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Mia Langdon, a young girl is returning home from a fair with her two best friends but they get lost in the forest and to make things worse it's a full moon. Both her friends are murdered but Samson doesn't kill Mia he spares her and becomes very protective over her, fighting his brothers for her survival if he has to. He balances on the edge of being kicked out of the pack that had always been his family, he is willing to test his loyalty and to betray his pack for a girl he had only met once. But a girl that he feels he had a connection to. Someone he feels responsible for. But she is hiding her own secret.

Fantasy / Romance
Raven Valentino
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The animal circus had just finished and Mia and her friends began to leave but instead of walking the paths with the horses and carriages they decided to walk through the woods, but that would soon prove to be a mistake, the girls had heard of the myths and stories that revolved around the woods but they never believed them, well till it actually happened to them. Mia hung behind her two friends she was never one to lead.

“Guys I don’t think we should be going through here,” Mia said.

“Oh don’t be such a baby, I’ve done this many times,” Heather replied.

“In the daylight sure,” Naomi added.

“Oh come on what’s the worst that can happen?” Heather asked stopping in front of them, out of nowhere a black mass grabbed the young girl, pinned her to the ground and began to mutilate her, her screams echoed around the forest. The two girls ran abandoning their friend to the beast, they continued to run till their friend fell silent and a cacophony of growls filled the forest.

The girls reached a clearing and a pack of ten wolves surrounded them, Mia and Naomi stood with their backs touching and the wolves began to close in around them, however, these wolves weren’t normal they were large almost the size of a horse, the girls didn’t know what to do. “Mia we’re not going to get out of this one!” Naomi exclaimed.

“Yes, we will,” Mia said, she began to walk forward towards a black and grey wolf, a great mane tumbled all the way down to its paws and was streaked with silver, its eyes glowing yellow, its snarl dropped as she looked it in the eyes. A brown wolf then pounced on Naomi and tore into her, a black wolf then joined in on the mutilation and tore the poor girl in half.

Mia then began to panic, she began to back off from the wolf stumbling over her friends remains and being coated in her blood, the wolves all looked at each other and all barked to one another.

The big black one with the flesh and blood dribbling from its mouth began to approach Mia but before it could tear into her the black and grey one stood in front of her, it pinned its ears against its neck and lunged for the black wolf who retreated back it seemed a bit surprised at the boldness of its fellow pack members bravery.

It used its snout to push Mia away and growled at the others to make a path for her, none of them argued with that wolf even the alpha. Mia didn’t look back she ran all the way back to the small town and straight into her home, she slammed the door behind her and stood there panting and shaking as the adrenalin wore off and fear seeped into her bones.

She tried to shake the feeling off and got ready for bed, but the howling of the wolves unnerved her and so she put a wooden beam across her door and slept with her fathers pistol in her arms.

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