Fighting Fantasy Volume 2

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This continues the adventures of Tenlong and his friends adventure into the Lowroda underground to find some secret. Tenlong smiled a bittersweet smile. “I will not forget what I am and that I want to be strong as you one day. Yet, I want to free this land of all it's dangers so that God's people will not have to suffer in silence anymore." Master J put a hand on his student's shoulder, next to where Lin was sitting. “Tenlong, our kind becomes stronger based on one's desire. My desire as a young warrior was to the strongest in all of Violin and for a while, I was that strong. But, it did not fill the emptiness that was in my heart. That spot was where my family and God once was. You fight not just for the sake of becoming the strongest but also for the sake of others less fortunate than you. You have two pillars of power to work on so that you can become stronger than me with only one pillar." Tenlong spoke, "That is flattering, teacher. Stop it before it goes to my head." Master J had a look of shame on his face, while he could not look at his face. He spoke, "Children, I had killed millions, no billions over my lifetime. I am not proud of it. I was both a serial killer and a mass murderer! I do not know why the Lord wanted to take me back. It is beyond me.”

Fantasy / Action
Zach Hughart
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Chapter 1

Back during Rin, Lin, and Tenlong’s training under Master J, a strange event occurred after a hard night’s workout.

The three were sitting at a table built for men, Tenlong’s size or bigger.

Rin spoke, “I feel like a newborn at a kitchen table! This is crazy!”

Lin laughed at her brother’s comment.

Tenlong spoke, “I am sorry that we do not have any better arrangements, but Master J is not used to having house guests. I was the probably first one in centuries, to spend time with him. He is such a hermit that abhors change. He means well though. He is very hard-nosed, yet he is very giving at the same time. He had to see many wars and battles over the supposed thousand-year life that he has said to had lived. He has certainly obtained much crystallized intellectual prowess over all that time.”

Rin spoke, “I wonder how strong he really is without any sandbagging? Grandpa has to be very strong as well. Isn’t that right Lin?”

Lin did not respond since she looked to be deep in thought about something unbeknownst to the two others.

Rin spoke, “What is wrong, sis? Has a cat got your tongue? Out with it.”

Tenlong frown and said, “Do not force her Rin. We don’t want to harm her by forcing an issue when she is not ready to talk about it yet. Let us be considerate to her feelings at the very minimum.”

Rin let the matter drop.

Tenlong spoke, “Why are you two so desperate to carry out this mission for your Grandpa? I will

do all I can to help you two, so tell me to shut up if I am prodding too much.”

Lin pounded upon the stone table like a judge smacking his gavel. She stood to her feet in a rage that of someone bigger than even Tenlong.

Rin just sat there at the table frozen, like a statue.

Tenlong spoke with concern, “Have I erred my friends? What did I do to wrong you all? Please do tell me what I have done.”

Rin spoke, “It is okay. You have done nothing wrong to us. It is that the subject is just a sore subject for us, especially for Lin. We miss Grandpa after being with him nearly all our lives.”

Lin tried and succeeded to flip the table over and everything on it.

Her face was red as an apple and grimaced into a face filled with pure unadulterated anger.

Rin spoke, “We were our grandpa’s hands and feet, but he cast away one day out in the blue. He gave us no explanation but just handed us this hastily written map. If he had made it himself, then he would have been very trouble at the time upon which he had written it. That much I know to the gospel truth as you say it, Tenlong.”

Lin started to break what few dishes that were left unbroken after she had flipped the table.

She spoke, “Are we not good enough anymore? Why have cast us like unwanted trash down into

a dumpster fire? What have we done to you to deserve this? We did all we could to please you and did all our tasks as good little children. Yet, here we are in the land, we know nothing about to find something that may or may not even exist! What malarkey!”

The twins were both crying profusely to the point that Tenlong was forced to take action.

Tenlong remembered how he felt in the arms of both of his mothers. He picked them off the floor like little babies in a mother’s arms, with the means of trying to comfort Rin and Lin.

Lin instantly fought the embrace of Tenlong, kicked and punching to no end. Rin tried to escape

the Gigantos’ grip as well, but as violently as Lin was at this moment. The pair was powerless to escape the mighty man powerful, yet somehow gentle embrace.

Lin gasped as she looked up into the eyes of Tenlong.

He was crying along with them with the tenderest look that one could be given.

Rin saw as well and was taken back by the sight as well.

A spirit of peace covered the trio like they are given ad never experienced before. Tenlong lowered

the duo to the floor with care not often given by a man of his size.

The twins‘ eyes about jumped out of their skulls when they looked back upon the image of


He appeared to much older and bigger at twenty feet tall, to go along with weighing one ton of hardening muscle. He was wearing the clothing of royalty with a large golden crown on his head. The crown had gemstones upon them, but that was not the greatest attraction that they saw that day.

There was an elongated green dragon wrapping itself around the flesh of the giant. The dragon did something truly unexpected.

The dragon roared at the twins with a deafening blast of wind that caused the twins to tremble at its very presence.

Rin and Lin were white as a ghost as Tenlong’s appearance returned back to his normal self.

Tenlong was totally unaware of what had transpired and the twins never spoke to Tenlong about what really had transpired that night.

Tenlong and the had just returned back from their mission with the pirate island when Master J greets them with a firm look on his face.

The master spoke, “It did not go as I hoped, but better than I had expected. You three are three different individuals but still you are one unit do not forget that. There will come a time where you will need all your combined skills to win.”

All three students nodded in agreement.

Master J spoke, “Go rest at Tenlong’s house for a week and recover. Then and only then I will show you what you twins had looking for.”

Rin and Lin bright up like a new shining star in the sky.

The twins bowed to the old warrior and said, “Thank you Master J!”

Tenlong bowed as well and repeated what the twins said.

Tenlong and the others were just out in the woods outside Mary and his house when the trio find themselves blanketed with hunters.

Mayor Grimwald was leading a mob to attack the trio.

The mayor spoke, “We do not want any trouble from you three, now get lost! We are looking for our family and guests to return.”

Tenlong left smaller five feet smaller and clean shaven, while he returned back fifty percent bigger, and with a large brown beard that was down to the top of his abdomen. The twins’ appearance changed as well, with Rin gaining both muscle and vertical height. Lin was more well rounded and curvy in her physique. Her body was that of a fitness athlete, despite she originally appearing to a doll.

Tenlong spoke in a deep bass voice, “This is how you treat your family? We were gone for only one month!”

Mary ran out from door to her house and leap off of one of the hunter’s back. She landed into Tenlong’s arms.

Mary spoke, “I missed you so much Tenlong! You had gotten so much bigger, I barely knew you at first. But, a mother always knows her child no matter how long they had been absent from them!”

Jimmy Jr jumped unto his brother’s shoulders with glee as well,

The village created a going away feast for the trio that lasts a few days. In a blink of an eye, a week had transpired and the village had given Tenlong, Rin, and Lin all sorts of supplies that they need to start a journey. Tenlong had carried a huge backpack that weighs at least half a ton at the very least. The twins carried a lot but nowhere as much as the young Gigantos had carried.

Master J was waiting at the edge of the village for the trio.

Master J spoke, “It is D-day and there will be no going back once we get started. Once you

set out on your journey, I will not be able to help you, since I have other issues to deal with at this time. You will have to use all the training that I bestowed upon you all to survive.”

Tenlong and the others looked sad at just the mention of their master’s departure.

Master J spoke, “I have trained you all enough, no more than enough. You just need much more combat experience, than fighting some few pirates in your free time. There will be more than enough

danger to experience, once I take you to the underground tunnel system. Tenlong had given you more special treatment than the others, so do not forget to carry your weight, no pun intended.”

Rin and Lin started to laugh once they looked at Tenlong’s backpack.

Tenlong started to tear up after thinking about leaving the family that he received, after losing his first family once his mother Zizi was murdered.

Rin and Lin were on their friend’s shoulders, trying to wipe away his alligator tears.

Master J spoke, “Tenlong, do not ever forget what you are trying to fight for. Don’t lose yourself

in the fighting, as I did all those centuries ago.”

Tenlong smiled a bittersweet smile.

“I will not forget what I am and that I want to be strong as you one day. Yet, I want to free this land of all it’s dangers so that God’s people will not have to suffer in silence anymore.”

Master J put a hand on his student’s shoulder, next to where Lin was sitting.

“Tenlong, our kind becomes stronger based on one’s desire. My desire as a young warrior was to the strongest in all of Violin and for a while, I was that strong. But, it did not fill the emptiness that was in my heart. That spot was where my family and God once was. You fight not just for the sake of becoming the strongest but also for the sake of others less fortunate than you. You have two pillars of power to work on so that you can become stronger than me with only one pillar.”

Tenlong spoke, “That is flattering, teacher. Stop it before it goes to my head.”

Master J had a look of shame on his face, while he could not look at his face.

He spoke, “Children, I had killed millions, no billions over my lifetime. I am not proud

of it. I was both a serial killer and a mass murderer! I do not know why the Lord wanted to take me back.

It is beyond me.”

Tenlong smiled and put a hand on his teacher’s shoulder.

“Teacher, the Lord is not done with you, because he has a mission for you to do, like the three of us, have our own to do as well. Your sins can be covered by the blood of the lamb.”

Master J spoke, “I wish that I could cry but my tears had dried up long ago. Rin and Lin, please take care of my student. You all, please take care of each other.”

Tenlong hugged his teacher with Lin and Rin still on his back. They hugged their master as well. The old Gigantos was taken back by the tender embrace but he soon relented to his student’s touch.

Master J did something he rarely ever did anymore.

He smiled.

The trio was taken back by the sight but they mutually decided to not say anything about it.

Master J took the trio down to an entrance to the underground tunnel system.

The master spoke, “Here we are, do you three feel the same way as you did before we left the village?”

Tenlong spoke, “Yes!”

The twins followed up with a loud yes as well.

Tenlong led the way into the tunnel with Rin and Lin following behind him. Each of the young warriors was given a lit torch by the master as they entered the cave.

The entrance disappeared behind them like it was never there, to begin with.

The trio walked for what felt to be hours, but they did not know to be true since they had no external lights beside their torches.

Tenlong was like a kid on the day before his birthday party, instead, his presents were various forms of bandits and monsters.

Rin and Lin did not have the urge to fight as Tenlong did. The twins fought to live, while Tenlong was visa versa.

Tenlong did not have to wait very long, because a pack of wild dogs attacked his group. The trio threw the torches to the ground at their feet.

There were at least twenty to thirty dogs ranging from medium-sized dogs up to extra large dogs that weighed two to three hundred pounds of sheer muscle and little fat. The dogs were attacking the heroes from all angles.

Tenlong punched some of the smaller dogs into oblivion, one right after another. Rin was slicing some of the bigger dogs with his two-handed sword, while Lin using her mental powers to cause some of the dogs to attack each other.

More dogs came to attack our heroes, but they soon fell to the overwhelming prowess of the trio.

A large three-headed dog came to avenge its pack. It was ten times bigger than any of the other

previous dogs.

Rin spoke, “This one must be the alpha!”

Tenlong spoke, “Let me have him.”

Rin and Lin obliged their friends.

Tenlong cracked his blood-soaked knuckles.

Tenlong roared out, “Bring it on Scooby!”

The dog pounced upon the giant while standing on its hind legs. The paws were rearing into the flesh of Tenlong’s chest as the left head bit Tenlong’s right arm. The fangs had gone deep into the lad’s flesh.

Tenlong was used to fighting wild dogs so he knew to hit the dog’s throat to force the beast’s gag reflex.

The left head left go of his grip as it started to gag.

Tenlong punched the left head off its shoulders.

Tenlong grabbed up the vertically standing dog and did a throwing suplex on it!

The dog landed hard on the stony ground.

Tenlong raced towards the dog and did a roundhouse kick that crushed the central head into blood and gore. Only the right head remained and trying to bite Tenlong.

Tenlong grabbed the back of the dog’s jaw that was toothless. He then used both of his hands to

rip the dog’s head in half.

He was victorious in his battle.

Tenlong yelled out,” Aw man, that was way too easy! I want a challenge!”

Lin corrected, “We could have been eaten alive by these fur balls and you are disappointed that you did not get hurt enough. What kinda man are you? That mutt could have bitten your arm off.”

Tenlong spoke, “Us Gigantos, love to battle, even at death’s door. I had known only one other of my kind for sure. But, I had read all of the Gigantos’ history that I could, before I met you all, and I found out that my race was a violent one.”

Rin spoke, “We just want to see Grandpa again is all.”

Lin smacked Rin’s back out of anger.

She spoke, “I can speak for myself! I am not a cripple!”

Rin spoke, “I am sorry, sis. I did not mean anything by it.”

Lin spoke, “Well stop it, I had trained as much as you did to become a warrior. Do not forget it!”

Tenlong spoke, “Do not be too hard on him, Lin. He is just worried about you. Not everyone can be a bad dude like I am.”

Lin spoke, “Do not get me started, big man!”

Tenlong only smiled after the comment from Lin.

The trio continued on with their journey, they then ran across a bandit’s den. Then mayhem then has begun.

The Gigantos went into a killing spree.

Tenlong double lariat two bandits’ heads off of their shoulders. He kicked the torso off of five bandits. He then set the rest of the foes on fire and hit them into oblivion.

Rin and Lin could not get a hit edgewise. Tenlong was that into it.

Lin spoke, “Are you done with your killing spree or do we need to battle you, as well?”

Tenlong smiled a wicked smile.

“Lin, I am done for now. I am going to clean up and fix the dog we killed for dinner.”

Rin and Lin about blew chunks at the thought of eating dog.

Lin spoke, “It was bad enough to watch you clean all the dogs, let alone eat them in a den filled

the stink of burnt flesh.”

Tenlong spoke, “I can cook it somewhere else. It is not that big of a deal.”

Lin started to puke unto the floor.

Rin spoke, “A bandit’s den is so homely for dinner time.”

Tenlong spoke, “The best part of waking up is carnage in your cup!”

The trio left the den and found a tunnel that was a dead end, so they only had to protect one entrance.

Tenlong placed his campfire at the front of the entrance, so he could eat his dog meat without making the others throw up, any more than they already had. The hunter ate everything he killed, except for humans. He wasted very little of the animals he killed.

Rin and Lin ate some deer stew back in the rear of the tunnel.

Tenlong yelled, “You don’t know what you are missing!”

Rin yelled, “I am good!”

Lin spoke, “Yes, I do! Keep that slop up there!”

The trio rested in shifts, with Tenlong going first, then Rin, and finally Lin the night went on peaceful and they continued on their adventure.

Lin asked, “Why would Grandfather want us to come into this horrid place?”

Rin shrugged his shoulders in puzzlement.

Tenlong spoke, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

This did not make the twins feel much better but that was that Tenlong could do for now.

Days go and no more bandit or animal attacks.

Tenlong was getting irritated from the lack of action and was getting short with Lin and Rin.

Lin shouted, “Shut your mouth, you battle junkie!”

Rin spoke, “Just drop it!”

Tenlong spoke, “Shut your mouth, wench!”

Lin spoke, “Wench, I will show you wench!”

Lin grabbed a large boulder, she ran up his arm and smashed over Tenlong’s head.

Tenlong was going to snap when he stopped in his tracks.

Lin spoke, “Chill dude, Ten, you are driving yourself insane! We have more battles to fight down the road. Let’s not fight among ourselves, we can spar once we get to safety.”

Tenlong spoke, “Lin, what have I done?”

Lin kissed the giant on the cheek.

Rin’s jaw about drop down to the floor.

Tenlong kissed Lin on the entire side of her face. Her whole side of her face was wet from the

giant’s kiss.

Lin was wiping the saliva off her face while grumbling under her breath.

Rin thought to himself, “Tenlong is the dragon and Lin is the dragon lady. She is braver than I am to mess someone as strong as he is. Tenlong is usually the nice guy, but at the same time, he is a battler. The loudest dogs are usually the smallest ones. I will never tell Lin that, though.”

The trio had a good night until the boys awoke to Lin screaming her head off.

Tenlong and Rin left the supplies behind as they chased after whoever was messing with Lin. It had been Lin’s watch and she was long gone.

The lads were racing at over Mach two in pursuit of Lin’s capture.

It did not take long for Tenlong and Rin to catch up to Lin’s capture.

It was three trolls roughly the size the Tenlong that had Lin. They were smelly and green in color. One of the trolls had Lin, as he looked back at the heroes with his long pointy nose.

Lin had been hogged tied with a rope and she was struggling to escape.

Rin threw a knife at the center troll’s back, the one holding Lin, but it just kept on running as he had only received a bug bite.

The two trolls that were at each side of the central troll fell back to battle the duo.

Tenlong fought the one on the right, while Lin had the left one.

The remaining troll raced onward to God only knows.

Tenlong got hit in the side of his head with a wooden club. The troll growled with glee with his successful strike.

The Gigantos warrior spat some blood out of his mouth, as he was both angry and excited for the challenge.

Tenlong got mad and grabbed the club out of the troll’s hands. Tenlong broke the club over the monster’s jaw.

The jaw of the troll was now completely nonexistent as it grabbed the bleeding orifice.

The troll pulled out a huge dagger from his waist and sliced the top of Tenlong’s head clean open.

Blood has begun to flow down into the eyes of Tenlong.

The young man snapped and let out a huge battle cry.

Tenlong punched the pointy end of the dagger and it broke into one million pieces. The punch forced its way through the heart of the troll.

Tenlong knew that the troll was dead, so he raced past Rin who was deep into combat. He didn’t want to leave Rin behind but Tenlong knew that Lin was in the most danger.

Tenlong thought, “Lin, you had better be safe or I will… I do not know what I will do.”

Rin was battling a huge troll with extreme caution. He could not allow taking blows from the beast as Tenlong had done. He was not even in the same country as Tenlong, when it comes to toughness. One or two good hits and he would be dead as a doornail.

Rin dodged the club of the troll with supersonic speed and dashed behind the troll.

The club was stuck into the stony ground.

Rin thought, “Here is my chance!”

The swordsman slashed the back of the head of the troll since the neck muscles of the troll were well built. Rin did not want to break his sword on the troll’s traps.

The troll’s head was sliced into two horizontal slices. The top slices went flying across the room.

Tenlong was racing after the screams of Lin through a series of tunnels. He was starting to fall

behind the troll carrying his comrade.

Tenlong knew that he did not have very good ki detection skills like Rin and Lin had. So he made the decision to run through the stone walls like they were particle board.

Tenlong was following the screams of his comrade, like a homing beacon. He was starting to get closer and closer to the source of the screams. He had grown accustomed to her voice after training together for thirty years. He was starting to feel Lin’s ki as if it was less than one hundred

feet away. He was running through heavy stone walls as if they were just paper mache.

Tenlong finds himself in a large hall that reeked of various bodily fluids and rotten corpses. There were over one hundred trolls, inside the great hall. Lin was laying down on top of an extensive stone altar while being chained down to it. She was trying to break free of her restraints, so

several trolls had to pin her down to the stained altar. He saw that in front of the altar was a large stone stairway that no handrails. On top of the stairway was a patchy rug, obliviously made out of several different fabrics sewed together with no sense of order. On top of the long stairway was a long stone platform that was at least fifty feet off the floor underneath.

Tenlong cried out,” Lin are you hurt? What do you need me to do?′

Lin stopped her struggle for an instance and gave Tenlong a piercing look that he had never seen

from her before. It had pierced through his very soul to the point that his bottom lip was shaking, but was luckily left unseen by his long brown beard. He was entrapped in time by the gaze of the young woman to the point that he was unable to move even an inch.

Lin broke the silence with a high pitched shout, “Do you not see me in distress or are you daft.

Get your caveman derriere over here and get me out of here! If you don’t, then I will kill you myself!”

Tenlong broke free of his sudden hesitation and raced towards Lin. The trolls darted towards the

hero, while he charges recklessly towards the incoming trolls.

He gave out a double lariat to two trolls that knocked their heads clean off of their green shoulders. The heads fall down to the ground with a thud, as the head spasm due to torn up nerves. A mist of blood sprays out of the decapitated trolls as if their shattered necks had been a water sprinkler. The bodies fall down to the ground in front of them.

Ten more trolls encircled the speeding hero down to a crawl. The trolls had been carrying all sorts of stone weapons and they were ready to use them. They were making some sort of battle chant when one troll jumps up into the air rushing downward on the fierce-faced Tenlong.

The hero puts up his arms up to block the blow as he yelled, “Bring it on!”

Tenlong caught the stone blade with both hands and the lifted whole weight of the enormous troll up into the air. The creature was struggling to force the sword downward, as the Gigantos broke the blade cleanly in two to the troll’s complete horror.

Tenlong grabbed the sharp end of the sword and sliced the neck of the downward falling troll. The foe fell down to the ground clutching his neck. But it was for naught since the enemy soon bled to death.

Two more trolls charge him each with a stone clubs, but Tenlong countered soon enough with a double kick to trolls’ ball sacks. The two green faced fiends’ faces turned white as a ghost when they fall down to the ground forward.

The seven remaining trolls all run at the hero in all sorts of directions, readying to strike in unison. Tenlong was in a battle stance while engaging in deep breathing. He punched each of the trolls

in the heart, or at least where he thought the trolls’ heart should be located at.

All of the seven trolls stop mid-stride with their weapons drawn. Their faces were covered in a

veil of extreme pain. They all dropped their weapons to the ground, as their hearts exploded out of their

chests. This left a huge gaping hole in each of the would-be attackers that could be seen clearly from both sides. The bodies hit the ground as the Gigantos held his massive arms above his head. He was laughing like a madman because he was enjoyed to being able to take apart in what looked likely to a mighty battle.

Rin finally finds his way into the hall and sees Tenlong deep into his battle lust, while he sees Lin wrapped in chains.

He thought to himself, “For crying out loud, this is some grade A bull crap! Lin is captured with close to one hundred trolls ready to kill her and Tenlong is just playing around with his prey, as a cat does with a mouse! I am left holding the puke bag again!”

Trolls are on top of the swordsman, when Rin disembowels the oncoming trolls, as a hot blade goes through cold butter. The trolls attempt to keep their intestines inside their torsos. He does not stop to see what carnage he was leaving behind in his wake when he is almost directly in front of his sister.

Lin thought, “About time these two clowns show up together! I didn’t want to fight this many trolls by myself if I could help it. The foreplay is over and the main event is finally here.”

She used her mental powers to free herself of her chains, during the confusion that Tenlong and her brother were causing. Lin levitates the chains up into the air and wraps around an unsuspecting troll. Foam starts to come out of his mouth, as the trolls lose the struggle for his life. The chains loosen

from the throat of the troll and explode into a fray of blistering metal links. This collection of shrapnel pierces the harden flesh of several trolls causing them to scream out, due to feeling hot piercing pain. The metal links explode, like a bomb inside the flesh of the foes.

The trolls fall to the floor in broken fragments of flesh and bones.

Lin boasted, “I need no man to save me as if I am a damsel in distress!”

Tenlong remained back to his senses and said, “Shut up, you blue hair feminist!”

Lin retorted back, “I am a redhead, you big oaf!”

He smiled to the response as he was beating nearby trolls as if they were a pinata. Instead of candy coming out, it was blood and viscera.

Lin sees that next to her was a metal candle stand and she levitates it up into the air. Then she fires it as if it is a heated seating troll killing missile.

The candlestick gores through several trolls, as they were made out of mere clay.

Lin gets to her feet and dusts herself off the best that she could.

She screams, “I am not gonna be a bride! I will die before I let that happen!”

The trio of Tenlong, Rin, and Lin was getting the better hand over the trolls when they hear a deafening roar coming from the top of the huge stone stairway. Everyone stops in their tracks to see the source of the roar.

It was an enormous troll sitting upon the stone throne. This foe was not like the other trolls, because he had a regal appearance to him. His clothes matched his demeanor since were of coverings pertaining to a king, no rather yet a troll king. His makeshift crown was made out of bone and various

gemstones. He was also wearing a fur coat of what looked like it was from a wolf and he wore pants dyed with the blood of humans.

The troll king spoke, “You imbeciles, you can’t jerk off without my guidance! Kill them all right now, before I destroy you all for your incompetence! I will not tolerate any more malarkey from you

clowns! Get it done, now!’

The rest of the trolls were scared to death by the harsh commandment from their commander.

Lin used the moment of inaction to reuse the metal candlestick from before. This time it would penetrate the massive chest of her new-found foe. The weapon was heated several hundred degrees and fired faster than the speed of sound.

Instead of killing the troll king, it broke as if it was an egg over one’s own head. Lin was horrified to see her strike to be entirely ineffective.

The royal troll was flexing his chest out of pride, causes his pecs to alternate going up and down.

The king boasted, “I am Zulgeteb, the king of this troll clan and I will kill you two punks. Your little darling will be my troll bride! Am I not right, my fellow trolls?”

The remaining trolls put their makeshift weapons up in the air and bellow out a deafening battle cry.

Lin shouted out even louder than the nearby trolls, “I am going to kill you all and sew you all together like one big troll centipede! Then I am going to glue all your weapons together and shove it your disgusting butts sideways!”

Zulgeteb spoke, “We have a feisty one fellows, it will just make it more fun to break you!”

The rest of the trolls made all sorts of catcalls at the small woman.

Lin used her powers to create illusions around the remaining trolls, which caused them to start battling each other to death.

The king boasted, “Such parlor tricks will not work on me! Try harder!”

During his sister’s distraction, Rin was now completely over the head of Zulgeteb with both swords out. He would let anyone hurt his sister, let alone some filthy trolls. He cut at the upper torso of

the ever observant troll.

But it was for nothing because the troll blocked the swords with just his forearms as if they were mere children toys. Only minor wounds were left behind on the arms of Zulgeteb, despite all of Rin’s efforts. He was then punched hard in the chest by the attacking foe. The swordsman spits up blood before he hit the hard ground still on his feet. Rin was grabbing his chest with his left hand and wiping the blood out of his mouth with his left. Lin ran over to help her brother, who was now on one

knee. She was holding his side, an attempt to shield her brother from future attacks.

Tenlong had enough, as he was cracking his knuckles raring for a fight.

His eyes were not the eyes of their friend, but that of one preparing to go to an all-out war.

He spoke with a rage the others had not seen before, “No one hurts my friends! No one will live to tell about it! That much I promise you this day!”

The troll only laughed at his opponent.

Rin attempted to speak, “Be careful Tenlong, this one is not like the others! He is a genuine monster!”

Lin spoke, “That is enough, brother, you mustn’t move anymore!”

Tenlong had not turned to look at his friend, but he kept them intently upon his target.

The Gigantos was almost on top of the stairs when he was kicked in the stomach by Zulgeteb.

The strike knocked Tenlong back down to the bottom of the stairs. The young hero was pissed off by being bested by the troll, but what was hurt the most was his pride. The troll had never left his seat, yet Tenlong been showed up just the same. His face was red as an apple, which caused the troll to laugh uncontrollably. Tenlong managed to keep on his feet from the blow, but its nothing to recover his wounded ego.

The warrior did not run up the stairs, but leap flat-footed at the troll, going faster than Mach three.

But, Tenlong’s feet never hit the ground, since he was punched cleanly in the jaw by Zulgeteb.

He was rocked hard by the blow and fell down to the ground.

Tenlong was confused about seeing himself floating midair.

He thought, “Am I flying? Master J had shown that it was possible to use own ki, as a means to

fly above the ground.”

Tenlong finally puts two and two together and sees that Lin’s face was contorted. Her face

always looked that way when carrying a large load with her mind. The warrior left his horizontal position to standing vertically. Lin finally relents her hold over her friend, as he lands his feet on the ground with a thud.

Lin looked at Tenlong with a look of concern.

“Are you okay, Ten?”

Tenlong boasted with a smile,” It is just a flesh wound!”

Lin was nervous over this harsh battle but was slightly relieved that her friend had not yet given up hope that he could win alone. She knew that Tenlong would rather die than accept help in a battle. This was why the twins would not take anymore further offensive action against the troll king.

He thought to himself as he walked back up the stairs, “I am getting what I want and getting a true challenge this time. It is time to show off the training that Master J has given me!”

Tenlong grabbed the ankles of the troll, but he could not budge him an itch. He grunted as he struggled to lift his foe.

The king spoke, “Do not give yourself a hernia, my young cadet! You are not as strong as you look! You are all flash and no bang!”

The comment pierced Tenlong like an arrow through his heart.

The troll spoke, “You are nothing before the mighty Taijin! That is all you will ever be!”

Tenlong was fired up in anger about what Taijin said and he took it as a challenge.

The Gigantos lifted the troll over his head without any concern being shown to the potential


Taijin spoke, “Do not strain yourself you overgrown brat, because you might crap your diapers!”

The king got free of Tenlong’s grip and kicked his opponent off the stage,

Tenlong hit the hard ground as Lin was not strong enough to stop the fall.

The hero was not able to feel physical pain but he was a little shaken by the hard landing.

Tenlong started going into his battle breathing technique to help use all of his power against

Zulgeteb. He raced towards the bottom of the steps and ripped them cleanly out of the ground!”

The whole stairway and the raised platform connected to it were being lifted above Tenlong’s head! The stone platform had to weigh nearly one hundred tons, but it was like a feather to the young warrior.

Tenlong shouted, “Try this on for size!”

He suplex the entire stone object over his head back to the far wall behind him. The twins

had pressed themselves flatly to the ground horizontally in the attempt to keep out of the way of the destructive assault from Tenlong. The Giganto was a kind man who was gentle to his friends and loved ones. But at times could be extremely rough with others, this was due to not knowing his own strength. The twins had learned the hard way to get out of the way when the giant was in that annihilating state.

The twins were flabbergasted about the might of Tenlong as the stone construct was being obliterated into oblivion. Smoke and shards of stone were flung into the air throughout the entire troll hall. Tenlong was in the backward bridge position with the back of his head only a foot off the floor. His large arms were still at the end of the throwing arm. The core strength of Tenlong was incredible for him

to allow to do what he had done as a feat of sheer unadulterated power. Master J had taught him the value of proper conditioning so that one could successfully perform as one had intended.

Tenlong returned to his feet and turned a complete one hundred and eighty degrees. He performed a double biceps pose and flexed every muscle on his fifteen hundred pound frame. The twins turned around, while remained to kneel on the ground to see what damage had been done. The smoke had not yet cleared when Lin gasped out in complete horror.

The smoke finally clears and Zulgeteb was still sitting on his throne completely intact!

Tenlong’s eyes were now bulging out his eye sockets. He could not help but visibly show his utter confusion upon what he was seeing. The wall and floor behind the troll had been completely destroyed, yet Zulgeteb remained completely unharmed! Not even dust was upon his clothes, nor any rumble as well.”

Tenlong was now livid and he bellowed out the fiercest ki shout that had ever spewed out of a mouth. The troll hall was starting to crack under his massive pressure.

Rin shouted, “Stop it Tenlong before you kill us all!′

Tenlong stopped the ki shout and started to mumble some sort of unintelligible order of words. The twins had no idea to what the warrior was trying to do.

Then out of nowhere, he was gone in a flash.

Out of nowhere, the troll king was several dozen feet away from his throne standing on his two feet. Zulgeteb looked concern as if something had just happened. Then his crown broke into little shards and fell down to the wrecked floor below him. Blood has begun to pour from the top of his bald head. He feels the first shedding of his own blood and it confuses him.

The troll king punched the already wrecked ground beneath him and causes a huge crater to encircle him.

Tenlong was at where Zulgeteb’s throne once was. A small amount of blood and skin from the

troll was on the hardened edge of Tenlong upturned hand.

The Giganto spoke as he wiped the flesh of his foe off his presence.

“How does it feel to finally feel the pain that you caused to so many of your unnumerable victims?”

The troll was sniffling out of fear, as he was staring at the blood that was pouring from his head. Zulgeteb was trying to wipe off the blood of his head, but his body had refused at this moment to clot.

Tenlong started to laugh with a wicked grin on his face. The laugh-filled the entire room with a cover of fear. Even the twins were afraid of what Tenlong might do next.

The hero vanished again and reappeared behind the troll with his arms contorted in some sort of pose.

Lin shouts, “Look at the troll’s head! It had been completely snapped around to his back!”

The troll then fell down backward unto the floor.

Rin spoke, “You had won Tenlong! You had finally won the fight!”

Tenlong corrected, “It is not over yet!”

The giant put his hands behind his head.

A spear was piercing through both of Tenlong forearms. He was injured, but he had successfully protected his head from attack.

The twins had seen that it was Zulgeteb that was attacking Tenlong.

The hero spoke, “You do not when to die, do you?”

The troll boasted, “That was my weaker twin brother Zulgeteb, I am Reji!”

The king was holding the spear still firmly in his flesh spoke, “You used your own brother as a disposable body double. What scum you are to throw away your own flesh and blood as mere cannon


Reji boasted, “That is the troll clansmen way! The weak are mere stepping stones for the strong!”

Tenlong ripped himself free from the weapon and jumped in a three hundred and sixty-degree arc to face his opponent. He was at a safe distance from his foe, but his lower arms were now

completely useless.

He spoke,” I am not done yet!”

Reji raced towards his foe when Tenlong did something unexpected.

He did a flying dropkick directed at the pointy end of the metal end of the wooden spear. It broke the spear into a rumble, which surprised the real troll king.

Tenlong did a Hurricanrana on the troll, while still remaining up in the air above the head of Reji. The move flipped the troll down on the ground face first.

The troll king’s head was smashed into oblivion. Tenlong was victorious, for real this time.

Tenlong’s eyes had rolled to the back of his head, as he stood to feet with arms dangling to his side. His head was rattling, like a bobble head with no semblance of order. He was completely out of it that much the twins knew for sure. The pair stood to their feet, as they tried to approached Tenlong.

Lin spoke, “Ten, you have won! You need to get fixed up by us before you lose both of your arms!”

The giant gave no response, as he stood up no personal awareness to where he was currently at.

Tenlong made a weird noise and puked upon both of his forearms. The expelled fluid hardens very quickly like it was cement. Tenlong just stood there like a statue. Rin had almost got close to his friend when Tenlong prepared to strike.

The swordsman backed off quickly and said, “We might as well set up camp since he is going nowhere for a while. The remaining trolls had chased each other outside the remains of the hall.”

Lin spoke, “Brother, you think that Ten is alright? He is hurt pretty bad.”

Rin spoke with concern on his face, “I believe so because his kind has weird ways of self

-healing. It is best to leave him be until he returns to the land of the living.”

His sister seemed pleased with the answer, as he went to search for supplies.

Back at Mary’s house, the young widow was praying in the same wooden chair that she prayed on some many nights before. She was crying, while she was leaning on the chair. She was praying for her younger son, Tenlong. Mary, since she was a little girl, had always believed in the power of prayer and had never lost that enduring faith.

She was glad that he had two comrades to go with him on his journey to find whatever Rin and Lin were searching after. Mary also knew that Tenlong had a second objective of going. That

was to seek out battles beyond her wildest imaginations. He wanted to help rid Lowroda of all potential dangers so the people within could finally live in peace.

Tenlong was not as short-sighted as her deceased husband was. Jimmy Sr was not a bad man,

but he cared only for his loved ones and not those outside his village. Her husband would help all those in need around him, but he would not travel to the nearby villages volunteering his help. Jimmy had a heck of time protecting his home and it had cost him his own life. Tenlong was attempting at just thirteen years old to protect an entire nation and that fact scared her the deepest. Despite being a giant warrior from old, he was still her son. Back at Mary’s house, Tenlong’s adopted mother was a nervous wreck.

Mary knew that Tenlong and his comrades would be facing all sorts of dangers. But what worried her the most was how much Tenlong was still struggling over his birth mother’s death. This tragedy caused deep darkness to dwell in the corners of his soul. The black aura covered him during his darkest moments and he would hurt all those who were in his path. Mary did not hold any anger against her son for striking her, while covered in the evil black aura.

Mary prayed, “Lord, please help my boy and the twins. Help Tenlong conquer the darkness that

is within him. Teach Rin and Lin how to comfort him during those times.”

Tenlong had started to stir on the fourth day to the twins’ joy.

Lin spoke, “He maybe will wake up today!”

Tenlong started to groan and rub his eyes.

Rin smiled, “You could be right.”

Tenlong opened his eyes.

The giant spoke, “How long was I out for!”

Rin spoke, “You were out for three whole days, my friend.”

Lin hugged Tenlong around his thick neck and was swing around Tenlong, like a tie around a man’s neck.

Tenlong finally looked down to Lin smile like a Cheshire cat

Lin spoke, “About time you woke up. We were worried about you.“\

Tenlong spoke, “It must have been a heck of a fight since I do not remember the end of it. Did I win?”

Rin looked at Lin with a look of concern.

Lin spoke, “Of course, you won. It was a violent battle.”

The twins were starting to sweat a little.

Tenlong spoke, “Oh well, we won. That is all that matters”

The twins were relieved that he did not press the matter of Tenlong blacking out.

Tenlong spoke, “What is for breakfast?”

Lin scolded, “We are in a hall full of rotten flesh. We will cook you a meal once we find somewhere sanitary to cook in. The trolls are starting to smell something fierce. You are too many to move to another location.”

Tenlong spoke, “Let’s go find somewhere to eat some dinner.!”

The trio searched for a spot to cook a meal

What the twins didn’t tell Tenlong was that he had awoken once before. He had awoken to see that both of the troll kings’ dead bodies were still there. He put the corpses on top of each other and preceded to curb stomp the heck out of the pair

Minutes go by and Tenlong had punched Reji and Zulgeteb into a stain on the ground. Yet, he was still pounding down on a hole in the ground.

Rin cried out, “Tenlong, he is long since dead! Stop it!”

Lin spoke, “Let me deal with him, brother!

Rin spoke, “Do not go over there!”

The swordsman held his sister so that she would not get hurt by the enraged Tenlong.

Lin spoke, “Do not hear him crying up there? We are family to him and you know it!”

Rin spoke, I am not deaf but he is so hard to stop when in his rages. You had heard that from his

own mother.

Lin was crying at the sight of her friend’s personal struggle.

Tenlong was pounding the ground in the attempt to kill the hallucination of his mother’s killer.

Tenlong spoke, “Why won’t you die already? You come back to haunt me, no matter how many times I kill you!”

Lin broke free of her brother’s grip over her slowly walked up the stairs. This was done so that it would not set off Tenlong anymore than he already was. She was in the dark about what was going on with Tenlong, but Lin knew that she had to try.

Lin spoke, “He is dead now! You do not have to hurt him anymore! This is Lin here and I want to help you through this. Rin is here as well. We are both worried about you. I do not know what happens before we met you, but I am with you.”

Tenlong’s aura had changed from white to black while he was in this state.

Tenlong spoke, “What do you all know? He is laying right here laughing at me. Do not see him? He is right there, I am telling you that I am not crazy!”

Lin spoke, “Then tell me all about it if it helps you! Come down from here and Rin and I will help you. You can trust us, since we are family, remember?”

Tenlong looked at Lin with tears in his eyes.

He spoke, “Help me with this pain! I can’t deal with it anymore!”

Lin spoke, “Ten, let me help you down from here. You need to get away from all this mess.”

Tenlong stood up as Lin attempted to help her comrade walk but she was carried on the giant’s leg, like a child holding a parent’s leg as they walked.

Rin would have laughed if the situation had not been so tense.

Tenlong walked down the stairs with tears running down to his waist.

Rin struggled to start moving again after taking such a furious blow from the troll king, but he still managed to clear off a spot for Tenlong and his sister to rest.

The twins helped Tenlong down to the floor as the remaining trolls ran for their lives. They wanted no part of Tenlong and his friends.

Rin was on knee patting the lower back of the sitting Tenlong.

“It will be okay buddy! We are here for you! We will help you as you helped us over all those years of training.”

Tenlong looked at Rin with a look of fear over his face. It was as if Tenlong was asking for help, but he could not express it verbally. The giant grabbed Rin with his massive left hand like a young child holding their stuff bear.

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