The Alpha Kings Mate

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Would the Alpha King of the werewolves willing to accept his mate after knowing the revelations about her past? A King needs his Queen, to rule by his side. To see the beauty in every little things.. Its all Alexander ever wanted. To feel the bond of a Mate.. To feel how to be cared.. Mates now a days are hard to find especially "True Mates". He have to find her mate as soon as possible for his wolf is growing restless and impatient on finding their mate. The one that the Moon Goddess destined to be with him for eternity. And when the time comes to finally meet his mate, would Alexander, the Alpha King, would he accept her mate after knowing the horrible revelations about her mate? Is he willing to accept all of her and be the Queen of Werewolfs in his kingdom?

Fantasy / Romance
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Important Announcement!


Before you proceed reading this, i just want you all to know that this is my FIRST EVER STORY THAT I AM CURRENTLY WRITING. Still i'm learning how to improve more. I am not really a writer and not a good writer but i'm trying my best to give this story a good one. So i hope you would understand and give this a chance to read and be patient on my not so good grammars and on my writing style. I am not really a writer for i am really just a reader. I love to read! I have read so many kinds of stories like fantasy, romance/erotic, horror, thriller and ofcourse my favorite of all is about the Werewolfs! So i said to myself why not try to write my own story?? Trying to unleash the writer in me!! So yeah here it is!!!

So please please guys i need your patience and your love to my own story!!

And one more thing! This story had some Violent scenes and Mature Content! If you are not comfortable with it, just go with the flow! Haha! But seriously guys i hope you will all like it!!

Godbless guys!!


This story of mine contains some violent scene and inappropriate scenes and matured content. If you are not comfortable with it and not used of reading some sexual scenes then I advised that you don't read my story. Try at your own risk! So you won't blame me that this story of mine is so harshed and violent because it's the way the story goes. So if you still want to proceed then I am very much thank you and WELCOME to my werewolf story!


This story of mine really needs an editing! As you can read from the few chapters there are a lot of mistakes and errors that I need to edit and fix but hopefully you are not bothered to it. As soon as I finish this story I would really edit all of the errors but for now please do keep more patience as you read this. Please do vote and give a review if you like my story! Thank you so much!

You do had been warned! But still I am praying and hoping that you will all like this werewolf story of mine.

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