The Uber Dragon Experiment Part 1 Origins

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Chapter 1 The Planing Begins

"And how do you intend to guarantee that" a mysterious low voice said.

In a dark very dimly lit room with nothing but candles lit sit ten enormous creatures in a circle as the lit candles changed color depending on the creature.

"I must ask as well". "After all despite what the chronicler says humans are unpredictable creatures and can change at a moments notice" another low but feminine said.

"That may be true, but I trust that this human can be someone good". "After all my grandfather before his passing always told story's about the previous immortal so I have faith this one can can be true to whats right as well" another female voice said.

"Yes all valuable questions". "Is this human going to walk the path of good and justice, or the the path of evil". "Our knowledge on humans dictates that he may fall to evil, but the history of the Immortal has dictates that he will do good". "The only question remains is how do we guarantee his he will benefit us" a low if a bit old voice said.

"Enough off this philosophical nonsense". "We had over fifty years of deliberation". "The previous immortals ashes have revived into a baby and now we have to put our plan we had made for fifty years and put it into action" a young male voice said with anger.

"Not yet we have to make some last minute adjustments". "The golden silver egg that we been holding was stolen and we must go find it as soon as possible" another young male voice said.

"Yes I was wonder how the egg of a potential and perhaps the most powerful dragon in existence was robed from our daycare". "Which I must remind that is under heavy surveillance and security" an adult male voice said.

"Yes I was wondering as well" the young male with a temper said as his eyes glowed red.

"I looked over it and did my investigation, and during my investigation I have determined that any outside force would be incapable of achieving what has happened in the daycare" a hearty voice said.

"So that means someone on the inside assisted these hooligans in the theft the egg" an old feminine voice said.

"It would appear so". "I will intend to look thoroughly into this and find out who would willing aid in the theft of hatch-ling" the hearty voice said.

"Yes please do that". "In the mean time we should stick to the original plan, we just have to find a different dragon to befriend him" the low feminine voice said.

"Really you want to find a different dragon". "Why not let them be, after all the chronicler said that this gold silver dragon and the immortal fates was intertwined". "If we let them be then they could rejoin in the future" the young male voice said.

"Or they could never meet and we have the possibility of having one or both as enemy's to the entire alliance". "Our alliance is already unsteady as it is with the gold and the bronze, and if things are left alone they would probably align themselves with the gold or bronze". "That my dear comrades is bad news for us" the hearty voice explained.

"They lets us take a peek into the future". "I mean she is an oracle of time so why not let us use future vision to know what exactly will happen" an overly excited voice said.

"I would if I could, however as I looked into this humans timeline, I am pushed out like as if someone is keeping me from seeing this humans future". "Not just him but the gold-sliver dragon as well". "Someone or something is keeping me out of their timeline" a soft female voice.

"HAHAHA". "It seems that the chronicler doesn't want us to see spoilers". "Not that I blame him, I am as well a stickler for spoilers, and I can assume he doesn't want us to control his fate no matter how good or bad it may be" a loud male voice said as he hit the ground in laughter.

"Then lets focus on the family that we are sending the human too" the old female voice asked

"Well the family we are sending the human too is the basic nuclear family with a middle class income" the young male voice said as he raised his hand.

It began to glow the large pool of water began to swirl and reveal an image. The image revealed an adult male with short black hair and brown eyes with an average body size with a slight build, a female with long brown hair and blue eyes and happens to be slightly taller then the male and is also slightly chubby.

Finally was an image of a small boy about five years old with long black hair and brown eyes.

"This is the Lorenzo family, the male is Hank Lorenzo, the female is Adeline Lorenzo, and the child is Mavret Lorenzo". "Hank works as an architect creating blueprints for new buildings and Adeline is a stay at home mother caring for their son". "They were expecting a daughter, but a few years ago Adeline was in a bus accident that killed their unborn daughter" the young male voice explained.

"To put more salt on the wound the accident and surgeroy that came with it heavily injured her uterus that now she is incapale of having children". "That was a few years ago and now they are looking to adopt". "We already went through the interview and they are ready to pick up the human child within the week" the young male explained.

"Good the rest of us will put our plan in motion to ensure that this human when he turns into the immortal, that he will be our greatest ally" The hearty voice said.

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