Destined to be

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What happens when the soon to be alpha of the rival pack the dark shadows pack is the mate to Nova the alphas daughter of the White Star Pack The blurb is is the description on the first page🤣

Fantasy / Scifi
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Nova daughter of alpha Timothy is 18 years old and has 4 overprotective brothers. She finds herself in an interesting situation when her father seeks help from their rival pack the Dawn Shadows pack. When finding out about the meeting she wanted to be anywhere but there. But, her father wanted her at the meeting, being the overprotective father he was, he only wanted her there so that he could be sure that the Dawn Shadows pack would leave her alone. But being stubborn she showed up late to the meeting only to find her mate was in the room and was next in line for the alpha position of the Dawn Shadows pack.

Cyrus being next in line for the alpha position in his pack, he thought he had everything he ever needed except a mate. The boy looked for years but knew when he turned 23 he had to take over the pack and knowing his birthday was 2 days away he joined his father in going to the white star pack as a last attempt to find his mate before he took over, but the 22-year-old almost 23-year-old had little to no faith in finding her and was mostly going because his father was making him. Mostly Cyrus had been expecting a quiet and quick meeting but little did he know that his mate would make an appearance.

But there is still one question in the air for both Nova and Cyrus will their families accept that they are mates or will they forbid it?

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