Fighting Fantasy Volume 1

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Chapter 9

The young girl Iona was about be attacked by a large woman because “Iona cried too much”.

But, Calina would not have it so the old woman decided to act.

Calina punches the big woman squarely in the jaw as coins land at her feet. The old woman was a trickster and used a roll of coins as a means to stop the attacker cold.

The other slaves give the old woman and Iona their much needed space.

The other females if they were smart would leave the young girl Iona and her protector well enough alone.

Iona runs over to the old woman’s side as she picks up her coins off the sandy ground.

Calina looked down at Iona and said,”They will not give you much trouble anymore, so you need not worry.”

Iona speaks,”Thank you, Calina!

For the next few years, Iona was raised by Calina into an upstanding young lady.

Out of the blue, one night the old woman gave the girl a strange warning as she laid in her humble bed.

Calina in an old wooden rocking chair watching the girl laying in what was once her own bed.

She spoke,”Honey, could you do this old woman a favor?’

Iona sit up in her bed and said,”Yes, what do you want?”

Calina looked down at the young girl with tears in her eyes.

Iona had never seen her caretaker cry and it shook the girl to her very core.

Calina spoke,”You must not trust the invisible hand and it’s leaders!”

Iona put both of her hands over her mouth as the old woman had done something terrible.

Calina spoke,”They do nothing but harm others. I am not lying to you! When you get older I

will tell you all that they did to me! Just be careful around everyone but us since they are everywhere. They will separate us from each other.

Iona becomes a teenager and is siting in the small bed room that her and Calina had lived with for several years.

The two were sitting in two wooden rockers facing each other talking.

Iona asked,” What was you trying to tell me when I was a little girl?”

Calina got all teary eyed,

Iona said,”Oh forget it Momma.”

Calina speaks,”I was abused by the Invisible hand leaders since I was younger than you were when I found you.”

Iona was shocked by the statement due to all the brainwashing that the cult leader had done to the people of Socanas.

Calina was in a small home when a huge man came through her front door of the house and grabbed her up.

The young girl cried out for her parents.

As the man walked through the front door as the girl sees her parents counting coins out of a huge bag of money.

Calina cried when she saw her parents laughing at the sight of seeing her daughter being sold off into slavery.

That man took her as an underage concubine and raped her everyday and everynight.

Calina cried every time until the huge man beat her until she stopped crying.

As soon as she becomes able to get pregnant she gives birth to child after child until she was unable to give birth anymore. She was forced to have sex with all of the huge man’s friends. She had no

idea how many kids or whose the father was of any of the said children.

Calina then became haggard after all the years and she cast away as trash. She was forced to work as slave labor.

Iona ran over to her mother and held each.

Calina spoke,”This is what the Invisible Hand leaders will do to you. Do not let them do you as they done to me. Promise me that!”

Iona looked up at the old woman and says,” Yes Momma!”

The male slave, Donas was standing silently as he saw a random Invisible Hand leader attacking his friend, Iona. He had been brainwashed his entire life by the cult that he was to never go against the cult for any reason. Slaves were expected to die if they were asked to by the cult and they were expected to do it gladly.

Donas wanted to act but he knew that he would go against all that he been taught. This fat slob scumbag of a cult leader.

He thought within himself,”Iona is one of my only friends and the master is trying to hurt her. The masters said that they would never do anything to hurt us servants. The masters had done this many times before no matter if the person wanted nothing to do what the masters wanted. Anyone that rebelled against them. What made them so right and us so wrong? It does not make any sense!”

Iona looked at Donas and screamed,” Help me Donas! He is trying to hurt me!”

Donas clinched his fists out of anger until his knuckles turned white.

The cult leader pays the screams from Iona so heed since this was not the first time this monster

had done this to a woman.

Donas sees that the only one better off from all the so called servants works was the leadership of the invisible hand.

The leader was starting to rip the clothes off of Iona when Donas snaps.

Donas runs towards Iona and the attempted rapist cult leader.

Iona sees Donas coming to her aid and screams,”Do not let him do this terrible thing to me!”

The cult leader finally sees Donas coming and is startled by the thought of a slave going against


The cult leader yells,”Slave, just walk away! I have got it covered here! Just go!”

Donas just stood there silent like a statue.

Iona screamed,”Help me Donas!”

The cult leader punches Iona in the face and she was stunned by the blow. The fat cult leader gets up slowly and walks over to Donas.

The fat man shoves Donas unto the ground.

The cult leader yells,”Get out of here servant or I will kill you!”

The cult leader turns around to return to his assault.

Donas looks down at the ground and sees one of his pickaxes.

He thinks,”I have had enough! I am not letting Iona be abused anymore.”

Donas jumped to his feet and grabbed the nearby pick ax. He attacked the cult leader from behind with the pick ax.

The blade of the ax went through the back of the cult leader’s head and came through the front of his face.

Iona managed to roll out of the way of the fallen corpse of the dead court leader.

She run over to Iona and spoke,”What did you do?”

She was glad that Donas had saved her but was she was still taken back by the assault upon the dead cult leader. No one went against the Invisible Hand openly out of fear of retaliation. Death awaited those dared to do so.

Donas spoke,”I could not let you be hurt! You had worked with me for such a long time!

Donas and Iona had just acted against the Invisible hand and one of the cult leaders was now

dead. He had killed the cult leader and the pair would be executed by assassins if they had decided to stay.

Donas spoke,”Iona, we have got to leave here or we will not live to see tomorrow.

Iona looked scared to leave her only home even if it was a miserable hell hole.

Donas knew that they had to act and grabbed Iona by the hand. Then they raced into the desert.

They were right neck to the open desert with no barriers in their way, thus they luckily run into the desert. The guards of the area were off fornicating with an orgy of women when the pair was racing away from the cult compound.

They run into the desert for days and days without food and water. The pair were both now extremely dehydrated and were struggling to walk. Their mouths and skin were both bone dried.

Iona falls into the desert sand out of exhaustion. She tries to stand up but fails to do so.

Donas grabs her hand and tries to get her back to feet but she was struggles to do so.

He speaks,”Come on! We got to find to find some water and food or we will die. You can not rest in the sand or the desert will kill you! You must go on until we find water! You can do it!”

Iona finally stood to her but her legs were wobbling like jelly.

Donas turns his back to Iona and kneels.

Iona is too tired to question her friend and climbs on his back She wraps her slender arms around his neck as Donas stands to his feet. He was tired as well but he had to strong for the both of

them and not show any form of weakness.

Donas manages to walk for another twelve hours before he tires to the point of exhaustion. Donas and Iona both worked long hours carrying heavy stone for long periods of time.

But the two were completely worn and collapsed into deep slumber.

The two guards who were charged of the area where Donas and Iona were working stopped

their fun. They rushed back to their patrolling as they were never gone. The two guards sees the dead cult leader in the distance and run over to the work site. They see the pick of the back of the head and the wound was not self afflicted.

One of the guard says,”Someone has killed one of the invisible hand’s masters! Leadership must be notified of this.”

The other Guard spoke,”How could this happen to the masters who were said to be unkillable!”

The two guards were then very grave faced.

The two guards blow a small metal trumpet and the area will soon be covered in guards.

The entire area was searched by the invisible hand’s guards to see if who was there. Donas and Iona were the only ones missing.

The head guard was told who was responsible for the area and the two guards bowed in front of the head guard.

The head guard speaks,”How dare you let yourself perform in a wild sex party, when should had protected the beloved master? What do you Say?”

The two guards could nothing but look at the ground in shame.

The head guard walks over to the two guards with his hands laid upon the top of their heads and he decapitates them by his strong grip strength of the head guard. The two guards heads were

crushed by the head guards, like someone crushing an apple with a hammer.

Assassins appeared before the head guard in anticipation of who they were going to kill.

The guard gave the assassins face portraits of Donas and Iona, then the assassins leave in haste.

All those in the Socanas knew all too well that to betray the Invisible hand one only two choices: suicide or assassination.

The assassins raced into the desert until they brought back the heads of Donas and Iona. They would not dare return until they were successful.

Donas was laying belly first on the sandy ground when he returned back to consciousness. He was amazed by what he laid his tired eyes upon.

It was a small oasis in the middle of the Socanas desert.

Donas shook his head in disbelief as he used his forearm to rub the sand out of his eyes. It was for real.

He yells out,”Iona wake up! We have found some much needed water.”

Donas shook Iona to try to get to move since she was so weak like he was as well. The young man knew that they both must get some water or they will both soon die of thirst.

Iona finally stirred awake and she saw the oasis as well. The two were too weak to walk so they crawled on the ground. They drunk out the small pond of water like dogs.

The friends both drunk water until they were waterlogged.

Once they had their fill of water they looked up to see a small house next to the pond. The pair had regained some of their strength and they struggled to their feet. They held each other by the waist

and start to walk slowly towards the small house.

Iona spoke,”We must had found someone’s house they had left in the desert. We can survive

now if we can find some food to eat.”

The two looked over the house for booby traps but could not find any. The house was in well order but it had not be used for some time now. They found that the home was fully furnished but had no food that it was inside the house. The pair had saw a small shed outside the back of the home.

The shed was not even locked as the door to it opened without incident. The pair cried when they looked inside the shed.

The simple shed contained all sorts of meats and many different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and other food stuffs. Most of what was inside they had never seen before.

The pair held each other in a firm embrace which was something they could never do with under the control of the Invisible Hand cult. Tears are covering both of their faces as they picked out some meat and other foods to eat.

Iona decided to do the cooking while Donas found some barrels to use to hold some drinking water.

The pair laughed as their bellies begun to rumble at the small of the cooking meat and vegetables. The pair begin to laugh wildly as they hear all the noises of their hungry stomachs. The pair

ate all the entire food that Iona had prepared and fell right asleep at the kitchen table.

The pair had slept the entire night and well into the next day. The pair felt much better after all the rest that they had.

Iona spoke,”I wonder why this house was left abandoned after being so well furnished? Somebody took great care into the building and maintenance of this house.”

The pair gave each other a puzzled look.

Donas spoke,”I do not know but it is so common that people die in the Socanas desert that it

may had been left unattended after they died. The Invisible Hand prides itself in it’s human sacrifices

to it’s spirit gods. They do not care for the well being of those to be sacrificed!”

Iona spoke,”That sounds good as an answer as any so let us go with that.”

Donas spoke,”Fine, but we must keep our guard up if the owner is to return. We do not know if they will be friendly to uninvited guests.”

A few more days goes by and the pair had fully recovered from their escape from their former cult. No one ever returned back to the home.

Several months goes by still the pair are left alone. Iona becomes pregnant with Donas’ child and the pair was very happy to be expecting twins. They had never had children before and they were totally in the dark to what they needed to do to raise twins.

The pair managed to safely deliver two beautiful babies while they discover the beauty of childbirth.

Iona is handed the children wrapped in large towels.

The parents were both crying out of absolute joy and happiness.

Donas spoke,”The child on the left is a boy and the one on the right is a girl.

Iona spoke,”Let us name the boy Rin and the girl should be named Lin.

Donas spoke,”Those are fine names! We will be a happy family!

Iona smiles while laying a large bed with her two babies.

The couple had a peaceful week after the birth of their twins, Rin and Lin. The children seemed like little angels to the young parents and they felt so blessed to have them.

But that peace would end all too soon since people in black cloaks were outside the home

coming from each side of the house.

Donas saw one of the figures coming toward the opened front window.

He screamed,”Hide the babies and I will deal with them.”

Iona put the babies in a nearby dresser drawer.

All four assassins charge at Donas and kill him with swords.

Iona screamed out,”Donas!” as her partner fell to the ground dead.

She tried to make a barrier between her babies and the four hired assailants but she was knocked down to the ground as she was curbed stomped by the four men.

Out of the blue, one of the assassins had a sword punctured right through his heart to the horror of the remaining attackers.

Another attacker died due to a slit throat as he clutched his blood flowing neck.

Soon there was only attacker remaining and he had grabbed up Iona. The assassin was using her as a human shield. A huge knife was place against the slender throat of Iona.

The man was killed with a knife to the temple but the foe cut Iona in the throat on the way down.

Ishe stumbled over to dresser and held her babies one last time. She saw the figure that tried to save her.

It was an older man with a white beard.

He said,”I try to save you two but I failed! But I will care for your children as a means to repent for my inability to save you two.”

Iona died with her babies in her arms.

The man in the sand colored cloaked picked up the crying babies and held close to his chest.

The old man saw the children’s names written on their clothes.

The man spoke,”I will bury your parents somewhere near the house and I will become your

grandfather. I will care you two, yes I will.”

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