Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 2

In the gentle land of Lowroda, the small villages are ruled by mayors and those mayors are controlled by the governor of the city state. There are several self governed city states in the land of Lowroda.

In one village, there lives a young boy and his mother. The boy is named Tenlong and his mother is called Zizi. There they live a very gentle life.

Zizi is very poor woman and does not have a lot to provide for her son. She does not let her being without limit providing for her son. The boy, Tenlong goes to sleep every night with a full stomach and clothes on his back. His mother skimps and saves to give her boy the best that she can. She wished that she was rich but that is not possible for her. She will take care of her son no matter what!

Zizi is the most loving mother that you could ever ask for, since every waking moment she is concerned for her son and how much she loves Tenlong. She gives the boy attention and direction every chance that she has. She raises her boy to live right and not be harmful to others. She is very strict with Tenlong and teaches him the difference between right and wrong.

Zizi decides to take Tenlong on a trip that is a surprise to the boy. They are riding on an old wooden buggy being pulled by an ox. It is very peaceful trip and the two are talking about the scenery around about them.

But the peaceful scene does not last for long when a buggy comes out of nowhere!

A buggy with two horses had hit them head on and Zizi was thrown into a nearby field. Tenlong falls down on soft blankets in the back of the buggy. The boys stirs awake and he sees that he is okay as he gets out of broken down buggy. The old ox had been killed in the collision. Tenlong is shaken by the sight of the dead ox and he starts to yell for his mother.

The boy screams,”Mommy, where are you?”

The boy looks left and right with no sense of reason.

She yells,” I am over here in the field! Come here baby!”

The young Tenlong comes running to his mother when he sees that his mother is hurt badly.

Tenlong yells,” I am here Mommy!”

Zizi grabs the hand of her son and has her son keep close to her.

Tenlong asks,”What is wrong with you, Mommy?”

A man comes out of the rumble of the second buggy and starts to cuss like a sailor. He kicks his broken buggy and sees that both of his horses are injured.

The man yells,” I paid two hundred cold pieces for each these horses! Somebody is going to pay for this!”

The man is stumbling drunk and he was the cause of the wreck. He pulls out a dagger from his belt and kills both of the horses by slicing their necks. The man is a bandit and preys on the people of Lowroda. The bandit looks over to Zizi and her son. He is going to take out his anger on this family even though it is own fault. This bandit would not take accountability for his own actions.

The bandit stumbles over to Zizi and Tenlong with an uncontrollable madness!

He begins to soccer kick Zizi in her right arm. Tenlong tries to protect his mother by blocking the kicks from hitting his mother. The boy is hit in exchange.

Tenlong is kicked several feet away and is given expletives for his trouble. Zizi while still on the ground grabs the free leg of the bandit. The bandit trips and lands on his back.

Zizi jumps to her feet after seeing her son kicked and is enraged by such an atrocity. While getting up, she grabs a sharp shard of wood that was knocked off the buggy with her after the collision of the two buggies.

Zizi stabs the bandit in his left eye as he returns to his feet.

The bandit stumbles around and rips the chuck of wood out of what was at one time his left eye.

He curses,”You hag, I am going to kill you!”

The bandit knocks Zizi back down to the ground.

Tenlong was stunned by the hit but manages to regain his senses. He remains on the ground but begins to focus on where his mother is at.

The bandit pulls another dagger from his belt and prepares to use it.

He yells,”It is time for you to die!”

He drops down on Zizi with a dagger a stabs her in the chest!

Blood bursts from the young mother’s chest! The bandit mounts her and starts to stab her wildly In her chest!

Tenlong finally finds out where his mother is at and to his horror he sees his mother bleeding like a sieve.

The boy is too hurt and weak to do anything for his mother. She is too far gone! He could do nothing for his mother since he is just a four year old boy. That young of a boy could do nothing against a grown adult. But he does not care and desires the power to destroy those that would hurt his mother!

The bandit sees that his mother, Zizi is dead, so he returns to his feet, and he stumbles away. He sees that Tenlong is bawling his eyes out and laughs out loud. He loved to cause hurt in those weaker that he is.

The one eyed bandit walks off into the unknown.

Tenlong stirs to his feet and staggers over to his mother’s body. He falls to his knees and lays his upper body on her chest. Zizi’s limbs jump off the ground due to the heavy weight of the young Tenlong.(The lad, who is at four years of age whose huge size is four foot tall and over one hundred


Blood spurts from his mother’s mouth.

She had given in to the call of death and was awaiting to be picked up. Tenlong’s actions cause the young mother to return to land of awareness.

Zizi grabs her son with both of her hands and it surprises him. He looks at his mother’s face.

The young lad cries out loud and speaks,”Momma, you are still here! I love you!”

The young woman begins to cry along with her son. She was not crying for herself but for her son. She can feel her body giving in to death and she regrets that she would not be able to raise her son anymore. She prays for her son’s safety and hates that she will not be able to see what lies in wait for Tenlong in the future.

Zizi speaks with blood gargling out of her mouth,” I looove yooou!”

Before the boy could say that he loved her too her body finally gave up and died.

The boy cries as tries to get his mother to respond.

Several minutes go by and Tenlong fails to revive his mother. The boy does not understand that Zizi is dead. Tenlong raises his body off his mother’s chest and looks up into the sky screaming as loud as he could.

Something curious occurs with the body of the four year old boy.

His body begins to cover some sort of energy called by some people to be magic or even ki to a lesser magnitude of people.

Tenlong’s body size changes rapidly and his body begins to grow to that of an adult. His height rises from four feet to seven feet and his weight at around one hundred pounds to that of three hundred pounds.

Some people of the planet of Violio have the ability to reach physical maturity very quickly.

Tenlong had always asked her about them from his mother. She had told him about it one day.

They were at their house with them siting in the front in old chair. Tenlong was sitting in his mother’s lap when he asks her a question.

“Mommy, who are these giants I heard about? I want to know more about them! Please tell me, mommy.”

The young mother looks surprised by such a question from such a young boy.

Zizi speaks,” What giants are you talking about? I do not know what you are talking about.”

The boy frowns and starts to look mad as if his mother is supposed to just know what he was talking about.

Tenlong speaks,” The ones everybody talks about! The ones who had once ruled this world!”

Zizi finally gets what her son is saying and has a look of acknowledgment on her face.

She speaks,”You mean the Gigantos? That is the only ones that I have heard about. Are you talking about those giants?”

The frown on Tenlong’s face turns from a frown to that of a smile.

Zizi speaks,” I do know that they used to be pretty common, but they were believed to be extinct for centuries. But some how they must have survived since they begin to become apparent to others over the last few decades. Some people had believe that the Gigantos had intermarried with other people to survive over all these years.”

The boy looks happy with the story that his mother had told him and hugs his mother.

Tenlong spoke,” Why did they all begin to die out?”

The mother is stunned by the questions of her son but humors him anyway.

Zizi speaks,”They were warriors and they fought with each other until they were all believed to

died. They were very strong and smart. but they were said to be very competitive, and war like in their nature. They fought to the death to see who the strongest fighter was. Their mighty power became their

own destruction!”

The boy said,” Thank you!” and ran away to play.

Tenlong had been carrying the blood of a Giganto as was evident of the enlarged Tenlong.

The young lad had always wished to be large as the Gigantos and he had gotten his wish. Violio was a very large planet and people had the potential to grow into giants of up to thirty plus feet. Gravity was ten times higher than the typical life barring planet. People that were over seven to ten plus feet in height were common place on planet Violio. It was said that the other continents of Violio had even taller people living in lands other than where Lowroda was located at.

Tenlong’s height was not at it’s max and could grow throughout his entire life since the Giganto’ bodies grew larger as they age. They often lived for at least two hundred years old but most did not die of old age as the legends say. This was because they often died in battle rather than to relent to old age. Tenlong was told by his mother Zizi that all those of Gigantos blood seem to seek out danger or better yet danger seem to follow them their entire lives.

Zizi had always struggled to keep her boy fed but she managed nonetheless. She just had thought that her son was just a big eater and she catered to him because of Tenlong’s large size for his age. She knew that her son was a giant and he would grow to that of a very large man. But never in her wildest dreams did she think that her son, Tenlong was a descendant of the Gigantos.

Tenlong’s clothes ripped off when he increased in size and he was totally naked. He was in so much grief that he did not even notice that his body had changed.

The boy was still on his knees kneeling next to his mother’s dead body crying uncontrollably.

Hours go by and Tenlong is still crying about his mother’s death. He is grieving very deeply since he had lost his mother. Zizi was the only family that Tenlong had knew of. His father was nowhere to be found and the boy had become an orphan at only four years old. Tenlong was at a loss to what to do and did not even know what was going on around him. He was in a total grief mode and was apathetic to all things that were all around him.

Anger begins to grow from within the boy and he yells out of rage. Tenlong does not like that he was helpless to protect his mother. He stands to his feet and he looks down on his mother’s cadaver.

Something catches the boy’s attention and it makes him ponder.

The size of his hands and arms has grown tremendously. He also sees that he is naked and he blushes. He runs over to his mother buggy and finds no clothes that were in his size as he thought. He has the idea to use a blanket as a makeshift loincloth. He finds a couple of more blankets and he uses one blanket as a shirt. The blanket is going over one shoulder and also wrapped around his waist. He cuts a blanket in half and wraps each half around both of his legs.

It was not an easy task for Tenlong for him to make some clothes for himself but he does it nonetheless. He returns to his mother’s body and begins to swell up with rage. He wants revenge!

He speaks,” I will avenge you momma! I will make those that hurt you pay! This body is what I always wanted and I will use it to find the man, no the monster that had killed you! I promise you that!”

Tenlong picked up Zizi’s bloodied body and he decides to bury her back home. He does not know his way back so it will be a long journey.

An hour goes by and he is still not home. He has stopped crying and has an expression of fury on his reddened face. He stops for nothing and speaks to no one that may pass him. A few people travel

near Tenlong and race away when they see him and what he is carrying. After a while, people stop

coming towards him as he marches back home solemnly.

It is getting dark when he sees his backyard and then his house. He gentlysets his mother down in the grass of his backyard and he tries to shake out his muscles. Tenlong was stiff after carrying his mother’s body for what seem to be hours for him.

He looks over to his favorite climbing tree and his short life flashes before his very eyes.

Tenlong played under this tree while his mother sit in a chair under it, watching him. The young lad begins to fight back the tears that are forcing themselves out of his eyes and down his cheeks.

There was an old tool shed in his backyard in which Tenlong can easily ascertain. He goes in the shed and pulls out a shovel. As he exits the shed, Tenlong decides to bury his mother under her favorite tree.

Tenlong had dug a deep uneven grave with a dirt pile at the feet of the grave. He throws the shovel in the pile of dirt that is behind him. He climbs out the grave and walks over to his mother’s body. He gently picks her up and sets her in the grave. He finds all the flowers that he can find and puts it on his mother’s chest. The flowers are sitting on the crossed arms of Zizi. Tenlong cries loudly as he begins to shovel dirt upon his fallen mother.

Finally, Zizi is covered tightly with hundreds of pounds of dirt. Tenlong pats down the dirt with the shovel. He shoves the shovel deep into the ground so that the head of the shovel is buried into the ground at the head of his mother’s grave site. He returns to the shed and finds some wire. He walks over to the tree and breaks a long branch of the tree. He ties the tree branch to the shovel handle with the wire in the shape of a cross. Tenlong had also grabbed a knife to engrave the tree next to his mother’s grave.

The engravings says,”Here rests my mother, Zizi! I love you so much!”

The lad is so angry that he throws the knife at the tool shed and it grows right through the first

wall of the shed and into the second wall that is inside the building.

Tenlong clinches his fists and raises his head to the sky. He begins to cry out of pain of the loss of his mother. The loudness of the yell can be heard through out the entire village. The people of the village will not exit their houses with such a loud bellowing at night unless there is a call for help. Then and only then will every able body person come to protect those who are in a desperate need of help. This was to keep everybody safe and so that they village would not face some kind of dangerous predator. Bandits sometimes came to torment the villagers at night, so people of the village were leery of traveling at night.

Tenlong begins to speak with a shout,” Mother! I love you so much! Why did he have to kill you? Why, must I be separated from you? I miss you so much!”

He cries out as loud as his lungs could handle. The cry causes the entire village to grow afraid.

Tenlong raises a fist to the sky and yells,”Mother! I promise to avenge your death! I will get the monster that has taken you from me! No one will have to suffer as you did! I promise that to you! I love you so much and I will not forget you!”

Tenlong walks away into who knows where. The boy was long gone when the mourning came.

The villagers had looked for Tenlong but to no such luck. The whole village had grieved the loss of Zizi and the disappearance of her son.

Tenlong has been wandering endlessly for several days with no apparent rhyme or reason in where he was heading. He did not know what to do or where he was to go. He was just grieving his mother’s death and was just trying to avoid staying in a spot long enough where he would be forced to think about his mother. He had taken what little money and food that Zizi had put in their buggy. He

had ate all the food that Zizi had taken with them them in less than half a day. He did not realize that

his new found size required so much food to just function normally.

After a couple days of hunger, Tenlong decides to go into one of the villages and find something to eat. The people had always offered goods and services to any well mannered traveler. He had saw this back in his home village so many times before, so Tenlong decides this what that he going to do.

The people of Lowroda were extremely xenophobic of all outsiders but would treat them fair all the same. The villagers hated change as if it was a dangerous poison and often put this frustration on those who represented change and/or uniqueness. The villagers of Lowroda were mostly not hateful people but just fearfully of the unknown. They were a very weak people and they were easily dismayed of attack from foreigners.

Tenlong made his way into a village that he has never been in before. Every one that is within view stop what they are doing to stare at the large Tenlong and some are even stopped in mid task. A person of seven feet or taller was very rare in the region and his improvised clothes did not help the boy’s matter much ether. Tenlong stood out like oil in water. The boy had walked towards the little section of the town where the village’s business took place in. Work people of all kinds stop working and stared at the newly formed giant.

Some of the workers start to whisper among themselves as if Tenlong was not even there. The lad picks up that they are talking about him since they were silent before he entered the scene. He does not comprehend that they are treating him different due to his enormous size. The young lad’s new size had not completely sunk in his head and Tenlong had not understood to how big he truly was. He was so beloved by his mother and his village that being alienated by others was still befuddling to Tenlong.

What the people did not know that if Tenlong had come in his boy form they would have acted altogether different. The villagers would have welcomed the smaller Tenlong with open arms. All the villages had the policy of caring for those who were attacked by bandits. This was due to bandits would try to attack all those who were unfortunate to cross their path. Some had believed that the people of the desert, Socanas, were behind all the bandit attacks but it could never proven. The attackers had never left clues to if they were working for others and not just acting out randomly.

Tenlong speaks,”Is there some person that I can get some and clothes from, please?”

There was no response among the villagers since they were ignoring the lad.

Tenlong speaks,” Are you all deaf? I know you are able to hear me! I can work for it if you want if my money is not enough to pay for food and clothes!”

There is still no response from the villagers and they were all pretending to be too involved with talking among themselves to pay attention to Tenlong. But the villagers’ intentions were all too obvious.

Tenlong yells,”Fine, be that way! I do need not you all!”

As the lad turns away his stomach growls but the lad acts like he was not hungry. Tenlong just shook his head out of disbelief of how he was treated by the villagers. He had always remember to how

he was loved by his village and was still struggling with the different treatment he was receiving all of a sudden. He just did not understand how people can be so hateful.

Tenlong pondered,”Is my new appearance that much different that I shunned this much? I am still the same Tenlong I was before I grew larger! I am no monster that will bite others, like a wild dog!”

Tenlong begin to walk towards the other side of the village.

Tenlong walks some distance away from the business district and he was pelted in the side of with a rock. The second rock is caught by the boy and he prepares to throw it back in the direction of the thrower when he hears a loud scream.

He had stop the throw mid swing when he saw a mother kneeling holding her child protectively.

Tenlong sees a rock in a boy’s hand ready to swing again.

He smiles and drops the rock on the ground.

The mother speaks,” I am so sorry! My boy just hates people he thinks is a bandit! Please do not hurt him!”

The boy almost gets another throw out, when his mother smacks the rock out of her son’s hand.

The boy yells,” Do not hurt my mom or I will kill you bandit! I am not afraid of you!”

Tenlong looked at the boy and his mother and saw that their image had changed to himself and his fallen mother Zizi. The boy was not a bad boy but just misunderstood who the overgrown lad was supposed to be. Tenlong can see that he would have done the same as this boy had done.

Tenlong bends over in front of the boy and sticks his chin out.

The giant speaks,” I will give you a free shot big guy! Do your worst!”

He then points at his chin while encouraging the boy to strike.

The mother yells,”Jimmy, do not be foolish! You can not beat him! He will murder you if you attack him again! Do not be so foolish!”

The boy gets free of the grips of his mother and swings at Tenlong’s large chin.

The child hits Tenlong in the jaw as hard as he could. The boy grabs his hand out of pain of hitting the large man’s chin. The boy had never hit anything this hard. The boy is blowing on his knuckles as if doing so would make the pain just go away.

Tenlong is standing bent over to let the boy be able to hit him. After a few moments go by after the boy’s hit he lands back first on the ground. He falls on his back and acts like he is knocked out.

The boy and his mother are standing on their feet speechless that Tenlong is laying out on the ground. The giant’s eyes open and he returns to his feet. Tenlong dusts himself off while smiling from ear to ear.

Jimmy starts to chuckle out loud to his mother’s horror. Then after a few seconds, his mother

starts to laugh too. The two had ultimately figure out that Tenlong would do them no harm.

Tenlong speaks,” You sure got me good! You have got a mighty punch! No bandit will mess

with you now!”

The boy and his mother are grinning from ear to ear. They could not help from laughing at Tenlong playing dead.

Jimmy speaks,” I guess you are not a bandit mister! Bandits do not play jokes with us villagers! They are mean to us!”

The woman is standing by her son with her arm around his shoulders.

The woman speaks,” What has happened to your clothes, Sir?”

Tenlong is taken back with the reaction of the young mother.

The giant spoke,” I grew out of my clothes and I had to use blankets to cover myself. I had

nothing else to wear.”

The woman speaks,” I do not have much, but I can make you some better clothes than what you have now.”

Tenlong is shocked by the kind reaction of the woman.

He speaks,” I will pay you for your services, kind ma’am!”

The woman shakes her head and says,”That will not do!”

The boy looks up at his mother and speaks,”Are we going take him back home, Momma?”

The woman smiles in response of what her son has said.

Tenlong speaks,” You do not have to go through all the trouble. I can make it.”

A frown appears on the woman’s face.

She says,”I see that you are in need and will not let you go away with nothing!”

Tenlong eyes begins to misty eyed by such an act of kindness after losing his mother. Zizi was all Tenlong had for family but that was stolen from him!

He speaks,”Thank you for the help! I will do anything to help you as well! Just ask and I will my best!”

The boy says,”Let us go back home!”

The woman smiles and walks behind her son with Tenlong taking the rear.

Tenlong is beginning to wonder where the boy and his mother is taking him. They have been working for several minutes and they are on the outskirts of the village. All he can see is a destroyed house and a large shed that was behind the wrecked home.

Tenlong thought,”Where is there house at? I do not see any place where they can be living at!”

The boy yells,”We are finally home, mister!”

The mother’s face blushes out of embarrassment of their living conditions as if she had brought it upon herself and her son.

She says,” It is all we have, so I am sorry for poor conditions.”

Tenlong speaks,” I do not even have a home anymore so you are better off than I am, so do not feel bad! You have nothing to be ashamed of!”

The woman gasps,” I am sorry for your loss! I forget that there people that are worse off than we are!”

Tenlong speaks,”There is nothing for you to be sorry about. You could nothing to change what has happened. I will appreciate any help that you can do for me! But do not overburden yourself with my needs.”

The woman speaks,” Why are you traveling for?”

Before Tenlong could respond to the question, his belly begins to growl.

Jimmy yells,”I am hungry too, Momma! Fix us something good like you always do!”

Tenlong was embarrassed by the sound of a hungry stomach.

The woman says,” There is no shame in being hungry sir.”

The giant’s shame eases off him and he starts to respond.

“I am called Tenlong and do not worry about using my name ma’am. Calling me sir is not needful.”

The woman speaks,” My name is Mary and you know that my son is named Jimmy.”

Tenlong speaks,” Thank you Ms Mary for all your help so far!”

Mary frowns and looks down at the ground. Jimmy stops playing.

Tenlong asks,”Have I do something bad? I am sorry, if I have offended you unknowingly!”

Mary says,”I am married or least I used to be.”

Tenlong can tell that she was a widow, so he decides to change the subject quickly He does not to bring up old pains for this nice family.

Tenlong speaks,” What did you do Jimmy to get so strong? Did you train or is it all natural?”

The boy runs up to Tenlong and flexes his arms. Tenlong pokes the boy’s arm with his index

finger and acts amazed.

Tenlong spoke,”You got so much strong muscles, Jimmy! I am so jealous!”

Mary understood that Tenlong was like a big teddy to them and he would do anything to keep them from harm. He has like a young boy in a grown man’s body.

Mary spoke,”Tenlong can you play with Jimmy for a while and I will get some sort of stew ready for us to eat?”

The boy yells out in enjoyment and goes to play.

Tenlong starts to yawn and goes to the side of shed. He sits down leaning the side of the shed and straightaway falls asleep.

Jimmy speaks,” Let’s play mister! Wake up.”

He did not stir in the least. Mary shushed her son and gestured him off to play alone.

Mary ponders within herself,” Tenlong must have not slept for days and is just letting himself finally rest.”

The lad had sleeping for a few hours and he awakes to see that it is late at night.

He spoke,”How long have I sleeping and who covered me with a blanket?

A feminine voice spoke,”You have been sleeping for about half a day and Jimmy and I put some blankets on you because it was getting chilly. We was afraid that you would freeze to death, but we could not budge you an inch!”

Tenlong stands to his feet and keeps the warm blanket around his shoulders.

A woman walks around the corner of the house with a large lantern.

Tenlong spoke,”Oh it is you, Mary. Why are you all bundled up by such a thick winter coat?”

She shook her head because of the words of the giant Tenlong.

Mary spoke,”It is becoming winter and the temperature is dropping off suddenly. Come inside before the both of us freeze to death!”

The two hurry into the house and Mary shuts the door behind them. The young mother shivers as she takes her heavy winter coat off and takes off her shoes. Tenlong is wearing only blankets for clothing.

Mary spoke,”You have get out of those dirty clothes!”

Tenlong spoke,”I have no other clothes than this!”

Mary smiles and speaks,” I made you some clothes to wear. I made them too big but I figured you would grow into them.”

Tenlong is taken back and does not know what to say.

Mary spoke,” You can dress in the bathroom that I had attached to this shed by the villagers.

Tenlong has gotten dress and tighten a rope belt around his waist. He walks back out the bathroom(which was a large outhouse with a bath tub).

Mary speaks,” I could not a custom fit but you said that you just grew out of your clothes.”

Tenlong looked down at the floor.

Mary spoke,”I know that you are hungry, let us go to the kitchen.”

The house had thin walls that were used to divide the shed into a few different rooms.

In the winter, Jimmy and Mary made their beds on the kitchen floor. The flames from under the pot was still going and the food inside was smelling very good.

Tenlong had not eaten for several days and was starving to death.

Mary spoke,” You must have been hungry! I have never seen anybody eat so much in my life! You ate the entire pot! Jimmy and I ate that for a week’s worth of food!”

Tenlong felt embarrassed by taking a week’s worth of food from people who were needy themselves. This family was forced to live in a shed.

He spoke,” I am sorry, Mary!”

Mary spoke,”What are you talking about?”

Tenlong spoke,” I ate all your food for an entire week! I have been too greedy!”

Mary went to ready the pot for cleaning in the mourning while still talking to Tenlong

Mary spoke,” You must have needed it! I know that you had not eaten for several days or am I wrong?”

Tenlong lifted up his face towards Mary.

He spoke,”You are correct! I was wandering for days but for how long I do not know!”

Mary smiled and spoke,”I am the town sempstress, so I am not so bad off.”

Tenlong spoke,” Then why do you live here in this shed?”

Mary’s eyes grew watery eyed and she spoke,”I do not have the heart to have my house rebuilt after my husband Jimmy Sr was killed by bandits. They destroyed our dream house and I could not live

there even if it was still whole. It would remind me about him even more.”

Tenlong spoke,”You do not have to talk about it anymore if you do not want to. We just met a short while so you have done more for me that I could ever hoped!”

The giant was shushed by Mary and looked over to where Jimmy was sleeping.

Tenlong lowered his voice and spoke,” I am sorry. I am just getting used to this body.”

Mary spoke,” You are a Giganto or not? They have been known to have massive growth spurts very suddenly.”

Tenlong spoke,” I always wanted to be one but I never though about the affects it would have on me.”

Mary stop what she was doing and walk over to me. She holds his hand out of concern and Tenlong grabs her and begins to break out into tears.

He yells so loud that he walks up Jimmy. The giant’s yelling scares the boy so he runs over to mother and Tenlong lets go of his grip of Mary. Jimmy is picked up by his mother and she comforts him like a baby. The young boy is afraid of loud yelling probably due to some trauma that is unbeknownst to Tenlong at this present time.

The boy is calmed down and put back to sleep by his mother. Mary puts the covers back on Jimmy.

Tenlong had regained himself and had used the blanket that was around his huge shoulders to

clean himself up. Mary turns around and sees that Tenlong has calm himself down.

Mary speaks,”Are you alright, child?”

Tenlong spoke,”Yeah I am okay now. You do not have to worry anymore.”

Mary smiled at the giant and it puzzled him.

Tenlong spoke,”You are staring at me like I have a booger sticking out of my nose.”

Mary spoke,”You are still a boy, are you?”

Tenlong spoke,” I am pretty big for four years old.”

Mary spoke,” You are only four? How is that possible? I do not get it!”

Tenlong spoke,” I do not know ether. I grew big like I am now after...”

Mary spoke,”That is alright. You do not have go back any further into your past until you are ready. I will not force you to say anything you do not want to do.”

Tenlong spoke,”I am getting tired again, where can I sleep, please?”

Mary got all the bedding that she could find so that Tenlong would not sleep on the bare floor.

He is put to bed and he falls right back to sleep. Mary readies herself back to bed herself.

Tenlong awakes to little hands pressing on his chest shaking him awake. He stirs awake to see that it was the young boy Jimmy. Tenlong is still lethargic but he manages to sit up on his rear end.

He speaks,” What is it Jimmy? What is there something that that you need of me?”

Jimmy laughs at the large man and points.

The boy speaks,”You have been sleeping all day!”

Mary comes running into the house with a large bag of clothes in arms. She took off her coat off and shoes, then she drops the bag in the kitchen.

Mary yells,”I told you to not wake him up! He needs all the sleep that he can get. He needs to recover from his all his troubles. He had not slept for about a week or longer!”

Tenlong speaks,”It is alright, I am feeling better! What can I do to help you two?”

Jimmy yells,”You was a pig and ate most of the meat last night!”

Tenlong grins,” That much is true! I was really hungry last night and I had not ate since who

knows when.”

Mary yells,”Jimmy stop it! Do not make fun of others! I raised you better than that!”

Jimmy speaks,”Sorry mister Tenlong! Sorry Momma!”

Tenlong speaks,”Where can you find some meat?”

Mary speaks,” You do not have to pay us back. You were in need and we help you. You have done nothing wrong. We are suppose to help others.”

Jimmy speaks,”He can go hunting for some bear. Dad always brought home some every week! I like eating bear meat! We have not had any since..”

Jimmy breaks out into tears and is held by his mother Mary.

Tenlong spoke,” I will go searching for a bear for us to eat.”

Mary speaks,”You are younger than Jimmy! You have no business hunting! He is three years older than you!”

Jimmy stops crying and asks,”What are saying, Mommy? Mister Tenlong is a grown man!”

His mother corrects,” Tenlong is a Giganto and has just grown bigger just recently!”

Tenlong speaks,” Your mom is right, I am only four and I just got bigger just recently.”

Jimmy speaks,”You mean that you need to call me Mister!”

Tenlong laughs,”Yes, that is right! Mister Jimmy, you are older than me!”

Mary breaks out in laughter as the other two.

Tenlong is given an outfit to go hunting in made out of various furs sewed together. He was given an ax and a sword to hunt with. The three are all outside next to a small buggy that Tenlong will use to carry any potential haul back.

Mary says,”If you want you can get some fire wood we are getting low. Winter is on upon us

and we will all freeze if we do not get some in the next few days. If you can not do it, then I will take a

few days off to do it myself. Do not go too far into the forest though or overburden yourself! Thank you

for going out for us even if it is nothing.”

Tenlong nodded his head in agreement.

He spoke,” I should be fine. I never heard of the world’s former rulers dying due to a hunting accident. I am a Giganto but I will be careful anyway! But please do not worry about me.”

Jimmy spoke,” Go get them Mister!”

Mary spoke,”Do not take too long! We will preparing a meal by the time you get back.”

Tenlong grabbed the sides of the wooden shafts that a work animal would be attached to. Tenlong easily pulled the buggy as he went into the nearby forest.

Tenlong had walked for several miles into the forest and saw a huge tree.

Tenlong spoke,”That tree is huge and it might last Mary and Jimmy all winter. I need to pay them back for what they had done for me! They have welcome me, a perfect stranger with open arms.”

He stretches himself out and puts his hand on the giant tree. While bending over he grabs the ax out the bed of the buggy.

Tenlong falls unto the cold ground with the ax in his hand.

He yells,” What happened? Why did I fall? I do not get it!”

Tenlong looks over to the giant tree and see that it had it’s roots ripped out of the ground and it has fallen on it’s side.

Tenlong yells,”Trees must not be as sturdy as they use to be! What a world I am living in when giant trees are so flimsy!”

He had not realized to how strong he has become after his recent transformation.

The lad starts to cut up the huge tree with the ax he had been given.

Tenlong had altogether filled the buggy with fire wood and it is over filled with wood. Not even

one third of tree had been cut but he could not carry any more. He looks behind him and he sees a large moose coming. It was had been a bull because of his large antlers. Tenlong did not have time to get his ax or sword so he put his hands up.

Tenlong had somehow managed to grabbed the moose by it’s antlers and he was out muscling the large bull.

He was fighting the bull and he twisted the moose’s head to the left as hard as he could. Tenlong manages to liberate the moose’s head off it’s shoulders. He is amazed by his strength as the headless body of the moose hits the hard ground.

Tenlong spoke,”Man, I did not know that I could do that! Gigantos were stronger than the legends gave them credit for!”

He picks up the body of the moose and puts it top of the wood with ease. Tenlong had left the moose’s head on the cold ground. He had heard something growling to the side.

He grabbed his ax since he would not be taken weaponless this time. It was a large black bear and was running fast towards him. Tenlong throws the ax at the head of the bear.

The bear’s head in split in two by the ax.

Tenlong spoke,”Jimmy has got his wish! He has got a bear and he will have it today! I will go back since I can not possibly carry any more! Today has been a better haul than I could have possible

dreamed of.”

Tenlong lifts the bear next to the moose on top of the wood pile. He grabs the moose’s head

and puts on the back of the buggy. Tenlong easily turns the buggy around surprisingly and he travels back to the home of Mary and Jimmy.

Tenlong had managed to carry back his mighty haul of wood and meat to the house of Mary and Jimmy in less than one hour. He was not in a hurry since he knew that Mary would be gone on business

to the nearby village.

Mary went almost daily to the nearby village and every time she would go to town with work had done while returning back home with more orders from the villagers. Mary made her living as a sempstress and was very good at it. She had sized up Tenlong from just looking at him since it was a little big so that he could grow into the clothes. On the other hand, the clothes were not too big that they were unwearable. She had sewed several hims in the clothing so that the clothes would not be so monstrously big on Tenlong.

Tenlong knew that he could not leave the carcasses out in the open untended since predators would come to attack Mary and Jimmy and/or steal the food.

Tenlong thought out loud,”I heard that you suppose to hang meat from the highest possible spot if it is to be placed out in the open. I do not know where Mary keeps all her meat but I see a large tree near the front of the house. I can try to to throw the meat up there!”

Tenlong also found some rope by the side of the house and tied the dead moose and bear to the very top of the tree. Tenlong found the wood pile that his hostess had keep the wood and he was appalled by what he saw. There was less than tens pieces of wood left in the pile.

Tenlong smiled with a huge grin at the sight.

In less than ten minutes, the wood pile was over ten foot tall and about twenty foot wide.

Tenlong was getting bored so he decide to go for some more food and wood.

Mary and little Jimmy coming back to a surprise.

Apparently Tenlong brought back so much wood that he had build a large barn out of the surplus wood. The logs of several trees were used to make the walls and flat boards were used for the

roof. The barn’s roof was pointed at the center. The doors were made out of flat boards that had had been roughly cut.

The mother hears a noise coming from the barn and the two walk through the door and straightaway saw a large balcony covered in various dead animals.

Mary saw six bears, twelve wolves, seven moose, and a bald eagle to just name a few.

Jimmy yells,”There are six bears up there too, Mommy!”

Mary sees the joy in her son’s eyes and gives him a hug.

Jimmy yells,” Mr Tenlong is sleeping under the balcony! He must be tired after all his hard work!”

Mary looks at Tenlong with confusion.

Mary wonders,”How could a four year old could have done this, being a Giganto or not? This boy is something special!”

Tenlong was sound asleep when he felt two small hands touching his left arm. He stirred right awake but he was still groggy from his deep sleep. Tenlong was tired after his hard day’s work. His eyes finally focused and he saw Jimmy hugging his left side. The boy was crying and laughing at the same time.

Tenlong was troubled at what he saw. He felt sad for the young boy but was puzzled to why he was laughing. He did not know to how to respond to Jimmy but he would try to help all the same.

Tenlong speaks,”What is wrong Jimmy? What is the matter? Do you need something?”

The boy was genuinely happy and he was crying out of joy. But Tenlong did not know that.

He spoke,”What is going on? Did you make you mad because I built a barn without permission?”

Jimmy was speaking unintelligibly and his words was all jumbled together.

Tenlong looks up and sees Mary crying as well.

The giant was speechless and did not know what to say or do. He wonders if he made the two angry.

Mary struggles to speak, but after a few minutes she manages to speak.

The young mother speaks,” I expect you to bring nothing back, but maybe a rabbit, and a few pieces of wood. I was thinking that you may not be able to bring anything. That would be reasonable

for your age. You have done above our wildest dreams in mere hours!”

Tenlong smiled,”You have fed and clothed me as I was a member of your family! I had to try to repay you two for what you have done for me! I did not know where I was going to sleep or what I was going to eat! I wondering in the wilderness for who knows how long!”

Mary cries,”You have done what we could not do for ourselves! You did not need to do that since we are to help those in need. You owe us nothing! We was just doing what we felt was right to do! You were in need and we gave you what you needed.”

Tenlong begins to cry as well.

He holds the small Jimmy in a firm embrace but careful to not hurt the lad.

Tenlong spoke,”Momma said that they are people that help others that do not even know. She called them good Samaritans! I could not save my Momma from that bad man! I wished I had this body then I could have help her! I was just helpless to do anything for her! I wanted to save her so bad!”

Mary runs over to Tenlong and holds the lad. He is crying so hard that he begins to yell out

of sorrow that was deafening to Jimmy and his mother. Tears are running down the chest of Tenlong and unto his lap.

Times flies by as the group consisting of Jimmy, Mary and Tenlong comfort each other. Mary pulls out a hanky and dries off the faces of the two boys. Then Mary dried off her face next and

a few minutes later they had managed to composed themselves.

Mary laughs,” We are going to have our work cut out for ourselves. We got to gut all those animals. But first we are going to have bear tonight!”

Jimmy jumps up and down out of joy. He was excited to finally eat some bear. It was his favorite meat and he had not had it very often since his father’s death. The hunters in town would share some bear meat with the boy and his mother. Yet, it was not as often as they had when Jimmy SR was alive. The lack of bear meat only dug even deeper the knife that his father was gone. What made it worse was the fact that his father had been murdered by bandits. It was still a sore spot for both the boy and his mother.

Mary spoke,”You can go and play Jimmy while I prepare dinner, but if you get cold come right in. I do not want you get sick! It is turning into winter and you are not as tough to the could as Tenlong is.”

Jimmy ran up to his mother and gave her a kiss. She returned the affection back by giving her son a kiss to his cheek. Jimmy run off to play outside. Tenlong jumps up to the balcony with ease and grabs a bear.

Mary yells up,” You better get another large animal since you have an awesome appetite. I want to want sure we have enough since you had not ate since last night.”

Tenlong turns around facing Mary with a big smile.

He spoke,”What about a moose? I have never ate it before. I wonder how it tastes?”

Mary returned the smile and spoke,”You will have it soon enough.”

Tenlong grabs both the moose and bear that were his first kills. He was proud of his giant haul. Hr grabbed each of the large animals over each of his shoulder and jumps down on the barn floor. Mary was scared that Tenlong would hurt himself but that feeling soon vanished. He landed on the ground with large thud but the overgrown lad was not harmed in the least.

Mary laughed,”Tenlong, you are so strong for your age or any age for that matter, that it is

absolutely unbelievable. I had always heard that the Gigantos were strong but I never seen one up close in person.”

Tenlong smiled and spoke,” I am still getting used to body. I am not used to being so strong.”

Mary looked shocked at the wounds of the moose and the bear. The moose had been decapitated and the bear had it’s head split in two.

Mary asks,”What on Violio happened to these beasts?”

Tenlong laughs which makes the young mother shutter.

He speaks,” I ripped the moose’s head off with my hands and I used the ax you gave me to kill the bear.

Mary did a spit take and was flabbergasted by what she was told.

She spoke,”Boy you are something else! The hunters in town would be jealous by how easily you can hunt! We will have food for all winter and most of the spring. We would not have to cure all these meats due to it getting close to freezing. Tenlong do you want to learn how to slaughter animal?”

The giant spoke,”Yes, I do!”

Tenlong was slowly taught how to slaughter a bear and a moose. Mary was patient in teaching him since he was only four. It was a much slower than usually for Mary but Tenlong quickly picked it up after a while. The bear and the moose were both processed and carried into the house. He puts the meat on two huge hooks hanging from the ceiling.

Mary speaks,” You have done too much today. I will cook dinner! You can go and play or go back to sleep in your bedding until dinner. You may be a Giganto but you are still a kid. You have done too much today!”

Tenlong smiled and went to his bedding in the next room. He fell right asleep.

He was dreaming about his mother and the good times they spent together. It was good

times until he dreams about his mother’s death. He sees a dark figure with a dagger and the figure stabs the lad’s mother over and over again. Tenlong’s feet are covered in cement and he can not get out no matter what he does. He is completely helpless to save his mother.

He screams out,”Mother! Don’t hurt my Momma! Stop it, now! Please don’t!”

Tenlong awakes to himself with his chest completely wet due to his tears.

Mary and Jimmy comes running into the room out of concern.

The boy runs up to Tenlong and gives a huge hug.

Jimmy yells,” What is wrong, Mister Tenlong?”

Mary comes running up with the kitchen towel still in her hands.

She speaks,”Tenlong, you were just having a nightmare. It is okay, now.”

Mary is trying to calm Tenlong down while attempt to wipe the sweat off.

She speaks,” I will get the bath ready for you so that you can clean up before supper.

Jimmy Sr liked to bathed in a huge metal barrel so Tenlong was told to get in after in warmed a little. A fire is being fed under him in the next room.

The fire is being fed by firewood that Tenlong had cut.

Mary yells,” Is it hot enough?”

Tenlong bellows from the bathroom,” No it is still cold.”

Mary yells,”You are going to boil yourself!”

Tenlong yells,”It is hot enough! Thank you!

Mary speaks,”Clean clothes and towels are in there once you are down. Clean yourself good and take your time. Supper will ready when you get out.”

Tenlong yells,”Okay, Thank you!”

He had finished his bath, dried himself with the towels and put on the clothes that Mary

had given him. They had fit better than the first set of clothes that she had given him. Tenlong exits the

bathroom and Jimmy comes running towards the large Gigantos. Mary’s son was being lifted above the head of the tall Tenlong and pressed against the ceiling of the small home. Jimmy laughs as he is dragged gently across the ceiling. The two are laughing as they are playing together.

Mary comes into the room and says,”Boys stop your playing, because it is time for dinner!”

Jimmy is gently placed on the floor and the two ran into the humble kitchen. They sat at a makeshift dining room table. The three were getting ready to eat when Tenlong gasps out loud in surprise.

Tenlong spoke,”We got to pray before we eat. It is a must!”

Mary and Jimmy relented to the request of Tenlong and closed their eyes. They had wanted the lad to adjust as best as could be to his new found home.

Tenlong spoke,” Thank you Lord, for what you have given us here today! Amen!”

The dinner was a stew made out of many vegetables and bear meat. It was very delicious and the three(mostly Tenlong) ate the entire pot. Tenlong’s stomach was still rumbling but Mary was prepared and the moose meat ready on a large rotisserie. Tenlong had only ate twice in over a week and he had still needed to replenish his body’s caloric reserves.

Tenlong ate the moose with little help from Mary and Jimmy. The moose was bare bones after Tenlong got done with it. Tenlong had grown sleepy and went right to bed. He fell right to sleep and Jimmy soon followed, and fell right asleep.

Mary got everything in the kitchen clean up and after one hour she was already finished with the dishes. She sat in an old wooden chair and looked upon her son as he slept on bedding in the floor and smiled. A few tears escaped from her eyes and she begins to ponder what could have occurred if her husband had still been alive.

Mary speaks,” That is a possibility that can never occur now. There is no sense dwelling on it now, because Jimmy needs to be raised the best I can raise him. Also, I have got to look after

Tenlong as well. He is not a burden but a blessing he has brought in more food and fire wood that I ever brought in since Jimmy died. He is so talented but he needs to be helped in some many different ways. He is only four years and I can not leave him to fend for himself. He needs to be in school as well as jimmy, who goes to five days a week. I will go speak to the school teacher tomorrow after I drop off my work to my clients. I owe the boy that much already and he is such a tender boy.”

Mary woke up early and fixed a pot of biscuits and gravy for everybody to eat. It was eaten very quickly and the dishes were washed. Jimmy got dressed and put on his winter coat and boots.

Tenlong asks,” Where are you two going?”

Jimmy shouts,” I am going to school! Duh! Where else would I be going on a school day?”

Tenlong speaks,” You are go to school? You are so lucky because I have never been to school before. Momma was gonna to take me next year.”

Tenlong then went silent for several seconds.

Jimmy and Mary hug Tenlong in a form of comfort to the large Tenlong. All three of them were crying and Tenlong’s tears were creating a puddle in the wooden floor.

Mary cleans up everybody and the floor from all the tears. Jimmy and his mother go into the village and Tenlong is left to his own devices back at the small home.

The two hold hands as they walk into the nearby village. Jimmy is lead into a small school house and Mary goes to her shop. She walks in her little shop and prepares to get ready for business. The villagers, including Mary never locks their doors except when the rare chance that bandits came

near the village. Bandits sometimes would come in and terrorize the small village.

It was business as usual for the sempstress until an old man enters the small store. The old man is very thin and a look of worry is on his face.

The old man speaks,” What have you done, young lady? I have heard that you had left the village with some strange man. Some of the villagers had told me that a huge man had left with you a couple of days ago. Is that true?”

Mary has a look of surprise on her face as she is asked about Tenlong.

The old man speaks,”So it true? How could you be so careless with helping strangers. You are not suppose to take in bandits! It is just common sense!”

Mary looked away from the old man.

The old man spoke.”It will not be a problem any more!”

Mary looked at the old man with a look of horror.

“What have you done Grimwald! He is just a four year old boy! He is so big because of his ancestry!”

Tenlong was in the woods cutting firewood when a sense of fear overcomes.

He turns a complete one-hundred and eighty degrees and sees an arrow come flying at him. The arrow seems to flying in slow motion as it comes towards the lad.

At the last second, Tenlong grabs the arrow mere inches from his face with his bare hand. Time returns back to normal. He throws the arrow to ground when he sees a man with an ax come charging at him. Tenlong reacts before he could even ponder anything.

He punches the man in the face and the man hits the ground with a thump. More men come rushing at the young lad.

Mary is ranting and raving at Grimwald,” If you hurt a hair on that boy’s head, I will kill you

myself. You have messed up old man and you need to fix it!”

Grimwald speaks,” Calm down, that bandit will not take advantage of you anymore! You know that no four year old is seven foot tall as that bandit is! It just does not make sense!”

Mary grabs the old man by the collar and starts to shake him wildly!

The old man speaks,” Mary calm yourself, you are acting crazy.”

Mary screams,” The boy was attacked by a bandit and watched his mother be murdered! His Giganto blood then awaken in him! You miserable fool, you did not think it through! You all had jumped to conclusions! You had known that Gigantos are capable of such rapid growth as children!”

Mary begins to cry uncontrollably and lets go of Grimwald.

The old man yells,”What! I have erred. I am truly sorry!”

Tenlong is surrounded by nine men with various weapons. He does not know what to do or what reason that he is under attack.

Tenlong spoke,” What did I do to make you all desire to kill me? What have I done to you?”

The nine men remained silent and did not answer the lad. No talking would change the men’s minds and he would have to battle all of them.

Two men come charging at Tenlong with axes at each side of him.

The lad grabs the two axes with hands and the blades are stopped.

The two men were shocked by the strength of Tenlong as blood begins to flow from the hands of the young boy. During the pause, Tenlong ripped the axes out of the men’s hands and throws the weapons to the ground.

Tenlong hammerfisted the two men in the sides of their heads and the two men hit the ground. A man with a spear is angered by the sight of fallen comrade as he rushes at the young lad. The man is

trying to pin the boy to the tree behind him with his large spear.

Tenlong dodged to his right and was laying on his side on the ground while the spear is thrusted into the tree. He jumps to his feet and chops the spear in half with his hand. Tenlong thrusts his right forearm against the remains of the broken spear that is in the attacker’s hands. The broken spear handle is thrusted into the chest of the attacker. The man hits the ground and at that same moment Tenlong is attacked from behind.

Six arrows are now pierced in the upper back of the young Giganto.

Tenlong screams out in pain as he turns around to see three archers looking at him, ready to fire again.

Three arrows come flying at him but the lad does not move.

He makes a battle cry.

The three arrows stop mid air and the arrows hit ground. The three men were all frantic and fired all of the remaining arrows at Tenlong.

But the arrows never reach their destination and they are broken midair. The three archers are all frozen in fear. They can’t believe what they had just seen. The other three men were prepared to strike but did not know how they were going to stop this strong man. They felt completely helpless against the large Tenlong.

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