The Wandering Wolves 1 - Cass [ON HOLD]

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Cass used to be the Alpha's daughter. Used to be treated with respect. But now she's 19 and still isn't bowing down to pack rules, she's on her own. "Cassandra, the Elders have made their decision. You either accept a male now and carry his pups, or you'll leave the pack. And you'll leave until you visit with your male and your new pack, or until you've had your life and wish to be burried with your ancestors. You're allowed to pack your things, and leave before the sun is up." The Elders look smug, letting my father voice their ancient rules about she-wolves and their function to bear pups. I look them all in the eye, not willing to let the bastards win. I'm an Alpha heir and damn them that they want to force me to become a breeder. I stomp off, already aware it would come to this. I get home, grab my packed bags and hug my mom. She's crying, advising me to wear wide clothes on the road. Act male. And all I can do is tell her it'll be alright. Alright? Not sure that's still in the cards for me. I wink at my dad, who just stormed in. Letting him know I understand. "Cass," my dad starts, "remember my story about the Wandering Wolves? Find them." I nod, grab my stuff, jump on my bike and ride off. Time to find out where they are and whether I'm welcome there....

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1. The long road

I've been driving myself around on my bike. I'm wearing a large motorsuit so that mommy dearest didn't worry as much as if I'd worn my fitted one, keeping my hair hidden in my helmet. My mind keeps wondering, thinking how everything could've been alright. How it should've been alright. I could have had my mate, and happily stay in the fold of the pack with my Jace. But that wasn't what whatever kind of cruel God there is had in store for all of us....

I think gratefully about how my mother told me she chose her Alpha, but wanted to raise a pup before throwing a next heir into our pack. How that gave me more freedom, more choices. Because who knew whether my mom would ever pop out a new pup? They could hardly pressure their Luna when their Alpha had her back. I love my baby brother dearly, but I know that the Elders got what they wanted through him. And I couldn't say goodbye to him, he would've been too upset. I couldn't handle that, mom will help him understand in time.

When I was old enough to wander around our pack, I met Jace. Soon, Jace and I were always together. It started playful, but everyone thought they already had their next leaders on their hands. And we believed so, too. He was a son of the Beta. The pack used to believe that merging our genes might actually lead to a new Alpha pup, not having to surrender themselves to an outsider as their Alpha. It seems they at least hate strangers, too.

Every night on the road, my mind goes back to Jace. How he always surprised me with a lovely gift, a run in the forest or just some time together. He taught me how to ride a motorcycle, to my moms dismay and my dads swelling pride. But him going after me, meant he had to grow up quick. He was a few years older, and had to learn how to lead. He was sent on patrols, went with my dad to visits to other Alpha's and their packs; everybody and everything seemed to prepare him for our rule.

Jace and I got along so well, we kept spending every free minute together. But before taking things too far, we promised each other to wait until he got old enough to feel whether or not we were mates. I knew we were, so it was an easy promise. As an Alpha daughter, I'd probably feel it way later. I'd had to be wooed, whereas my mate would feel the bond once old enough and near me. Jace already had me, and we both knew it.....

Right before a claiming that could happen, or to even talk to Jace about his feelings, war came. We lost some of our bravest warriors while protecting our turf. Jace was one of them, my future mate. Whatever was left of him wasn't enough to even say out goodbyes. Ripped from the pack and my future as part of this pack with him. I was sure he was my mate and I vowed I would never settle for less. I wouldn't bend down for a male that sees me as his inferior. To let someone claim me and make me walk around with his mark. I wouldn't accept, not without allowing me to do the same. To bond as equals. And that's how all of this turned to a life of wandering.

I was as headstrong as someone with Alpha blood could be. As a human, I looked pretty feminine. I was not as pretty as my gorgeous mom, but I wasn't an eyesore. Unfortunately, that also meant that the unmated males kept creaping around. Thankfully, my wolf had more of my dad's genes. I was a large wolf, surpassing the usual size of females. It made it possible for me to keep the unmated wolves off my back now that I had to run without Jace.

Not sure I could actually find a place where I would be welcome to spend the night after my dad's hand was forced, I only stopped once it got dark. I'd spend the night at local woods. The woods still felt right, and I wanted to hold on to that feeling. To feel as if some piece of my life was still the same, was still me and nobody could steal that from me.

Finally, while I mentally prepared myself to spend another night at another forest, I seemed to have found the place. At least it seemed that way, believing my fathers tales. That if you went to the middle of our continent, you would find a forest. That forest would feel right once you're casted out. If you needed a pack and you could find them, you could join the wolves that roamed there. The ones that formed a pack, but respected more choices. That had the same rules on loyalty, but allowed small groups to roam the continent if their reasons were just. Due to the small trail in between the trees, I have to slow my pace down. Slowly, I'm following the trail that's taking me deep in those woods.




When I've reached a clearing, it looks like a whole damn village is in it. There's no trail anymore. It's a small street that leads from the trees to the buildings, to the biggest structure. The closer I get, the stranger it feels. The upper floors look normal, but the bottom floor mostly misses walls. I come to realize its all some kind of glass. It seems that the safety isn't in brick walls, it's in the people that live here. And they created the perfect view to spot intruders.

Here we go... Mentally bracing myself, I park my beloved bike at the side, where I found a large amount of bikes parked. I start to feel the prying eyes, and keep my helmet up a little longer. Slowly, I turn towards the building, looking through the glass. While wondering, I'm realizing that they put a fucking bar downstairs. With a view directly on all the bikes. And, ofcourse, that bar is packed right now. With what looks like a horde of giganic male specimens, some of them warningly looking at me. My plan to sneak in and get comfortable after the long ride is gone. I'm not going to back down now. I'm still me. While taking a breath, I decide to show my face. Keeping my eyes on the bar area, I remove my helmet. It lets my hair flow freely out of my helmet and down to my waist.

If I read the faces right, they didn't expect to see a girl remove that helmet. I just hope dad was right, and that I'm not trading one group of assholes for another. I'll need to keep my head high, show no fear. I strongly feel that I need a drink. Now. Here we go...

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