Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 3

Mary yells,”We can have got to stop the village hunters from hurting that boy or you are a dead man! That boy has been through so much trauma already.”

Grimwald could not look up at Mary, because of all his shame of what he done. He had ordered the death of a four year old, Giganto or not. The old mayor was always helping strangers but he should there motionless when the boy Tenlong came into the village. The poor lad was cover in ragged blankets and did not even have shoes. He had nothing but the clothes on his back but nobody but Mary’s family had helped him. It was sad that such a young boy would be so neglected among so many supposed good people.

Grimwald thought,”How could I be so cold and heartless? I have always helped transients that were in need. I guess it all started when Jimmy Sr died. It must have started back then.”

Mary and Jimmy Sr had just gotten married after a long engagement. He was the best hunter in the village by far. He could out hunt the rest of the hunters in the village by just himself. Jimmy was just that skilled as a hunter, but he was a very humble man. The hunter was never a man to brag about his achievements and only used his abilities to help the village to the best that he possibly could. He fed his family with the best of his haul and sold the rest. Jimmy had always sold fur to Mary before they were together and that constant interaction grew into friendship. Jimmy came to Mary’s shop everyday it was open.

Months goes by they become boyfriend and girlfriend.

It was a very good time among the two of them and the village was wondering to me they were getting married. After one year of dating, Jimmy proposes to Mary. The whole village was excited about the news.

Grimwald comes to Jimmy one day as he is in home. The hunter lived in an old shed that he had

converted into a home. Since, he was always hunting so that was all he needed and he enjoyed the small shack greatly. He could have lived in his parent’s inn, but he liked the solitude that the woods had afforded him. Jimmy was very bright and athletic but loved to keep things simple.

Grimwald speaks,” When you are two getting married? I can be the official for it. I will even do it for free since you two had done enough for this village already.

Jimmy smiles with a huge grin.

Jimmy speaks,” When it is done.”

Grimwald had a look of surprise on his face and said,” What do you mean by that?”

Jimmy speaks,” Follow me and I will show you!”

The two men go into the home of Jimmy and he points at a huge portrait of house. It was an architect’s drawing of a mansion.

Grimwald speaks,” So you are going to build a house for the two of you? That will be her wedding gift.”

Jimmy speaks,” It will be hard for me to build it myself but Mary is worth it. She deserves way more than this humble shed. She is my dream girl in every definition of the word!”

Grimwald speaks,”So be it! I will not say anything! You were always the overachiever!”

Two years pass by for the village, and Jimmy finishes the huge house. Jimmy takes Mary to his home outside of the village and sees immediately a large mansion. She is shocked by what she saw.

Mary spoke,”What is this place? Why is this mansion next to where you live. I have never been to your house before but I never thought that you lived next to a mansion!”

Jimmy grinned from ear to ear.

Jimmy spoke,”This is our home! I made it for you as your wedding present. It is my gift to you!”

Mary hugged Jimmy and she looked up Jimmy with tears in her eyes. The two were lost in

the moment. It was a beautiful scene among the two of them.

About a week later they were married. The couple wore elaborate furs as their wedding outfits

and they had the ceremony done outside the village. Mary’s wedding dress was made out of fox fur and it stretched down to the ground as a long train style wedding dress. Jimmy had a tuxedo made out of bear fur and had a bear head propped on his right shoulder. It was a beautiful ceremony and the entire village was there.

One year goes by and Mary is pregnant with child. The midwifes help deliver the child and it is a boy. Jimmy is called into the room and he erupts into the tears as soon as he sees his boy in the arms of his wife.

Mary is laying in a bed holding her son in her arms, wrapped in a baby blanket. She is crying tears of joy.

Mary spoke,”Do you want to hold our son?”

Jimmy was startled by the statement but handed the child anyway by a midwife. He was scared to hold his son because he was so small and fragile. Tears poured out the big man’s eyes and he is so touched to be holding his son for the first time.

One of midwives speak,” What will you two name the boy? The child needs a name.”

Jimmy had no answer and he lost all sense of control due to his emotional state.

Mary with tears in her arms spoke,” Let him be named after his father.”

The midwife speaks,” So Jimmy Jr it is.”

Jimmy Sr speaks,” That is a fine name.”

The hunter looks at Mary with tender eyes and they both smile at each other with tears in their eyes.

A few years fly by and Jimmy and his family are enjoying all the good years. It was very happy time for the family. Jimmy Jr was just a young boy and was not ready yet for school.

But something had changed all that and it came suddenly.

Bandits had came into the village to wreck it, since somehow they had heard how well how the village was becoming at the time. The outlaws were taking all the valuables from the village. The people had tried to fight back, but they were no matched for the bandits.

It was a massacre and several people were left died face first in their own blood. The survivors

were on their knees clutching each other out of fear. The villagers were screaming out of disgust of fear of what was happening to him. The bandits were robbing the stores blind when Jimmy Sr came storming onto the scene.

He shot one of the bandits in the face with an arrow and the bandit fell down on the ground. The remaining seven bandits saw their fellow bandit die and they were enraged. They charged Jimmy with all their weapons as fast as their legs could carry them.

But it was no use since they were fired nonstop on the attackers. The bandits were covered in arrows and they dropped dead on the ground.
A huge spiked ball came racing at Jimmy but he jumped out of the way. Jimmy Sr landed on a nearby rooftop.

Knives flew at Jimmy Sr while a cackling laugh sounded from down in the street below.

Jimmy Sr had managed to pull out his sword and knock back the knives down unto the roof.

Jimmy looks down on the street and sees two men looking up at him. The men were of contrary heights. The man standing on the stony walkway was nine feet tall and over six hundred pounds. He was wearing an open vest that reveled his puzzling physique that was very fit but he had a beer gut. He had very ripped muscles and a six pack but he had a distended stomach. The large man was also wearing rugged pants and boots. The large man looked unkempt as that he had rarely bathed. His hair looked wild and greasy.

The other man was squatting on the large man’s left shoulder and he was very small. He had to ,been only four feet tall standing completely upright and he was one hundred pounds only with two bricks in his pockets while soaking wet. He was wearing a tight ninja garb with no covering over his head.

The huge man had a heavy chain connected to the giant spiked ball as he pulled it back with just his right arm. The ball landed in the huge man’s left hand and he was preparing to throw it at Jimmy Sr.

The little man spoke with a high pitched voice,” Ha ha! Little brother, let me deal with this punk! It will be easy to kill one these hicks!”

The huge man spoke with a deep voice,” Alright, Big Brother! Kill him quickly or I will have to get involved!”

The little man spoke,” That will not be needed! We are the Zarabas brothers and we will kill all those that get in our way! Leader will be pleased with us!”

The younger brother spoke,” So be it!”

The older Zarabas brother jumped unto the same roof as Jimmy Sr was with ease. The little man

was laughing for what he thought would be another easy kill.

Jimmy Sr spoke,”I will not as easy to kill as the rest of the village. Your skills will not be enough to defeat me! You will both die for what you have done to my village!”

The older Zarabas brother screams,”How dare you insult us! You are just some incestuous hick

living out in this trash heap!”

The younger Zarabas brother calmly speaks,” Big Brother, do not let him get at you! He wants you to get sloppy! Do not let him cover you in his traps, Big Bro!”

The older Zarabas brother looks down at his brother with one eye on Jimmy Sr.

The older Zarabas brother spoke,” Do not worry about it Lil’ Bro, because I will deal with him soon enough!”

The two warriors begin to eye each other up as they both prepare for a sudden strike.

The Zarabas brother tries to drive his knife into the chest of Jimmy but it was blocked by the swift sword of Jimmy. The knife is being forced against the sword of Jimmy but it does not do any good.

Jimmy Sr knocks back the older Zarabas brother several feet unto his back. Roofing tiles begins to slide along with the fallen brother.

The older Zarabas brother laughs and jumps back safely to his feet.

The older brother begins to juggle several knives in the air and the blades come soaring at the torso of Jimmy.

Jimmy used his sword to repel the many knives away from himself to both sides of him.

The older Zarabas brother looked frustrated and put his hands in a church steeple position(both index fingers and thumbs pressed together and the rest of the fingers curled together).

The older Zarabas brother begins to speak in an unintelligible chant.

Smoke begins to come from the palms of the little man.

Jimmy had his sword up in a defensive poise as he was backing up.

The older Zarabas brother begins to laugh unmanageable as a mist of smoke begins to cover the little man.

The older Zarabas brother speaks,” Why are you so rattled? Are you afraid? Where is all the

prov ado now? You must have lost your backbone!”

Jimmy did not return the response and he simply remained cautious.

The older Zarabas brother opened his hands with his index figures and thumbs. The man’s hands were covered in flames and he made a huge breath.

As the breath of the little man was released and it entered the space between the man’s hands.

A giant fire blast comes from the older brother’s hands.

Jimmy Sr speaks,”Holy Crap! It is a ki blast! I have gotta move!”

Jimmy barely dodges the ki blasts in time and lands on the other side of the roof. He looks over to where he was once standing on the roof but it was gone. The section of the roof had been completely destroyed as if it was never there!

The older Zarabas brother brags,”That roof will not be the only is the destroyed! H aha!”

Jimmy Sr jumps towards the older Zarabas brother with his sword.

The older Zarabas brother ducked under the blade.

Jimmy Sr attacked when he was right over the older Zarabas brother. He hits the brother in the head as hard as he could with the hilt of his sword. The brother goes right through the roof where he was standing.

The entire roof collapses under the brother.

Jimmy Sr had planned to miss the strike with the sword blade and catch the enemy off guard. It had worked as planned.

Jimmy Sr jumps off the roof and is attacked with a spike ball.

Jimmy lands safely on the giant ball between the spikes and jumps off the weapon unto the stony ground.

The younger Zarabas brother yells,” How dare you hurt by brother! I will kill you! No one is to hurt Big Bro! No one must do that much I swear!”

Jimmy Sr laughs at the Zarabas brother and it angers the large man.

The younger Zarabas brother starts to swing the spiked ball on it’s chain in a vertical circle.

The chain is spinning faster and faster until the ball is barely visible. It is just a blur of metal

and all of a sudden it comes charging at Jimmy.

The younger Zarabas brother yells in excitement as the weapon hits the target but something is not siting right with Jimmy.

The giant ball had pierced the ground but Jimmy was not under the weapon.

There was no blood or gore!

The younger Zarabas brother looked puzzled to how he could have missed his target since he saw with his own eyes that he had hit the warrior.

But that was not had occurred during this attack. It was an all fitting deception to fool the younger Zarabas brother.

The younger Zarabas brother spoke,” The sucker must have escaped at the last second! There was no other way that he could have done it!”

Before the younger Zarabas brother could react, he had been hit in his left collarbone with the sword of Jimmy Sr.

The weapon master had jumped into the air above the large lummox and sliced him from behind landing on the large man’s collar bone.

But something was not right!

The blade had landed correctly put there was no wound and no blood! The blade had just sunken into the large bandit’s muscle. Jimmy had put all his weight into the blow and was holding onto his sword midair.

Jimmy thought,” What is going on? This warrior is low class but he is somehow durable! There are four classes of master’s abilities: ranging from the forth order to the first order. This one is barely of

the forth order along with his deceased brother!”

(First order masters are considered the strongest and with the most abilities, while those of the forth order are the weakest and the least skilled).

The younger Zarabas brother flexes Jimmy’s blade out of his muscles. The brother turns in a

complete one hundred and eighty degrees while spinning his spiked ball.

The weapon hits nothing but air and before the younger Zarabas brother could realize what had happen he was hit.

When the large bandit had swung in a horizontal circle, Jimmy Sr had landed on the ground

while laying on his back to avoid the incoming blow.

As soon as the spiked ball had safely passed, Jimmy jumped to his feet and thrusted his sword into the younger Zarabas brother’s massive belly. The sword was half way inside the brother’s belly.

The younger Zarabas brother laughed,” That is not got going to work! I am too strong for that!”

Jimmy spoke,” Oh! Is that so?”

Jimmy Sr then put two arrows in the large man’s eyes.

The younger Zarabas brother was grabbing his eyes out of pain, after he ripped the arrows out of his eyes holes.

Jimmy laughs,”I thought you would have died once I had pierced your brain, but it must have been nothing but cobwebs up there!”

The younger Zarabas brother is stumbling around aimlessly while he was grabbing his eyes. Jimmy Sr is shaking his head about how durable this bandit is.

Jimmy decides to end the battle by superkicking his sword further into the younger Zarabas brother’s gut.

The blade is up to the hilt inside the foe’s belly and the bandit hits the ground dead.

Jimmy Sr heard a scream and he turned to the source of the scream. It was near the house where

he battled the older Zarabas brother.

It was the older Zarabas brother and he was furious!

Some how he was still alive and was coming down at Jimmy with a flame covered knife. Jimmy

moved out of the way at the last second. The younger Zarabas brother was so angry that he did not see through the young father’s strategy and charged down on his brother’s corpse with his knife.

Before the younger Zarabas brother could respond, Jimmy Sr used his ax to sever the older brother’s clean head off his shoulders.

The Zarabas brothers are now dead but something was not right with Jimmy.

Jimmy Sr spoke,” It is too easy! These guys were just plain trash as warriors but I feel the need to be careful!”

That premonition soon came into fruition.

The bodies of the Zarabas begin to rattle alive. Their bodies were returning back to normal. The sword flexed right out of the younger Zarabas brother gut and landed on the ground. Jimmy hurried and grabbed the blade before the warriors could completely heal back to normal.

Jimmy had wanted to not take on any unwanted damaged. Healing processes like this usually had a safety mechanism to protect the user from any attacking warrior. That much Jimmy Sr knew to the truth.

The two Zarabas brothers were now whole and standing strong on their feet. They were ready for a second round.

These brothers gave off a much stronger ki(internal power) than they had given off before. They were both warriors than were of the forth order and that was being generous in that assumption. Now they were high class warriors of the forth order. The battle will not be as easy as it was before.

The Zarabas brother were beginning to laugh in laughter ranging in tone from very deep to very

high pitch. The two brothers begin to get in formation and the older Zarabas brother climbs on his younger brother’s shoulders.

Jimmy knew that the warm up was now over!

The Zarabas brothers were both ready for a second round and all their wounds were now completely healed as if they had never occurred at all! They both should be dead, yet they they were standing in front of Jimmy Sr!

The older brother jumped off his younger brother’s shoulders and lunged at Jimmy Sr vertically. While this was going on the younger brother threw his spiked ball horizontal as hard as he could towards towards the torso of the hunter.

The older Zarabas brother pierces Jimmy Sr in the top of his head with his flame covered knife!

To add even further insult to injury the younger Zarabas brother, Jimmy’s body was destroyed by the spike ball. His body had erupted into an explosion of blood and body parts.

Jimmy’s body was now completely destroyed and is now beyond recognition.

The Zarabas brothers were now both beginning to laughing like wild men.

The younger Zarabas brother spoke,” That hick was not as tough as he thought he was! We sure got him good!”

The two brothers were now looking at the gobs of gore that was once Jimmy Sr’s body.

The older Zarabas brother spoke,” We are just too...”

The younger Zarabas brother turned to look over to his brother and he was appalled by what he saw.

The older Zarabas brother had been sliced into little pieces as a butcher cut a slaughtered animal into pieces of meat.

The younger Zarabas pukes unto the bricked ground.

The younger brother yelled,”Who was the one who had done this! I will destroy them

and everyone they hold dear to them for had hurt my brother!”

There was laughter coming from somewhere behind the large man.

The younger Zarabas brother turned to see had had the gall to laugh at the loss of his brother.

But it was far too late.

As the large bandit turned around his head was separated from his shoulders. But before the younger Zarabas brother’s head could hit the ground, the younger Zarabas brother was pierced through the heart by a sword.

It was Jimmy Sr that had done it!

The weapon master had deceived the duo by moving in their eyes’ blind spots. While in their blind spots, he then switch his body out with that of a dead bandit. Jimmy Sr knew that the spiked ball’s crushing power and that the brothers would not be able to tell the difference between him and a random bandit.

The hunter would have the upper hand in this battle but the uneasy feeling that he had with him had not left him.

Jimmy speaks,”Their ki had not vanished yet! It is stronger than ever!”

He sees that the brothers’ fallen bodies were melding together.

Jimmy Sr jumps back as if has sees a ghost.

The young father yells,”They are performing Xenomorphication! No wonder they were so resilient! Those who do that form of fusion are so pesky in the attempt to try to kill them!”

Xenomorphication is the fusion of two individuals into one person and/or one person splitting into several people.

Jimmy smiled as remember one fact about Xenomorphication: once in the true form, one was mortal as any other man. There would only be one more round in this battle.

The bodies of the Zarabas brothers were now one!

Jimmy had seen that the younger brother had been the main body for this Xenomorphication process. Every fusion was different among the users of Xenomorphication. The fused brothers were now taller than the younger Zarabas brother was alone. He was now ten foot tall and over eight hundred pounds. Zarabas was without the distended belly this time and had a slim waist to compliment his well muscled body. Zarabas had the face of the older brother and hair of the older Zarabas brother. The fused Zarabas had the ninja garb of the older brother but was still wearing the large vest of the older brother.

Jimmy knows that he must be careful with newly formed Zarabas and not hold back in the battle as he had done before.

Jimmy had been trained by the much rumored secret training academy hidden somewhere in Lowroda. He had the skill of first order weapon master while the physical abilities of a second order master. His teachers at the training academy had recommend that he leave with a mystical governor that he would wear around his neck. This was to protect the people around him from outside forces. Warriors like the Butcher and many others can detect ki from across the planet. The dangerous Giganto was on the constant hunt for masters that he could steal their battle styles from.

Jimmy had agreed to wear the governor so that his village would be protected. He was offered to be trained by the academy by a visiting master that came to the village one day.

Jimmy was eating in the town eatery when he greeted by an old man.

Jimmy had his back to the door when he was startled by a strange hand of his shoulder. Jimmy makes a complete one-hundred and eighty degrees in an attempt to determine who had touched him.

Jimmy finds no one and returns back to his meal.

He feels a hand on his shoulder again!

This time the teenager makes a complete three hundred and sixty degrees. There was still no

body behind him as if a spirit had touched him.

Jimmy yells,”Come out and reveal yourself! I know that you are there! Quit fooling around and come out!”

The eatery waitress Holly speaks,”Have you gone mad, Jimmy? What is wrong with you?”

He speaks,”I know that someone else was here! The hand was not the same as yours!”

The petite waitress speaks,” No is in here but you, your dad, father and I! The other two are in the kitchen working.”

A voice speaks,” You are incorrect, my young lady! There is a forth person here!”

The red head waitress drops a huge platter of glass hugs to the wooden floor out of sheer fright.

Out of literally no where, an old man in a weathered green cloak appears.

The old man lowers the hood off his aged head revealing many a gray hair and wrinkled skin.

He speaks,” I am so sorry madame that I scared you! I will gladly pay for the damages.”

The freckled waitress speaks as she sweeps up the mess,” That will not necessary! It is not a big deal!”

The old man looks frustrated and pulls out a small bag of gold and places it on the table that is next to him.

The old man speaks,” I will not take no for an answer! I will be staying the night and will be hopefully leaving in the morning. Take this bag of gold and take it as payment for the broken dishes and one night’s stay for a private room. Also I would like lunch and diner for today, also breakfast for the morning before I leave tomorrow.”

The young waitress has clean up the mess and threw the broken shards of glass into a nearby trash can. She walks over to gold bag and pours it unto the nearby table.

She is horrified by what she saw.

It was more gold coins than she had ever seen.

The waitress speaks,” But sir, this much gold will pay for your stay here in a private room for over a year, with over five meals a day!”

The old man speaks,” That is correct! Plus it will also pay for my foolishness in causing you to

break your prized dishes! What I do not spend, then you, the cook, and whomever that owns this place can keep the difference! No more arguments about that, since it is final! Where I usually live I do not need gold.”

The young lady curtsy the old man and put the gold coins back into the money bag.

She spoke,” I tell dad your wishes and hand him the money. Thank you kindly sir!”

The waitress hastily took the money and went back into the kitchen.

Minutes goes by and laughter could be heard coming from the kitchen.

Jimmy hears three voices: one female and two male. The female voice was that of the waitress, Holly. The two male voices were that of the innkeeper Honno, Holly’s father and Gerald the cook, Holly’s husband.

The three were losing their minds that they had been given so money up front in payment for a single night’s stay. The three had never charged high fees for their services. Most quests stay in a shared room with ether all males or females. A few rich travelers had of course wanted their own room but that was rare since most travelers were obliged to share a room. Theft was sparse in the village so little worry was given in sharing space with perfect strangers. The village was without any major crime and they possessed had no need for law men.

The old man was thin but seemed to have an athletic body under his dark green cloak and tunic.

He spoke,” My name is Kimza and I am from the battle academy, that has been said to be hidden by those in Lowroda.”

Jimmy was taken back by what Kimza had told him. He did not know what to say.

Kimza spoke,” I am here to see if you would like to go there to be trained by the academy.”

Jimmy did a spit take by what he just heard.

Kimza spoke,” I am not joking! Us masters at the academy had been sensing your ki for a long

time! We search out all those with great potential to give them the offer to be helped reach their highest prowess and master their ki!”

Jimmy speaks,”Ki? What on Violio is that?”

Kimza spoke,” It is the power that is within you! Also, it can be sense by other masters and even by some bandits!”

A look of surprise appeared on the face of Jimmy.

Kimza spoke,”You have physical strength do you not?”

Jimmy spoke,” Yeah! I am the strongest in the village, even as a teenager. I have out muscled all the men in the village. They will never admit that fact though.”

Kimza spoke,” Physical power is your external source of power while ki is your internal source of power.”

Jimmy spoke,” If that is true then how come I have never heard of it?”

Kimza spoke,” It is because most individuals know little to nothing about it. That is why people do not know nothing about it. It usually comes out due to a need at something difficult. Most people see ki as a form of magic use. Most people fear those that can use ki and think of them as evil.”

Jimmy spoke,” Does everybody have ki, or just a select few have access to it?”

Kimza spoke,”Everybody has ki and the ability to use it. Yes, there are people who have a natural predisposition to using ki and most need advanced training to completely unlock it’s usage.”

Jimmy spoke,” How do I know you are not some conman? What proof can you give me that you are what you say you are?”

Kimza smiled and disappeared into thin air.

Jimmy begin to search for the supposed old master by looking in every possible angle that the lad could think of.”

The search was to no avail!

The chairs and tables were beginning to levitate off the floor.

Jimmy spoke,” What kind of magic are you using?”

The chair and tables begin to be gently placed back on the floor.

Kimza then reappeared back into the eyesight of Jimmy.

Jimmy spoke,” How did you do that?”

Kimza spoke, Come with me and will show you!”

Jimmy spoke,” Where will we go and what will we do?”

Kimza spoke,” I will show you after we get your parents’ permission.”

Jimmy looked down at the ground and was silent.

Kimza spoke,” I am sorry! I did not know that you were an orphan.”

Jimmy spoke as his face arose from looking at the floor,” I am not an orphan since the entire village is my family! They took me in as a little baby and I will never forget it! Yes I was not raised by my birth parents but I am not an orphan!”

Minutes goes by and Jimmy was still crying out loudly.

He cries so loud that Holly and the rest of her family come storming through the wooden half doors like a bull was chasing them out the kitchen.

Holly screams,”Punk, what have done to our Jimmy? We will kill you if you had even laid a finger on the boy!”

Holly has a long broom gripped by the broom end, while her husband and father are holding long butcher knives.

Gerald yells,”What have done to Jimmy? Come out with it!”

Kimza speaks,”I have not done anything to purposely hurt the lad!”

Honno spoke,” Then why is the boy so upset then if you had not done anything to him?”

Jimmy speaks,”He claims to be a master from the hidden battle academy! He had wanted to talk to my parents, but I told him I had no such thing. The entire village’s adults are my parents!”

Holly walks over to Jimmy and bends over to hug him. She cried while holding the young Jimmy.

Kimza speaks,” We of the academy desire to bring out people’s hidden talents, those like Jimmy. We have detected his presence for some time. We fear that unwelcome visitors will come for him and attack the village if he was left untrained!”

Gerald bellows,” You are not taking him! You are just some bandit in disguise and nothing more!”

Kimza spoke,” Please, look at my official papers, you will see that I am legit.

Gerald yelled,” We do not care about no stinking papers!”

Kimza spoke,”Let me see your mayor and he will validate what I am saying. What do you all got to lose?”

Honno sighed,” Let’s all of us go and see mayor Grimwald! Then and only will we know the truth of what this man is saying.”

The family of Honno turned off all their stoves and put up their closed sign on the front door to inn.

The group of five took a brisk trip to the mayor’s office and the mayor Grimwald was there.

Grimwald was in his small office building and he doing paper work at his large wooden desk.

The old man was balding and has some color still left in his hair.

Grimwald at once stops what he is doing and stands up in a flash.

The mayor spoke,” Who is this man and what do you all need of me?”

Jimmy, Honno, Gerald, and Holly are all speaking a mile a minute at the same time for several minutes.

The old mayor did not get a single word out of the convoluted mess of dialog that he had been given to him by his fellow villagers.

Grimwald shouts at the top of lungs and says,”Shut up! I can not make out a word you all are trying to tell me!”

The four villagers all stop their conversation and look intensively at their mayor.

Grimwald speaks,”Mister, I do not know you, yet you are the only one that did not try to shatter my ear drums, so I will let you speak first.”

Kimza told the mayor who he was and why he was here.

The old mayor was taken back by what he told.

Grimwald spoke,” Can I see your papers from the academy, please?

Kimza pulled out a rolled series of papers that he wrapped in the center by a corded official seal.

Grimwald is taken back a little about the seal on the outside of document.

The mayor takes the document and sits back down at his desk. He puts back on his reading glasses that was hanging by a clothed cord around his neck.

Grimwald had read over the document and sees that it is truly from the academy.

He looks up at Jimmy and then Kimza.

The four villagers all look at each other with befuddlement.

Grimwald took off his glasses and folded back the papers in the order that Kimza had given him. He then puts back the corded seal around the papers and stands up. The mayor walks over to the visitor and hands them back over to him..

Grimwald speaks,”You are who you say you are that much I have determined.”

The innkeeper and his family were all in disbelief at the mayor admittance.

Kimza smiles from ear to ear as he returns the official academy papers back under his green cloak.

Grimwald spoke,” Why have desired to take this young boy, Jimmy to be trained?”

Kimza spoke,” Have you heard of the glowing orb?”

Everyone of the village was clueless to what they were being asked except Grimwald.

Grimwald spoke,” You mean the orb that can see your true power?”

Kimza spoke,” That is correct, sir!”

Kimza pulled out a small clothed bag and taken out a small green orb.

Light begins to appears out of the orb and then everyone is covered in an aura. Everybody but Jimmy and Kimza’s aura was very faint. Kimza’s ki was enormous and was static in it’s movement. Jimmy ki was constantly moving and had no static form. The young lad’s ki was very wild in nature.

Grimwald spoke,” Jimmy has a strong potential does he not?”

Kimza spoke,”Yes, Jimmy is a very special lad, whom I feel has a very great potential!”

Jimmy smiled from the excitement of being called something special since he felt that he was just an average Joe. Jimmy did not think that he would the chance to leave his village.

Grimwald spoke,”It is your choice Jimmy. We will respect whatever decision that you make and will love you just the same! We just want to give you the option. I want you to know that.”

Grimwald starts to get watery eyed after he said what he said to Jimmy. Holly begins to cry as

Gerald and Honno swift their faces towards the ground. They were starting to cry as well but was trying to hide that they were crying out in public.

Jimmy’s eyes begins to swell up as well and after a few minutes the entire room except Kimza was crying. All the villagers in the room was bawling their eyes out due to all emotions they where feeling.

Jimmy had a conflict that had he dealing with: does he go or does he stay.

He loved to have the chance to go outside the village that he stay in his entire life. He would miss the entire village if he does go since he was used to seeing and speaking to about everyone almost every single day. Jimmy went out of way to spend time with everybody in the village and was loved by everybody.

Jimmy on the other hand always wanted to be a hunter and a warrior. That was his sole dream as

a young boy, but it was not a selfish dream. He had wanted to protect the village from bandits and help

be a provider for the village. He loved everybody that was within the village.

Jimmy remembers being told by Grimwald and several other villagers that he was born literally on the street on one of entrances to the village.

A pregnant woman is struggling to walk with a cane down a long bricked road when she sees a

small village in the horizon. She was covered in bruises and scars all over her body. She is wearing a ragged dress that had mostly been torn off. She had abused by somebody very severally and repeatably.

She has tears in her eyes as she nears the village.

An old woman walks her front with a basket of dinner rolls when she sees that the young woman is struggling. The old woman is so shocked that she drops all rolls onto the bricked ground.

She rushes to the pregnant woman as the mother’s water breaks. More people come rushes to the young mother’s side and help her unto her back.

Some times goes by and the baby is delivered. It was a boy and the baby was wrapped with one of the men’s shirt and handed over to the battered mother.

The woman cries and says,” Please care for my son! I am near death, so let him know when gets older that I love him and his father loved him too! His father died so that I could give birth to him! Never let him enter the desert since he will be stolen by a cult! Please do not let him go! pl...”

The mother dies on the street before she even can say what her name was or what to name the boy.

The mother was given a proper burial as if she was a villager all her life. The whole village

greaves for the death of this fallen mother.

Grimwald comes forward and says,” This woman risk life and limb to protect her son! We can not let her death be in vain! We must do all we can to protect this baby boy! He has no other family so we will be his family! When he cries, then we will cry! When he bleeds, we will bleed!”

The whole village cries and shout,” We will do it!”

by Grimwald one day when the midwives finally pestered the old man enough.

The boy was named by Grimwald one day when the midwives finally pestered the old man enough.

Grimwald yells,” The boy will be name Jimmy unless you have a better name!”

The midwife holding Jimmy speaks,”No, that is a fine name! That is all we had wanted from you.”

Grimwald smiled about the naming of Jimmy.

Jimmy was adopted mainly by Honno and his family. He was raised in the inn his entire childhood. Jimmy had a very happy childhood and loved every person in the village. This was his family and he wanted to do more for them. Going to the academy could in theory help him in this endeavor. That much Jimmy knew as a young teenager.

Kimza speaks,” I see that this issue is emotional for you so I will not force it. We at the academy do not believe in drafting others into training. I am on vacation so I am not in a hurry. Take as

long as you need to answer my request, if you answer it at all. I will be at the inn if you need me.”

Kimza smiles and leaves the mayor’s office.

Grimwald spoke,”You are a very wanted lad, my dear Jimmy! You will be loved no matter if you stay or if you go!”

The mayor breaks out into tears and hold Jimmy in a fierce hug. The lad’s feet comes off the floor and dangles above the floor.

One month goes by and Jimmy has not still come up with a proper decision. He was stuck between two opinions.

One day the boy is at church and goes to the preacher after the service. The preacher was named

Brother Love. He was a nice old man who was strict but very loving.

Brother Love spoke,” What is troubling you Jimmy?” Why don’t we sit on a pew and talk about what is on your mind.”

The old preacher sit on one side of the small pew while Jimmy was on the other.

Jimmy speak,” Have you heard about what I have been offered?” Brother Love spoke,” Yes I

know all about it. I have praying about it and I want you to know that He will show you the answer! Our lord will tell you what to do!”

Jimmy cries and the old preacher walks over to boy from the other side of the pew. Brother Love places a wrinkled hand on the young man’s shoulder.

Jimmy struggles to speak,”I want to protect the village from any bandit that may come! Going

to the academy will give me the ability to do that! That I always felt that I need to do for the village and the lord. But I do not want to leave.”

Brother Love spoke,”You have to make your mind since a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.”

The boy had an epiphany and jumped to his feet.

Jimmy spoke,” Thank you, Brother love! I have found out what I need to do!”

The preacher smiles as Jimmy walks slowly towards the door of the small church and sees him run as soon as he hit the door. He slams the door behind him.

The old preacher smiles.

Jimmy runs to the inn and rushes inside.

Holly speaks,”What is wrong?

Jimmy speaks,” I am going to accept the offer to be trained!”

Holly screams,” Dad, honey, get in here!”

Gerald and Honno come running into the dinning hall.

Holly screams out,”Jimmy is going to leave!”

The two men were broken up and could not hold back their tears.

Jimmy spoke,”I feel the call to go so that I protect the village! I have to go or I will disobey the Lord!”

The three villagers all hold the young teen in their arms, as tears begin to soak the floor of the dining room floor.

Minutes had transpired and the four had said their good byes.

Kimza spoke as he enter the large dining hall,” You can say goodbye to everybody before we

go. I can wait.”

The entire village(over one hundred people) show up to wish the lad good luck.

They had gathered together for the sole purpose of seeing off the young teen that

they all had loved so much for the last fourteen years. There was not a single person that did not put forth some sort of effort into raising Jimmy and tears on the villagers’ faces showed that they had truly loved him. The villagers would miss him every single day until the day Jimmy finally returned. It is was a sad day for the village to be sure but at the same time they wanted Jimmy to obtain success as a warrior.

They wanted Jimmy to have a chance at a better life than he could ever have as a part of the small village.

Grimwald cleared his throat and he begins to speak,” We have come together to see off this young man that we have all adored and had taken great attention to this last fourteen years. Jimmy had expressed to me and many others that he has but one dream!”

Everybody begins to tear up into loud rush of bawling.

Grimwald spoke,”Jimmy’s desire is to be able to support and protect this village! He wants to help us have a better life! What a selfless desire for a young man to have! What a commendable goal for somebody to have since most people care about just themselves! He wants to be able to better suit the needs of others and not only his own needs. (Though we would not blame him for wanting to do)?”

Jimmy begins to look down at the ground as his tears hits the bricked ground.

Holly is holding Jimmy hand as Honno and Gerald had each put one of their hands on the young lad’s shoulders.

Grimwald sees the young man and he is taken back by all the emotions that Jimmy is showing openly.

Jimmy was not one to show a lot of emotion.

Grimwald spoke,”Jimmy, look up at everybody! It is no shame to cry especially about tears of joy or those of parting from love ones! Do us the honor and letting us see the face of the man that will succeed in his mission to become a successful warrior!”

Jimmy looked up to everybody and they had all were crying too.

Everybody in the village had given Jimmy hugs and even kisses to show the lad their love.

The pastor of the village, Brother Love went up to Jimmy and laid hands on him. The pastor

anoints the boy with oil. The preacher and the people of the village all pray over the young boy.

The old preacher even wanted to anoint the warrior Kimza to the surprise of the master.

The old master was taken back but allows the prayer from the old preacher to continue on.

After Brother Love got done praying over Jimmy and his master to be, a young girl grabs the shirt of Jimmy.

The young is crying her eyes out and holding unto the side of Jimmy’s shirt. Jimmy blushes

and is nudged by Holly.

Holly whispers in his ear,”Respond to Mary Jimmy. She merits that much!”

Jimmy jolts and says,”Good bye Mary! Do not cry when I leave to become a master warrior.”

Mary lets go of Jimmy and pulls out a wristband made out of flowers. The young girl hands it to Jimmy.

Jimmy is uncomfortable by the act of receiving a gift from a girl so much younger than him.

Jimmy was fourteen years old and Mary was only seven years old. The boy was afraid that he would be made fun of by the other boys in the village.

The lad did not know when he would return back to the village so he took the bracelet and put it

around his left arm. Jimmy did not want to hurt anyone especially his love ones.

Mary then hugged Jimmy and the lad reluctantly returned the hug.

The girl’s parents went up to Mary and stop the young girl from keeping Jimmy from going to be trained. They did not want the young girl to make too big of a scene.

While Mary was being taken away by her parents, Jimmy was being held tightly by Holly then Honno and his father Gerald.

Holly cried,”Be a good boy and become strong!”

Jimmy spoke,”Yes Mom!”

Holly was taken back by the comment and held Jimmy tighter.

Gerald spoke,”Jimmy, do not let yourself be influence by bad people! You know the difference between right and wrong, do not forget that!”

Jimmy spoke,”Yes Dad, I will be the same person when I come back just stronger!”

Gerald spoke all shaken up by being call Dad by Jimmy.

Honno spoke,”Jimmy, come back to us all safe and sound!”

Jimmy smiled,”Yes Grandpa!”

The family of innkeepers had always let the lad call them by their first name.

Jimmy was showing them to how he really felt about his adopted family. The family had always knew how the boy’s truly felt about the village, especially Holly, Honno, and Gerald, but it meant so much to hear it straight from Jimmy’s own mouth.

After Jimmy and his family got done with their farewells, he begins to walk over to Grimwald.

He speaks,”Grimwald can I say something?”

Grimwald spoke,” That is fine! Hey everybody be quite because Jimmy has something to say!”

All eyes turn to Jimmy and it was so quite that you could hear a pin drop to the ground. Jimmy was nervous but he forced himself to speak.

“I want to thank you all for my care here in this village. You did not have to do it but you all

loved me as your own! I will become strong enough to be able protect you all and help support this village! You are my family and I will die for the village if necessary! That much I will promise you! Thank you all for your love!”

The whole village yelled in response,”Thank you Jimmy! We all love you, too!”

Jimmy yells as loud as he could,”I love all you too! I will return back to you all!”

Kimza spoke,”Thank you for letting the academy and 1 take your precious son to be trained! I will do all I can to protect him! Training can last for a long time depending on all how many forms of combat he is able to learn and to how much degree of mastery he is able to obtain. It should be three years of training minimum and maybe more! Thank you!”

Kimza bowed with his right arm held in front of his chest.

Grimwald returned the bow and the master stood back upright.

Kimza turn around and begin to walk out of the village with Jimmy followed right after the old master.

Kimza and Jimmy had walked for several miles.

The aging man spoke,”Jimmy, do you want that girl Mary to be your girlfriend when you both come of age?”

Jimmy did a spit take by the usual solemn speak.

Jimmy spoke,”What are talking about? She is a little girl! I would not like her even if she had been my age. I am a warrior and women weaken a man’s legs! I will not have time for a girlfriend even if I wanted to have one!”

Kimza spoke,” But it is not wrong to love someone and it will not make you any weaker. Love can make you stronger by giving you something to battle for. You love your village do you not?”

Jimmy stop in his tracks and the old master stop walking as well. Both of them had not progress

any further and Kimza turned around to look at the teenager.

Jimmy was crying his eyes out and he yelled out,”Of course I love my village because they are

my family!”

Kimza walks over to the crying Jimmy and kneels on one knee in front of the boy.

Kimza spoke,”Loving your family is a good thing and will help you reach your uppermost potential! Your love can make you stronger by causing you to work harder that you would normally would be!”

Many people have greater potential than what they actually use. People can be lazy and love the stasis quo! People do not want to have to struggle for something better.

Kimza puts a hand on Jimmy’s left shoulder and continues to speak,”Laziness is not the only problem in people that keeps them from reaching their highest potential. Jimmy you will need more than natural potential to become the greatest warrior.

But that is enough for today when it comes speaking about one’s greatest potential.

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