Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 20

The Singlarr galaxy is a place full of violence and debauchery. Where there is life there is sin. God allowed man to obtain the knowledge of good and evil. There might even be days that God regretted that he had ever made man.

On one planet, named Violio lived many vicious fighters. The worst of which was a man(if you could even call him that). No one was safe from the Butcher. He was always trying to getting stronger, faster, harder on a daily, if not hourly basis at times.

But, there were others that were not so consistent in their training.

A man known only as general Sanada was one such man who had trained very little or if at all since his childhood in the arts of combat. He was a Solarian elite had inherited his knowledge and skills through his DNA.

Sanada had a younger brother named Morrad the wicked. These two worshiped the great shadow as their deity. The two brothers were the right hand men of the greatest evil the world had ever seen.

The great shadow and his top workers: Sanada and Morrad did all they possible could to mock God. They even rapped people still alive on a cross. Sanada was the secular leader of the two brothers, while Morrad acted as a high priest. Sanada ruled the great shadow’s armies, while Morrad ran his worship and temples.

These two men knew nothing but evilness and the preying upon the innocent. Sanada and Morrad raped woman, children, and even other men when felt even a faintest urge. No one that dared opposed the brothers were allowed to live for even a mere second.

Both Sanada and Morrad were extreme egotists that always had to be in the center of the

spotlight. Sanada was worship as a secondary god under the great shadow. He saw himself as the world’s only god emperor. Sanada was the worst of the two brothers, since he thought that if had stabbed you that you should had thrust yourself deeper into the blade. Any less devotion than that was seen as high treason and punished by public execution.

The two brothers had everything given to them on a silver platter. They had never struggled in any battle they had participated in or any other part of their life. they had just went by the seat their pants.

Sanada and Morrad were fraternal twins, borne through two different fathers. The first borne was Sanada and he felt that he control over all those that were around him, including his brother. He wanted to be a Solarian general his entire life. That was his only mission in his godless life full of murder. He even killed his first person at the age of three.

Sanada was rewarded by his parents for the killing.

His mother spoke,”Sanada, you are such an evil boy! I love it dearly! We will cook the remains of the...”

The two turned to see Morrad ripping out the young maid’s intestines.

The boy’s mother yelled,”What are you doing, hell spawn?”

Morrad was covered head to toe in blood as he looked at his mother with a large dagger in his little hand.

Morrad huffed,”I am trying to divine the future, you slut!”

Sanada punched his mother between her long soft legs in disgust of being questioned.

Their mother grimaced as her boys beat her into a bloody mess.

The two boys had killed their mother and were bathing in her blood, as normal kids played outside in the mud.

Several servants had heard the strong outcry from the lads but did nothing to stop it.

This was due to being killed themselves by the young murderers.

Sanada and Morrad were not to be corrected by anybody, beside their parents. The staff had learned this the hard way and theywould not go through such punishment again.

One of the boys’ fathers walked covered in armor from head to toe as he sees his wife, being eviscerated by his son and his brother.

The man spoke,”Boys, what have you done?”

The boys stop their playing and looked up at the angered father.

Sanada spoke,”General father, that whore stopped brother, while he was trying to seek wisdom from the evil one!”

The father holds both of the boys, while crying out,”I am sorry that you were punished for worshiping the great shadow and his spirits.”

The normally solemn general was the father of Sanada as well the younger brother of the lads’ mother. The man and his sister/wife was in open relationship, this was done so that the best genes could be passed to as many offspring as possible. The Solarians were required to participate in daily orgies for as long as they could tolerate.

The Solarians did not believe in mating outside their race, due to believing that they were the

master race of the entire world of Violio. They taught this so called act to their children so that it was the common belief, among all the Solarians. This was the source of the race’s infamous narcissist ways.

Nobody was to correct an Solarian, no matter what personal harm it may bring you as an individual. It was your burden to bear as a slave of the Solarians. Nothing was too humiliating for you

to suffer under their rule.

To question was to die, that was the Solarian way, just pure and simple. A person who believes that they are perfect, does not seek improvement. That was their greatest weakness as a race.

There is always somebody just a little bit badder, just a little tougher, and that was the Solarian’s hubris.

The two boys grow to men and they overcome all that may oppose them, except for two men.

That if you could call them men, the twins named Butcher and Goran!

To be Continued

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