Asher's Beloved

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Chapter 11 - Chaos

It was the middle of the day when everything went to shit.

Sage, Vito, Corbin and I were in the cinema room watching a comedy film when Ben walks in with a grave expression. Everyone, except Vito, protests loudly when he turns it off. I stare up at him in confusion, wondering what’s wrong. He stands in front of the screen and looks directly at Sage.

“Montgomery’s outside.” Is all he says before she’s running out the door.

As soon as she leaves, Ben smirks devilishly. “Asher’s going to kill him.”

“I hope he lets me have a turn, I’ve been wanting to skin him alive.” Vito chuckles darkly, pulling out one of his daggers and running a finger on the side of the blade.

Shaking my head in disapproval, I hurry out the door and follow the sound of arguing. I hear Vito and Corbin follow behind with Ben in tow, both asking him questions on why Sage ran out like that. I’m guessing they don’t know that Helios is her mate and since Ben was with her during the wedding, he and I must be the only ones aware.

Reaching the main sitting room, I see a man standing opposite Asher. He has light brown hair with green eyes and a lean build. He looks to be younger than Asher and the boys, close to Sage’s age. I immediately assume it’s Helios and it’s only confirmed when I catch Sage’s panicked look as she fights the urge to go to him.

“Sage.” He greets, his stern expression melting into a tender look at the sight of her.

Asher notices this and grabs her arm, pulling her behind his back. “Sage, go to your room please.”

Although Asher speaks gently to her and it’s clear that his anger is directed on the man in front of us, Helios doesn’t seem to like it. His eyes brighten in fury, fists clenching as his gaze flickers between the two siblings.

“She’s not going anywhere.”

“And who the fuck are you to decide that?” Asher scoffs, Sage waving her hands wildly behind him to stop Helios from saying anything.

But Helios chooses to ignore her and smirks instead. “Sage is my beloved and I’ve already claimed her.”

Claiming a beloved in the vampire world is the equivalent of marking and mating in the werewolf world. I had read that it involves drinking each other’s blood and allowing their essences to mix so that everyone can smell if a vampire is taken. Different scents are easy to recognize in a person, even if you aren’t from the same race. But I never smelt another scent on Sage, which makes me think that she covered it up somehow. And judging by Asher’s reaction, he didn’t notice either.

“You what?!” He roars, making everyone else wince at the sheer volume.

“Helios!” Sage yells in anger and embarrassment while I scream Asher’s name when he pounces on him.

Everything turns to chaos and everyone scrambles to try and break the two apart. Sage tries to pull Helios away but Ben stops her before she can, shooting her a warning glare. They are using all their strength and power to hurt each other; punching, kicking and breaking furniture. Vito and Corbin are suddenly thrown back when they try to pull them off each other, smashing into the wall and cracking it because of the force used.

Panicking, I call Asher’s name and beg him to stop but he doesn’t listen. And before I can register my actions, I grab his arm before he can advance towards Helios and end up teleporting us to his office. He looks around in confusion before realizing what I did, grabbing my arms tightly.

“I told you we can’t use our gifts, Ayla!” He yells, eyes wide and filled with fear. “She’s fucking everywhere, I could have lost you!”

“I know, I know! I’m sorry, I didn’t think!” I reply, sighing when he cups my face.

“Don’t ever do that again until I say it’s safe!” He whispers vehemently, resting his forehead against mine. “I cannot lose you, Ayla. Not to her.”

“I won’t. I’m sorry, Ash.” I reply only to growl in frustration when he then starts towards the door with an angry look. I run around him and stop him from opening it, my arms stretched on either side of me.

“Ayla, move!” He grits out, fists clenched and fire in his eyes. “I’m going to fucking tear him to pieces for even touching her! She will not stay with him!”

“Asher, please stop this.” I plead, pressing my hands against his chest.


“No!” I snap, shoving him. He glares at me murderously, opening his mouth to protest but I cut him off. “Sit down, now.”

He takes a seat on the couch, albeit reluctantly. I must convince him for Sage’s sake. I know this isn’t how she wanted to tell her brother and she was visibly upset by how things had turned out. And Helios telling everyone that he had claimed her wasn’t the smartest idea. Before I teleported, I had taken one last look at her to find her staring at Helios with tears brimming her eyes. After knocking some sense into my angry mate, I plan to check on her next.

“How would you feel if someone wouldn’t let us be together?” I ask, standing in front of him with crossed arms.

In an instant, I’m straddling his lap as he snarls possessively. His eyes turn bright red to reflect his anger and I catch the sight of his fangs right before he nips a certain area on my neck. It’s where he can smell my essence the strongest which helps him calm down more easily. In the werewolf world, an essence is the equivalent of a scent that mates can smell. I shake my head, running my fingers through his hair.

“You can’t stop them from being together just because you don’t like him, Asher. That’s not fair on Sage. Why do you get to be with your beloved and she doesn’t?” I try and make him understand.

He stiffens under my touch before pulling away to look at me. “You knew?”

“Yes.” I reply with a stubborn tilt of my chin. “And judging by your reaction, it’s a good thing she came to me first.”

He glares at me, making me sigh and tug on the ends of his hair. Groaning, he closes his eyes and rests his forehead on my shoulder. I feel all the tension leave his body as he cuddles closer to me, embracing me tightly. We remain silent and I focus my gaze on the view of the forest outside the large window.

“Fine, I won’t come between them.” He eventually grumbles in defeat, making me grin. “But did she tell you why she covered up the scent of him?”

I shake my head, shrugging halfheartedly. “Maybe she wanted to tell you about him first before revealing that Helios has claimed her?”

“He humiliated her!” Asher snarls, pulling away to look at me. “He fucking smirked while he said it!”

“I know, it wasn’t right of him. But Sage will deal with him on her own.” I send him a knowing look, watching as he clenches his jaw tightly and looks away.

“Fine.” He grits out before turning to me with a determined look. “But if he ever hurts her, you won’t stop me from hunting him down.”

“Deal.” I roll my eyes playfully, making him nip my bottom lip.

I groan at the sharp sting but before I can scold him, he presses his lips to mine. He dominates it completely and unlike before, this kiss is frenzied and hot. His lips trail a fiery path across my skin, peppering kisses along my jaw and neck. I’m a mess with moans and gasps escaping me, surrendering fully. I’m sure I’ll have to cover up the numerous hickeys he’s making as he bites and sucks on every inch of skin he can find.

I stiffen when his fangs scrape against the base of my neck, relaxing when he places an open-mouthed kiss to it instead and huskily murmurs “soon, angel.” Eventually he pulls away, both of us panting lightly. His eyes are content as he twirls a strand of my hair with one finger, but suddenly he frowns and looks up at me in worry.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” I laugh, wondering why he’s asking me that.

“Sweetheart,” He bites his bottom lip, rubbing my back. “You’re trembling and pale.”

During the teleportation, I realized what I was doing and freaked out. The last time I used my gift, it had gone extremely badly and I haven’t tried it again. I had also never teleported someone before. I don’t know how I did it either, all I remember is needing to get Asher out of there. Now that I’m not focused on Asher anymore, my mind catches up with my body. I notice my heart hammering away and I feel slightly sick, making me work hard to concentrate on my breathing.

“Oh,” I smile weakly, resting my head on his shoulder. “Just a little shaken up, I guess.”

“I know someone who can help you train more with your gift after this is all over.” He assures me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “But please don’t use it until I’ve found Blithe.”

“I won’t, I promise.” I nod, pressing a kiss to his jawline.

“Hey.” I step into the office with a confused frown, seeing Asher grinning in excitement. “You called?”

I had been comforting Sage when Corbin found me and stated that Asher wanted to talk to me immediately. Asher and Helios had finally calmed down to have a meeting because apparently, his visit pertained to some news he had to share from the Council. I managed to get it out of Sage that she had indeed masked her scent, only because she wanted to tell Asher first and then reveal that she is now claimed.

“Yes! Come here!” He smiles widely, almost pulling me to his desk. “Okay so, I know you’ve been wanting to talk to your parents but the communication lines had been destroyed. But I had two other witches build it back in a second location and we might be able to call your parents!”

“Really?!” I gasp, squeezing his hand in excitement. “Can we try right now?”

“That’s why I called you in here.” He winks cheekily before picking up the second phone which had Latin numbers and writing on it.

I had seen a version of the same one in my dad’s office one day. He told me that you cannot contact people in different realms using the same lines of communication humans use and that everyone uses magic to communicate with various species and kingdoms. Currently, we can only use mobiles and phone to communicate within the Vampire Kingdom because of our situation.

I watch in anticipation as Asher finds the number from a large book, catching my surname written in curved script. He dials it carefully and gives me the handset which I immediately press to my ear. It doesn’t ring, instead I hear some crackling before a monotone voice tells me that they’re transferring me to Vulcan Romanov. I can’t keep the smile off my face, finally I will be able to talk to my parents and rid them of their worry! And I can also ask Dad if he can help Asher deal with Blithe.

“The Renascence Pack, United States of America. Vanessa Ferndale, Beta Female speaking. State your business, please.” I hear Aunt Vanessa’s voice filter through the speaker, making me perk up.

“A-Aunt Vanessa, it’s me Ayla! Can I talk to Mom and Dad, please?!” I rush, glancing up at Asher who’s staring at me expectantly.

There’s some crackling noises and it’s like she never heard me. Aunt Vanessa repeats the same greeting and Asher takes the phone from me when he notices my distress. Why isn’t it working? I wonder in panic as I watch Asher speak into the phone. He eventually yells for Dimitri, anger rolling off him in waves as he tries to call again and again.

I feel heartbroken over the fact that I still cannot contact my family. I’ve tried to be patient and distract myself from the guilt I feel everyday knowing that I’m safe while my family is probably worried sick.

“What’s going on?” Dimitri frowns as he walks in, his eyes meeting my teary ones before he looks at Asher.

“Why the fuck isn’t this working?! I thought you said the lines were back up and running!” Asher all but snarls, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration as Dimitri takes over and tries to fix it.

“My Lord!” A young guard bursts through the door, his eyes wide and panicked. “The witch! S-She’s at the second command center and wiped everything out! Everything - everyone is gone! She is requesting your presence, my King!”

“Well, I’ll happily grace her with my presence and rip her to pieces while I’m at it!” Asher retorts, both sarcastically and furiously.

“Ash...” I trail off, tears escaping out of the corner of my eyes as I watch him storm out of the office. “Dimitri, stop him!”

We chase after Asher through the hallways, hearing him shout orders at anyone he passes by. Dimitri curses from beside me as we round the corner, seeing him just about to take the stairs. I look up at Dimitri in confusion when he grasps my arm tightly just as I’m about to run, pulling me back and shaking his head sternly.

“So, I guess I’ll just stay here and comfort your beloved then?” He calls, voice so loud I bet the entire floor heard him.

My eyes widen in shock just in time for Asher to appear and throw Dimitri back into the wall, pinning him to the cracked stone by his throat. He’s shaking in fury and I manage to catch a sight of his bright red eyes burning with pure rage. Dimitri stops him from snapping his neck and throws him a few feet away.

“Asher, listen to me -”

“I’m going to kill you.” Asher utters lowly, a wild gleam in his eyes. “How dare you disrespect her!”

“Open your eyes and see that she’s fucking terrified!” Dimitri roars, gesturing to me. “We failed to call her parents and if you leave, I can guarantee you won’t return! Who is she going to have left?! For fuck sake Asher, you walking into a death trap isn’t going to solve anything!”

Thankfully Dimitri gets through to him and for the first time since the calls failed, Asher really looks at me. His gaze roams over the tears running down my cheeks and he sighs heavily, holding his arms out. I run to him, feeling his arms tighten around me protectively as he whispers apology after apology.

“I’m so sorry, Ayla.” He murmurs sadly, wiping my tears away.

“It’s okay.” I smile weakly, rubbing his back to calm him down.

“I’m going to keep trying -”

“No.” I sigh, shaking my head. It pains me to stop him from contacting my family but I know this must be done. “Focus on finding Blithe. I have hope that I’ll meet my family one day but for now, catching her is our number one priority.”

“Ayla -”

“As long as I have you, I’m okay.” I stress, meeting his frustrated brown orbs. “Besides, maybe my dad can track the call.”

“And if he can’t?” Dimitri questions, shrugging when Asher glares at him. “She’s smart. If she doesn’t want us to receive any outside help surely she’s going to make it hard to track that call? Let’s also not forget that she’s destroyed the second command center where the call was transferred from.”

“Then I’ll just have to wait.” I reply strongly, intertwining my hand with Asher’s. “We are going to end this, even if we have no help on our side.”

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