Asher's Beloved

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Chapter 14 - Pleasure You

*** This is a clean version of Chapter 14. For anyone who is over 18 years, you can find a book on my profile called ‘The Forbidden Diaries’ which contains the explicit version. If any problems occur where you cannot view the book then you may have to follow me. Reading the explicit version is done at your own choice as I have made sure to warn you beforehand. ***

Asher Antonov’s P.O.V.

I retract my fangs from the feeder’s neck, met with the familiar dazed expression. Standing, I wipe my mouth and leave the private room. As soon as I exit the main door, I notice Reggie waiting for me in the hallway. Reggie was around when my parents were alive and as he was the second hand to my father, I made him keep the position when I took over the throne. He’s like an uncle to me but lives with his family in the eastern part of the kingdom, refusing to live in the castle no matter how many times I asked 9him.

“We’ve called a meeting, everyone’s anxious to know how our last plan went.” He grunts as he falls into step with me.

“Failed, just like the rest.” I mutter, sighing heavily as I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration. “It’s like she knows every plan of ours and is always one step ahead!”

“We’ll figure it out, boy.” He pats my back in reassurance, making me nod.

Entering the conference room, I take a seat after greeting everyone. Holding a hand up when everyone starts to talk over each other, I say what I have to say before arguments break out and this room is just filled with noise and chaos. I’m tired of coming in here and everyone jumping for my throat, I have enough pressure on my shoulders already.

“We need to trap her somehow because trying to track her down is a waste of time.” I lean back in my chair, looking at all my advisers. “I have enlisted the help of my friend Fabian; a warlock who lives in our realm. He will be arriving tomorrow morning and will create numerous portals for us.”

“But how will portals work in our favor, your highness?” Flora asks, one of the oldest members after Reggie.

“Fabian will be manipulating them for me so that if she happens to pass through an area, the hidden portal will trap her. He will know as they will all be linked to him.” I explain, sighing heavily. “It’s worth a try, we must stop her at all costs.”

Thankfully, they all agree and we discuss a backup plan. It’s going to take some time for Fabian to create the portals and doing so many of them would probably drain him if he doesn’t take breaks to re-energize. After another hour of talking, we finalize our plans and decide to meet in the morning when he arrives. I watch as everyone files out the door, my thoughts elsewhere.

Something is wrong with my Ayla. I keep finding her looking around at her surroundings with a confused look. It’s been a month since the incident and she’s become much quieter, still scared that the witch will attack her again. I love the fact that she has started to sleep in my room but it’s like when I’m with her that’s the only time she’s relaxed and herself. She has tried to write on a notepad sometimes whenever I would ask her about it, but eventually ends up throwing it away in frustration.

I’m failing her as a mate and I’m failing my people as their King.

I need to get Astra here, maybe something happened that she’s not telling me. Maybe someone is frightening Ayla and threatening her to not tell me about it. Walking to my office, I close the door and pick up the phone. I wait for Astra to pick up, telling her about my worries before requesting that she stop by the castle tomorrow. She can only visit for a few hours before she must leave to help someone, hopefully it will be enough to find out what’s going on with my beloved.

Leaving my office, I follow the heavenly scent of Ayla’s essence to the library. If someone asked me to explain it, I don’t think I ever could. It’s a mixture of different scents that call out to my soul, making me feel safe and happy. Which is sappy now that I think about it, but I don’t care. She makes my dead heart feel whole again.

I nod to Vito and Corbin, thanking them for guarding her and relieving them of their duties for the day. Opening the door, I’m about to step in but the sight in front of me makes me stand at the threshold for a little longer. Ayla sits on the rug in one of my t-shirts and her pajama shorts, rocking back and forth. She’s mumbling incoherently and is holding her head, a distressed look on her face yet her body is so tense; as if at war with herself.

I say nothing, walking over and standing before her. She sighs heavily before looking up at me with her doe eyes. There’s so much sadness and frustration in them. She opens her mouth but laughs humorlessly, looking away. I pick her up, making her straddle my waist. She stares back at me as I walk out of the library, none of us saying anything. Until I decide to break the silence.

“What’s wrong, angel?” I whisper, carrying her to our room.

She shakes her head in response, a soft whimper escaping her lips when I guide her head to rest in the crook of my neck. Her entire body relaxes instantly, the opposite of how she was just moments ago. Laying her on our bed, I hover above her, caressing her cheek. Leaning down, I pepper kisses all over her face but when she doesn’t smile like usual I start tickling her sides. Grinning when she bursts into a fit of giggles, I don’t stop when she begs me for mercy. Slipping my hands under her shirt, I watch in content as she squeals loudly, laughing uncontrollably as she shouts for me to stop.

I leave her breathless when I pull my hands away, not allowing her enough time to catch her breath as I quickly capture her lips in a fierce kiss. She moans softly, her hands wrapping around my neck as I lick the seam of her lips. Without hesitation, she opens for me and our tongues caress each other lazily. Eventually, I pull away but continue downwards. Pulling her shirt upwards slightly, I press kisses to her stomach making her breath hitch.

Sitting up, I trace the hem of her shorts as I stare at her. Her eyes are brighter and they watch me with piqued curiosity and desire, but there’s still a hint of worry that I haven’t been able to chase away just yet.

“Whatever you’re worrying about Ayla, stop. Everything will be fine, just trust me okay?” I place an open-mouthed kiss on the inside of her thigh.

I look up to see her trying to speak, tears brimming her eyes but she blinks them away quickly as she tries her hardest to be strong. Like always, she gives up and it kills me to see her so distraught. I don’t know what’s going on; how to help her. But she forgets about everything else when she’s with me so that’s what I’m going to make sure of tonight.

“I-I’m sorry, I d-don’t...” She trails off, shaking her head with a miserable look.

“Whatever it is, we’re going to work through it. I know you’re trying to tell me something but can’t but I promise you Ayla, I’ll find a way to help you.” Her eyes widen and she nods vehemently, her fingers digging into my arms.

It’s the first time I see hope in her eyes in a long while and I vow to myself to do everything in my power to help her.

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