Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 6

Jimmy Sr was fighting to protect his village as he was fighting against the Zarabas brothers. Bandits had attacked the village while Jimmy was away hunting.

Jimmy had managed to defeat some of the bandits when he had returned to the village.

The brothers had fused together using the process of Xenomorphication.

This process was invented centuries ago by someone long since dead but the act lived on through many hundreds of variations made over time.

The newly formed Zarabas brother was stretching his body in the attempt to continue the battle.

Seconds later, the warrior was readied to battle the hero Jimmy.

Zarabas tilted his head backwards until his torso was tilted behind his feet and he erupted a flame based ki blast out of his agape mouth.

Jimmy jumps to the side of blast but the blast follows after him as he tries to escape the scorching flames.

The fire was destroying everything it touches upon contact. If Jimmy stopped for a second he would be killed instantly.

The weapon master had the ability to process information within a fraction of a second.

Jimmy ponders,”This punk has managed to power up considerable. I have heard that Xenomorphication is a process that multiples ones power by multiplying the powers of it’s users. This guy has to have the strength and speed of that of a second order warrior easily.”

Zarabas can not hit Jimmy no matter what he does and is staring to get angry.

Jimmy thought,” His skill has gone up but not as much as his power has. Xenomorphication only adds the users skills, unlike like his strength and speed being multiplied. I still have a massive lead in this battle.

Zarabas only has the skill of a third order warrior. I know that with the governor that the

battle academy had given me I have the power of the second order and the skill of the first order. I know what he is capable of now I must rid myself of this corrupt menace!”

Jimmy would not hold back any longer since he needs to help the rest of the villagers. He could not shake the feeling that something was wrong with his wife and son.

But Jimmy had no time to worry about that now.

He was dodging both flames and a giant spiked ball(on a chain) from the Zarabas brother.

Jimmy Sr had enough of his inaction and he decided that it was the right time to act.

Before the brother could regained his spike ball, Jimmy rips it out of the ground. The spike ball is thrown at the mouth of the Zarabas brother.

The spike ball pierced through the head of the foe and the spikes were now solidly in the man’s flesh. The Zarabas brother was stunned by the blow but was still standing solid on his feet.

The Zarabas brothers had been preparing for another ki blast and it was ready to unleashed.

The blast went off and the transformed brother exploded into blood and gore.

Jimmy had spent four straining years training at the battle academy and it was a mighty day when he would returned.

Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Kimza had written a letter a month in advance to encourage the village to have a welcome home party for the young man.

The battle worn master, while wearing his trademark cloak was walking with the over eager Jimmy.

Kimza was doing all he to keep Jimmy from running ahead.

The weapon master spoke,”Slow down my boy! The village is not going anywhere since it is not gonna run away from you!”

Jimmy spoke,”I am excited Master Kimza! It has been over four years since I had been back


Kimza spoke,” I know you have grown into a man while at the academy. You started at six foot

four, one hundred and seventy pounds, now you are six foot six, three hundred and thirty pounds of muscle.”

Jimmy spoke,”I know that they will not recognize me after all this time!”

The elder man laughed which surprised the young man.

Kimza spoke,” A family knows their child no matter how long they had been apart!”

Jimmy laughed as well by the statement and believes that it will be a true statement.

The young man spoke,” You are absolutely correct!”

Jimmy walks into the village and receives stares from various villagers.

He has changed so much that nobody who he is.

None of the villagers present seem to know who he is.

He is getting mad when he sees some one he has not seen in a long time.

It was little Mary and she was starting to look like a pretty young lady.

Mary walks over to Jimmy with her long dress and basket of flowers.

The young man speaks,” Who are those flowers for young lady?”

Mary speaks,” It is for our friend who is going to return back home today?”

Jimmy looks at Kimza who then coughs and leaves in a hurry.

The young warrior smiles at the little girl that he does not know to be Mary.

Mary has the body of a young adult since on Violio, the aging process to adulthood is less the typical eighteen to twenty years of age.

She speaks,” What is wrong, mister?

Jimmy smiles,”Oh, nothing is wrong. Also what is your name, young Ms.”

Mary speaks,” My name is Mary.”

Jimmy did a spit take at the statement which went all over the young Mary.

He cried out in horror as he wipes the spit off of Mary with an old hanky.

Mary gasps out loud,” Where did you get that hanky? It was gift to my friend Jimmy on one of

his many birthday parties.”

Mary’s eyes bug out of her head.

Jimmy now knows that the cat is now out of the bag, so he decides that Mary can be let in on the joke.

Jimmy says,”It is me! I am back! My training has been completed!”

Mary jumps into the arms of the large Jimmy.

Jimmy holds the little girl that had hugged him when he had left all those years ago.

Tenlong was in the woods hunting for his new found family when he assaulted by hunters sent by the village’s mayor.

The mayor of the small village was named Grimwald and he was very protective of the fellow villagers. Mary and Jimmy JR was to be particularly protected by the village.

The village’s hunters would check the ground near the small home several times a day.

One such trip brought on a terrible find.

It was what they believed to have been a bandit, but what they did not know that it was a young boy trapped in large man’s body.

The hunter raced back to the village and straight into the village’s mayoral office.

Grimwald was working on some paperwork while looking down with a pair of reading glasses resting gently on his nose.

Grimwald jumps to his feet as his belly rolls begins to move like a ripple in the water.

The mayor speaks,” What is wrong Donat?”

Donat was huffing and puffing as he was struggling to talk.

Grimwald spoke,” Take your time and catch your breath. Then we will take care of the matter.”

Donat spoke,” A bandit has been staying with Mary and Jimmy!”

Grimwald screams,”What did you just say!”

Donat repeats what he just had said back to the mayor.

The hunter continued,”The rest of the hunters are tracking the bandit in the nearby forest! I will go as well to stop this fiend!”

Grimwald put a hand on Donat’s shoulder in confirmation.

Donat leaves the office on foot as fast as he could run.

The hunters would wait until the family returned to the town before they would strike against the would be bandit.

Jimmy had just returned back home after a long time away and he had ran into the young Mary. She was being held in the arms of Jimmy as if she was simply a young baby in his grip.

Jimmy speaks,” I am back, Mary! My training is completed and I have returned home!”

A woman’s voice could be heard speaking,”Our boy has returned and he is all grown up!
Jimmy turns around and sees his mother, Holly, his father, Gerald, and his grandfather Honno.

Mary lets go of the large Jimmy so that he could go see his family after such a long of being apart.

The family of four all entered a group hug as they all begin to cry due to their blessed return.

Some minutes goes by and the family had finally regained their composure.

Holly speaks, “Jimmy, I had thought you had grown all he could but I was wrong!”

Jimmy looked down at himself with surprise because he did not notice how much he had grown these last four years. He had forgotten that the battle academy had told them that they would help him reach his genetic potential.

One of the tenants of the battle academy is to help the students at the academy reach would both their physical and mental potentials. The academy’s goal was the create the best warriors in the land

and that could only be obtained through reaching their latent ability.

Jimmy had done all he could and then some to become the best warrior that he could be under the watchful gaze of the weapon master Kimza.

But that was all lost to Jimmy and his family at their reunion. They just were happy to see their boy all grown up.
The rest of the village came out to see Jimmy and the family of four was completely encircled by the entirety of the small village.

The village square was set up with several tables with all sorts of the best tasting foods that you could had ever eaten. They also had some of the best drinks that the village had to offer. Jimmy was one of their own and it was nothing that they did so much for the return of just one member. The whole village was seen as nothing else but as a one huge family.

The people was preparing to eat when Mayor Grimwald shouts for everybody to be silent.

Grimwald speaks,”I know that we are all hungry so I will be short! This diner is to honor our special family member. He is our Jimmy and I would like him to come upfront and say a few words for us.”

Jimmy was trying to sneak out of the village square when his family grabbed by his arms to the front. Gerald had grabbed his son by his waist and pushing him forward to the front of the crowd.

The young man had tried to resist his family at first but soon relents to the pull from his family. He walked forward freely and his family backed off. Jimmy walked in front of the ground to the deafening cry of applause.

Someone in the crowd yelled,”Jimmy tell us how well you did in your training!”

Jimmy was speechless by the response and thus was aloof at to say.

The village cries out,”Tell us, Jimmy, tell us!”

The whole makes a chant in the attempt to get Jimmy to respond.

Jimmy knew that he had to say something as he begin to make a big gulp down his throat.

Jimmy begin to speak,”I did not think that I would get such a response when I returned back home! I love you all! Thank you for all your tender loving care!”

Jimmy was fighting the urge to cry and his eyes had a veil of water shimmering over them.

But he continued on with his speech.

“I was offered to be trained by the weapons master Kimza as everyone knows. But what has not be told is that I was made to be his successor.”

The whole crowd went,”Whoa!”, in unison.

Jimmy continued,” I was tailored made by the weapon master and was taught every skill and training that he knew. Kimza spared no detail in my training! I could have stayed at the battle academy but I would not have it!”

The whole village was puzzled by Jimmy’s response since why would he not accept a much easier life. At the village, he would have to work almost everyday to just to survive while at the academy he would only have to train others at his leisure.

Jimmy must had a reason for doing such an act.

He spoke with tears in his eyes,” I could not live on easy streak with my precious village behind! I could not do such an abominable act!”

Holly and the rest of her family were crying their eyes out of pride of their son’s desire to put other’s needs above his own. He was taught in the village’s chapel to put God first, others second, and himself last.

Jimmy obey that teaching to the utmost effort.

Grimwald was so taken back by Jimmy’s confession that he had fell unto one knee with his head facing down to the ground.

The rest of the village was crying as well out of Jimmy’s sign of love towards them.

Time goes by Grimwald returns back to his feet and hugs Jimmy.

Grimwald speaks,” Jimmy, thank you for your love and we will die for you if necessary!”

Grimwald pulls out a hanky out of his shirt pocket and dries his eyes.

Jimmy speaks,”No thank you for loving me all these years. I will hunt and will do all I can to protect the village! I am honored to be loved by so many caring people!”

Jimmy prayed over the huge feast and everybody begin to scarfed down on all the food.

The feast had went for hours and almost everybody was in their home sleeping except Jimmy and few of the other villagers. They went against the normal curfew because of the special occasion of Jimmy’s return. They need not fear because of all the village’s guards were on watch duty. This was not counting the fact that Jimmy and his master were in town. Any average Joe bandit would be annihilated by ether of the two weapon masters single handed.

Jimmy was siting with his family when Kimza walked up silently behind him.

He bursts into action by turning to face his master while holding a knife to Kimza’s throat. The family did not even have time to react when they saw their son bear arms against his teacher. The two masters shifted their feet to try and get an edge on the other. But it was to no avail since Jimmy had a

knife to Kimza’s throat while the older master held a knife to his pupil’s heart.

The battle came to stand still.

Holly screams out in horror and the two masters remain stationary.

Kimza speaks,”Take on the role of being my successor or else?”

Jimmy’s family all yell for the two to stop but neither warrior will relent.

The young man spoke,”You good and well know that I will not forsake my home! Nothing you do will change that!”

Jimmy dropped his weapon to the ground with his arms extended to his sides.

Kimza’s knife was still placed right next to the heart of Jimmy as he stood motionless.

The master looked in the eyes of his student and he was taken back by surprise of what he saw.

The weapon master sees the eyes of man that is genuinely prepared to die for his beliefs. Jimmy was completely fearless.

Kimza was looking into the eyes of his pupil and the man’s eyes were piercing through his very soul.

The old weapon master could do nothing against his young prestige. Jimmy had no openings in his fighting stance so that his old teacher could find nothing to find the advantage against him.

Kimza laughed out loud so much that his sides had begun to hurt the hardest they had ever had in the long life of the old weapon master.

The laugh shook Jimmy’s family to their very core and they could not get anything out of their mouths.

Kimza had put down his weapon and put his hand on his former student’s left shoulder.

The master spoke,” I can not go against you so I will not force you to do anything that you would not want to do. It would totally defeat the purpose. But I must remind you of your responsibility of sharing the knowledge that has been passed down to you and that it must be given to the next generation. If you decide to horde such knowledge then assassins will be sent for you! The battle academy can’t and won’t allow such selfishness from any of their former students!”

Jimmy smiles and puts his arm down to his sides

The young master speaks,” I know that as well as you, so send whomever you want to send to me and I will train them. It will not be a problem!”

Kimza spoke,” That will be fine my young cadet! I will talk to the mayor about building some dorms and other such details. You will not have to worry about the details.”

Jimmy spoke,”I am in the know like you are Kimza and I know that I have a greater responsibility than own village. I am not that short sighted my dear friend and teacher!”

Kimza spoke,”Holly, Honno, and Gerald you had raised an incredible man!”

The family of four all give the weapon master a giant group hug which rattles the gruff old man. Kimza was not used to showing and receiving such open expressions of emotions.

Gerald spoke,”You help us to bring out our son’s best qualities! Thank you!”

Jimmy had destroyed the Zarabas brothers but he had no time to enjoy his victory. He had to heal the dying villagers. He knew how to use his ki as a cleric as well as being a weapon master.

Jimmy had checked all the villagers and no one has died. The weapon master has trained to do all kinds of wound treatment. Jimmy was taught to use his ki to heal wounds, even life threatening wounds could be treated as well.

One old man grabbed Jimmy by the shirt sleeve.

The villager speaks,” You have got to go back home! There is bandits at your house you must leave! I heard the two that you have killed say that the target was your home!”

Jimmy speaks,”What did you say!”

Mary was in her kitchen cooking on a metal burner when she hears an alarm go off in the kitchen.

Jimmy would often leave for hunting expeditions and some visits at the battle academy for days at a time. So he would leave bobby traps set for attacking any outsiders. The traps would allow any of the village to enter the house but the traps could somehow detect ki of the individuals nearing the mansion. If the ki was evil then the incoming person would be attacked by traps set in the area around the mansion.

Jimmy Sr could determine one’s character based on one’s ki.

Mary knows that sometimes is up and looks through a view finder that is in the kitchen that is connected to the roof of the mansion. A series of mirrors transport the image to the eyes of Mary.

There was several bandits and they had the house completely encircled!

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