Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 19

There was a man, no monster who went by the name of the Butcher, who lived on the planet of Violio. He was a fearsome beast of a man. He was fifteen foot nine inches tall and weighed over sixteen hundred pounds of pure muscle bound might. The Butcher’s weight was almost completely muscle and he had less than two percent body fat. Having so little body fat meant that every muscle on his body was well defined and shredded down to the bone. He was like a walking human anatomy chart with all his huge muscle bellies exposed under his scarred skin.

The man monster’s body is bare with countless scars covering all over his muscled body that he earned over endless battles. His face was disfigured beyond recognition and most of his head was bald with patches of hair in no sense of rhyme or reason.

The Butcher lusted constantly after the insatiable desire for more power as a drug addict craves for their next fix. The Butcher was wildly believed to be the strongest warrior on Violio and he would stop at nothing to stay on top no matter how dirty a technique it was to carry out. He gave no quarter and ask for none in return.

The Butcher was somehow managed to remain in his prime for several centuries and he had chased after all kinds of martial artists during those long centuries. He loved to be challenged in battle but it had become harder and harder to carry out. He was a martial artist killer and he would kill all those that dared to cross his path. The Butcher sought after all those martial artists so he could rob them of their fighting styles and their lives. He did this so that he could stay on top of the fighting scene on Violio.

The Butcher had somehow developed a technique to steal the martial arts from from other warriors. A circle of ki was upon his left palm and it would attract the victim to the user’s palm. Within mere seconds, hundreds of years of training could be learned. The monster of a man would wear down his opponents until they could not resist the attack. He was a genuine sadist that took pleasure in the

pain of others, so the Butcher usually took his time playing with his victims until he bored of them.

After he had stolen all the techniques of his victim, then he would murder his victims beyond recognition. The Butcher would cut his victims like a butcher would cut up a cow to get it ready to eat. He had done this for millions of different instances for the last few centuries. He did this to keep on top of endless succession of warriors trying to climb to steal his possession as the strongest any means necessary.

It had been several years since the Butcher had found a victim worth the effort of killing. The Butcher’s abilities grew everyday but the monster’s abilities were growing slowly each and everyday. He had the desire to remain on top of the martial artist world on Violio. He always had the desire to be the best and the physical abilities to do so. He had the mental edge to stay on top since most that would fight him would already be defeated due to their tremendous fear. The battle to the Butcher after that was just a formality after the foe had cave in due to fear. The Butcher was a brawler but he also a technician of a fighter. He could do any fighting style or technique perfectly.

The Butcher had mastered most fighting styles down to the “t” so he would try to learn even more styles so that he not be unprepared for the next battle.

The Butcher could detect any fighter in the world if they were fighting seriously. He could pinpoint the fighter down to mere feet any day of the week without fail. Over the last few years, he couldn’t find anyone worth fighting. The Butcher hated a one side fight that he could not even bother to go there.

The Butcher lived in a huge metal castle covered in the bones, guts, and blood to such a degree that it stain the hundred plus story castle. That was when he was not battling across the world.

The castle was unapproachable due to the mighty Ki of the Butcher. A normal person would be

destroyed instantly by the warrior’s enormous ki. It looked like multicolored lightning that protected the castle from any crazy minded intruders.

The Butcher was sitting on his giant marble throne.

The giant man was resting with both of his eyes open. The monster gave no sign of weakness even while sleeping. This came about after centuries fighting at a moment’s notice. Assassins had came for him at every possible moment, whether sleeping, eating, etc,.

The Butcher was sitting on his throne motionless when the man-monster sleeping when he stirs awake.

He spoke,”Finally somebody worth the time of day of murdering! I needed to get the cobwebs

out, since I slept for the last few years!”

To the right of the large throne, there was a table with a human skull on it. The human skull had

been made into a helmet and put on by the giant. The Butcher stood up to his feet and teleported himself outside of his castle. He was standing midair like midair like he was on solid ground. Butcher begun to fly into the sky at light speed.

The Butcher yelled,”Victims, fear me for I am coming to murder you all!”

In a small village there lived less than one hundred people in a gentle state of being. It was a very peaceful village that had very little crime. In one of the homes lived a family of three, which consisted of father, mother and a young daughter. They were sitting at a large dining room eating lunch together.

The mother spoke,”How is your meal, Dawn?”

Dawn swallowed her food and spoke,”It is so good Mommy!”

The mother spoke,”That is lovely, honey.”

The father spoke,”The meal was good Lana!”

Lana spoke,”Thank you, Shawn for your praise and yours too Dawn. You two are so easy to cook for. You two had figured out that if Momma is not happy then no one is happy!”

All three of them laughed.

Soon the laughter stop when Shawn jumps to his feet with a look of sheer terror on his once calm face.

Lana spoke,”What is wrong honey? What is going on?”

The father begins to sweat buckets.

Dawn become worried and asked,”Are you okay, daddy?”

Shawn spoke,”I feel a warrior with a very strong ki coming towards our direction. It does not feel like it is somebody good. The ki is giving me the chills!”

Dawn was completely in the dark to what ki was or that everyone contained such energy. As such was the mind of a young child.

Shawn focuses on sensing the incoming and sees an image of the Butcher flying horizontal. The Butcher looks forward and yells as if he was aware that Shawn was sensing out for him.

The father falls down on all fours out of surprise and the awesome ki that was going towards him. Dawn ran over to her father and begins to hold him crying. The little girl was upset that her daddy was in distress and she could do nothing to help him.

Lana asked,”Who is it? Who is scaring so much?”

Shawn stood to his feet and held Dawn in his arms.

The father spoke,”It is okay honey since daddy just got scared for a second.”

Sometime went by and Shawn finally spoke,”It was the Butcher and he is closing in quickly!”

Lana fainted to the floor out of fright.

Shawn had help his wife back to her and back to consciousness. Little dawn was crying that her mother had fainted so suddenly.

Lana spoke,”Mommy is okay, baby! Do not worry!”

Dawn spoke while drying her tears.

Shawn spoke,”We have to warn all the neighbors so that they can escape as well.

Shawn had his family stay in the home while he warned the village by yelling,”The Butcher is coming! The Butcher is coming!”

They all ran out of the village as they were. Some had heard the eyes while in the bathroom and was now running in the street semi nude. They ran at the mere word of the Butcher nearing the village.

But they were all killed one by one as they exited the village. Shawn could feel the drop in the villager’s number of ki sources drop like flies diving into burning flames.

The father ran back to the home and yelled,”Please stay in the house, since the rest of the village has been killed! I will go fight the Butcher!”

Lana spoke,”That is madness since the Butcher is impossible to kill or even hurt! He feels no pain!”

Shawn spoke,”I do not have any other choice since I will not stand by and do nothing as my family is murdered before my very eyes! I will not do such a thing!”

He had been stopped by someone grabbing his leg.

It was Dawn crying as she held the pants leg of her father.

Shawn stood there frozen like a statue.

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