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will the angels be able to make it in time to find a way to end the numbered numbered vs angelic kindness

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It all started over 100 years ago.

When the sky opened up with a pitch-black portal. Everything blacked out. The village of Percieus was raided by the remnants of the demonic army. The Villagers just trembled in fear as they could only assume what was happening outside their houses. Screaming, the sound of teeth-gnashing, metal scraping against the walls of the houses and chanting of the demons went on for hours.

After the chanting and the screaming had died down, a flash of crimson red passes over the village and the numbers from 1 to 76 in common were engraved on the villagers, their flesh turned to a hard material that can be only described as Crystalite (this material does not exist in the realm of the living); their bones turned to an indestructible metal known as startainum (which can only be found in the mines of the angelic realm), grown draconic wings which are able to pierce through the strongest metal known to mankind, their eyes changed to pitch black with a red eclipse and a strange hunger for something angelic.

Once the king was notified about the Numbered’s attacks on multiple villages he decided to send out his best scouts and assassins to investigate to gain information on how strong they are and if to assess if there was a way to defeat them before they reach the kingdom.

The scouts and assassins made it to the village which they expect the numbered to attack. Half the scouts were tasked to find multiple escape routes should things go awry the other half were tasked to evacuate the village to the kingdom of Drakos. While the assassins get a layout of the now deserted village and find the vantage points for the mission.

A few days go by and there have been no signs of the Numbered, The sunsets over the mountain just a few miles west, one of the scouts notice something, A little child crying in an alleyway curious he starts to walk over to the child but he only gets two footsteps from her, she lifts her head up removes her hood revealing a maniacal grin with teeth as sharp as a dragon’s claw, within the blink of an eye, the girl lashes at the scout’s throat sinking her dragon’s claw teeth in and crushing his windpipe with one quick bite. Another scout catches sight at what just happened and was barely able to warn the others before his entire body was severed in two by the black dragon scaled wing of another. The Numbered have arrived.

Within mere moments the numbered managed to round up all but one of the party that was sent to the village. in the midst of the carnage of the party, one of them survived by using the dead bodies of his fallen comrades as cover, however, his right arm has been cleanly severed from his body, he was barely able to make it to his horse and make a quick getaway.

A few weeks go by and the king finally gets word from the scout that made it back by the skin of his teeth. The scout is missing his right arm, his left eye and he has blade slashes all over his body. after the mages heal and stabilise him he relays the info that he obtained from the mission.

“What happened and what did you learn?” The king asked with concern.

“They slaughtered the squadron; we didn’t stand a chance. There were so many of them as well. As you can see, I barely made it out alive.” The unnamed scout explained

“So, what did you learn about them? Is there anything that we can do to kill them? What are they after?!” exclaimed the king.

“As far as I know there is no way to kill them. I overheard them talking about something to do with hunting down those with angelic blood. One of them said something about sending a hand full of them back to their hideout and the rest look for the other villages. They might be on their way here!” relayed the unnamed scout.

The king asks, “On estimate how long till they get here?!”

“I don’t really know, they have wings, so I’d say around a few weeks from now.” relayed the scout

“Evacuate the kingdom. Mages search out any of angelic heritage and take them to the cathedral of the fallen and tutor them on magic and self-defence!” Demanded the king.

The mages follow out the demand by the king and it took them 5 days to get all of the angelic descendants all together and 3 weeks to get to the cathedral. Meanwhile, the king prepares for the inevitable fight by saying goodbye to his wife and two sons, telling them to go with the mages so he can guaranty their safety. Everyone else has evacuated to the kingdom of Mystalia 20 miles south of the kingdom of Drakos. A majority of the knights stay behind to defend the kingdom and the others left to defend the evacuated.

The month had passed but only 30 of the numbered had arrived in the courtyard at the kingdom of Drakos.

The king standing in front of all of them with his draconic sword plunged into the ground, the hilt resembling a dragons head and the guards of the blade are the wings of a golden dragon.

“Where are the others? I could swear there were at least seventy of you people” questioned the king

“Oh ... Do you think this pathetic kingdom is worth our full army? Hahahahah! Don’t make me laugh king of dragons.” manically laughed the woman in the cloak.

“Who are you?” He asked

“Are you asking for my name. well, you can call me Scarlet, then again it’s the last name you’ll ever hear, heheheh.” Scarlet laughed

A flash of light passes. Once the light had faded the kings’ armour has been equipped.

Without a single word, the king dashed and swung his blade at Scarlet’s throat however it was futile the king was suddenly stopped in his tracks; Scarlet’s pitch black draconic wing blocked the attack without breaking a sweat.

The king swiftly backs up now aware of how fast she reacts.

Scarlet steps forward. “Sigh... My turn” she rushes towards the king with her blade aiming for the kings head, However, it just misses only scratching the helmet. Within mere milliseconds scarlet launches the king with a devastating kick to his stomach cracking the king’s chest plate and sending him into the merchant store crumpling it on impact.

The king stands up dusting off the rubble. He raises his hand into the sky, thunder clouds start swirling round in the sky. Scarlet starts advancing towards him. The king slams his hand down onto the ground causing it to crack and right under Scarlet. lightning erupts electrocuting her to the startanium bone within a second and sending her into the sky.

A second passes.

Scarlet crashes into the ground creating a crater, picking herself up and throwing her cloak off revealing her demonic eyes, the draconic wings protruding from her back, her crimson red hair, her number engraved on the left side of her neck and the sheath for her blade.

With a smirk on her face, she sheaths her blade, extends her wings and flies towards the king using her arm to shove against him. Bracing himself the king clashes with the attack by using his sword to block the attack. Scarlet charges up a ball of ice in her other hand and forces it into the king’s face.

Now engulfed with ice his helmet ignites in flame, instantly melting the ice. Still blocking the charge from scarlet the king reveals his golden wings from his armour. Scarlet grabs the blade that the king’s blade and quickly freezes it with her left hand and crushes it. Through the shards of the shattered blade scarlet launches a demonic kick, launching the king into the castle and embeds him into the wall of the castle.

Scarlet lands in front of the king and starts walking towards him readying what she thinks to be the killing blow.

Meanwhile, the king starts to mutter something under his breath and the clouds from the lightning he called down start swirling around with the epicentre right above him.

Scarlet is only a few steps away from the king slowly creating a blade out of ice on one hand. Now standing eye to eye with the king she raises her hand...

BANG! A pillar of lava erupts under the king and a colossal force crashes in front of him. Scarlet is forced to back up. The lava disperses and from the dust, a massive claw scratches towards scarlet connecting and sending her flying back but rarely damaged.

Scarlet spreads her wings to catch herself in the air and the silhouette in the dust cloud causes her to burst out into laughter. “Hahahahah, finally some excitement,” she remarks

The dust settles revealing shimmering gold scales, navy blue eyes, a body the size of the castle. The kings’ dragon had arrived.

The dragon lets out a bone-shattering roar. Igniting a flame in its mouth and firing it straight at Scarlet engulfing her in flames. All that remains in the sky is a pitch-black demon with crimson eyes and draconic wings holding scarlet then suddenly disappears right in front of the golden dragon.

The strange demon gives a serious look at the dragon and it slowly turns to stone. The dragon starts roaring even breathing fire at his feet to try and crack the stone. The king starts trembling as he watches his last hope perish before his very eyes.

Without a word the demon takes scarlet back to her group lays her on the floor, then vanishes to right in front of the king. Surprised the king backs up as much as he can.

The demon speaks out “You asked who they are...”

In desperation, the king tried one more attack interrupting the demon but it was futile.

The demon sighs and starts slowly walking towards the king conjures a scythe in his hand places the blade behind the kings head.

With the king fearing for his life his entire body trembling, facing the demon and with a blade right behind his neck spits into the demons face and closes his eyes as he feels the blade run across the back of his neck.

The king is dead.

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