Destined to be

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I'm sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast with my Mother, Father, and my four older overprotective brothers, in order from oldest to youngest, it would be Saros, Perseus, Leo, and Rigel. My Father Timothy but many call him Tim and my Mother is Sara. My mother and father are the alpha and Luna of the pack which means that they own the pack and makes up the rules. Usually, breakfast is loud and has teasing from every member of the family but for some reason, it was quite like they knew something that I didn't and it was driving me crazy. It drove me so crazy that I snapped.

"What? What are you not telling me? You keep looking at me and then looking away." I yelled.

My family looks uncomfortable for a second before my father clears his throat.

"Nova sweetheart do you know how we are having problems with the Acephali and Adze?"

I knew about the problems and I knew that they were teaming up so, that they could take down all of the werewolves everywhere. It was causing great fear because they have taken out six packs so far. We are so far okay but, I knew that we could possibly be next only two packs remained in the United States. The only other pack is the Dawn Shadows Pack, and believe me we were enemies and despised each other. The Acephali are literally stupid but that's because they have no brain the literal definition of an Acephali is headless humanoid. The Adze is worse though they are almost the smartest things alive because they are vampires that live in the forest. These creatures can live for centuries because they are immortal. Finally thinking about it i want to know why this is 'the reason why the family was so tense because this doesn't explain it at all, if i knew about the attacks then why are they so calm there has to be something he isn't telling me.

"Father, I know about the attacks. Why are you so quiet? It's like you are afraid that I am going to break or something. I know that you're hiding something from me and I want to know what it is." I screamed.

At my sudden outburst, Mother dragged my brothers out and now I knew that this conversation was turning serious. I also knew that I had to get serious as well.

My father sighed, "Nova our pack can't handle everything and, there is only one other pack left in the United States that can help us. You do know that the war is coming soon, don't you? Not only is this war going to threaten our pack it is also going to threaten the entire werewolf race. We have to stop them before it gets to that point. So I have contacted the Dawn Shadows Pack. The Alpha and his son are coming, to have a meeting about this situation. They will be here tomorrow, and I want you there."

I froze, the Dawn Shadows Pack has been our rival pack since I could remember. But, to say the least, I did not want to go to this meeting. But my Father said that I had to go so, I guess I will be there a little late and by a little I mean an hour late, that way I only sit there for thirty minutes. Wait did he just say tomorrow? Tomorrow is my eight-teenth birthday the day i can finally, try to find my mate. Now I have to share it with the Dawn Shadows Pack I loathe them with a passion.

"Dad, do they have to come tomorrow?" I said.

"Yes Nova, they have to come tomorrow. If I had any other choice then I would use it but, I don't. I'm so sorry that they are coming on your birthday but, the sooner we meet them, the sooner that they leave." my Father said sounding apologetic.

I quickly mumbled okay and then left out of the room to the forest. The entire time that I was there talking to my father my wolf said nothing which is strange for her. My wolf has been acting weird since last night and, I don't have the slightest idea why. I have a feeling that something, gigantic is going to happen, I just don't know if it is for better, or for worse yet. So, hoping to cheer her up I am going on a run to where I don't know yet but hopefully, it's somewhere peaceful. Making my way to the trees, I strip off my clothes and, shift into my pure white wolf. Then, I take off running.

I had just got to the clearing in the forest where I had shifted earlier, how long I ran I have no idea but I just know that it was something that I needed really bad, now my wolf is more relaxed and so am I.

'Wow that was a nice run, don't you think?' my wolf Destiny said.

'Yeah, I think so as well.' I said back.

I then started walking back to the house dreading to have to meet the Dawn Shadows Pack. The moment I walked in I saw my parents and brothers sitting in the living room looking anxious.

"Where in the world have you been young lady?" my mother practically screeches across the living room.

"I was running in the forest why?" I asked.

"Nova do you know how long you were out running?" my Father demanded.

I was wracking my brain and, the most logical answer I could think of was to ask Destiny.

'Destiny how long were we out on the run?' I asked.

'How am I suppose to know?' was Destiny's reply.

I quickly looked at my parents and brothers to see that they were waiting for an answer.

"No. How long was I out running for?" I asked.

With that being said they all just laughed and left to go to bed not even bothering to answer my question. Not that I minded, I had a shower and a bed that was calling my name. I got a shower then headed off to bed drifting off to sleep I can't stop thinking about the meeting, I wonder how well it is going to go. But, for some reason, that feeling that I had before comes when I think about this meeting. But, no matter what feeling, I get when I think of this meeting I am still dreading it.

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