The Uber Dragon Experiment Part 1 Origins

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Chapter 2 Two lives

"Adeline we are going to be late" a man yelled across the room as he and a small boy in very classy suits waited impatiently as the man looked as his watched impatiently.

"Give me a moment I have to look perfect for our new baby boy that we a re going to pickup" a female voice yelled back.

"That's what you said ten minutes ago". "We are already late" the man said he began to tap his foot impatiently.

"I am here" the woman said as she came out of the in a silver dress as she finished putting on her ear rings.

She walked across the living room and past the kitchen.

"You can't rush perfection Hank, now lets go we are going to pick up our new addition to the family" Adeline said as she opened the door and walked outside.

"Come Mavret lets go pick up your brother" Hank said as the two walked out of the house.

As the three walked out the sun bright light hit them temporary as they were blinded for a momment. Once there eyes adjusted they looked on as the massive buildings and skyscrapers towered over them, as well as the bustling of life from all sorts of creatures.

From the sales of food from a food cart by a goblin to the 3 to 4 storey dragons as they flew overhead around the flying cars and trucks as they flew in lines and guided by various signs and lights. The three procceded to the car that was nearby as Hank pulled out a set of keys and pressed a button on one of the keys that made the car light up.

The three then got into the car as Hank made sure everyone got there seat belt buckled. The car reved up and began to float and soon began to fly the car into the traffic up above. He drove through traffic and in about half an hour they finally reached a building with pitcures and drawings for children. Hank landed the car in an open parking lot as the three got out.

"Oh no you don't" Adeline said as she grabed Mavret hand before he had a chance to run off.

"We are going to be the picture perfect family and the last thing we need if for you to ruin it" Adeline said as she scolded Mavret.

The three entered the building as Adilne took a quick look at the playground and the children playing. Once they got inside they saw a big waiting room with plenty of cusioned chairs with quite a few familys there as some watched there children as others were filling out some paperwork.

The three walked straight to the desk as Hank was already quick to apologize.

"Sorry we are late traffic" Hank said as he apoligized to the old lady who said in the front desk.

The old lady had grey hair in a bun as her bun her a pair of sharp glasses. The wrinkles were clear on her face as she wore a long white outfit.

"Ah yes we were expecting you". "We recived a phone call that you were going to be late so we kept the room open for you" the old lady said as she fixed her glasses as she squinted to read the computer screen.

"Please procced through the door on the right and head to room number four". "Also we must also request you finalize some paperwork before you take your new addition home" the old lady said as she handed Hank a clipboard of paperwork.

The three procceded through the door and headed to the room specified by the lady. As they entered the room they a bunch of cribs that huged the wall as everything was decorated all babylike. They were also greeted by a tall white female wolf as she stood upright like a human, and as she wore a white dress as she put a child back into the crib.

"Ah you must be the Lorenzo family good" the female wolf said as she walked to the crib in the corner.

She leaned in and picked up a human child with white hair as it slept silently.

"His name is Angel, would you like to hold him" the white wolf asked as she walked to them.

"Yes please" Adeline said as she held out her hands.

The wolf handed Angel over to Adeline as she turned to Hank.

"Please finalize the paperwork so you can take the baby home". "Please take your time" the wolf said as she went to tend to the other infants.

Adeline sat down as she held Angel as Mavret examinded his new brother.

Angel then yawned as he opened his eyes reveling his red eyes.

"Hello there Angel". "I am your mom" Adeline said as tears formed in her eyes.


Off on the other side of the world, in a shanty town hidden in a dense swamp. In this town lie s one of many big time black markets run by all sorts of unsavory people. In this town if you don't get your hands dirty, then you die. Here in this town live a merchant. A merchant that deals with slaves of all sorts as he auctions them off to the highest bidder.

This man who wears fancy, but tattered clothing. He also kept his brown hair combed to keep them from falling over his brown eyes. He also has a mustache and beard that covers his mouth and chin as he returns from the stage of the auction house after haveing finished selling a fox into prostitution.

"Alright I am almost finished, and have enough credit to finaly get out of this town" the man said as he walked behind the stage to see what was left to sell.

"Ah yes that gold/silver dragon egg". "That will fetch a very high price indeed" the man said as he walked to a crate on a table next to a few empty boxes.

He went to lift the box only to notice how light it was. It was then that the egg shells fell out that he knew. The egg had hatch and the newborn dragon was somewhere.

"Great the egg hatch, and everyone is on break". "Guess I have to do it myself" the man said as he fliped boxes to find the hatchling.

Just as he fliped another box all of a sudden his vision turned upside down as he heard bones break.

"Huh" the man said as he fell to the floor as his head was fliped upside down.

"So sorry buddy, but I have no intentions of being anyone slave" a voice said as he heard tiny footsteps coming.

"Plus stealth was not my specilty so as long as no one gets in my way, then no one has to die" the voice said as a creature reveled herself.

It was the dragon hatchling from the egg. She was about the size of a cat with gold fuzz that streaked from her head to her tail. Silver scales with a gold underbelly and finally green eyes with a long slender body with two arms and two legs and no wings.

"But hey thank you for the key to where you hold all your money". "I promise I will make good use of it" the hatchling said as she walked away.

For that moment he was awstruck at what happened. Just a moment later he died just as his workers came back to see him in this state. They called for alarm as everyone was driven in a panic which escalated to the entire town.

While this was happening the hatchling manage to get out with some credits in a bag as she looked at the shanty town in a panic.

"Good thing I made a program to retain my memorys from my previous life". "But I am now fully organic so I guess I actually have to work out". "Great that also means I have to get my stuff again" that hatchling said with a sign.

She began to to write in the dirt as she wrote a word.

"Defiance, hmmm I think I will keep this name" Defiance said as carryied her bag and ran into the swamp.

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