Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 16

Tenlong had just met two teenagers and it felt good for him to be around more “battle types” his own age. He had taken the twins Lin and Rin to region where his master J had last been living at, The old warrior was still there luckily.

This was not normal for the old nomad but the three was glad. Master J usually never stay in the same spot for more than a couple days.

The twins were amazed at the difference between the sizes of Tenlong and the old Giganto. The old man made Tenlong look like a small child.

Master J spoke,”Why have you taken outsiders into my home, Boy? What is the deal?”

Tenlong spoke,”But they were needing helping in finding…”

Master J spoke,”You demand something from me? What fools have you brought forward before me? Ha!”

Tenlong fell unto his knees out of frustration, while Lin raced toward the old warrior.

She was knocked out by just a mere look from the wily master. Rin raced over to his sister and was beaten down by the old master’s Ki as well.

Tenlong stood up to his feet and yelled,”Leave them alone! Do not hurt them!”

A pure red aura surrounded the boy lad as he punched his master in the face as hard as he could.

Master J was taken by complete surprise when when sees a bright red Ki dragon forming around the young battler.

The old warrior begun to cry as he fell to one knee before Tenlong.

Master J spoke,”So this will be my Successor, o, King of Kings?”

Master J was suicidal for centuries but God would not let him die! The Lord was not done with the old man yet.

Tenlong fainted do to overexerted himself past his uppermost limits. Master J had only been

using .0000001 percent of his power and skills. Master J could defeat over 90% of the fighters on the

planet with only that much power. Tenlong was fighting elite, just pure and simple.

Master J spoke with fear,”Could he be… No, that can not be!”

The old master turned into the Butcher!

The old Gigantos switch back from his true form and his Master J form.

Tenlong awakes to screaming.

Rin yelled,”What have you done to us?”

Master J spoke,”I had done nothing but protect himself from you young greenhorns. How foolish! I have used less than one percent power on you and nothing more!”

Lin countered,”Give us the information or else!”

Master J spoke,”Alright honey badger, I will help if you train under me with your brother. Tenlong needs sparing partners so that he get better. Give me 30 days with a year of training spent per day training. (30 days outside=30 years inside).

Rin put a hand on his sister’s mouth and said,”We will do it! Shut your mouth, Lin!”

He got his hand bitten bloody for his trouble.

Thirty days goes and comes, and the three were trained to be hardy battlers.

Tenlong was now fifteen foot and over fifteen hundred pounds at less than four percent body fat. Lin was over five foot four and over one hundred forty pounds. Rin was now 7 foot and over 320 pounds at less than five percent body fat. All three warriors now had the physical training to succeed in their quest that was to come.

Lin spoke,”Why did you put us through so much hell and you trained us so very little?”

Tenlong spoke,”That is the Giganto way to be so rough in our training and learn by experience.

He thought me the same way for most of my life under his tutelage, as he knows no other way to


Lin made a bow to Rin and Tenlong’s surprise.

“It was my mistake, old master. I misjudged you completely.”

Rin thought to how much his sister had changed during the last thirty days.

Master J returned the bow to the boys’ utter shock.

The old master spoke,”My young lady, let us go to my next training designation before I send you on your mission. Where you need to go to find your mission is very dangerous, so you needed to be fit enough to go.”

Rin had bowed himself and said,”Thank you for your...”

Master J spoke,”Do not thank me yet, not unless you survive my next hellish training.”

The old master led them unto a large elaborately design marble slab.

Master J spoke,”stand still where I place you.

In a flash, there were gone into the unknown.

The group was zooming through some unknown space, which amazed the teenage trio to no end. Then they stopped suddenly!

They were on a beach full of palm trees and grains of sand.

Tenlong spoke,”Are we really here or am I dreaming? Is this real?”

Master J spoke,”My lad, we are not even on the same continent anymore!”

Lin spoke,”The ocean is just a fairy tale, since the land is blocked off by the mountains.”

Master J spoke,”Feel the sand Thomas and see if it is for real.”

The small woman did as she was asked as the old man laughed.

Lin quickly dropped the subject and said,”Where are we supposed to go now.”

Master J spoke,” You will sail on the ship that I have prepared for you. It will be self guiding so

just eat, sleep and train until you arrive.”

The old man showed them a medium sized ship and set them on their merry way.

Tenlong spoke,”Arghh! The pirate’s life is for me! I am a pirate!”

He started to sing all sorts of sea shanties. The overgrown boy was totally enamored by the chance to be a sailor.

Rin and Lin were both eating dinner while Tenlong was on lookout for whatever they were supposed to be looking out for.

Lin spoke,”That overgrown boy is not concerned that we had been sent on a fool’s errand.”

Rin spoke,”The old man must have some of objective behind all this to have us trained together for such a long period of time. Gigantos were said to be able to live for thousands of years while growing stronger everyday until they die. The old master is hiding something from even Tenlong, that much I know to be true.”

Lin spoke,”But what secret is master J hiding from us? I wish I knew.”

Three days transpire and Tenlong yelled,”Land Ho!”

A large island was in eye shot.

Tenlong spoke,”It is clobbering time! Let us find some trouble!”

Rin spoke,”Let us not go crazy until we known what the objective here. We have got to make a plan!”

Tenlong was long gone before Rin had stopped speaking.

Lin did the same as well, before they had even set anchor.

Rin spoke,”My Lord, those two are two peas in a pod! I will have trouble keeping those two in

line. I guess I better try to catch up!”

Tenlong was running along the shoreline until he was in eyesight of a nearby port town. It was not very big but the sound of it’s citizen were deafening to the giant’s ears when he entered it. The towns people dropped everything as the woman and children started to scream out of horror. He had

forgot how big and fearsome he looked like to the unaware.

The men of the city took up arms and surrounded him, ready to fight.

One of men yelled,”Get out of here, you lousy pirate!”

Tenlong spoke,”I am no pirate!”

Another man spoke,”Get loss or we will call in the Death Note pirates!”

Tenlong did not attack the men because he knew they no evil Ki pouring off them. Their Ki was

mostly white in color and he would not cause them any harm. He would not purposely hurt the innocent.

Tenlong spoke,”Then take me to them then, because I will not fight you here this day. Stop wasting my time!”

The villagers were taken back by the giant’s statement and took on time buckling him to chains before he could change his mind. They proceeded to take him to the pirate hangout.

Less than one hour later and Tenlong was knees deep in a shagged pirate base on top of the only mountain on the petite island.

The base was covered head to toe with drunken, high, and/or horny pirates, with one sitting upon a golden throne. Two naked women were sitting on each side of the pirate boss.

The pirate on the throne spoke,”What is the problem, slaves? Do not waste my time! It is almost sexy time.”

The women giggle like school girls seeing their first pecker.

One of the villagers spoke,”This is an outsider that has turn himself in. You wanted us to notify you when any outsider came unto the island. He came from the sea from the west side of the island.”

The pirate spoke,”You mean my island or have you stuttered?”

The villager spoke,”Yes, I mean your highness’ island.”

The pirate boss spoke,”You can leave now and do not come back until you brought back your hottest women to screw!”

The villager spoke,”Yes sir, we will do as requested and bring them as soon as possible.”

Tenlong could not help but see the trouble written all over the villagers’ faces.

The villagers left as Tenlong flexed the chains and weights clean off of himself.

Tenlong spoke,”You had raped and pillaged this land for far too long! I will stop you all this day!”

The boss spoke,”Jimpo, come beat this trash for me! I will get the others to destroy whatever that he sailed on!”

A large twelve foot tall man covered in a red and black metal armor with spikes all over his massive thousand plus pound body.

Tenlong started to get ready for upcoming fight!

He spoke,”I need not worry, since you will be stop by my friends before ever get near the ship! I will kill you before you all before they get back to me to report!”

Jimpo laughed,”Is that so? Hahahaha! Bring it on!”

Tenlong charged at his foe and punched at the jawline of Jimpo’s armor. It did not work since he was gored right through his hand.

Jimpo laughed,”What a fool to believe that he could safely harm me! I am Jimpo the strong!”

Tenlong pull away his hand and tried again to hurt Jimpo, but this time he hit him sternly in the chest.

Jimpo spoke,’You miserable fool! You gored yourself with your desire to fight me. You can’t win against me! You are doomed to death, this very hour! Prepare yourself for death!”

Tenlong spoke,”It is not over until it is over!”

The lad punched through the spikes on Jimpo’s stomach as Jimpo grabs his stomach out of pain.

Tenlong’s whole body was covered in a large white aura as he watch his foe struggle to keep on his feet.

The boss spoke,”Jimpo, enough with your clowning and finish off this punk!”

A red and black Ki formed around the mighty Jimpo as he grows to over fifteen foot tall and over sixteen hundred pounds. Spikes grew larger and more plentiful on his massive body, along with even thicker armor set around his already hardy frame.

Jimpo laughed,”Try again, boy!”

Tenlong was at a complete loss to what to do since his foe was so tightly defended. The lad started to wail on his target nonetheless.

The lad’s body was spraying blood like a water sprinkler. It was a complete mystery who did Tenlong more damage, Jimpo or himself.

The hero finally saw that Jimpo had limited visibility which harmed his offensive compatibility. His defensive prowess was so high that Jimpo paid little attention to that fact. Tenlong had been taught by Master J to find the weaknesses of his opposition and prey upon it.

The Gigantos sprayed green mist into Jimpo’s eyes and blinded him.

Jimpo yelled out,”My eyes! My eyes! I cann’t see!”

The foe started to get nervous and swung his arms wildly like a crazy person.

Tenlong grabbed two of Jimpo’s chest spikes and did a throwing suplex.

Jimpo was paralyzed instantly, when he landed. This was due to both the forces of throw, and as

well of all his heavy weight that he was so proud of.

The pirate on the throne threw a dagger right in the right eye socket of his fellow pirate, killing Jimpo instantly.

Tenlong was enraged by the pirate comrade’s betrayal against Jimpo.

“How dare you kill your own partner as if he was simple trash? Where is all the loyalty

among comrades?”

The man on the throne smiled as he spoke,”I, better yet us pirates are loyal to no one except for ourselves! Argh! That is the pirate way! He failed in his job as a pirate so he had to die! It is that simple! We are the villains of the sea! We rape and pillage as we wish!”

Tenlong boasted,”Well, you pirates did as you all wanted until this very day, because I will be the conqueror of the evil that is in this endangered island! The people had been through enough this very day! God has had enough of your evil ways and I will be the one to stop you!”

The remaining pirate attacked Tenlong to their own determent, as the Gigantoo beat them all into heaps of gore that looked like the back room of an ill kept butcher house. Tenlong did not like to use excessive force unless it was for self protection.

The pirate boss was nowhere to be found after the massive carnage that the giant had lost himself into.

Tenlong thought,”Where did the punk go? I got lost in my blood lust again! It was something that I was never able to completely overcome in my training under Master J. The Butcher could not even beat it, but I must do what he failed to do so many centuries ago. I must bring this land into an era of peace, so that God’s word can be easily taught out in the open! That is a constant must for me to do this work of mercy and violence here this day!”

Lin was racing towards only God knows where. She was so eager to complete whatever task that Master J had given. She was tired of her brother, and even her grandfather, Bines, like she was something fragile to them. She was gonna show everybody how strong she really was. She had a chip on her shoulder and she was waiting for someone to knock it off. She had a small person syndrome and overcompensated by working harder than Rin or at times even Tenlong. She wanted to be that successful as a warrior.

Lin was deep into a rain forest when she hears the voices of men coming towards her direction.

She hid from the incoming attack, not that she was scared but she hated to fight out in the open if possible. She up high up in the canopy to avoid detection.

One pirate spoke, “I hate this God forsaken island down to it’s rotten backwards core!”

The second pirate spoke with a smile,”Boss Rinso, demands that we find out where the outsiders are anchored. Are you going to rebel against the boss?”

The first pirate just remain silently standing in place like a boulder.

The second pirate spoke,”Bub, are you okay, did those hoes give you VD again?”

A hand was placed on the first pirate to try to get a response but it was not what the pirate was expecting!

The first pirate’s head exploded all over his comrade’s face and chest.

The remaining pirate fell unto his butt out of fear and saw that his entrails were being ripped out of his body by some unknown force.

The pirate died due to fright of what he had just saw.

Soon, the entire pirate search party near Lin was killed in a similar fashion.

Out of the blue, a dagger came flying at Lin’s head and she was forced to the rain forest floor. She barely dodged in time and she was looking for the source of the attack, when she sees a little man

with knives in each hand.

He surprisingly introduced with a bow and said,” Hello, I am Wonder Joe and I am here to kill you *&^%$!”

Joe was covered in all sorts of cuts and wounds as the other pirates were killed with.

Wonder Joe spoke,”Such parlor tricks will not work on me as it did the others! I am too strong minded for that!

Roots from a nearby tree begun to entrapped Joe in a fierce griping all of his various joints.

Joe spoke,”Try harder!”

The roots were covered in flames.

Fire begun to cover Lin as she was lost in fear.

Lin calmed down as the flames disappeared as she she saw that the rots were still covering the

pirate warrior.

She throws a knife at wonder Joe.

Joe turns into a pumpkin.

Lin gasped,”What!”

Wonder Joe was spinning around Lin with a huge knife, preparing to strike.

Lin was gored through the heart as she fell to the ground dead. Yet, Joe had no time to celebrate.

Lin’s body exploded into a huge explosion. Joe was powerless to escape from the blast.

The smoke finally cleared and wonder Joe was a mangled mess of flesh and bone.

Lin appeared out of nowhere whole and dust herself off.

She spoke,”They are heading towards the ship! I got to help Rin.”

Tenlong was left alone to battle Rinso by himself.

Rin had made the decision to stay with the ship because it was their only way back to Lowroda.

It would remain protected for as long as he humanly could do.

The swordsman could hear the noise of many a pirate from less than a mile away. It was becoming more and more deafening by the second.

The ship provided by Master J which, provided nothing more than mere traveling supplies.

Rin spoke,”I am glad that I brought my weapons or I would be totally screwed! Well, no time to bellyache. The master had done it this way by design. He is just as crafty in his methods as grandpa was!”

Rin thought,”It is time to test my training under Master J! The old man pushed our bodies beyond our very limits. He was more conditioning based than grandpa ever was. Master J was a hard style user emphasizing power, while Grandpa was a soft style, focusing on speed and technique.

Gigantos are sticklers for body condition if I ever seen it!”

Pirates were now within eye shot of Rin, who had a huge grin on his face.

One of the pirates put their foot on a stone and it exploded.

The entire pirate group were blown into a million gory pieces that landed everywhere.

When the smoke cleared, there was a second group of pirates, ready to fight Rin. The young warrior jumped off the side of the ship, throwing countless blades into his foes.

Several of the pirates died before Rin ever hit the ground.

Rin stomped on one of the pirate’s head with his shoes that were secretly containing spikes. The swordsman used the pirate as a launching pad to slice more foes into slices. The foes were sliced like rolls of summer sausage.

Now, only one foe remained covered in black ninja garb.

The ninja spoke,”My name is Jack and I have come to avenge my fellow pirates.

Rin looked for the source of the noise, but it was now absent from his sight.. He tried to sense where Jack but his ki was still very faint to the point where exact detection was impossible.

But what did find was endless shurikens from all directions.

It was all Rin could do but to run away for a chance at safety.

He thought within himself,”It has to be some sort of trick and I can move faster than the speed of sound with ease. I have to be careful or I will tire too easy like a cheetah.”

Rin started to run in a circle, while going faster than the speed of sound. This was done in the attempt to catch his foe in a trap.

Yet, the ninja, Jack would not take the bait, no matter how long Rin raced in a linear pattern.

Rin started to throw all sorts of bladed weapons at any angle outside the circle.

The ninja was forced to jump into the circle to avoid the never ending assault from Rin.

This was all according to the swordsman’s plan to entrap the crafty Jack inside the circle.

Rin shifted his assault to inside the circle, as well above the circle.

Jack was barely dodging attacks by a hair’s breath.

Rin was slowly decreasing the size of the circle, until the foe could no longer dodge the assault.

The ninja died a bloody mess as he hit the ground with a thud, like a sack of potatoes.

Rin stabbed the ninja in the heart with his sword to ensure that he was truly died, and not playing possum. This act was overkill, but it was carried out anyway.

Rin was starting to gasp for air as he thought,”I got to get back to the ship and eat and drink something. I had used up too many calories! That Tenlong is so lucky that he can store up calories like a camel does water!”

Rin ate his meal as fast as he could, so he could return to the ensuing battle.

He was exiting the ship when he saw his sister Lin. She had excellent ki hiding skills that left her brother at a loss to find her at times.

Lin was racing towards her brother Rin, who was still standing up on the ship’s bow

Rin had a fierce look on his face when he saw his twin approached the ship.

Lin yelled,”I returned here to see if you you are al...”

Rin yelled,”You bloody fool!”

Lin was shocked by the response.

She demanded,”Who peed in your coffee? What did I do to deserve such an ugly response from you?”

Rin corrected,”I had just finished my battle, as well as you obviously. Tenlong is battling someone else with a fierce ki! Tenlong’s ki is very erratic in nature and he is probably extremely damaged. He is a berserker! You know that as well as I! What is your deal?”

Lin spoke,”But he is so battle hardy and strong willed. He would not have it any other way. It is in his very blood! So, what is the problem with leaving him be for now?”

Rin spoke,”It is not right! We trained together for thirty years(thirty days in real time). Does not mean anything to you? Did he not pray with us and cry with us throughout that entire time? You are such a stupid girl?”

Lin spoke,”Who are calling stupid, Rin? You are the only family that I have left! I can’t lose you like we did lose Grandpa!”

Rin’s disposition changed as he jumped down to the sandy beach with ease in which a person breaths in air.

He held his sister in a tender embrace as he spoke,”I know that you mean well,, but Tenlong is our family now. He is not grandpa, but he has taken to us, like a loving puppy. He is such a gentle boy trapped in a man monster’s body. Plus, we were given orders to protect him from Master J!”

Lin was looking up into his brother’s eyes with tears in her own.

She spoke,”Master J told us that it would be better to kill ourselves, than what he would do to

us, if we had allow Tenlong to die. He is a rare kind of Giganto. He is a successor candidate for the old master.”

If there was a rock big enough to hide under, she would had hid under it. That much Lin knew to be true.

Rin spoke,”I do not want to beat a dead horse but remember that we were ourselves strangers, when we had met grandpa as newborn babies. Master J and Tenlong had done a lot to help on our journey back to Grandpa by finding whatever he has send us off to Lowroda for. Despite all our

training, we are not strong enough to survive the Socanas desert and all it’s dangers.”

Lin wiped her eyes with her hand and smiled back at her brother.

“She said,”Let us get to Tenlong’s side as fast as we can, so he does not suffer anymore.”

Tenlong was trying to get the best of Rimso but it was for naught.

The giant was getting kicked senseless as blood poured from his harden flesh.

Tenlong spoke,”You are head and shoulders above the last pirate I had fought. You must be the


Rimso spoke,”If you have the time to talk then stop boring me.”

Tenlong took it as a challenge and powered up his ki and muscle power.

Rimso spoke,”Powering up by itself will not be enough to beat me.”

Tenlong was on his best guard since this fight could not be carried out as sloppy as he had done

with Jimpo.

Tenlong’s blood harden leaving a hard crusted layer over most of his massive body. His body was trying to protect itself better than nearly of all the races on Violio could hope to obtain.

Tenlong raced towards Rimso at mach one!

But the captain dodged in time enough to counter Tenlong’s strike of his own.

Tenlong was kicked hard in the side of his melon sized head, which left him stunned for several


Rimso performed a leg sweep and knocked Tenlong down unto his large back.

Tenlong landed very hard, yet he had gained his senses enough to see that he had to roll away.

Rimso mocked,”You have got the body of a warrior but not the brains of one. You have no battle sense! You are ether an idiot or a novice! I can’t tell, which at this moment.”

Tenlong spoke,”I will show you the results of my training!”

The ground started to shake as a white aura covered the lad as he raced towards Rimso at super sonic speed.

The Gigantos clotheslined his foe off his feet at twice the speed of sound.

Rimso transitioned into armbar position on Tenlong right arm. The giant used his free hand to prevent the snapping of his captured hand.

The captain pulled tighter on his opponent’s arm.

Tenlong used his upper body strength to smash Rimso against his bent knee.

The captain still would not let go.

Tenlong did another back breaker after another.

Rimso finally relented his grip on his foe.

Tenlong spoke,”It did not felt good did it?”

Rimso did not give his foe the satisfaction of a response.

Tenlong spit out hot fire unto his foe as the captain raced away for safety.

Rimso jumped above the flames while in the front of his throne.

Tenlong melted the metal throne like a hot knife through butter.

Rimso performed a superman punch to the jawline of Tenlong.

Flammable liquid spewed out of Tenlong’s mouth, as he swung his arm wildly to try to remain

on his feet.

Rimso laughed,”You do not like to be off your feet! Well do you?”

Tenlong punched a huge crater into the floor causing the two warriors to fall towards the floor beneath them.

Tenlong landed roughly on the floor landing upright, while Rimso had slowed his descent by jumping down a set of invisible stairs. Rimso had done that, to avoid any further damage.

Tenlong spat more fire at his foe as it failed to land at it’s designated target.

Rimso kicked the giant in the head as hard as he could.

Tenlong countered by grabbing both of Rimso’s legs. He spat out some sort of acid out of his mouth, which covered the foe’s legs entirely.

Tenlong was somehow undamaged by the acid as it caused the pirate’s legs to be eaten away completely.

Before Rimso could hit the ground, Tenlong punched him as hard as he could repeatably.

This went on until there was nothing remained of the pirate captain.

Tenlong then hit the ground flat on his back with a thud.

Rin and Lin rushed into the stone pirate fortress, when they see that it is blanketed in the horrible stench to go along with the sight of blood, and unintelligible body parts. They walk into a room where the floor had been destroyed and one giant body was laying spread eagle on the ground below.

Lin gasped,”It is Tenlong!”

The twins raced down to their friend’s aid and check his pulse.

Rin yelled,”He is alive!”

A voice yelled,”Of course, I am alive!”

The two saw a bloodied figure siting up.

It was Tenlong!

Lin and Rin jumped into Tenlong’s arms.

Tenlong yelled,”I thought that I was left high and dry! Better late than never!”

The two siblings performed first aid on the Giganto as he gasped for air.

Tenlong was helped out of fortress with the twins having a firm set of hands on each of the giant’s side.

The villagers were coming towards the fortress, with the remaining women the pirates had not raped.

The trio was walking out the front and paying no attention to the villagers on the way out.

Tenlong smiled at the sight once, he got out of the villagers’ view.

It was the start of new life for everybody involved.

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