Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 15

Donas and Iona’s savior had come far too late to save the couple, but luckily had managed to save the parents’ set of twins from the attackers.

The bearded man was ashamed that he had come too late to save even squatters on his own property. The white haired man had left the home furnished for travelers to use while they were in the desert. He had hope that those that truly needed it.

He had finally gotten his wish this day but now he had needed to bury the died.

The mystery man had buried the bodies in house’s back yard under many white bricks, while the killers were left to rot in the desert. The bones were picked clean by hundreds of vultures over a few

days and the bones were then ate by the desert itself. The Socanas desert was often a cruel mistress that made easy travel almost impossible. This was due to the natural troublesome environment of the land and also due to wicked traps laid throughout the desert.

So many traps had been laid over the centuries that it was not safe to travel through the desert without a well trained guide.

The children’s adopted grandchildren had no need of such a guide.

The old warrior had done all that he could to care for the twins, as he was their own

grandchildren. He had learned the names of the twins by reading the sowed on names on their clothes. The boy was named Rin, while the girl was named Lin. The lad was the bigger of the two, with the girl appearing to be very frail looking. Both children were very healthy due to care being provided by their new “grandfather”.

The man had some kind of guilt that he was burden with that forced him to care for Rin and Lin.

He felt that he owed Iona and Donas no favor but it did not matter to him since it did not ease the

anxiety that he had held within himself. He was once a great warrior, but he had done nothing to help

the people of the desert. Most people there had done nothing wrong but had just did what they were told. The victims of the Socanas cults were just too afraid to do anything against their captors.

But something unusual begun to happen.

The old man begun to love the twins very much and cared for them very deeply. The feeling was mutual among the twins and they demanded to doted upon by grandpa constantly.

This was strange to the old man since he had been alone for almost the entire last century. He had fought for hundreds of years and he had had his fill with dealing with people.

But, this was now impossible now to the delight of aged warrior.

The feeble looking man that cared for the children of (murdered) ex-cult members was named simply old man Bines. He was known only by Rin and Lin as Grandpa since he was the only family that they had ever known in their thirteen years of life.

It was still unclear if Bines was the old warrior’s name, or that it was just an alias. The grandfather did not expel such unnecessary information to others, even to his own kin.

The twins knew only Bines’ way of doing things so they did not think anything of it. It has been through out the ages that those with high intelligent were often seen as strange to those of lower mental prowess.

Rin and Lin were watched intently by their grandpa, since he often worried about the twins. He

wondered if the invisible hand would send more reinforcements, but none ever came. Bines potty trained the two and cared for their every need.

The old man was a hard task master and started to teach the children when they were only two years. Bines did this so that Rin and Lin would be self sufficient once they grew to adulthood. The desert gave no quarter and received none in kind as well.

One year went by and the two were busy in their studies when Bines walked into the humble home.

Lin spoke,“We are nearly done with the homework that you had given us already!”

Rin smiled at his grandpa in agreement with what his sister had just said.

Bines was teaching them to read and write as well as math.

Grandpa spoke,“That is good for today, I need you to come with me to the shed.”

Rin asked,“What is it Grandpa?”

Bines spoke,“You all will see when we get there.”

The trio was all standing in the windowless shed with a lantern lit.

Lin spoke,“What are you going to show us today?”

Rin spoke,“Yeah, Grandpa, what is it?

Bines spoke,“You will learn to protect yourselves from bandits.”

Lin looked worried when she spoke,“Why do we have to do that? Won’t you be with us?”

Bines held his granddaughter in his arms as he gave her a huge kiss.

If you had told him one hundred years ago that he would had been caring for small children, yet alone doting over them so much had done for these last three years, he would had told you that you are crazy.

But that is neither here nor there.

The kids started to cry profusely since they thought that Bines was leaving them.

Bines held the twins in both of his arms as he spoke,“I just want you two to get big and strong like Grandpa is when he gets too old to travel.”

Bines had to get supplies every few months and two abhorred to leave their home so he had to leave them behind for days at a time. He hated to do so but the children gave him no other choice. The children thought that it was that time again.

Bines spoke,“Don’t you want to grown ups one day? I got to show you two how to do grown up tasks.”

The twins stop crying and looked up into their grandfather’s eyes.

Bines spoke,“Rin, Lin, I am hundreds of years old.”

Rin spoke,“I know that you are not that old since you still have the color in your hair.”

Children and even teenagers are often unable to think in long-term in such a way.

Bines spoke,“I am not getting any younger so you will one day be without me. This is a very big desert and it is filled with all sorts of monsters and bad people. If you are not strong enough the people will beat you up!”

Lin cried,“Are you gonna leave us Grandpa?”

Bines smiled,“Oh heavens, no! I just want you two to be safe when I am gone. That is all!”

Ten years had come and gone for Bines and his family. Rin and Lin had grown up into happy young adults, full of energy and youth. Bines had taken great time and care into bringing the twins. Rin and Lin were both very learned people and were able to fend for themselves. All they needed was just

to go through some pilot testing so that they grow into people who their grandpa could be fond of. They had all the knowledge and training, but they just lacked real world experience. Life outside their home would help to bring out the talents that the old master had seen in them for the lion’s share of the last ten years.

Bines believed that the quality of training was more important than the quantity of training (such the Gigantos often believed). The first couple years he used only normal time training since the twins were only three years old when they were taught to act in combat.

The next year Bines went up to double training without Rin and Lin even noticing. This process went up to twenty times normal training and no more since the twins did not have strong bodies like those who were mighty in stature. Bines only taught them what they were able to learn or do. The old master judged them only at the level that they were able to succeed at.

One day after one supposed normal day, Bines hug the twins without any provocation. He usually only showed affection if needed or requested, but not for no reason. Rin and Lin accepted the attention but did not acknowledge that they knew that something was wrong at first.

At dinner, Bines was still acting jittery and jumpy.

Lin spoke,“What is wrong Grandpa?”

Bines was crying as he had just lost everything that had held so dear.

The grandfather spoke,“You have left here tonight, because I have to send you both away!”

Rin and Lin were at a lost to how to respond to their Grandfather at being told that they had to leave the only home that they knew.

Lin finally broke the silence as she asked,“What is going on with you, Grandpa? Let us know,

so that we can know what to do to help you.”

Bines spoke,“I had been seen by a strange messenger a few days ago. It was revealed to me that

the invisible hand has found out where we live. You two are needing to leave this place.”

Rin stood up to his feet and shouted,“We can beat them! We are both strong after all the training you had put us through.

Bines shook his head with his face pointed down at the wooden kitchen table.

The grandfather spoke,“You two do not understand the danger that you are all in! You will die if you stay here! The invisible hand’s power stretches beyond this hellish desert! I am ready for them since I had been hardened through many years of battles, but you two are still a bunch of greenhorns!”

Rin and Lin were holding each other’s hand as they started to cry a storm of tears.

Bines spoke,“I knew that this day would come and I had hoped that we could somehow avoid it. I will now tell you how you were found by me those thirteen years ago. I had found you as newborns, living with your parents when I had returned back to this home.

Rin spoke,“I thought that you had just found us abandoned in the desert one day during your travels.”

The twins’ faces twisted from the befuddlement of this recent revelation from Bines.

Lin spoke,“If they gave birth to us then why did they leave us behind to be cared for by you? Where did they go?”

Bines stood up and walked over to his old rocking chair that he used to rest and teach the twins out of when they were just young saplings.

Bines spoke,“Your mother and father were both staying here when I found you. They must had discovered this house by sheer accident. I have more than a dozen such houses sprung about the Socanas desert. I use them during all my travels plus leave some extra supplies for any would be travelers in need. I had done since I started to live in this desert many centuries ago.”

Bines spoke,“They were murdered by assassins in this very house!”

Rin and Lin gasped out loud by the surprise of the statement.

Bines spoke,“I never could discovered their names but your names were sewn into your baby clothes with much tender loving care. That much I knew to be true since they had tried to defend you two when I had arrived. I can tell that much from the man’s wounds and even your mother. You remind me just now of how they had look like when they had died.”

Rin spoke,“Who was behind their murder?”

Bines spoke,“Your parents had the mark of the invisible hand on through some sort of branding process. The assassins that I had killed carried the same mark, as well.”

Lin spoke,“They were branded like mere livestock! These people are sick down to the core!”

Rin had been holding his sister while they were both standing.

Bines spoke,“That is how cults are! The ones at the top abuse the ones at the bottom. This group has all ex members assassinated for rebelling. The horrors I had turned a blind eye for the last

few decades was staggering.”

Rin spoke,“You are a great master, why did you not intervene grandpa?”

Bines could not look at the twins as he spoke,”

The old man spoke,“Because of apathy I had to those around me. I did not want to be bothered

by others, because of all the fighting had suffered in my youth. I was self-centered down to very core, until I saw you two lying helpless in your mother’s arms. Your mom and dad left all that they had known for a better life and I could not be bothered to do anything that can have prevented such an occasion from occurring. Caring for you two was what I guessed a form of penitence for my sins.”

The twins jumped into their Grandpa’s arms and broke the old rocker in the process.

Rin and Lin were both thanking Bines for the things that he had done for them over the years.

Bines was touched by the act of compassion that he had finally caved in whole hearted to the outpouring of tears.

The next morning the family of three packed their bags and started to travel east into the desert, while avoiding as many people as they could on the way.

This went on for the next three days until they were on the Socanas/Lowrado border. It was jarring to behold since it was just desert then suddenly greenery.

Rin spoke,“What is this place?”

Bines spoke,“This is Lowrado, your new home!”

Lin spoke,“But our home is with you, grandpa!”

Bines spoke,“That is enough, child! You are a grown woman, now start acting at like it!”

The twins were stunned by the sudden change from the normally calm tone of their Grandpa.

Bines spoke back in his normal tone,“This land is filled with a ton of villages that will help you when you are in need. But beware with the fact that they fear outsiders due to constant bandit interference. Once they get to know they will often give you the shirt off your back. Once you are family to them you are family for life.”

The twins were handed money in bags to take with them until they could find some sort of income.

Bines spoke,“You two should do alright in this land but hide your powers like I showed you Don’t use them until they are necessary. But...”

Rin spoke,“But why, grandpa? What was you going to tell us?”

Bines spoke,“Here is a map, you two. If you want to see me again then follow the directions written on it.”

The old man had misdirected the twins away from the question by giving them the hope of what the map might bring. Rin was given the map by Bines, since he was the better navigator of the two.

Bines gave one last word of warning,“You will have to rid this land of its bandit pestilence, if you ever hope to see me again. The people of the desert will require many years of battling and training before you could even dare to try them in combat.”

Bines and his family held each other tenderly as they all cried about their forced parting. Rin and Lin both gave their grandfather a kiss on the cheek after they finally let loose of their grip on their


Bines was finally allowing himself show emotion unlike he had done the rest of his long life. He was taught showing emotion was a sign of weakness but he cared less about that teaching at this present time.

The three wiped their tears as they separated after the last thirteen years of being together.

The twins walked together into the Lowrado woods. Rin and Lin harden themselves as they turned their back to the only family that they had ever known.

Rin thought,“What caused you to change your ways after such a long time. It does not make sense!”

Lin took the parting much harder than her brother did.

Lin thought,“Why did you abandoned us Grandpa? Were we not good enough anymore.

The two of them carried a yoke of sadness, yet still had a way of hope contained in Bines’ map.

Rin and Lin traveled for several days, not very stay long at any one place. They were eager to find the place that Bines had marked on the map that he had given him. More time goes by and they had reached the eastern border of Lowrado.

Rin spoke,“We had gone as far east as we can, so we need to go down south until we get wherever the map has an “x” on it.”

Lin spoke,” Are you sure, brother?”

Rin spoke,“I don’t know this map may be older than grandpa is for all I know. The landmarks could had been changed over time.”

Rin kicked a nearby rock out of anger.

Lin spoke,“You know that grandpa would not lie to us! You know that as well as I!”

Rin shook his head of frustration.

Rin spoke,“I love the man to death, but he always spoke in riddles or parables. He could never

give a direct answer about anything!

Lin spoke,“Do you think that he put us on a fool’s errand so that we give us and stay behind in this land?”

As Bines returned back home, he remember all the good times that he had shared with his grandchildren in the last thirteen years. Rin and Lin brought joy to his existence. He harked back to the

time that he was approached by a stranger in the middle of the night.

Bines had not be able to sleep that night so he decided to seat under one of the palm trees as he had done for years.

Bines’ well trained eyes spotted a figure in white approaching the humble home. The man did not look like anything special but assassins do not wear a shirt with assassin written upon it. This could be one of the invisible hands many members. This guy had a strange aura all over him, like which Bines had never seen before.

Bines turned his head for just a second and this guy was gone. He let out a curse as he turned in a circle in the attempt to find this man.

But, it was for no avail.

Bines could not find him, so the stranger found him instead. He had taken completely by surprise, because he had a hand placed on his shoulder from behind.

Bines turned in a one hundred and eighty degree to strike at the man. But the stranger was now to the front of Bines.

Bines spoke,“Who are you and why are you here? Why are you trespassing on my property in

the middle of the night. It is very shady at best to me for you to be here like in this manner.”

The stranger spoke,“I mean you harm or ill intent, since my purpose is to help you this very night.”

Bines spoke,“How is that, my strange house guest?”

The stranger spoke,“I am here concerning the twins, Rin and Lin. They are special to my


Bines pulled out a sword and put it to the throat of the stranger. The sword went right through the neck of the man but there was no blood!”

Bines spoke,“You are without a corporal body, are you not? What are you?”

The old man quickly put his blade back under his clothes, since it would not do him so good against this strange man. HE backed away from the man several paces in the vain attempt of safety.

Bines was now completely paying attention to the body less stranger.

The stranger spoke,“My overseer and I are not of this world as you can now plainly see. You all need to leave this place immediately since it is unsafe.

Bines spoke,“Why is that? I had keep it safe for close to one hundred years.”

The stranger spoke,“The twins’ parents were ex invisible hand cult members and the cult plans to kill all traces of the rebels’ bloodline.”

Bines spoke,“What, the kids had done nothing to go against the invisible hand cult.”

The stranger spoke,“The five generals of Socanas are behind the incoming attack! Be gone within three days or it will be too late!”

The stranger spoke,“That does not matter, since the parents killed a cult leader on the way out!” The group will spare nothing to kill Rin and Lin. Thus, ridding themselves of rebels’ complete bloodline. It is their corrupted way of doing things.

Bines was in shock and when he came to, the stranger had left completely unseen.

Rin spoke,“Sister, I do not know grandpa’s intentions, but something must had spooked him something awful. He had never acted like in the way before, since we had known him.”

Lin spoke,“You might be right about that Rin. it is getting late, why don’t we set up camp for the night.

Rin spoke,“Let us do just that. You wanna have rabbit tonight?′

Lin smiled at the thought.

The two ate some rabbit stew after setting up camp and went right to sleep after a hard day of traveling.

Rin and Lin decided to head south along the eastern Lowrado border, with the intimating mountain ranges to their left and forest to the down to their feet. They traveled for what seemed to be a few days. The days and nights were starting to blur together after the already long journey.

There was few hunters out in the far east hunting The hunter would try to keep his hunting varied over a wide as an area as possible, that the local ecosystems would not be damaged due to over hunting. All the hunters in the land of Lowrado had to keep a log that the local mayor could look at a moment’s notice. Some hunters kept two sets of books: one that was within the allowed hunting limit and the second how much they really was hunting.

The hunters often looked over the duo to see if they were bandits, but most of them gave Lin and Rin little trouble, since the twins were still so innocent looking. They did not look or act like the typical stereotype of a bandit: rough and always into trouble.

Rin spoke,“I do not know about you Sis, but I would like to sleep indoors tonight. We are within

less than one hundred miles from our destination. Let us go seen if there is someone who will put us up for the night. We are still way under budget for our travel funds!”

Lin smiled and spoke,“That sounds like a plan, bro! We can get some supplies in the morning after we had a good night’s rest. If we are lucky, they might give us some leftovers from supper.

The two walked west trough the woods when they see a simple wooden home with smoke coming out of the chimney.

Lin spoke,“The place has a large barn, they might us stay up in the loft. Also, It could not be any worse than staying out in the woods another night.

The twins were both walking towards the front door when the front door opens up, revealing a

ginormous man. The man had to lean forward to get through the door and he stood up to just over

ten foot tall. The twins were both awestruck at seeing such a large come out of the humble house.

Lin thought,“This guy has to weigh at least a half a ton if not more!”

The giant spoke with a loud bass voice,“Who are you two little ones and how can I help you?”

Lin gave the giant an evil look as she spoke,“My name is Lin and is my brother Rin. We are hoping that you will give us a place to sleep tonight. We got...”

The large man laughed at Lin’s words and said,“I am afraid that I can not do that, little Missy!”

Lin yelled,“Why is that, you overgrown punk!”

Rin tried to calm his sister down but it was not successfully.

The giant spoke,“Little lady, I mean you no disrespect but I detect some high-caliber Ki oozing off of you two. You can give me some fun roughhousing and after that I will give you room and board for free tonight! Rin, I would live to have a little fun with you and try out my power. no weapons are needed, since this is not a battle to death and just a little exhibition. ”

Lin spoke,“You do not have to do this! Brother, do not given to the barbarian’s demands.”

Rin spoke,“I will give him a go on it like of which he has never seen before!”

The giant spoke,“Is that so, then let us go out in the woods and see who will be the one to prevail.”

The trio go out into the woods, so that the nearby house would not be a causality in the battle.

The two males prepare to battle each other.

The giant spoke,“There is no need to fight until one is hurt! We will fight until one declares that the other is the best. Only then, the battle will end!”

The giant prepared himself for the battle by flexing his huge muscles. The battle would not be a serious one but just a showing of strength. at least that was what Rin had hope that it was the fight would come to. the twins did not know if this man was friend or foe at this point, so caution had to be kept at all times.

Rin tried to keep his cool and unhooked his bladed weapons from off his body and gently down to the ground.

He charged directly at the giant but there was no one there!

Rin looked above in horror to see that his foe was up in the air, preparing to land an elbow drop on him. The swordsman knows that the giant was right on top of him and he would not be able to escape!

The giant smacked Rin and knocked chest deep into the grassy ground.

Luckily, Rin had the foresight to leave the large shield on his back. He had pulled it over his head in the attempt to block the blow.

Lin’s jaw had dropped to the ground out of the giant being so strong. Even Bines, had never used such raw strength against the twins before. This man was stronger than anyone that ever met before throughout their lives.

Rin could not get out of the ground, so he decided to dig deep into the ground.

The giant lands back on the ground, but finds it too shaky to his standards, since Rin had left a huge crevice in the ground as he dug.

The giant was completely in awe in how Rin took to digging to the ground.

The giant yelled,“The wee man is a mole!”

There formed a straight lined hole in the ground, that went in between the mighty man’s legs.

The giant stomped at the ground in the attempt to stop the subterranean assault.

But this was all for naught as the giant’s legs were cut repeatedly.

The mighty man leans over and punches a giant hole into the ground to lure out Rin.

The tactic had worked as intended, since Rin had jumped in front of the giant’s head.

The swordsman throws hundreds of rocks at the giant to get him distracted for some sort of attack.

None of the rocks land at their designated target.

The giant had performed a Ki shout at the rocks, which leaves nothing but dust behind.

Rin was hit by the shout as well and was knocked to the ground. The swordsman had flown through a thick tree on the way down to the ground.

Rin had recovered quickly and pulled out a spiked ball and chain to divert a lot of damage away from himself by wrapping it around a nearby tree. Getting slammed through the tree had knocked the wind out of him.

Rin performs a dropkick to the giant, but the giant counters with a drop kick of his own. Rin got kicked cleanly into his chest, which caused blood to gush out of the swordsman’s mouth.

The giant yelled out,“My dropkick is better than yours!”

Before the giant could react, all sorts of bladed weapons were thrust into his back.

The giant did not react to the sudden surge in pain but just fell forward a mere two inches. He flexed and the wounds close up after themselves, as if they were never there.

Rin knew that this giant was no joke and that he was not to be fooled with. The swordsman had to up his game or he would be dead meat sooner rather than later.

The large foe only laughed at Rin for his folly for trying to hurt or maybe even attempt to

murder him. All the blades that Rin had used in the past to destroyed countless targets, both inanimate and living all so many times before.

Yet, he still failed. The swordsman was at impasse, just pure and simple.

Rin’s memory flashed backed to several years ago, when he was just a young lad under the tutelage of his grandfather, Bines.

The lad was getting beaten down by the humble master in a test of hand to hand combat. Rin was getting covered by sweat and bruises. The boy was suffering under this training but the old master was careful to not critical wound the boy.

Bines was not even breaking a sweat in the hot desert heat that soared over 200 °F all year long. This was drastic comparison to Rin who was just struggling to even breath.

Bines spoke,”Boy, do not give up yet! The fight is far from over! Do not give up, yet!”

Rin looked at his grandfather in disbelief or maybe yet, even disdain.

Bines smiled at the boy with a grandfather’s love, so he knew that the boy had finally had enough.

Grandpa spoke,”Let’s call it quits for today! Go to the shower and I will finish up supper for you and Lin.”

Rin did not argue and obeyed his grandpa.

The trio was sitting at the stone kitchen table with various dishes that caused the twins’ bellies to rumble.

Bines spoke,”You two are progressing nicely and I am proud of you all.”

Rin paused eating as if he was troubled by something. He opened his mouth to say something

but stopped himself at the last second.

Lin did not pick up on her brother’s confusion but Bines picked up on it all too well.

Bines asked,”What is wrong, Rin? What is the source of your bewilderment?”

Lin spoke,”Rin did something happen today, while grandpa was giving you one on one training?”

Rin spoke,”No it is nothing.”

Bines spoke,”Let us leave the matter lay, until he is ready to speak about.”

The next day Rin and Lin were trained by the Grandfather, when gave them both some water to drink out of a cloth jug.

The twins were siting on a hard stone bench that Bines had made centuries ago, while the old man sat upon a chipped marble chair.

Bines spoke,”There will be a day, where you must fight a foe that is better than you. You must not give into despair!”

Lin spoke,”How do you do that Grandpa?”

Bines smiled and said,”That is for you to find out!”

Rin spoke,”What kind of answer is that? Quit playing with us!”

Lin and Rin knew that their Grandpa only gave as much information when the duo had hit a wall of opposition. He wanted the younglings to not be robbed of much needed growth.”

The twins were puzzled by the old man’s response.

Bines showed them a picture of a butterfly and said,”Is this bug pretty?”

The twins nodded in agreement.

Bines spoke,”But, what does it look like when it is young?”

Lin bursts out,”It is a caterpillar!”

Bines spoke,”The girl has won the prize. But that is not an easy process for the bug to go

through. It struggles while in the cocoon, so that it can be strong enough to escape. If someone opens

up the cocoon before it is ready it will die.”

Rin spoke,”Why is that?”

Bines spoke,”Because, it’s wings would not be strong enough to fly if it does not break free of

his prison on it’s own power.

Lin spoke,”That is why you won’t baby us in our training and other lessons!”

Bines spoke,”You finally get it. You will someday be on your one day and will have to fend for yourselves. I am a very old man and if you are to live in this hellish desert, then you must fight those that are better than you in possibly ever considerable way.”

Rin spoke with excitement,”You want us to be strong like you are Grandpa!”

Bines only shook his head in disapproval as if the boy had said something wrong.

Lin asked,”What is the problem with what Rin had said?”

Bines looked up at his grandchildren and spoke,”I am just a weak old man compared to those who are at the top the fighting world. I once fought the Butcher and lived to tell the tale!”

Rin and Lin spoke in accord,”You fought that monster?”

Bines spoke,”Yes, I did when he was still relatively young! He was still beatable back in those days.”

Bines was just a meager one hundred years old when he was still new at the famous battle

academy in the north east the land of whores.

He had been sent as a representative of the Socanas desert. The invisible hand was not in power

of the hot desert at this time but just an urban legend. It was widely believed to just be another boogie man story to scare children. (Boy, if they only knew the truth, at that time, things might had turned out differently).

The battle academy there was the best in the entire continent by a long shot.

Bines had trained under several different masters at that time and he was head of his fellow students at a similar age. He found himself to be the target of jealous rage of those that did not like the sudden advancement that Bines was getting. They blamed their fellow student for their own lack of ability/or passion.

More than one hundred years had went by and Bines had become a top class warrior. He was never bigger than 5’9” and one hundred and ninety pounds. But, he was under two percent body fat no matter what he would eat. He was just too active and having a good metabolism did not hurt ether.

He was on a rare day off from training when he hears some yells coming from afar off. He runs from out his meager home when he sees flames coming from the academy’s famous canyon.

Bines thought,”A fearsome battle has just ended and one Ki has totally vanished deep into the canyon! This has to be more than a simple challenge, since such wanton destruction of the academy is strictly forbidden by the academy’s elders. Who could behind all this?”

The warrior runs towards the source of the trouble and sees a giant man covered in crusted blood from head to toe. The mighty man was covered in a massive aura that was crushing to even the battle harden Bines. The giant was roaring out with a fearsome Ki shout to kill all normal class warriors in his tracks.

Bines was too tough for to be destroyed by such a tactic.

The giant looks down at Bines with disgust and said,”Who are you?”

Bines was surprised by the remark and said with sarcasm,”Your worst nightmare!”

The giant spoke,”You have a mighty mouth, but what of your combat skills, ant?”

Bines immediately threw a smoke bomb that totally enveloped the massive man.

The attacking Bines through all the throwing darts that he had on him.

Out of nowhere, the smoke burst open into a cloud of fire and shrapnel.

The battle appeared to be over since the giant had to be blown to bits by the explosion, especially after being so heavily injured to begin with.

A huge deafening laughter echoed from inside the towering pillar of smoke.

Bines was on pins and needles, awaiting the ensuing foe’s attack. He did not had to wait long since a large figure moved at least mach 10 (7,680 Mph) towards in a straight stretch!

Bines was rolling around at least that the same speed of the monster of an adversary. The small man was among the fastest at the battle academy, even among the ancient masters. It was still far from the rumored ones that were said to be able to move at light speed.

But, Bines being a natural skeptic doubted that rumor as folly. The warrior could move faster than mach 15 (11,418 Mph) with ease in any direction.

Bines was doing just that but the large man was keeping with him extremely well. This warrior was not a simple powerhouse fighter that much Bines knew to be self evident.

Bines thought,”I can’t let myself play into his brawling style! I must use my Gentle fist to beat him!”

Ki surrounded the small warrior and Bines begun to move at high-hyper sonic speed at it’s upper limit.

The giant started to move around like he was in slow motion.

Bines was moving quicker and quicker until he was hitting the monster at over 19,000 Mph (Mach 25)!

The blows were covered in the flames for moving at such extreme speed and the assault carved

into the gargantuan man’s flesh.

The large man was powerless to protect himself as he was getting hit in the air like a pinata.

Bines was using all sorts of strikes to hurt the man beast as blood and scrapes of flesh covered

the ground. This left the ground covered in the flesh of the giant but Bines was spotless since the spray

of gore burnt up before it ever neared the body of the speed warrior. The remaining gore cooked on the ground, while emitting a terrible smell beyond description.

Bines pulled out a large spear from his back and pierced the heart of the giant. The two warriors fell unto the ground causing an elephantine sized crater. The spear pinned the foe to the rocky ground with the small Bines pressing down upon it with his entire body. He jumped off the giant and started to walked out of the crater when he hears a noise. He turned around to his horror.

The foe was still moving!

The spear was being trusted by the huge man’s chest muscles. The hole closed itself as it was never been there, as well as the various strikes that Bines had done to him.

Bines cursed,”That %^%$# giant is a Giganto warrior! They are so hard to kill! I rather deal with cockroaches!”

An enormous black aura covered the body of the giant as he leaped to his feet preparing for incoming battle.

Bines had turned to reveal many metal balls and chains. The warrior frees himself of all the weights and raced towards the large foe.

The Giganto raced towards Bines as well.

The two warriors locked up in hand to hand combat.

Bines kicked the giant in the face as hard as he could with a spiked soled shoe.

Rin spoke,”Wow, you managed to hurt the evil Butcher and you were not even scared at all!”

Bines spoke,”No I was scared to death but I used my fear to keep me on my toes. It is not wrong to be fearful, but it can not allow it to control your actions.”

Lin spoke,”How do you learn to do that?”

Bines smiled and said,”You learn to do that through putting one’s self in various forms of danger until you ether die or you learn to overcome the danger.

The two children were scared but they were comforted by the Grandpa. He had a hand on each of the twins’ hands.

Bines spoke,”I do not mean to scare you but I want you to survive this evil desert! That is all! I hate the fact that you have to go all trough this, but it is the world that we live in.”

The two children jump into the arms of the grandfather in a firm embrace.

Bines over the next few weeks continued his tale of the battle with the Butcher.

The Butcher did not even flinch during the assault.

Before he could land another blow several blades pierced the torso of the Butcher. The slim warrior jumped backwards to safety. He sees that the academy’s special elites had gored the Butcher and were dragging him to the local Villainy prison.

This prison was the worst prison in the world and it contained the greatest murderers and criminals in all known lands.

It had been a few hundred years and Bines was a premier master among the entire training ground in the northern continent. He was given special training after stopping the Butcher all those centuries ago. The up and coming master took advantage of his new found privileges, yet he still

remained a very humble man, both in private and in public.

Bines was set to be deemed to call a grand master martial artist by both his peers and elders, despite caring nothing for such a title.

He was eating diner at a local eatery when he sensed something terrible.

It was the Butcher’s Ki and he was stronger than he ever was!

Bines cursed out loud as he spoke,”I thought that the elite bounty hunters had imprisoned that monster all too long ago. Villainy prison has been said to be escape proof in over six thousand years!”

This prison was for the worst of the worst of both continents of Violio! The strongest and deadliest criminals were sent there for imprisonment, when other prisons failed to keep them contained.

Bines, due to his position of ability and power among the elite fighting grounds, he was expected to go help stop the Butcher again.

The two warriors meet up again with the Butcher’s back to the slender master.

The Butcher spoke,”Oh, you had appeared before me again to your own determent! I am not the warrior that I was all those many centuries ago! I am more than a simple pure brawler. You will not be able to hurt me as you had done before!”

Bines spoke,”You should had never left that hell since I am a grandmaster candidate. Getting the title is just a formality at this point!”

The Butcher spoke,”That is good my rival, since it will give me some pleasure before your death. I had killed all that lived or worked within Villainy prison!”

The Butcher turned around in a complete one hundred and eighty degree arc.

Bines’ was rattled to his very core with what he saw.

The Butcher was wearing a helmet made out of a giant human skull! He was also wearing a sleeveless vest and pants made out of human leather. His boots his made out of human bones and

leather as well. Metal spikes were on both sides of his vest and on the shin pads of the Butcher.

Bines spoke,”I knew that you were a monster back then but you look the part all too well now.”

The Butcher only laughed as his massive killing intent begun to pour out of him, so thick that it looked like a thick red fog.

The Butcher rushed at Bines at faster than sound travel and threw a massive punch.

Bines had to dodge quickly before his head was taken off his shoulders.

Bines started to move faster than mach 25 to just dodge the large monster at a hair’s breath.

The Butcher was getting faster and faster than even Bines could even imagine that such a large man could move at, yet alone stop on a coin in any direction.

Bines knew that he to use more of his speed and moved up from three percent the speed of light up to ten percent.

But it was for naught, since the monster sped up accordingly.

This process of the two warriors playing cat and mouse went on until the two men were moving half the speed of light!

The Butcher stop mid strike and said,”Enough with the warm up, let’s get serious.”

Bines was taken back by the comment and stood frozen midair.

The small master spoke,”So be it, since this war between us will not end until one of us are dead.”

The Butcher laughed as his muscles flexed preparing to fight at full strength.

Bines was removing all his Ki made weights and his body released all of his Ki.

The two warriors rushed each other and threw countless blows at light speed!

Neither warrior could land a blow on the other, as they locked up fighting for control.

The Butcher spoke,”You have gotten very good, since I was taken away! But, your new powers will not help you!”

Bines looked up at his foe with a smile.

“You can not win ether, because I held back back then and I hid my secrets skills! That is not

counting including the new ones that I had obtain in your absence!”

Butcher spoke,”I can say the same as well!”

The man beast head butted Bines, thus knocking him flying.

The small master managed to catch himself midair and land on his feet about one hundred yards


When Bines landed a metal shield fell into broken shards right in front of him. The master knew to not take the monster’s blows directly on if he could help it.

The Butcher laughed and then raced towards Bines.

The monster had punched the master in the stomach without giving Bines any time to protect himself.

The grand master puke at the feet of the Butcher, while grabbing at his core in pain.

The giant laughed at his foe’s misfortune as his boots were covered in Bines’ lunch.

The Butcher spoke,”I could kill you now, but I want you to suffer before you die! I have become a sadist among sadists, while you were playing with yourself in this land!”

The Butcher crashed his fist down at the fallen hero, which knocked Bines a mile underground with ease.

The blow from the Butcher in all pretenses should had killed him but some how he didn’t die.

Back in Bines’ house, he was interrupted from telling his story by his grandchildren.

Rin spoke,”You moved faster than light? I did not know you were so good!”

Bines spoke,”That was after hundreds of years of training I was able to do so. I can do it even now. You can do it with enough training, especially you Rin.”

The two children had no concept of living over hundreds of years and so they did not

acknowledge the old man’s comment.

Lin spoke,”What about me, grandpa?”

Bines spoke,”You are stronger in mind than your brother, my dear.”

The young girl seemed pleased by the answer and the two children hugged Bines in a loving embrace.

Bines spoke,”You are both very different in your skills, but I love you both the same.”

Rin and Lin then hugged their grandfather even harder while smiling up at him.

Back to the battle of Rin and the mysterious giant. The swordsman was forced underground, but Rin took to the dank underground like he was part mole. There was a line of dirt appeared between the giant’s legs where Rin was digging underground.

This was coinciding with Tenlong stomping the ground like he was playing wack a mole.

A voice spoke,”Tenlong, dinner time!”

The giant spoke,”I am coming!”

The twins were both worn out after the battle so Tenlong picked up the duo like they were babies and placed them up on his muscled shoulders.

Lin yelled, “Let us down!”

Tenlong spoke,”I can’t do that, little lady. That is because you are now my guests. You two have to be very hungry after our battle. I know I am!

Rin and the giant known as Tenlong had participated in a huge battle dubbed by the oversized boy The giant just wanted be a little rough housing.

But if it was that simple, but it was just a fun time for Lin and Rin.

Tenlong had been playing wack a mole with the slender six foot seven inches two hundred and

seventy pound Rin.

Tenlong yelled out,”Enough!”, as he punched the ground as hard as he could.

A huge crater was created by the young Gigantos warrior and it forced Rin to lose his speed advantage.

Rin was leaping over one hundred feet.

Tenlong looked at his prey up into the air with a clown like smile.

Rin fired down several large boulders at the giant, but they never reach their target.

Tenlong had yelled out a fierce Ki shout that hit so hard that it destroyed the boulders in front of Rin. The swordsman was forced back hundred of feet and broke cleanly through a large oak tree.

Rin despite being stunned, pulled out a large spiked ball and chain.

This was used to stop him from further harm as it stopped his momentum.

Rin let go of the chain and leaped off a nearby tree.

The small warrior performed a drop kick at Tenlong, who was racing him at supersonic speed.

Rin thought,”How could a man so large be so fast?

Tenlong screamed out,”My dropkick is better than yours!”

Rin was kicked cleanly out of his boots.

Tenlong had kicked Rin with both feet so hard that blood burst out the swordsman’s mouth.

Rin was knocked over one mile away as Tenlong lands safely on his feet.

Out of nowhere, various blades pierced the back of Tenlong until they are completely dwelling

in the flesh of the lad.

Tenlong yelled,”I feel no pain!”

He flexed all the blades out of his body as his wounds closed up as if they were never.

Rin spoke,”I do not want to kill you but I have no other choice!”

Tenlong smacked his chest and said,”Bring it on!”

Rin jumped into the air and aimed for Tenlong’s neck.

The blade broke in two as Rin grimaced out of pain and also frustration.

Rin was completely helpless before Tenlong.

Out of the dark night, a sharpened tree trunk pierced the stomach of Tenlong clean through.

Tenlong was stumbling around but he could not allow himself to fall to the ground.

The giant yelled as he flexed the trunk out of his core.

Rin was amazed as he saw the tree trunk crushed by his abdominal muscles.

The wound closed up whole!

Tenlong spoke,”Let us call it a draw! You two had done well against me.”

Tenlong carried the pair to his home on his back.

Lin had been kept safely during the fight between Tenlong and her brother, Rin. When she revealed herself, her brow was covered in large beads of sweat. Tenlong knew all too well that Lin had made the final strike during their battle. Rin was the open fighter of the pair while Lin fought best in secret.

Tenlong spoke,”Fella, your sister is a very good fighter as well as you! It was my error to think that someone so doll like would not be deadly. You two must had much train...”

Lin caught him off and jumped down to the ground.

She yelled,”I am no doll! Take this on for size!”

Tenlong was entrapped with some sort of power that begun to crush his body like a tin can.

Tenlong yelled,”I feel no pain! So you should give it up as it is useless!”

The giant flexed his muscles as he begun to walk towards Lin.

Both of the twins were flabbergasted, since no one but Bines had ever been able to stand against Lin’s mental powers.

Tenlong performed a Ki shout that dwarfed the last one that he used against Rin in their battle.

Rin knew the power of Tenlong all too well so he jumped behind Lin to help brace her for the

incoming assault.

The two were forced back for over in a straight path through trees, animals and whatever that

may get it in Tenlong blast.

Lin would not release her powers upon Tenlong, yet he still managed to march forward.

She was getting weaker and weaker as the giant was growing stronger and stronger.

Tenlong was almost upon the duo.

Rin shouted,”You are the best! Now give up Lin!”

Tenlong stopped his march and finally Lin stopped as well.

Tenlong spoke,”I am sorry you two for my selfishness and my insult towards you young lady, Most people are small to me and it was not a conscious attack on you personally.”

Lin did not answer Tenlong except with a huge look of disgust on her face.

Rin spoke for his sister and said,”There is no more trouble between the three of us. Sir, can stay

somewhere with room and board.”

Tenlong grabbed the two up as he said,”You two need a good meal after such a hard workout!”

Rin spoke,”That was only a workout to you, I hate to fight you for real!”

Lin spoke,”Put me down you buffoon! I am not a doll! I can walk!”

Tenlong spoke,” You must be so tired from both your journey and our fight. I would have been in trouble if the two of you were one hundred percent.”

The two knew that the giant was right in his assertion of the twins’ powers. They were not even using half of their full power if they would have been fed and fully rested.

The small home was completely surrounded with several men and one woman standing in the front.

The woman yelled,”Boy, where have you been so late? You are not a shadow’s spawn!”

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