Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 18

In another part of Canthra, there were hidden underground brothels that gave it’s client’s every act of debauchery conceivable. Kolan had banned all such places but it was still being done in the darkest of dwellings.

Evil always desires to ruin the lies of the innocent.

It was a constant fight to destroy such places of ill repute. Over ninety- nine percent of the people in the country did not even know how to access such places.

The horror stories of such places still echoed out to the public.

The truth will also come to light no matter what people do to hide it.

“Your sin will find you out!” as the Good Book says.

Bounty Hunters was sent out by Kolan to stop the slavers dead or alive.

It had been said through legends that Kolan was horrified when he heard what was going on under his rule that he knew that he to destroy places that sold people into doing acts that even the harden ruler could not repeat openly out in the public.

At these brothels, every despicable act could be done as long as one had enough money to pay for such services. These clients would spend all that they had until they had to barter their possessions so that could feed their addictions. Some would even sell all they own, including their own families. Then the clients would sell themselves to continue fueling their own lusts.

At one such brothel, one of the sex slaves got pregnant by one of many of her clients. Her name was Isnel and she knew no other kind of life that of a whore. She did not wished for this life but she had become the victim by just simply being born into this horrible profession. Her child could never know who their father really was.

Isnel was not given time off while pregnant but she was given to clients that had the fetish for pregnant woman. The woman did not want to “work” on the same day she was to deliver her child.

Isnel waited until all the guards of her brothel were ether asleep or taking part in some sort of

orgy. She put on a huge brown cloak and sneaked through the brothel and into the nearby town. The woman was terrified every single step as she had ran from the brothel that she had lived in her entire miserable life.

Isnel had heard of midwives that worked in the town while she had went to assassinate someone one day years ago.

Isnel was trained as a whore, but she had a secondary function as an assassin. She would kill all those that she and the other prostitutes’ pimp ordered dead.

Isnel never asked any question of why she was assassinating all these people but she just obeyed blindly. All those who dared questioned the pimp was killed and fed to the dogs.

The hooker had always obeyed the pimp but this was her first child and she wanted something better for daughter that what she had been given.

A sense of dread came over Isnel since she was leaving the only world that she had ever knew. If you had seen her make up caked face then you would have seen the tears running down her face.

She thought,”What am I going to do about this child? If I stay they will rape it and throw my baby into the same hell that I was in! I will not allow that to occur! I will die before that happens!”

Isnel was at a loss to what she was going yo do for her child.

The woman walked around for while when she she ran into an old woman closing up shop.

Isnel walked by the woman when she sees that the old lady had grabbed her left arm.

Isnel was surprised that she had let her guard down so much that an old lady could touch her without her knowing.

The old woman spoke,”Honey, I do know who you are but I know that you are about to pop out a baby!”

Isnel gasped,”What are talking about?”

The old woman smiled,”I can see a waddling pregnant woman even if you are covered up to the nine!”

Isnel pulled out a knife but she fell to one knee.

The old woman speaks,”Honey, your water has just broke! Lay down and I will help deliver your baby.”

Isnel tried to struggle but she was still weak.

The woman spoke, I am named Enoka and I am a midwife. I will have to deliver your baby in the street! I have no time to bring you inside.”

Isnel spread her legs after she laid down on the street as Enoka delivered the baby safely. Enoka wrapped the baby in a towel that she had happen to have draped over her left shoulder.

Enoka handed the baby over to it’s mother and spoke,”It is a girl!”

Isnel had uncovered her head and was crying as she saw her daughter.

Enoka spoke,”What name will you give her?”

The mother paused for a second

Isnel spoke,”I will call her Hiroko.”

Enoka spoke,”That is such a beautiful name.”

Isnel spoke,”I heard of love but I never knew until I saw Hiroko! She is the only treasure that I have in this horrid life.”

Enoka helped the young woman to her feet and inside the house.

Isnel was put into a spare bedroom and was looked after by the midwife. The baby breastfed as the mother ate diner in chair with a little table in front of her.

Enoka finished eating and break out into tears.

Isnel ran back into the room and asked,”What is the matter?”

Enoka spoke,” I do not know how to care for a baby and all I know is whoredom and

assassination. I know nothing else.

Isnel spoke,”That is nothing wrong with not nothing how to care for a young baby. No one knows how to care for a child at first. I will show you how, since it is my job to help those like you be

enabled to be better able to raise your baby, Hiroko.”

Isnel cries out,” Thank you so much! I will do all I can to return the favor. Hiroko must not be forced into prostitution as I was! We need to give a much better life!”

Enoka spoke,” I will do all can, honey. You need not fear!”

Isnel grabbed the midwife’s hand until her knuckles turned white.

Enoka spoke to Isnel the day after she given birth to her daughter, Hiroko.

“Honey, I do not want to rush you but have you decided what you were going to do with Hiroko.”

Isnel had a fierce look on her face as she spoke,”Enoka, what are you talking about?”

Enoka spoke,” I meant whether you wanted to raise your baby or do you want to give her up to adoption.”

Isnel broke out into ranting and raving that awoke the baby. The mother tried to soothe the crying child back to sleep.

Isnel spoke,” I can not give up my only treasure that I have in this life. I will kill myself if that happens. I can not risk it due to all the perverts running around in this land that would try to molest her!

I will not allow it to happen even if it costs me my very life.”

Enoka cried and Isnel looked up at the old midwife with tears in her eyes.

Isnel spoke,”I will raise this child as best as I am able to and give her a better life than I ever Had. I refuse to let her be brought into prostitution as I was. I was forced to have sex with everything that breathed but she will be free of all that!”

The old midwife was in tears of the conviction that Isnel had for her child’s upbringing.

Enoka thought to herself,” Her baby would not have a life unless Isnel and I make a way for her! I will do all I can to help them! I will not her to be molested!”

She cried so much that her make up had blurred into a mess all over her face.

Isnel spoke,”Help me Enoka! I do not know what to do!”

Enoka held the young mother’s hand and said,” Then we will find out how together.”

Isnel bawled into a fury of tears and said,” Thank you so very much! No one has ever help me as you have done for me!”

Isnel was rocking her baby in a rickety wooden chair with a blanket over her and Hiroko. The mother was trying to get her baby to go to sleep, while breast feeding.

The old midwife silently opened the door and entered the room. Enoka sits in a chair next to the new mother.

Enoka spoke,”I would like you to stay here with me until you are able to care for her by yourself. It is because I do not want your former master to find you and Hiroko. You will be safe if you stay within my home.“

Isnel spoke with a smile,”Thank you, Enoka for all you had done for me a perfect stranger.”

A few days later, the former prostitute is able to care for Hiroko competently.

Isnel spoke,”Enoka, thank you for all you had done but it is time for me to leave.”

The midwife had a sad look in her eyes like she wanted the mother to stay with her forever. The old woman held her tongue because she had truly wanted the best for the mother and her baby.

Enoka spoke,”Here is some gold coins. It is not a lot but it will support you two for a couple weeks until you can find a means to support yourself.”

Isnel was handed a cloth bag of money and some supplies for the journey ahead. Isnel gives the old woman a huge hug with tears in her eyes.

Isnel says, “Thank you Mom, I love you.”

The old woman was taken back by the showing of affection by the harden woman. Tears was

smearing all over her dolled up face.

The midwife pulls out a wash cloth and washes the mother’s face completely clean of makeup and tears.

Enoka spoke,”That makeup is not needed anymore since it represented your former life and getting rid of it will be the first part of your new life with Hiroko. Do not go back to that life since your baby deserves a better life than that.

Isnel nodded in agreement.

Enoka spoke,”Also take this letter to the town mark on this map and my innkeeper friend will

give you a job. She will be patient in teaching honest work so that you will not to struggle. God bless you!”

Isnel walks off into the distance as the midwife returns back into her humble home.

Meanwhile back in a mansion near the whore house where Isnel “worked” sit a large fat man on a large cushioned throne with various women standing next to him on both sides. The woman were in variations of fetish gear while holding large platters of delicacies in their hands.

This fat man was eight foot tall and weighed over nine hundred pounds of pure blubber. He was extremely lazy and did not even want to expend the effort to chew on the whole chicken he was eating. The female attendants had to manually make his jaw move up and down to chew up their master’s food.

A man runs into the dirty room of rotten bones and human body fluids with great urgency.

The man spoke,”Big Daddy V, I hate to inform you that harlot 363 has disappeared and is nowhere to be found! I am so sorry.”

Big Daddy V does something that he had not done in months: expend his own energy purposely. He grabs two of the women and squeezes them under his sweaty arm pits. The two women do not even scream as they are crushed to death by their slave master. They were broken mentally like a horse or some other kind of domesticated animal.

The blooded women were dropped to the ground like trash and left to rot like others that were victims of the evil pimp.

Big Daddy V demanded,”What do you mean that the whore is gone? No one escapes from me!

Have all the guards killed that were in charge of the brothel and hire some new ones more competent to take their places!”

The servant bowed and said,”Yes, I will do as you said and also I do not know how she escaped.

But, I do know that it must had been during the night because everybody was accounted for until three am. Who do you want to deal with 363?”

Big Daddy V set back in his chair since he stood up for some time and he was starting to sweat

like he had ran a marathon. The female attendants were helping Big daddy wipe the newly found sweat off his body. The large man was huffing and puffing like he was completely worn out. It took the large pig of a man several minutes to catch his breath.

Big Daddy V spoke,”Send for the death squad and tell them to never return until they killed the slut! Failure will not be an option for them if they fail to kill 363! No one can be shown to rebel against me and live to tell the tale. Give them the picture of the slave so that they would ensure that the escapee had been killed. Also, have them bring back the head of the slave and put it up in the brothel that she had ran from. This would set an example that escape is not an option.”

The slaver starts to huff and puff again. The women around begin to fan the man with huge feathered fans.

The servants leaves the room to do the business of his master, Big Daddy V. The slave owner grabs the rest of the chicken of a nearby plate and crushes it with his puffy hand. The chicken flies all over the women to little reaction from them.

Isnel had taken up the offer of the midwife Enoka and traveled one hundred miles to the nearby village. A chance at a new life was all that the old woman could give the new mother and new daughter. Isnel could raise Hiroko out in the open and away from the whore house that Isnel was forced to serve clients at. She always hated being forced to take part in the sick fantasies of the evil people that lived

within Canthra but until now she had no other option.

Now, she could work at something other than the two F’s as she called them. The first was fighting while the other was far too obvious.

Enoka gave the young mother much supplies since she thought that it would take Isnel up to

week to travel there.

But the old woman did not know the physical capabilities of Isnel. The young woman could out run a cheetah in full sprint in high heels and a tight dress on her worst day.

The young mother made frequent stops to care for the baby, even while she was going only in one eighth speed, Isnel still reached her destination in less than half a day. She used the map given to her by Enoka to find the town where the midwife said she could find honest work and entered into a large wooden inn and into the inn’s huge dinning room full of people.

The crowd all stopped what they were doing when they saw Isnel lower down the hood off her head. The stares were due to everyone seeing how beautiful Isnel’s face was. The people there were all awestruck at the young woman’s beauty. The woman had the body to go along with the pretty face

A few of the men begin to cat call her but she had paid them no heed.

One large man stands up from his table and walks over to Isnel gently holding her child.

The man said,”Hey baby, I know you just had a baby but let us make some more, just you and I.”

Isnel did not find the humor in the comment and handed her baby over to a woman sitting at a

nearby table. The mother looked at the woman sitting at the table with the fiercest look that a person could be given.

The mother spoke,”If anything happens to my baby, I will kill you!”

The large man was poorly strutting over to Isnel when she grabbed him by the balls.

The man speaks,”Wow, jumping straight to the point are we?”

Isnel squeezed hard on the man’s balls and the man’s round face turned white as a ghost.

The large man falls unto his knees as Isnel kicks the man firmly in the side of his head. The man

falls unto the wooden face first.

Isnel yelled,”Fellas, do yo want some of what he just got? Well, do you punks?”

The men all yell” No ma’am, we do not want any!”

Some of the men cross their legs after seeing the man’s ball being crushed while all the men had grimaces on their faces.

Isnel turned back to the woman holding her baby and took back Hiroko very gently.

Then the woman fainted as the mother was baby took back her child.

A old woman runs up to the young mother and tries to get here attention by putting a hand on Isnel ’s back.

Isnel then immediately reacted to the attempted touch.

She turns around in a complete one hundred and eighty degrees with her free hand swinging at the old woman’s wrinkled head.

Isnel sees that it was just an old woman and she manages to stop her blow at the last second.

The old woman was in tears, so Isnel lowered her fist.

The elderly lady spoke,”I am so sorry that you had to go through all that! Please stay here for the night on the house with three meals a day on the house. Any supplies you need for the baby will be given to you as well! I will make sure that pervert will be banned from this inn for life!”

Isnel fierce look soften to that of a smile. The old woman seem to be relieved at the change in the young woman’s expression.

Isnel spoke,”You do not have to do that since it was not you to cause the buffoon to hit on me. Do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders since you are not the Christ!”

The old woman spoke,”You are right honey but I am still liable for all that goes on within this

inn, since I am the owner!”

Isnel’s eyes lit up like that of the sun shining in the early morning.

The old woman spoke,”Did I say something wrong, honey?”

Isnel said,”No, it is just that you were the one that came here for. I was told by Enoka that you would help me find work.”

The innkeeper looked surprised by the name drop of her close friend. Isnel gave the woman the letter with Enoka’s special seal.

The female innkeeper had read the entire letter of her close friend with tears in her eyes. It was a request for her to help the young Isnel and her child Hiroko. The old woman had seen a lot go down over the years but the telling of what had been done to Isnel broke down the old woman into tears. The old lady shook her head out of disbelief of what such a young woman had faced in her troubled past.

Isnel was starting to walking away when the old woman yelled out with tears in her wrinkled eyes,”Honey, where are you going? I have got to get you a room ready for you and your little girl. Forgive me if you thought I had belittled you by showing disapproval. I just did not believe something

so terrible and vile could happen to such a young person, such as yourself.”

Isnel turned back around with a look of anger on her lovely face but she was crying deep down to how her life had went until this point.

The innkeeper speaks,”You can call me by my first name, Rose and what do you want me to

call you young lady.”

Isnel spoke,”Isnel is my preferred name I wished to be called by, since it was the name that my mother had gave me.”

Rose spoke,”That is a pretty name dear, I like it very much. Follow me and I will show you to your room so that you can lay down your baby, Hiroko. You have to be tired after such a long walk

from all the from Enoka’s home village.”

Isnel spoke,” I am okay, but Hiroko is starting to get fussy from the short trek.”

Rose shook her head in concord but what wonder to what Isnel considered a long walk if one hundred miles was nothing to her.

Isnel was given a room with a large Queen size bed and a wooden baby crib that was near the bed where the woman would sleep in. There was everything that a mother could possible need was in the small but excellent room. There was even an in home bathroom with running water.

Isnel was in awe of the room and was lost in the moment.

Rose spoke,”This is your room dear and do not worry about any work for about a week or two, so that you two could get situated to the new setting.”

Isnel was looking down at the floor as she begin to sob uncontrollably. Tears were running

down the face of the young mother.

The mother spoke,”What have I done to deserve such a blessing from you? I do not even know you and yet I am given so much for not as much of even a promise of your kindness being returned.”

Rose spoke,”Honey, it is just the right thing for me to do since the strong is supposed to help those that are weaker than they are. You had nothing given to you but what Enoka and I had given you,except for the child that is in your arms. I am well off for a widow woman. I am living in a pretty good sized village and I want for nothing. I remember what it was too struggle and be blessed by the gift of others. It is called paying it forward.”

Isnel looked confused by the statement since all she was just take, take, take. This was a foreign

concept to ex-harlot. She had seen once pampered whores be thrown away like trash after they got all old and haggard.

Isnel asked,”What is paying it forward? I had not heard of that phrase before. Please do tell me what that is. It is strange to me”

Rose spoke,”My poor child, that phrase means when someone gives you something as a gift you help someone else in return. I had been told as a young girl that it is better to give than it is to receive.”

Isnel still looked confused at what Rose was telling her.

The old lady spoke,”You remembered how Enoka help you learn how to raise Hiroko?”

Isnel spoke tenderly,”Yes I do remember all too well, what that midwife had done for us.”

Rose smiled sweetly at the young mother and spoke,”She did that so your baby would have a chance a much better life than the life you had to suffer through. Do you now understand now, honey?”

Isnel spoke with a look of intense love on her face while looking down at her baby.

“I do get it now! Thank you! You will not regret hiring me here since I will do all I can to do my best work for you.”

Rose spoke,”That is fine, Honey. Please just rest until I call for you and do not rush yourself. You will do fine dear.”

Rose left the room and locked the door behind her. She left a key for Isnel to use to keep her room safe from prying eyes.

Hiroko was held by her mother as the pair laid on the large bed and fell right asleep.

A couple weeks go by and Rose starts Isnel out as a bus girl in the inn’s diner. It was hard work for her to clean the large dining room without breaking dishes or even some furniture. Every night Isnel apologized to the innkeeper and promised to do better. This went on for over one month until the mother could do a half way good job cleaning the dining room. The other workers help saw as a pest but Rose kept her on as promised.

Isnel and Hiroko was kept very close to the old innkeeper and was looked after closely. Rose would keep her promise to her friend, Enoka and be very patient with Isnel work rate. Having the mother and daughter around the inn was not a burden to Rose but it was a blessing to her. The innkeeper was barren all her married life and her husband loved her too much to take a second wife. So

the couple had cared for other’s children as they were their very own.

Hiroko was Isnel’s only treasure in this life and she learned to work hard while still being ever watchful of her child. The mother knew that her former pimp must had sent assassins to kill her so she was ever watchful.

The innkeeper soon saw the woman as a hard worker and was among her best workers. The

innkeeper gave Isnel a bump in pay after just three months. The innkeeper swore the mother to secrecy and she did as she was told. Bosses often had their employees keep silent about each other’s pay so that would not fight over wages.

The head servant of Big Daddy V was on a horse when he stopped and got off. He tied the reins to a nearby post and went into a close by bar. The place was full of loud talking and spilled beer. This bar was not for the weak of heart since you could easily get killed for the slightest provocation.

This saloon was only for the outlaws of Canthra.

Five people stood out to the servant because they all siting near each other in brown hooded cloaks.

A fight breaks out in the bar and bumps into the table of largest person wearing a cloak. The whole table full of food was knocked unto the floor. The attacker ran over to finish the knocked out man when the large figure bellows out with a deep grunt. The man did not like that his meal had been knocked unto the dirty floor.

The figure jumps to his feet and grabs the two men by an arm and a leg. The large man then bashed the two into gore above his head, while blood rushed down his massive chest.

The entire bar goers stands and prepared to battle the large man in a cloak, while he was still holding the limbs of his now dead victims. The large man was not impressed and stood grunting senselessly.

A slender figure in a cloak speaks to the large man,”Let me on the fun, Monster! Let Hound in

on the action!”

Hound got on all fours and howled like a dog howling at the moon.

All the glass in the place instantly breaks.

The front half of the bar goers begins to bleed out of all the orifices of their bodies and drop to the wooden floor dead. Every internal organ in the bodies of the dead men had burst into an explosion.

Another figure begins to pour out some icy liquid that raced towards the remaining bar goers. The strange liquid enters the mouths and noses of the remaining men and causes them to swell like an inflated balloon.

But soon the men bust like an overfilled balloon and body fluids went flying everywhere in the bar.

Another figure spoke,”Slush, your work is so difficult to clean up!”

Slush spoke,”Quit all that belly aching Phantom, you sound like a nagging woman!

Phantom raised his hands in the direction of the dead bodies and they were at this moment completely gone. All that remained was broken furniture and dishes.

The remaining figure breathed in the broken dinning room furnishings and it was gone now as it was never there at all.

The last figure spoke,”It is a great shame that Metal Wolf’s abilities are just being used to clean up simple trash! What a waste, indeed!”

The servant of Big Daddy was speechless at the comments of the five members of the death squad.

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