The Uber Dragon Experiment Part 1 Origins

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Chapter 3 Intertwining fates

5 Years Later

An unknown being ran in the shadows which obscured its appearance. It dashed from shadow to shadow with great agility and finesse as it ran, hoped, jumped, and slide with great parkour skills. It often stopped behind walls, and under objects to hide from those that are chasing it.

Two of them stopped on in an ally as it listened from a fire escape above.

"Quickly we must find it". "We can't lose it again, or else it would be bad news for us" the two human in knights armor said with worry.

The two knight then went in opposite directions as the unknown being watched from above. It then jumped down and leapt over a fall only to fall into some bushes. It the proceed to crawl through the bushes until it heard a sound. It heard crying as it pushed some leave around.

It saw a child with white hair and striped clothing. The child was crying non-stop which caused it to pause for a moment. Then the sound of flesh and bone breaking and rearranging until it got up from the bushes and walked to the child.

"Hey there what are you crying about" a female voice said catching the white haired childs attention.

The child turned reveling his red eyes filled with tears. The white haired child saw a girl his size and age with black hair and blue eyes. She wore dirty clothing that were riped as she lean over to him.

"A baby bird fell from its nest" the child sniffled as he show the baby bird on the ground.

"I tried to climb the tree to put the baby back, but I fell and hurt my knee". "I am not strong enough to climb the tree" the child cried.

"Well maybe I can help". "Here let me try" the female said as she opened her hands.

The white haired child handed her the baby bird as she held it carefully in her hands. She then jumped at least twenty feet into the air and grabed one of the thicker branches with her other hand. This surprised the white haired child as he watched as she lifted herself up and procced to climb effortlessly until she reached the nest.

She then climbed back down and slide down the trunk of the tree until she reached the bottom.

"That was amazing" "How did you do that" the white haired child said with amazement.

"Well its simple". "I am what you call a martial artist". "When I move, when I jump, when I fight its like an artform" the female said with pride.

"Cool could you teach me to do art like that" the white hair child said with amazement.

"I could, but only one condition" the female said.

"Really what's that" the white haired child asked.

"You have to be stronger". "To defeat me" female said.

"Why do you-" the white haired child asked only to be called by someone else.

"ANGEL ITS TIME TO GO". "YOUR GRANDPARENTS ARE WAITING" the older female voice yelled.

"Oh I have to go". "Well you can teach me when we-" Angel said just as he was caught off again.

"ANGEL" the older female voice yelled again.

"I have to go". "bye and you can tell me your name when we meet again" Angel said as he ran off.

"My name". "But I don't have a name" the female said as she watched Angel run off to his parents.


In a mountain range, there a mountain that touched the sky. It was so tall that clouds obsures the top. Inside this mountain is a military base whose purpuse is to train creatures of all sorts with very brutal training. Among them is Defiance now despite being only five years old is the tallest and most intimidating of the dragon trainees.

While most other dragon trainees were at least five storyies max, she was already seven stories tall as her horns began to grow out becoming antlers and her teeth and claws growing long and sharp. Everyone else was already done training for the day, but she continued using prototype equipment as training.

Two other western styled dragons talked as they watched her train.

"She truly is something else entirely isn't she" the red western styled dragon said.

Most of his more identifiable fetures were obscured by it big fur-like clothing that he wore with even his hood covering a good portion of his face.

"That is one way of saying it". "Most of the creatures here have to wear thick clothing to handle the freezing enviorment". "But as always metal's have to show off how strong they are by doing stupid stuff" a blue western styled dragon said.

Unlike his red companion the blue dragon wore no clothing, and had a lot more fish-like appearance with fins and flippers as well as his usual dragon like appearance.

"Thats not what I meant". "I am talking about how big and strong she has gotten". "You know the rumors about her right" the red dragon said as his breath was visible in the freezing air.

"Yea I heard the rumors". "Apparently she despite her size is only a child, but even so what hatchling do you know do has the strength to pull apart doors that are twenty inch thick and weigh over twenty tons". "No one I know" the blue dragon said as the two watched Defiance run across the track with large silver shackles on her wrist, ankles, neck and even tail.

"She continues to grow stronger too". "Those shackles on her body, those are prototype magnetic shackles that are suppose to restrain creature by magnetizing to not only each other but the ground as well". "Plus the magnetism suppose to grow stronger the more the prisoner resist". "Yet here she is jogging around a six mile track with great effort" the blue dragon said as they continued watching

"You know the general took a great liking to her and immediatly agreed to let her join his training regiment" the red dragon said.

"Hey if I were in his shoes I would let her join as well if I saw a mere child fling a earth dragon off a mountain". "I mean earth dragons weigh at least double then the twenty ton door, and this child flung that poor sap off the mountain". "He's okay but jeez" the blue dragon said.

"Well if she keeps this up then she can be able to join the weapon X program". "After all everyone know that if you complete that training they will be the strongest of the warriors in all the galaxy" the red dragon said.

"Yes but those that actually complete it is a mere one percent". "That is out of over one thousand candidates" the blue dragon said.

"Isn't because of how outrageously brutal the training is" the red dragon asked.

"Yes and most quit out of the first year and that is a ten year program" the blue dragon said.

"Well if anyone can do it then she can do it" the red dragon said as Defiance ran past them again.

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