Destined to be

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The Day of The Meeting

I woke up to the sound of my mother dropping a pan on the floor of the kitchen. I have finally realized that today is my 18th birthday. I was surely awake and, I knew that I wasn't going to go back to sleep, so I went down the stairs to see what my mother was doing.

" Nova, are you just waking up now?" Mother asked annoyed.

" Yes, why is that a big deal?"

" Well you see Nova, it is currently 11, and the meeting is at 12:30, so you have less than 2 hours to get ready." Mother yelled.

So, with her in a malicious mood, I left her be and went to go find something to do to pass the time. As i leave the house, i see my best friend of all time. My best friend is named Layla. I have known her since i was in the womb since her mother and my mother are friends.

" Hey Sister," Layle practically screamed.

" Hey" I mumble.

" What is the matter with you? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?" she says.

" Don't get me started. I feel like absolute crap because guess who i have to meet in like an hour." I say practically seething.

" I have no idea. Why are you getting so upset? it's not like you are meeting with the dawn shadows pack." Layla says and, I look at her with pure confusion.

Just the fact that she said that, makes me break out into the fit of laughter. She looks over at me and, she looks so very, confused.

"Maybe she doesn't know," Destiny says.

" Of course she knows i mean you can't keep the fact that the Dawn Shadows Pack is coming into our territory." I practically scream at her in my mind.

"Well excuse me if I wanted to stand up for your best friend." Destiny screams and then block me out.

Layla starts waving her hand in front of my face and, it was then that I realized that I spaced out when I was talking to destiny.

" Sorry, I was talking to Destiny and, for information, I do have to meet with the Dawn Shadows pack," I practically am screaming at this point.

She looks over at me with wide eyes and, I realized that nothing was said to her about this even if she was the betas daughter. She looks sort of scared and, I now know why my father hadn't said anything to her father or the rest of the pack for that matter. I should have known that m father would not have said anything this makes me feel like such an idiot.

Layla looks at me clears her throat and says " I'm sorry I didn't know. Why are they coming here? Is there something that I can do? When is this said meeting taking place?"

I look over at her just trying to process everything and finally answered "It's okay, the meeting is only because of the problems with the Acephali and Adze. These problems are continuing to get worse and, that is an issue. The only way to get rid of them is to get stronger and, that is why we need them. The meeting is at 12:30 this afternoon. "

She looked at me and, something seemed to spark in her mind.

" Happy Birthday best friend!" she suddenly screams.

" Thanks but I was hoping that everyone would forget about it," I said

I sighed looked at my phone and realized that it was11:45 so i said goodbye to Layla and started walking to find my favorite brother of all time. I walk to the edge of the territory were i knew that my brother was leading the patrol. Rigel is the kind of brother that I can talk to him about anything and, he is closer to me in age than the others. Rigel is 20 and has already found his mate, Lillian. The two of them don't have any kids, unfortunately, but they have only been together for two months, so I completely understand.

" Hey, Rigel what's been happening in the territory?"

" Hey, there is my favorite sister of all time. That just turned 18 today might I add."

I just kinda look at him, he had never been like this. When he acts like this, he needs something.

" Rigel, I happen to be your only sister, what do you need from me?"

Rigel smiles the sweetest smile and says" Oh I don't need anything from you just yet. Anyway, you just turned 18 today do you know what that means?"

I look at him and, I'm kinda confused so, i say the only thing that comes to mind, " That I am finally an adult and, according to dad and my four overprotective brothers I'm not allowed to leave the house."

" Haha, that's very funny actually but, no that's not what i was thinking, i was thinking more along the lines that you can now, meet your mate now that you are 18."

I growl lowly because I don't want to find my mate this early, don't get me wrong i do want one just not right now. Rigel saw the look on my face and got it because he was the same way which is why he is trying to change my mind on the situation. According to him, it is the best feeling in the world and, that might be true but, i want to explore the world i don't want to be tied down by not being able to do anything. The only reason, i can't have both is that since I'm a female, i will most likely surrender to him because would be the more dominant one.

Rigel starts waving his hand in front of my face, this causes me to wake up from my daydream. He starts laughing and suggests, that we leave because it is currently 12. So we start walking to the house to get ready for the meeting. We continue talking about the little things such as what i would do if i became an aunt which is a really weird subject to talk about. We make it to the house, say our goodbyes, and go to our own rooms. I grab my things for a nice hot shower and go into the bathroom to take one.

I get out of the shower to get dressed and look at the time. When i look at the time i realize that the time is 2:45 meaning that I was currently 15 minutes late to the meeting. I start to run as quickly as i could to the meeting spot. When i got right outside the doors i smelt, the most addicting smell of rain and pumpkin spice. I opened the door, out of instinct, welcoming the intoxicating scent. When i opened the door there was a young man that looked rugged and, had many tattoos on his arms. He also had the most amazing emerald green eyes.

As our eyes met Destiny couldn't stop screaming "MATE. THAT'S OUR MATE."

Realization seems to cross across his face as he just stares at me. This feeling is making me feel like him and I are the only two people in the room. I then realize that i don't know him that means that he would have to be of high ranking from the daw shadows pack. This means because of tradition it's going to be a battle to see where i will live. Tradition states that the person with the higher ranking will continue to live in the place he/she is living currently. So unless he is going to take over the dawn shadows pack i am safe living here. There is also the feeling of dread going through me by just the thought that i might have to leave this place. But, that doesn't matter now, all that matters was the meeting at the moment. The events that just happened are making me wonder how this meeting is going to go.

The next thing that i hear is someone yelling, "Mine."

Then on instinct, i say, "yours."

fully submitting myself to the stranger that i don't even know yet.

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