Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 7

Mary was in a state of deep fear over the troubles were literally encircled around her lovely home. Bandits had targeted her home probably due to how elaborate it was. They must have thought that the household was very wealthy.

Jimmy was the primary hunter of the village and he was very good at it. His daily hauls supported his family and all those in the village that could not hunt for themselves. He exported a lot of meat, after the entire village had taken the best pickings out of the massive haul. This brought in a lot of money for Jimmy and his family. Thus, they were never in need for anything materialistically.

Jimmy’s success as a hunter allowed Mary to quit her job as a sempstress and a be a full time homemaker. Mary still did some part time work to help those that were need in the village. Mary was becoming a very good sempstress and had many clients scattered throughout the nearby villages.

The couple of Jimmy and Mary had become the richest in the village but they never flaunted all the money that they had gathered during their marriage. They gave a healthy tithe anomalously to the local church so that the minster would not have work a secular job and spend all his time on the church and his family. The tithe also went into the well being of the village so that the villagers would not be without any necessity.

Many a time, people such as bandits, feel that it is not good enough to be given something so they had to steal it all. Sometimes, people do not care what they do with their fellow man. They just had to take what they wanted due to some uncontrollable compulsion. Some people theorized that some people must be possessed by all sorts of evil spirits to carry out the horrendous things that they do.

But all that philosophizing was lost to the young mother since herself and child was in danger from the incoming bandit attack.

Mary ran over to the middle of a tiled floor and gently stomped the floor seven times and

the section of the floor opened up revealing a hidden hatch. She rushed down the stairs and shut the

hatch behind her.

Mary flipped a nearby lever and the hatch locked behind her.

The large mansion had a basement with a hidden subdivision within it that would be used for

emergencies during random bandit attacks. Jimmy did this because he was often away for days at a time due to hunting expeditions and training sessions at the battle academy.

In the hidden part of the basement, there was a panic room full of all sorts of supplies that could be used to live on until the assault would be concluded. At the base of the stairs was a large metal door surrounded by huge marbled walls.

Mary opens the heavy door and she has to pressed her free side to help her open the door. She enters the large panic room and puts Jimmy JR into a nearby baby crib. She then shuts the door to the room and locks the door by a combination of switches told to her by her husband.

Mary picks up her son and sits in a wooden rocky chair given to her by the local wood smith. She opens her top and begins to breast feed her blessed Jimmy Jr.

The mansion and the land around was bobby trapped by Jimmy so that it would attack anyone that was foreign to the village. All the villagers had to walk out to the home Jimmy so that it would not assault them if they had approached the house by themselves. Jimmy had put some sort of ki detection equipment in the ground that was acclimated to those that supposed to be there and who was not.

Over one-hundred bandits had the mansion completely encircled, while they were carrying axes, daggers, knives, etc,. The bandits were getting impatient and they decide to charge the mansion. The bandits did not even stop to check for traps. Such an elaborate house out in the open had to be guard well was something that was easy to believe.

If they only knew then they would have check for traps, then they could have found all the traps

that Jimmy Sr had left scattered all over the yard within half a mile radius of the house.

But that was all too late.

Land minds in the yard went off and blew up several bandits into countless bits and pieces of blood and gore.

One of the bandits yell,”Careful, there are traps in the ground! Do not go any further!”

But, that warning came far too late for the rest of the attacking force.

Spears came out of the ground and gored bandit after bandit with extreme efficiency.

The bandits had walked right into a trap and after another.

Bladed boomerangs appeared out of the ground and sliced the throats of nearby bandits. The foes tried to stop the bleeding by grabbing their throats, but it was far too late for that. Other bandits were impaled by spears in various parts of their torsos from all over the couple’s yard.

Within less than ten minutes, all but three of the bandits were killed by the ki seeking booby traps. The three remaining bandits were standing some distance away from the bloodied mess of gore that covered the yard around the large mansion. The three bandits were covered in green cloaks that appeared to had been through much usage over the years.

The three bandits remain stationary looking upon the carnage as it is the mere standard operating procedure of making the less intelligent bandits make the first attack on the desired target. The three remaining bandits were on the front of the mansion that was on the farthest side away from the village.

The three bandits break out into sheer laughter as someone had told them the funnest joke that they had ever been told in their entire lives.

One of the bandits speak,”We had all told them to check the area before they charged in gung ho!”

The bandit in the middle spoke,”I let them do that despite the warnings so that would reveal all

the traps ahead of us. The weak are nothing but the tools of the strong. If you can not keep up then you are to be destroyed! They knew that all too well!”

The other two bandits laughed at the middle bandits comments like they are trying to suck up to him.

One of the bandits speaks with a deep voice,” Red Leader, your orders were always so right on target.”

Red leader was silent at first at he was sensing something unseen.

The other two bandits stop talking so that their leader could better sense whatever he was trying to detect.

Red Leader gasped,”Beauty and Beast, I can not detect the Zarabas brother anymore! Their ki has just vanished suddenly! It doesn’t make any sense!”

The leader’s statement had been completely lost to Beauty and Beast since they were both still in complete disbelief of the possibility that the Zarabas brothers were both probably dead. They were standing frozen like statues when Red leader repeated his statement.

“The Zarabas brothers have to be dead since their ki is completely absent! It spiked, then it was gone!”

The other two bandits had trouble believing that the small village was capable of dealing with the brothers. They had felt the brothers’ ki had disappear as well, but they had thought that it just meant that the brothers had been victorious. It was common to hide ones, ki unless they needed to use it at it’s fullest capabilities.

Red Leader breaks the silence and says,”There was a strong warrior there that did a very good job of hiding his ki. I thought that it was a misreading at first but I know that it is a real reading. It was a warrior that was at the very minimum a second ordered warrior! The foe had a very controlled ki that was higher classed than the amount of ki that they was emitting. We must deal with them fiercely.”

Beauty and Beast yell out of anger and disdain to whomever had attacked their long time comrades. They both knew that Red leader had very impressive ki detection skills and that he would not make such a claim unless he was completely sure of his findings.

Beauty and Beast both could easily detect a large ki emitting from the nearby village.

Beast speaks,”That ^%^ is bold enough to keep his ki out in the open, so that anyone could sense them! They must pay!”

Beauty yells,”It must be the one who killed our comrades! We must revenge them!”

The bandits bow in front of Red Leader and they look up at him with eyes of strong intensity.

The two bandits speak in unison,”Red Leader, let us kill whomever that killed the Zarabas brothers! We must avenge them, since they had been with us for so long!”

Red Leader stands silent for a while, then he finally breaks his silence,”Go, and destroy all those who dare to harm our beloved brothers!”

Beauty and Beast yell out,”Yes, Red Leader, we will not return until we are victorious!”

The two men throw off their cloaks and reveal what they look like.

One of the men was a large bodybuilder and had no blemish whatsoever on his well trained body. He was wearing a red sleeveless tunic that stretched from his shoulders to the tops of his muscled thighs. This bandit was the named Beauty.

The other bandit, Beast, was covered in scars all over his muscled body. He was not as big as Beauty but was much stronger since he was a powerlifter. He wore a blue wrestling singlet and on his back was a large metal club strapped to his back.

The two bandits run off towards the village as fast as they could run. They both become a blur as they were running.

Jimmy had just finished healing all of the injured villagers when one of the citizens told Jimmy

something terrible. was told that the bandit’s real target was the very home that his family

and him shared!

Jimmy’s thoughts begun to become troubled since he was the one that had to build such an elaborate home. He felt responsible for the attack on the village. It was a home built out of love but know it had become a curse to those he cared so much about.

Holly cries out to her son,”Go check up on Mary and Jimmy JR! We will be all right! You have done more than enough here! We can finish the job ”

Gerald and Honno yelled together as one,”Go! Just Go! We will take care of things from here on out!”

Jimmy listened and ran like the wind. He was not even a blur to the villagers as they watched him leave immediately.

Some time later, Jimmy runs towards two huge men running swiftly from the direction of his house. He knew that they had be bandits so he stop right in front of the two strangers and he was also able to stop on a dime.

The two strangers stop in front of him as well. The two men were the bandits named Beauty and Beast.

The two foes had gotten what they had wanted within mere minutes.

Beauty and Beast had wanted to kill the person who killed their comrades, despite the Zarabas brothers were the ones that brought the harm upon themselves.”

The two bandits begin curse wildly at the young weapon master as he was the one in the wrong. The bandits had attack Jimmy and he had done nothing but defended himself and his own.

Beauty yells,”How dare you kill our beloved comrades! You will pay for what you have done!”

Beast yells,”Beauty let us decide who will kill this foe!”

Jimmy stood motionless awaiting for the incoming attack since he had no idea to how they the

two men fought. He had the habit of having a warm up phase during his battles before he would get serious. The father was not going to show his hand before it was time to do so.

The two bandits start to play rock, paper, scissors right in front of the young master and the shift in tone puzzled the weapon master. They had just lost their comrades yet they were playing games to determine who would fight him first.

It just did not make sense to Jimmy!

The two men were speaking loudly,” Rock, Paper, Scissors! Rock, Paper, Scissors! Rock, Paper, Scissors! Rock, Paper, Scissors!”

The man, beauty wins the game and beast throws his hands up into the air out of frustration.

Beauty laughs and approaches the young master.

The humongous bandit begins to flex his massive muscles that were on an eight foot tall body and weighing in over six hundred pounds. When he flexes, the large man doubles in size.

Jimmy sees that the large bandit caries no weapons so he decides to fight hand to hand as well.

The bandit stops flexing and charges the hero incredible fast for his body size. It almost surprised Jimmy at first ,but he still remained at guard.

He jumped over the massive man while flipping around and kicked the back of Beauty’s melon sized head before he landed on the grassy ground.

But, the blow had no effect on the bandit Beauty!

Jimmy smiles since he knew that he had hit the pressure points at the back of the muscle mountain’s head. The blow should have killed most warriors but Beauty is not even fazed. Normal battle logic could not be follow in this battle that much the young father knew all too well.

Beauty turns around his massive body by one hundred and eighty degrees.

The bandit bellows and his entire torso shakes wildly.

Beauty speaks,”You think that you can beat with your puny muscles! H aha! Good luck

with that!”

Jimmy was six foot six inches and three hundred and thirty pounds but he was a midget compared to this galactic bandit.

He knew that he could not go blow for blow with this bandit. He had to use his speed to win this one.

Jimmy ran in a circle around Beauty while throwing jabs. Jimmy was trying to find a weakness

on the massive body of this bandit.

Beauty just stood as statue while he was getting to hit repeatable hundreds of times a minute.

Jimmy started to strike all the vital points of the large man but it was completely noneffective.

Beauty flexed again, while Jimmy skillful continued his assault.

Jimmy stop his assault since it was not working and that it was actually damaging his own fists.

Beauty laughs,”My body is not like others since I am not weak to being hit in own vital spots!

Your fancy skills had been made completely useless! What are going to do when the beauty runs wildly

all over you!?!”

Jimmy breaks out into laughter which surprises the big bandit.

Beauty yells,”What is so funny?”

Jimmy looks over at the large bandit.

The weapon master speaks,”I have been holding back all this time! Even the Zarabas brothers put together could not make me fight at full power! They were so weak and I could not be bothered to battle them seriously!”

Beauty completely looses it and charges at Jimmy.

Beast yells,”Do not let him make you sloppy! He is trying to get in your head!”

Beauty did not listen as he fail to see enormous amount of ki emitting from the body of Jimmy.

Beast was screaming for Beauty to stop his charge but all the cries failed to reach his desired target.

Beauty was kick in the chest by Jimmy and he was knocked flying into the nearby woods.

Beast had become completely livid with Jimmy over the fact that he had knocked his comrade, Beauty several hundred miles away from the battle site.

Beast then made a deafening battle cry that shook the area for several hundreds of yards in any direction.

Jimmy knew that the bandit was preparing for the incoming battle.

Powerlifting requires correct breathing during exercise to reach one’s potential strength. One had to breath correctly at the right time, while during the entire motion of a lift. Beast had figured out how to use breathing to help him be stronger during combat.

An aura made of ki forms around Beast as he prepares to strike at the young hero.

Jimmy beats him to the punch and drop kicks the large man in the chest. Beast was not able to block in time.

The bandit was going to be knock flying when the bandit grabs his huge metal club and dug it deeply into the ground.

Beast is trying to not be taken by surprise like Beauty was. Beast drives his feet deep into the ground along with his club.

Deep tracks could be seen forming as Beast somehow managed to keep himself from flying away from the scene. The tracks went on for over a quarter of a mile.

Beast pulls his club out of the ground and exits the deep grooves in the ground that he had made to save himself from further damage.

Jimmy laughs at his foe,”For all your big muscles, the two of you are just tits on a board!”

Beast bursts out in anger and charges the hero.

But it was for not.

Mid charge Jimmy jumps over the head of the bandit and gives him a double foot stomp on the top of a large bald head.

Beast is stomped literally into the ground.

The powerlifter is now nowhere to be found and is now somewhere deep underground.

Jimmy rarely used such force during his battles but these two large lummoxes required such stiffness in dealing with them.

Beauty was flying exceedingly fast over the tops of a wooded forest. Mile after mile flies by for what seems to be forever.

Finally the bodybuilder lands into the forest and lands against of the mid shaft of a massive tree trunk. Beauty was not able to protect himself as he lands.

Beauty is laying on broken wood shards of what was once a healthy tree. The man stirs back to his senses and returns to his feet.

He yells out of frustration since he was not used to being outclassed. He was equal to Beast and only second to Red Leader. His pride had been hurt more than any physical damage that he had received.

Jimmy could had easily killed Beauty but he had chosen to hurt his pride. Jimmy had saw him as nothing more than than a common house pest.

Beauty fumed as he had to walked back towards the hero Jimmy.

Beauty was walking briskly through the forest that was near the village of Jimmy when something stops him dead in his tracks.

Beauty yells,”Beast, what are you doing? You let some punk get the best of you to the point that

you are now hiding your ki! I guess that I will have to take care of it myself!”

Beauty begins to sprint through an endless barrage of trees and wildlife. The bandit destroyed all that entered his path. Countless animals and broken trees were left dead on the forest grassy ground in a long trail of destruction that followed the bandit.

Jimmy was going to run back home when he senses a large ki coming right towards him. The ki seemed familiar to the weapon master.

Jimmy yelled,”It has to be that bruiser Beauty! Man! I tried to give him a hint but he did not get that it was in his best interest that he left. All that HGH(Human Growth Hormone) must have went to his brain!”

Beauty burst through the trees exiting the forest near Jimmy.

Jimmy joked,”What took you so long?”

Beauty paid the hero no heed and begun to power up yet again. Aura forms again around the foe and Jimmy has to be on guard so that he would not be blown away.

The weapon master yells,”This punk must have been holding back the entire time! Both Beauty and Beast were higher tier second ordered warriors, but Beauty is changing into a first ordered warrior.”

The bandit lets out a battle cry and knocks the young weapon master back into the air.

Jimmy flips in the air and lands back unto his feet. He dusts himself off and reveals his ki as well.

Jimmy’s ki was very controlled while Beauty’s ki was very rough and it’s outline was very rigid. Usually more controlled ki users had smooth edges in their ki while less controlled ki users had ki that changed form constantly.

Jimmy yelled,”Bring it on, you buffoon!”

Beauty charged the hero and punched him squarely in his face.

Jimmy did not budge an itch to the horror of the bandit.

Beauty was frozen like a statue and he did not know to do.

Jimmy had a huge smile on his mug.

Beauty was not used to having his massive strength being totally negated by his opponent.

The bandit was at a loss to what he needed to do to win. Beauty charged Jimmy like a wild bull and Jimmy jumped out of the way at the last possible second like a matador.

This went on for several minutes while Jimmy the bandit in his sides while he moved out of the way. Bruises were forming on the torso of the bodybuilder.

Beauty stops his charge mid stride and looks down on his body and cries like a little kid.

He cries out,”How dare hurt the body that I had spent decades trying to perfect!?!”

A crater forms around the bandit and Beauty is covered in ki.

Jimmy speaks,”I had enough of your pansy butt, it is time to meet your maker!”

Jimmy pulled out two swords since all the punches that the first ordered warrior had given caused little affect on the bandit. Beauty charged the hero and has was cut for his trouble.

Beauty was given an “X” shape pair of cuts on his chest. Mist of blood explodes from the wounds. Beauty begins to stagger on his feet.

Jimmy speaks,”For crying out loud, just lay down on the ground and die!”

He kicks the foe in the chest and Beauty falls unto his back. Jimmy does a double foot stomp on the chest of the bandit as blood bursts out of his mouth.

While Jimmy was finishing Beauty, noise was echoing from the hole that beast had knock into.

Beast slowing begin to climb out of hole and drags his massive body unto the grassy ground. The bandit returns to his feet and shakes all the dirt off of him.

Beast sees something in the corner of his eye and it grabs his attention.

It was the fallen beauty and he was covered in his own blood.

Beast runs over to beauty and begins to hold his fallen friend in his arms.

He yells,”How could you let yourself be defeated like this?”

Beast begins to cry profusely at the sight of his fallen friend.

Jimmy wisely had jumped away from the scene to allow the bandit to grieve his dead comrade and most importantly keep away at a safe distance. He was taught to have class as a warrior and to not attack while someone was in middle of a death rites ritual. Yet, he could kill they as soon as they were done though.

Beast held Beauty tightly in his arms as he was in deep mourning for his fallen friend while. He then gently laid his friend back on the ground and stood straight up.

Beast remained silent but he was swelling up with rage. His friend was died and he was going to

get revenge.

Ki begins to form around the bandit and the ground begins to quake.

Jimmy knows that he needs to be careful with this foe or he could receive massive damage.

Beast bent down in a deep squat position and begins to rip the ground in a huge stripe. Beast flips the ground at Jimmy.

Jimmy jumps out of the way and Beast keeps the barrage coming.

The whole ground of the nearby was now removed of it’s top soil and it was now just hard rock.

The two warriors were standing facing each other.

Jimmy mocks,”This is getting old so put up or shut up!”

Beast pulls his club off his back and into his left arm. The bandit get the club in motion and rushes towards Jimmy.

Jimmy dodges this time because he feels that the club would do him major damage.

Beast swings his club down at the hero and the weapon master narrowly dodged by

mere inches.

Jimmy gets behind Beast and begins to slash at his back. But Beast feels the blow and flips his body horizontal towards the hero.

Jimmy puts up his two swords up to block Beast’s club.

Beast takes this up as a challenge as swings as hard as he can with both arms.

Beast is shocked by what then happens.

Jimmy managed to block the metal club with his two swords. Beast is in complete shock and disbelief at the sight of six foot six inch three hundred and thirty pound man out muscling the eight foot

three inch five hundred and fifty pound frame powerlifter.

Beast loses it and begins to scream wildly,”How could this be? It does not make sense!”

Jimmy speaks,”I will tell you the secret before you die!”

Beast stops in his tracks and stands solemn in anticipation of what he is about to hear.

Jimmy was a natural gentle spirited man but he would have no choice but ti kill this day. These bandits would require extreme force.

Jimmy speaks,”I am a dual master! I am not just a one trick pony! My open style is weapon mastery and my secret style is cleric mastery. I used my skills as a cleric to create a defense shield of ki around my body. I used the ki shield to totally make your attacks to no effect.

Beast become completely aghast and raced towards the hero with his club out of desperation.

Jimmy pulls out a wooden bow with two arrows.

Beast is almost completely on top of Jimmy when the master fires the two arrows at Beast.

One arrow went right between the bandit’s eyes and the other arrow pierced the giant’s heart. Blood pours from the two wounds and the giant falls down unto his back.

Jimmy was amazed about the toughness of the two bandits. They were both totally

outclassed but they never back down no matter what.

He spoke,”You two were both very committed but you were both just attached to the wrong things.”

Jimmy was grabbed by someone from behind and flip around towards the attacker into a bear hug.

Jimmy looked up at his foe and he gasps out loud.

It was Beauty!

Jimmy demands,”How are you still alive?”

The bandit laughs as he squeezes tighter and tighter.

Jimmy’s face starts to turn blue.

His arms were pinned and he could not out muscle Beauty from this position. His legs were dangling so he decides kick the bandit right in the balls.

Beauty left of his grip and dropped to his knees while grabbing his groin. Jimmy then gave Beauty an enziguri and the bandit fell on his back while still sitting on his knees.

Jimmy jumped up into the air and Beauty came running under him. He lands on the giant’s

shoulders and wraps his legs around the neck of the bodybuilder.

The foe was trying to break free of Jimmy’s grip and drops his club to the ground.

Jimmy starts to punch the bandit in the head repeatable. Beast was staggering around while still on his two feet.

Jimmy performs a Hurricanrana and flips his foe unto his back. The move leaves Beauty in a crater in the ground.

Jimmy stands to his feet and does double take.

Beauty was back to his feet.

Jimmy thought,”What do I need to do to beat these duo?”

Beauty begins to be covered in aura in the form of flames. Jimmy starts to feel the heat pouring off the bandit.

Beauty cries,”Beast, get off your butt and gets to work.”

The other lifts his torso off the ground and stirs awake. Beast shakes his head and jumps to his feet like he had taken no damage.

Aura forms around aura that creates gusts of wind around him.

Jimmy jumps away from the duo several yards in wait of what these two were going to do.

Beauty and Beast walk close to each other and their auras merge together as one.

The pair start rotating around each other in a circle so fast that two begin to blur together as they were one person.

The duo rushed towards the hero while still moving in a circle.

Jimmy tried to hit the pair but missed terribly.

Beauty punches Jimmy in the stomach while Beasts clubs the master in the middle of Jimmy’s

back with his club.

The weapon master looses his breath by the blows.

Jimmy is completely defenseless by the rabid strikes.

Beauty brags,”We are going to have our fun once we are done with this joker!”

Beast continues,”Yeah, we are going to rape and pillage as we please!

The weapon master Jimmy was getting beat senseless by the two bandits. The young master was covered in his own blood.

The hero was starting to get mad at all the horrible comments that Beauty and Beast were making about the man’s village.

Jimmy had had enough of all the insults of his family and powers up yet again.

The aura blasts the two with his ki and they are sent flying. Jimmy puts his hands up towards the two and fires two ki blasts at the duo.

The two bandits are blanketed in smoke as the young warrior was writhing out of rage from the comments of the duo.

Jimmy was a master of three different disciples: weapon mastery, cleric ki mastery, and offensive ki mastery. The battle academy made sure that their students focused on their chosen specialty but they wanted Jimmy and other students to be as well rounded as humanly possible.

The smoke clears and the two bandits had put their arms around their head. Their bodies were covered in blast marks.

The two return to their formation and attack Jimmy.

Jimmy pulled two swords out and covered them in his ki.

The bandit duo encircle the hero in an attempt to finish the hero.

Jimmy counters the bandit duo.

Jimmy slices Beauty’s neck and then Beast gets stabs in the heart by the remaining sword. The two men fall to the ground motionless.

Jimmy races to pull out his swords out of the two men and the fires ki blasts at the two men.

The men were completely destroyed by the blasts.

Jimmy stayed to see make sure that Beauty and Beast’s bodies were utterly destroyed. He had went too many rounds with this pair.

Jimmy then runs towards his home to see if his family was alright.

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