Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 5

The young lad, Tenlong had a nightmare of what had happened after the aftermath of his mother’s demise. Tenlong had just lost his mother and the young boy had lost all sense of himself.

Tears had begun to pour out from the eyes of the young Tenlong, so much so that his tears are running down his large chest.

The boy’s tears was causing the blankets that he was wearing as clothes to become wet with his tears. The boy wonders around in the wilderness for what seemed to be several miles.

Some time goes by and Tenlong starts to calm down somewhat.

He speaks,”I need to go home and I can get help from the village! They had always been helpful in the past!”

Tenlong can see in the distance his small village and becomes so excited that he starts to run as fast as a horse galloping.

Tenlong runs into the village screaming like a wild man to the village’s contempt.

People in the village market place were appalled by the sight of a crying giant running into the village with clothes roughly made out of blankets.

Tenlong yells,” Help me! Help me! They have killed my momma! I need some help!”

Everyone in the market place does their best to ignore the blaring demands of Tenlong. They all treat the boy like he is a nonentity.

They do not recognized him since he is a Giganto descendant that he recently changed in size from from four foot one hundred pound frame to that of a seven foot man weighing over three hundred pounds.

Gigantos were very rare among the people of Lowroda but it was not unheard of.

The Gigantos were said to rule the whole planet of Violio at one time in the distanced past. They were said to be a race of powerful giants. They destroyed themselves by their violent nature and they were only saved by intermarrying into other peoples. That was the only way that could escape from total extinction.

At least that is what the legends said at least.

The Gigantos were very proud and would not allow themselves be utterly destroyed.

Tenlong was one to carry on their proud bloodline to his complete obliviousness of his bloodline.

Tenlong knew that he was naked after his transformation and that he needed to clothe himself but he did not know that his size had been changed.

He was trying to get someone to answer him but to no avail.

The boy yells,” It is me, Tenlong! My Momma has been killed by a bandit! Can you all not hear me? Please help me!”

A woman throws a flower pot at the head of Tenlong which it shatters all over him.

He was taken back by the assault as he tries to free dirt from his eyes.

He bumps into a nearby well and uses a bucket to wash his face clean.

Tenlong was taken back by what he saw.

He was looking at a young man’s face and not his own.

A woman comes running up to the young Tenlong and begins to start to yell endlessly.

The woman yells,” How dare you say such a miserable lie? Tenlong is still a little boy! Who are trying to fool? We are simple folk but we are not that dumb! Get out of here!”

Tenlong looks back down at the well and again sees his newly formed face as he touches his cheek with his hand.

He finally gets it that he is now much larger that he was yesterday.

Tenlong yells,” I am Tenlong and I am not lying!”

The woman yelling at him gestures over to some hunters.

Two large hunters come running after the boy.

Tenlong does not how much strength he now has so runs away as the two hunters chasing after him

He runs so fast that he easily outruns the two hunters in less than a mile away from the village.

The two hunters give up the chase as they are lying on the grassy ground panting for air.

Tenlong runs all the way back to mother’s murder site and is angered by what he saw there.

Large birds were eating on his mother’s flesh. Tenlong chases the birds away while screaming at the top of his lungs. He killed some of the birds by swiping them with his large hands. Tenlong cries as he sees that his mother is covered in cuts and blood. The boy starts to clean up his mother.

Tenlong finished cleaning up his mother’s body and he had Zizi wrapped in a spare blanket in the buggy that they had traveled in this morning.

Tenlong walks back to his home town but does not get within eyesight of the villagers.

The villagers of Lowroda stayed inside after it got dark to keep from running into bandits that search for anybody that they can rob.

Tenlong entered the village as soon as the last person entered their home and locked their door behind them.

He walked over to the house that his mother and himself lived him his entire life. He did

not have the heart to enter the home and he walks to his backyard.

He sets his mother down on the ground gently as he able to. Tenlong found a shovel leaning

against the back of the house and he started to dig a grave for his mother.

Tenlong makes a very rough grave and sets his mother in the hole.

Tenlong cries while he has a broken off tree branch in his mouth to keep him from wailing out of grief. The boy is inconsolable as he pours dirt on his mother’s dead body.

Tenlong leaves before morning to avoid making a scene with the villagers.

He was so upset that did not think to get some food from his kitchen and he left with nothing.

Tenlong walked away into the nearby wilderness.

The next morning there was a stir in Tenlong’s old village.

People were in tizzy because somebody had buried a body in Zizi’s backyard. On the two large tree branches was badly written” I love you Momma! Tenlong will be a good boy!”

The woman that hit Tenlong begin to cry that she had rejected the boy that she had loved for the last four years.

The villagers present there all wonder where the young Tenlong would go.

Mary had confronted the mayor over what she thought was a travesty.

She spoke,” Tenlong was just a boy and you had placed a hit on him! Are you insane?”

Grimwald could do nothing but remain silent and look down on the floor.

Mary punches the mayor in the his jaw as hard as she could.

The blow knocks the old mayor unto his back.

The mayor was taken completely by surprise by the blow.

Mary had never been violent her entire life but she had busted her hand opened by the blow she

had given to the once cherished mayor.

Over the last few days, Tenlong had become family to the young mother and her son. Now someone was trying to kill the young boy that she had tried so hard to protect.

Tenlong had been fighting with the village’s hunters and was some how very successful at it.

The boy was no fighter but he managed to overwhelm his foes. Only six hunters were left and they did not know what to do with the large Gigantos.

Tenlong’s body begins to be covered in a large and powerful aura that begins the rattle the forest

around him.

Tenlong yells out loud as his aura knocks the hunters several yards out of sight.

His body mass begins to change to that of a four hundred and fifty pound muscle bound man monster.

That weight was all muscle and had contained very little fat. The young boy was around twelve percent body fat, which was well within that of an athletic adult.

Tenlong had totally lost control of himself and was being controlled by a blood lust for battle.

Minutes goes by the hunters come to and see the monstrous boy covered in ki.

They knew that they better leave this warrior to his himself than to be killed by him. They were so scared they had left their prized weapons behind in the woods as they ran for their lives.

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