I was traveling to the village on business when I saw your folk’s inn. I heard that the people here was very kind and had great food. So I decided to stay here, while on my business trip.”

Rob sat down in one of the many tables in the large dining room and was greeted by Holly.

The traveler spoke,”What is today’s special?”

Holly spoke with a smile,”Fried chicken with baked potatoes and cole slaw.

Rob smiled with glee and said,”That sounds good, I will have that ma’am.”

Holly said,”Okay, it will be ready within ten minutes. Gerald, cooked up a fried chicken special with all the fixings, Honey.”

Gerald spoke,”Yeah, I heard ya!”

Ten minutes went by and Holly brought back the food over to Rob. The traveler was happy with

the huge meal and sitting in his chair just letting his belly rest a bit before he would get a room in the inn.

A tall man walked into the inn with a long oriental outfit that was pants and a long sleeve shirt that stretched down the front and back of the man’s legs.

Holly help the lean man with a long braided pony tail that flowed down to his ankles. The man

had black slender mustache.

The man was silent while Holly asked,”What would you like to eat?”

The man cut her off,”I do not care!”

Holly spoke,”Gerald, another chicken special.”

Gerald spoke,”Okay, that will be twelve minutes this time!”

The tall man was given his dinner and eaten it when he started to yell,”Woman, what is this pig slop?”

Holly spoke,”Excuse me?”

The wife was confused since everybody that eat the special could not get enough of it.

The man spoke,”I have never eaten such horrible food in all of my life!”

Holly spoke,”Would you like something else instead?

The man spoke,”I do not want anymore of your filth and you need to use it as rat poison!’

The man threw the table over and stood up to his feet.

Honno walked out from behind the front desk of the inn and was carrying a long wooden club.

The old man spoke,”Sir, is there a problem?”

The man broke out into laughter and said, “Yes, there is a problem.”

Holly screamed,”Get out now!”

The man put his right hand through Holly’s chest. The man had the woman’s heart in hand while still having his arm in the woman’s chest.

Honno charged at his daughter’s killer but had Holly’s heart thrown at his face. He was stunned by the act.

The attacker hit both of the arms of the old man to right side of Honno. This act broke both of the inn keeper’s arms.

Honno screamed out in horror as the attacker had just snapped both of his and then the noise

suddenly stopped.

The attacker used both of his hands and twisted his victim’s head in one hundred and eighty degrees. Honno falls to the floor dead, like someone dropping a bag of potatoes down to the floor

Gerald ran into the room with two huge butcher knives in his hands. Gerald threw the knives at

the foe but it did not work.

The attacker caught the knives midair and threw them at the lungs of Gerald. The cook fell to his knees while coughing up blood.

The cook t was kicked in the head, which severed the man’s head off his shoulders and back into the kitchen. The head fell into a boiling pot on one of the stoves.

Rob was frightened and hid under his table scared nearly to death.

The attacker walks over to Rob and pulls him out from under the table.

The attacker pulled out a wanted poster with Jimmy Sr picture on it.

The killer spoke,”Have you seen this man?”

The attacker asked for an answer and the fearful Rob peed his pants. The stood back to keep from getting urinated on.

Rob stumbled over his words,”I had never seen him before. I am just a traveler. “

The killer put away the picture of Jimmy Sr and pulls out a picture of himself.

The killer ripped Rob’s shirt open. The attacker pulled out a picture of himself and smacked the picture unto Rob’s chest. The picture was imprinted the chest of the traveler.

The killer spoke,”When Jimmy gets here, tell him about what had happened and tell him that I walking slowly to the south of this bloody village.

Rob spoke,”Fine I will do it! Please do not kill me! I have a wife and seven kids!”

The attacker dropped the traveler on the floor while laughing. He then walked away out of the inn.

Jimmy Sr opened up Rob shirt to see the killer’s picture on the man’s chest. Jimmy then runs out of the inn to stop his family’s murderer. A sonic boom could be heard from Jimmy’s sudden acceleration in speed. The whole village ran out of their shops and homes to see what was going on.

The were all shocked to find what was inside and they questioned Rob to what had happened at the inn.

Mary had tried to get in but was stopped by Grimwald.

The mayor spoke,”Honey, you do not want to go in there! Trust me, dear.

The mayor was crying but it did not stop the woman as she entered the inn. Mary fell to her knees when she saw her in laws dead on the floor of their end.

Mary cried while on her knees and demanded,”Who had done this?”

Grimwald spoke,”It was some sort of assassin that was after Jimmy Sr. For what reason, I don’t know.”

Mary asked, “Where is Jr?”

Grimwald pulled out a hanky and tried to wipe the tears off his eyes.

The mayor spoke,”I have got him kept at the school house (along with the other students) so that he would not see the horror as you had the misfortune of seeing. I wished that you had stayed back from the scene but that is too late now.”

Jimmy Jr was at the one room school house with the rest of the students of all different ages. The students were demanding to what was going on.

The old lady teacher was in the dark as her students were.

She spoke,”I do not know what was going on ether. But Mayor Grimwald would not have us stay inside for no reason. He had sent two hunters to keep us safe. We need to just be patient and pray.”

The school house prayed for over an hour until the children had become a little restless. The teacher named Mrs. Ada and she had the foresight to cook a huge pot of chili, as also bringing several bowls for the children to eat out of. This settled down the kids for a good while. The children had been getting hungry since it was getting into the late afternoon.

Jimmy Jr spoke,”I hope Grandpas and Grandma are alright. I heard the yelling coming from the

inn. I could have sworn that I heard Mom’s voice.”

Jimmy Jr had not the knowledge that he was absolutely one hundred percent correct. He would have been absolutely disgusted of what he saw of his grandparents’ mangled corpses but he had luckily been kept from that. The cold reality of what had occurred will soon be apparent but Grimwald and the other villagers wanted to have some sort of class when dealing with this sort of matter.

Death was a real thing in the world of Violio, even within the natural pacifist Lowroda culture. There was little crime that came within the land. Gangs had formed by outsiders from the Socanas desert or even other lands that the simple people of Lowroda were unaware of.

The land of Lowroda had no central rulers but instead were self ruled villages like tiny city-states. This was done so the villages could be run according to the villages’ individual needs. If one of the villages were in need they would help each other. Trade was common among the villages as apparent through the business man Rob and countless others.

Some of the village leaders were corrupt but when proven to be so then they were disbarred as leaders by the neighboring village leaders. The people of Lowroda had no tolerance for those who took advantage of others. Gang members often overpowered the typically weaker Lowroda villagers and killed them as they pleased. The gangs saw the villages as a farmer would look at his livestock and crops. At times, the bandit forces would get out of hand but it was spread apart by weeks or even

months at time.

Jimmy Sr was in mach one speed sprint and it did not take him long to find the attacker. Jimmy

saw a tall man of over eight feet tall and with a very slim build. The man had a long braided ponytail full of pure black hair. The man was walking fairly slow for an escaping murderer, but Jimmy knew that the assassin wanted to found by Jimmy. This monster was trying to get some sort of sick satisfaction out of murdering innocent people, his folks. The young man knew that evil people would kill for whatever reason they saw to fit them. Often the reasons were due to twisted thinking or just based upon a whim.

This monster was no different since he wanted Jimmy and the warrior would give it to him. He sped ahead of the assassin and looks at the man.

It was the man that had given Rob his picture after murdering Jimmy Sr’s family.

Jimmy’s face was red as an apple and the veins in his forehead was throbbing.

Jimmy Sr spoke,”Fiend, stop and take your punishment! When it comes to murdering bandits it is an eye for an eye! Prepare to die! We will give you the honor a proper burial even though you do not deserve it!”

The attacker broke out into laughter by the angry Jimmy Sr’s comment, which made the father even madder.

The assassin spoke,”The difference between in our powers is like the difference between a newborn brat and a well trained warrior! But, you will find that out soon enough!”

Jimmy Sr. remained silent when prepared to attack.

The attacker placed his hand in front of himself in the direction which stopped the weapon master in his tracks.

The killer shook his finger in a horizontal pattern.

“Na Na Na”, said the killer like he correcting a young child.

The assassin put up his hand with three fingers up in the air.

Jimmy was puzzled by the act.

The killer spoke,”I give my targets the opportunity to take three strikes upon me! Go ahead!”

Jimmy was mad but he decided to take his foe up on the offer as the fiend puts his arms behind his back with his hand wrapped together.

He punched the attacker in the face but the fist goes right through the killer. The slayer’s

image became very transparent as the warrior went right through the assassin.

Jimmy was in a turned position towards his foe when he yells out,”Shadow step!”

The assassin turned to face his target with a huge smile on his face.

The attacker spoke,”You have two chances left! You better take a better jab than that girly blow you had just tried!”

Jimmy smiled as well as he flex his muscles until ki formed around him.

Chains begun to form around Jimmy Sr along with several weighted metal balls

Jimmy broke the chains free as a ball flies right through the assassin but again with no damage.

Jimmy begun to change in shape as his huge energy aura grew around him.

Jimmy Sr grew to six foot, eight inches and to three hundred and eighty-five pounds of pure jacked muscle. Jimmy stretched his body to get used to the of increased fifty-five pounds and two inches taller vertically.

Jimmy thought out loud,”I am not used to using my true form so I got used to this body.”

The attacker spoke,”Your transformation will not help you but do try to make a good try though.”

Jimmy Sr disappeared but appeared behind the assassin. The attacker did not turned to face

the hero.

The assassin spoke,”You need not worry since I will let you warm up your body.”

Jimmy spoke with a slightly deeper than normal tone,”I am ready now so prepare to die!”

He threw hundreds, or maybe even thousands of kicks, punches, and other types strikes at the attacker at a relentless speed. Jimmy wanted his family’s killer to pay with his life.

Sonic booms were being sounded around the scene with made the ground cracked around Jimmy. The assassin’s feet was always on untouched ground.

Jimmy was about to send the enemy flying when the foe seem to power up.

The attacker spoke,”That was only .1 percent of my power so why do you not try one


Jimmy could not land blows again but he smiled.

“Try my top speed punk!”

Jimmy lifted the foe of the ground with boom after boom.

The attacker was surprised by the speed of the weapon master, but he still managed to keep his cool. It was like the assassin was walking down the street on a sunny day.

Back at the nearby village, the whole was alerted by all the sonic booms. The whole village was shaking by the battle that Jimmy was involve in.

The village was terrified by the activity since they did not know what was going on.

Grimwald spoke,”It is okay everybody! Jimmy is just making all the noises and shaking when he is fighting seriously. It had happened back when Jimmy was fighting against the bandit gang! It is okay! Do not let fear take hold of you and let the great shadow get his claws on you! If you are still worried then pray that God would intervene.”

The people started to calm down and most prayed for help while Brother Funco was praying with his hands up in the air while praying in some kind of tongues.

The hunters and Grimwald got the undertaker and put Holly, Honno, and Gerald in coffins until they could be buried. Some of the villagers clean up the blood and gore out of the inn the best that they could.

Jimmy Jr was taken out of the school by the mayor and taken into his house.

Jimmy was confused and asked,”Where is my grandpas and grandma?”

Mary walked over to her young boy and held him in her arms.

Mary was crying while cuddling her young boy back and forth.

Grimwald had his face towards the ground.

Jimmy Jr spoke,”I asked you where they are! Tell me!”

Grimwald broke out into tears by the question.

Jimmy Jr shook his small arms while grabbing at his mother’s blouse.

Jimmy Jr spoke,”Where are they at? Where is Grandpas and Grandma? I wanna know!”

Mary looked into her son’s eyes and said, “Grandpas and Grandma are dead?”

The young boy breaks out into tears as he tries to squirm free to find his grandparents.

Mary spoke,”They are in heaven and you can not talk with them now. They are with God now! I

know that is hard for us but we must be happy for them!”

Jimmy spoke,”But, I can not see them anymore!”

Mary was trying to be strong for her son but it was still hard for her.

She spoke,”We can see them again once we go to heaven.”

The boy stopped fighting and looked up at his mother.

Jimmy Jr spoke,”Really, I can see them again?”

Mary spoke,”Yes, Jimmy, we can!”

Jimmy Jr went to sleep after the mighty shock and slept on the couch of the mayor.

Mary and the Grimwalds were sitting in the kitchen, mourning the loss of the Gerald, Honno, and Holly.

Grimwald spoke,”I wonder what is happening with Jimmy Sr?”

Mary spoke,”I am worried about him since he had never fought at such a level before.”

Mrs. Grimwald spoke,”I know since the ground is still rattling around like we are near an


Mary spoke,”Jimmy is finally fighting someone seriously and it scares me!”

Mayor Grimwald was puzzled by the statement and said,”Honey, what did you say?”

The mayor was amazed by the statement and he did not know to what to say.

The comment went over the head of Mrs Grimwald but not her mayor husband.

Mayor Grimwald asked,”Honey, I know that you been through a lot but you said that Jimmy had not fought seriously before.”

The large wife was appalled by the statement and her arm fat begun to rattling due to her anger.

Mrs. Grimwald spoke,”How dare you! The child has been through enough already without your constant questioning! Stop It! You are a mayor, not a detective!”

The mayor was taken back by the comment since it was not like his wife to go against him or his decisions. The pair had been married for over seventy-five years and had learned the inner workings of each other. They learned to not fight over mere arguments and only fought very rarely. It had been ten years, since they had last crossed words. So, Grimwald decided to let the matter lay this time until Mary had chosen to speak again about the matter of her husband’s secret talents.

Mary spoke,”It is alright, you, two since the cat is in now out of the bag.”

Mrs Grimwald spoke,”Oh! I have jumped the heavy weapon my dear, please forgive this foolish


Mary smiled,”It is okay. I knew that Jimmy had been taught by his main teacher, Kimza had put serious constraints on Jimmy’s body. This was done to keep him from being detected by the Invisible hand and those like the Butcher. Jimmy knew from his training that one could detect another’s power when near or possibly continents away!”

Grimwald screamed out,”What!”

The two woman shush the old man and he starts to speak at a normal tone.

Mary went to check up on the boy and he was still fast asleep on the couch under a bear fur blanket.

She came back to the next room and sat back down at the old wooden dinning room table.

Mary continued her story.

“It was the day when we first decided to married and he had surprised me with the mansion that

he had built for us. He asked me to do him a favor and I decided to humor him.”

Jimmy Sr. spoke,”Honey, I know that you had accepted my marriage proposal but I want to show you something that I am forbidden to show anyone and let them live them to tell the tale.”

Mary was caught off guard by the comment but would listen to him nonetheless.

Mary spoke,”What is wrong?”

Jimmy spoke with a fierce look on his face,”Follow me.”

He showed the woman the home and it was perfect.

Mary speaks with glee,”I love it Jimmy!”

She kisses on the cheek while standing on the tip of her toes.

Mary was then taken back by the solemn display of her fiance.

Mary asked,”Baby, what is wrong?”

Jimmy did not answer but showed the woman into the hidden compartment of the basement.

Mary asked,”What is this place?”

Jimmy spoke,“It is a hidden bunker just in case the village would be attacked, God Forbid!” said Jimmy. I was told to keep my power hidden until it was absolutely necessary to use it. I should not be telling you that but I want you to know to who you are really marrying.”

Jimmy’s aura forms around the warrior which surprises Mary.

Jimmy speaks,”This is the physical representation of my power.”

Mary was speechless about the sight of her fiance’s aura.

Jimmy speaks,”But that is not all! I can go further!”

Jimmy revealed his chains that he carried throughout his day, just now visible. He loosed himself of his chains and heavy metal yoke. Jimmy’s arms grew longer and massive. Next, his chest and back swelled up with muscles.

Mary was scared by the sight but remained stationary since this was her man, transformation or no transformation.

Next, Jimmy’s face was covered in protruding veins and swell up some to match the increase in his upper body weight. Jimmy‘ s legs grew to better support the enlarged size of his massive torso. Jimmy’s transformation was now complete.

Jimmy now spoke with a deeper voice than before,”This is me as I am truly.”

Mary smiled and ran up to Jimmy which frightened the man at first.

Mary spoke with a smile,”Do not worry, What is wrong with having more of you love?”

Jimmy reverted back to his standard form while the chains enwrapped around him. The chains then disappeared from sight.

Jimmy was surprised by his love utter acceptance of his powers, which erased the fear that he

would be rejected by Mary.

Mary run over to her love and the two held each other in a firm embrace.

Jimmy spoke,”You do not know how much I worried about this day! I was...”

Mary put a finger to her lover’s lips and spoke,”You need not fear since I loved you since I was a little girl. I wanted to marry you even back then, but I had to wait a lot of time until we both were of age. I hated that you had waited so long to finalize our marriage but I am glad that we waited to see this beautiful home. It is beyond my wildest imaginations!”

Jimmy blushed by the statement.

He spoke,”I wanted you to have the best and want for nothing. That was my dream despite what master Kimza and the other teachers asked of me.”

Mary looked puzzled by the statement but kept silent for years.

One day after Jimmy Jr was born, the couple was standing in the baby’s room. The parents were

still amazed by the fact that they were caring for the first child. The baby was in it’s elaborate baby crib

made out of wood with many different assortments of animals and angels all over the crib. The crib had

a large feather bed with a stripe of bear fur as the lad’s blanket.

The couple were playing with the baby while holding each other’s hands.

The baby was now fast asleep and the two were in two rocking chairs sitting right next to each other.

Jimmy Sr had look of concern on his face, which his wife straightaway picked upon.

Mary spoke,”What is wrong, my dear? What is troubling you?”

Jimmy spoke,”I am going to train again under Master Kimza and the other masters.”

Mary was taken back by the comment and did not want to say.

Jimmy Sr continued,”I am afraid that someone would come one day to fight me.”

Mary interjected,”But you are a master of many different styles of combat, so what is there to


Jimmy Sr laughed,”There is a lot for me to learn since there are three classes of masters in this world. Each of the classes have ability rankings ranging from first order down to the lowly fourth order. There are rare warriors that are above even the first order warriors called only zero ordered masters. I was at the zero order, while at my true form.”

Mary was amazed by the declaration and said,”Wow, honey, you are strong!”

Jimmy lowered his head to the floor and smiled,”That is not much of an accomplishment since I am only in the top of the third division.”

Mary spoke,”There are masters that are that much stronger than you?”

Jimmy spoke,”Yes, I am in the third division while master Kimza is somewhere in the second division. Exactly where the old coot is though, I do not know.”

Mary stops her story and says,”That is all that I know about the matter. I know that Jimmy had spent most of his working days out in the woods. Despite, he only need less than half a day to complete a week’s work. He went out early in the morning and came back right before supper five days a week. He asked me to cook a monster sized lunch and the lunch pack was always eaten down to crumbs. This had went on from when Jimmy Jr was born to the present day.”

Grimwald spoke,”I did not know that, Mary. So that must mean that Jimmy is a much better warrior than he is given himself credit for. He feels that he is bringing danger upon the village.”

Grimwald looked at his wife with much concern for Mary and her family.

Grimwald spoke,”I had kept this hidden for decades but I feel that I can not hide it from you.”

Mrs Grimwald moved over so that she could better comfort the young mother.

Mary was surprised by the sudden showing of concern for her.

Mary spoke,”What is going on?”

Grimwald tried to fight back his tears but he knew that he had to speak anyway.

“You were not born when Jimmy’s mother came to this village covered in blood and bruises. She had came from the Socanas desert.”

Mary stood out of his chair and pot her hands over her mouth.

Mrs Grimwald held the young woman very close.

Mary spoke,”I knew that he was originally an orphaned child but I did not that he was one of the Socanas. I love him nonetheless, no matter where his family had came from!”

Grimwald spoke,”We knew that he was a child of love and not a child born from rape. His mother was beaten nearly to death by the invisible hand. It was only by the grace of God that Jimmy was not aborted by all the abuse that his mother had suffered. She delivered the baby and gave up the

ghost. The woman had the mark of the invisible hand branded on her back to mark her as a slave. The branding was an outline of a large hand. It had some Socanas writing inside the hand that I could read.”

Mary yelled,”Those punks want to kill Jimmy just because he the child of an escapee. What monsters they are!”

Mrs Grimwald held the young woman close to her and was trying to calm her during this hard time.

Mr. Grimwald spoke within himself,”I do not have the heart to tell her that a high class assassin was battling Jimmy. I do not know for sure, but I think that it is General Tao that has came to this village. The description that Rob gave me was identical to the wanted poster that I had been given a couple decades ago. I hope that I am dead wrong. The invisible hand must had really wanted to rid themselves of all those that dare to go against them!”

Jimmy Sr spoke,”You have to get more serious in this battle, if you think you can get the best over me!’

The assassin dusted himself off with a huge smirk on his face.

The assassin spoke,”Do not get your panties in a wad, my gentle victim. You had surpassed my

expectations, my young cadet! I thought the people of Lowroda were all weak but you are an exception to the rule.”

Jimmy Sr knew that he could not waste his free shot on this punk since he knew that this killer was confident enough in his abilities that he would let Jimmy attack on his leisure.

The assassin spoke,”The only reason that I had come to this hell hole was to kill you!”

Jimmy SR had enough of the banter had clocked the man in the jaw.

The killer turned his head away from the strike to divert the impact of the blow. Jimmy swung his massive thigh at the other side of the man’s head.

The killer did not the opportunity to protect himself from the blow. Jimmy Sr grabbed the

attacker’s head and did some flying knees to the head.

Jimmy then did a double foot stomp to the face.

Laughing could be heard come from the killer and he jumped away from the ground when he saw that the foe was not there.

Jimmy was on guard from attack.

Jimmy felt a hand on his shoulder from behind and he turn around to see the trained killer.

The killer spoke,”I am happy to see that you made me used three percent of power, it makes me

so glad! I feel like a young schoolboy on a Christmas morning.”

Jimmy backed up some distance away and put his hand in a standing praying position. He had face pointed towards the ground.

Aura forms around the body of the hero.

The killer was stunned about what he saw and paused to see what would happen next.

The aura formed in the shape of two winged angel.

The killer stared glassy eyed at the scene as Jimmy Sr. looked up at the sky.

Jimmy charged at the killer and punched the foe in his gut as hard as he could.

Spit flew out of the killer’s mouth as he looked genuinely stunned by the strike.

Jimmy went to punch the foe with his free hand.

But the blow was catch by the killer.

The killer smiled at the ability of his combatant.

The two broke free of each other and jumped back from each other.

The killer spoke,”I can not believe that someone made use five percent of my power in so many decades! It makes me excited inside! Why do I not use seven percent of the power that I had developed over the years! I had grown lazy in my daily training, but not anymore! I will go back to my training roots after I murder you!”

Jimmy smiled at the comment and rushed towards his family’s killer. The two locked up their hands together and struggle to get the edge on each other.

Jimmy shifts forward towards his foe then the assassin did the same as well.

The two are kicking each other in their shins in an attempt to get a leverage advantage over the other.

The two warriors let go of the grip on each of their hands.

The warriors both do a drop kick but the soles of their feet are pressed together midair.

The two fighters use their strength to expel their opponent from themselves as two similarly charged magnets.

The two warriors are thrown at the ground in two opposing directions.

As they land, they use the moment of their kicks to create an explosion under their feet.

The two make a superman punch at each other going at extreme speed.

The punches connect and a huge explosion forms around them.

The explosion of ki creates a large crater as they land.

The sound around the blast was deafening that it could be heard for hundreds of miles.

Flames and smoke was forming around the duo but the two soon appear out of the smoke.

Neither battler was harmed other some minor scraps on their hands.

The two pulled their fists away from each other.

Jimmy spoke,”This is the first time that I surpassed my supersonic speed (around 3,800 MPH) against a foe!”

The killer spoke,”You are surprised at moving at such a slow moving speed!”

Jimmy spoke,”Then why do I show you my hypersonic speed!”

The killer smiled,”Then why don’t you see my eight percent power!”

A black aura formed formed around the killer, while a large white angel shaped aura wrapped around Jimmy.

The two warriors raced each other and throw countless blows at each other. The ground shook wildly beneath the two men.

The two men threw punches at each other but none of the blows landed.

It was fist against fist.

This went on and on.

Back at the village, the whole group of people were on the ground scared to death.

The children were all crying loudly and the nearest adult crawled over to them. The villagers could do little for the children but ask God for help.

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