Her Darkness, His Light

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She A simple girl forcefully taken from her home and separated from her small family to serve the Royal Pure Bloods. The Dark Prince in particular. "Come here" he said motioning for me to step closer. This is it! God please help me! I knew that I had to obey his every word. It was just that my body decided not to move. "I will not repeat this again. Come. Here. Now!" he barked out. That's when my legs decided to wobble themselves forward towards my biggest nightmare. I stopped when I was about a feet away from where he was sitting. I had to keep my hands together to prevent them from shaking too much. There was only this dead silence that surrounded us After a few agonizingly slow minutes, he finally spoke. "Closer". I hesitated but eventually took another step or two. "Better, much better". Before I could think he grabbed my hand and brought my wrist up to his lips. I involuntarily jerked my hand back which resulted in him roughly tugging me forward until I fell on lap. He snaked one arm around me to keep me from moving and with the other he gripped my chin so I couldn't move my head. "Try moving or struggling again and I will break every bone in your body, but not before sucking you dry", he whispered against my ear. I whimpered. "You have every right fear me. This is going to be painful".

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We live in a world where power defines your fate. The more power you have, the safer you are. The more certainty there is that you'll live another day. And this world, where we live in is taken over by Vampires. Specifically the Royal Pure Bloods.

They are Vampires with unimaginable power. Heightened senses, super strength and speed. They're also deadly and ruthless. Not to mention they live on human blood to obtain maximum strength and power. Nothing stands in their way of getting what they want. They are the monsters in every horror story told to children. That being said they rule the largest part of the world and over all other creatures.

All except the Elves and The Giant Trolls. The only creatures who are not bound to the Royal Pure Bloods are the Elves and The Giant Trolls.

You see Elves are extremely proud creatures. They bow to no one. They stick together as one and they're strong, slick, immortal as well and they rather go to hell than bow to a Vampire. Plus they are a proud number of people. This is how they stay strong. So the Royals and the Elven king, had an agreement almost a thousand years ago and is practiced until today. If ever any one of the well-being of either of their Kingdom is threatened, the other would help. If nothing happens, they mind their own business.

The Giant trolls? Well they don't actually give a damn about anything. They aren't smart or civilized to have a decent conversation with. They act like barbarians. They do what they do best. Try and conquer as much land as possible.


It was all fine until they came a little too close to the Fae Kingdom.

Something you need to understand is that the Fae creatures are extremely important. They keep the balance of nature and they also help and make sure there are enough crops. (plants, vegetables and animals too) The Fae Kingdom also holds the source of white magic used to maintain balance to Mother Nature and all its creatures. So they must be protected.

That's where the Elves come in. To defend the Fae Kingdom. The Trolls however, well they don't care. So they attack. And there you have it. A war between the Elves and Fae against the Trolls.

Coming back to the Royals, they rule over the rest of the vampires, werewolves, fae creatures, pixies, trolls and lastly us humans.


A simple word for a simple being. We posses nothing extraordinary. No super strength, agility, vo-Doo talent stuff, or pixie dust. Hence, we are the ones they pick on. Little weaklings they'd call us. Sadly, there's no denying that.

Those of us who live in the Vampiric Kingdom suffer the most. We are needed for our blood, slaves to the Royals and oh more blood. It's compulsory that we humans donate our blood at least once a month. If anyone refuses it's against the law, if it's against the law, it's against the Royals, if it's against them, you die in the worst way possible. Simple as that.

I don't understand how one can make us slaves. We are already at the bottom of the food chain. Witches do live among us but they hold a higher position, we don't have many resources and we depend on others . So at the time, I couldn't imagine what a slave life was.

Wasn't it already bad enough?

No. They actually can make your life more miserable by making you feel lower.

They practically own us and in return we get security.

Like they don't know it's them that is the real threat to us. Anyway, on the plus side, there's no murder, burglary, rape or any kind of a nuisance. At least we get to be only scared of the Vampires. And the Royals.

Then there's the Great Annual Sacrifice. Every year 10 humans from the Fae territory must be handed over to the Vampiric Kingdom. Just like that. No buts. To be used as pleased. Either they make you join the army or just to increase the population over here.

Why are the werewolves not bothered?

Because they're already required to serve in the army as it is their responsibility. Seeing as they are the second strongest creature and under the Royal Pure Blood's rule, The Royals make full use of them. The army in the Vampiric Kingdom is practically half Vampires and half Werewolves.

However, humans who live in the Werewolf, Elven or Fae territory have a much better chance of surviving and living happily. They still have their own responsibilities like helping out by becoming a pack warrior to maintain a strong army. Also, a werewolf can have a human bear his pups if one does not have a mate.

In the Fae Kingdom, humans help the fae creatures with fresh crops and finding new ways to multiply the crops and taking care of the plants and animals. Even if some of them have to be handed over once a year, it's not until you're 18. So yes. They're much much happier with a better life.

Why can't the humans just leave if they want a better life? Excellent question!

Simple answer. We humans can't. Once you step in the Vampiric Kingdom whether you want to go there or you're just passing through or whether you just wandered through into the Kingdom,

You. Can't. Step. Out.

You are stuck there till the day you die. And you know what? They don't tell you! Nobody warns anyone! 'it's against the law' they say. Well that's how it is. Too bad.

And I haven't even mentioned the biggest problem of all yet. Or rather who the problem is.


Darkness itself.

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