Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 8

Back in the present Mary was worried about the young boy Tenlong since he was being hunted by six trained hunters. The boy was a Giganto but he was only four years old. The attack was instigated by the village mayor Grimwald. Mary had finally convinced the mayor that Tenlong was just a boy. The pair ran out of the small mayor’s office and unto a nearby horse and buggy. They sped off in a hurry led by two horses.

Mary was doing the driving and the fat mayor was riding to the side of her. They

were rushing towards the humble home of the mother and her son Jimmy Jr.


The pair were near the home of Mary when they saw the hunters that Grimwald sent to deal with Tenlong running for their lives. Mary was so startled by the sight that she had the horses stop immediately.

Grimwald knew that the hunters took great pride in the hunting tools that they used on a daily basis and they would not lose them so easily as a child with it’s toy. These men valued these tools like they were their own children.

But something had terrified them to the point that they left their weapons behind. Some of the hunters had lost their bladder in the fright.

Grimwald yells,”Men stop! Stop right now!”

All the men do not stop and take off like they never heard the mayor.

The mayor was the secular leader of the village and he was to be respected by those within the given village. But this matter did not even dawn upon the fleeing hunters.

Mary and Grimwald were taken back by the sight of such sheer terror in the well trained hunters. What happened to the men that cause such brave men to run like cowards is what the pair thought.

One more hunters comes running slowly because he must had twist his ankle in the race away

from the scene.

Grimwald and Mary run off the buggy in the attempt to stop the man from running off before they knew what the fuss was all about.

The man tries to fight the pair so that he could escape as well as his other hunters.

Grimwald speaks,”It is me, Mayor Grimwald! Mary is with us and we will not hurt you!”

The hunter was beyond reason at this point despite all the pleas.

Grimwald shakes the man and says,”Bill, Bill, It is me the mayor! What has happened to you

all! You can tell me! You can tell old Grimwald!”

Bill speaks,”It was a monster! It was a bloody monster! You sent us to be killed!”

Grimwald speaks,”What are you talking about? Have you gone mad?”

Bill was crying copiously and hugs the mayor as a means to help himself cope with the experience that he had gone through.

The hunter yells,”You had sent us to kill a monster that could not killed! It was unkillable no matter what we did! Oh! I have to go before it finds me! Let me go!”

The hunter breaks free of the grip of Mary and Grimwald.

Mary tries to run after Bill but is stopped by the mayor.

Mary yells,”Why are you stopping me? He may...”

Grimwald cuts her off,”He will be no further help to us. He is still raving mad from the attack.”

Mary speaks,”Bill must have be speaking about Tenlong but he is so gentle! How could he been so terrible that he out manned six hunters?”

Grimwald spoke,”As you said this boy is a Giganto and they are born to fight. They can not escape it even if they avoid it. They are said to be very violent when pressed by danger!”

Mary cries and the old man puts a hand on her shoulder as a means to try to make penance of

the mistake that he had made.

Mary dries off her eyes and says,”You are right! It has to be Tenlong. Let us go find him since he must be scared.”

Tenlong was in the forest near the home of Mary and Jimmy JR and he had been covered in his new found aura. He was now nine foot tall and seven hundred pounds. He was lost in his

newfound power.

A voice speaks,”Stop It!”

Tenlong pays no heed to the voice and remains lost in his power.

The voice speaks,”I said stop it!”

Tenlong did not even grunt at the request.

The voice speaks,”I tried to warn you!”

Tenlong felt a strong blow at the back of the head. He powered back down to his seven foot and three hundred pounds form. He falls down at the ground face first in the crater that he had formed due to his ki.

A figure appears out of the shadows and flips the boy over. The figure checks the boy’s pulse and Tenlong is still alive. The boy is grabbed by one of his legs and dragged away to who knows where.


Grimwald and the young mother Mary search for Tenlong for hours but they find nothing. They are both tired and walked back towards Mary’s house with sadness.

They enter the home and eat some leftovers from lunch.

Mary was crying at the disappearance of the young boy.

Mary tries to return to searching for Tenlong gets her arm grabbed by the old mayor.

Grimwald speaks,”It is too dark out there! You will get lost out there and you know it.”

Mary stops and relents to the old mayor’s request.

Grimwald speaks,”I will start a search party as soon as morning comes. I am afraid that that a night search party with torches will go badly. He might think that we are trying to kill him again.”

Mary lets the matter rest and the Mayor goes back to the village.

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