Asher's Beloved

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Chapter 15 - Little Minx

*** This is a clean version of Chapter 15. For anyone who is over 18 years, you can find a book on my profile called ‘The Forbidden Diaries’ which contains the explicit version. If any problems occur where you cannot view the book then you may have to follow me. Reading the explicit version is done at your own choice as I have made sure to warn you beforehand. ***

I woke up that morning, but without Asher by my side. Turning on my side, I spot the note left on my bedside table with a red rose on it. Grinning, I sit up and grab the two things. Inhaling the scent of the flower, I assume he visited the garden earlier. Flipping the note, I’m met with his familiar handwriting.


I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up but I hope you had the sweetest dream. I have meetings scheduled for later and need to prepare, a guest will be arriving soon. I’ll join you for lunch.

Eternally yours,


I smile at his message, a giddy feeling consuming me. He knew how much I’ve been struggling with my sleep and the constant nightmares, I found it cute how he hoped I didn’t have a bad dream last night.

Last night.

My cheeks heat as the memories of what happened last night come rushing back to me. He was so sweet and attentive the entire time and although I wasn’t ready to be claimed yet, he made me feel so good. I can still feel his touch on my skin, his scent surrounding me. Sighing contently, I slip out of bed and find myself in a new pair of clothes that Asher must have changed me into when I fell asleep. I flush when I catch the sight of my ripped shirt lying in pieces and my shorts thrown on an armchair. Grabbing them, I throw the shirt into the bin and the shorts into the hamper, deciding to take a bath.

After making sure the tub was filled to the brim with bubbles, I strip and slip in, a long sigh escaping me when the warm water caresses my skin. I relax completely, feeling more like myself in a long while. Taking time to wash myself and my hair, I spend thirty minutes in the tub until my fingers shrivel, finally deciding to get out.

Lathering my body in lotion, I blow dry my hair and put it up in a ponytail. I find a brown suede skirt with cream colored buttons down the center, pairing it with a plain white t-shirt which I tuck into the waistband and throwing a denim jacket on top. I pop on some white converses and decide not to do any makeup.

Greeting Vito and Corbin with a smile, I make my way towards the kitchen like usual. Grace is placing a plate of eggs and bacon for me on the table and I thank her with a hug before taking a seat. Both men join me with glasses of blood, the conversation flowing.

“Is Asher in a meeting?” I ask when I finish, wiping my mouth with the napkin.

“Not for another hour.” Corbin murmurs as he checks his watch. “You want to see him?”

“Yes, please.”

I follow them down the familiar path to his office, both standing outside when Asher calls me in. He’s sitting on the couch with papers in front of him, laptop open as he types away on it. Shutting the door behind me, I run over to him and straddle his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck before kissing him. A husky moan escapes his lips, his hands spanning my back as he pulls me flush against his chest. I pull away soon, finding him staring at me in curiosity with a smile on his lips.

“What was that for?”

“Can’t I kiss you?” I pout up at him, watching him laugh in response.

“Of course you can, you just seem really happy today.” He grins, his hands rubbing circles into my hips. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“I am too.” I hum, watching as he checks his watch worriedly before sighing. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just the usual.” He laughs, shaking his head. “I have so much paperwork to do with all the recent clans being wiped out and people being injured or missing. Having meetings on top of that is just tiring.”

“Maybe I can help?” I murmur lowly, nibbling on his earlobe.

“Fuck.” He breathes shakily when I nip at his jawline, pressing kisses to the base of his neck. “I don’t think we’re on the same page, little butterfly.”

I hum, slipping my hands under his shirt. “You’re the one who said I should help to relieve you of your frustration. I’m just doing what you asked, Ash.”

“No, no, no.” He sends me a warning look, taking hold of both my arms. “Ayla, not here.”

“I don’t see why not.” I huff, pecking his lips.

“No!” He tries to snap at me but it comes out more like a groan when I catch his bottom lip between my teeth, tugging on it gently. “Ayla, I have a meeting in less than an hour.”

“You’re the King, they’ll understand that you were...busy.” I grin cheekily, stroking his noticeable bulge.

“You’re in so much fucking trouble.” He mutters, checking his watch. “I’m half an hour late, Ayla!”

“Have fun at your meeting!” I sing, giggling as I run out of the office.

I grin as I walk with Vito and Corbin to mine and Asher’s bedroom, grateful for the walls of this castle being soundproof. Otherwise I would have never started that. I decide to grab some more things from my room, thinking of moving into Asher’s room completely. He has tried to convince me many times and now that I think about it, he’s right.

“Do you guys want to help me pack up?” I ask hopefully, huffing when they both scoff in response.

“You’re on your own, kid.” Corbin smirks, shoving me into the room and closing the door.

Shaking my head, I get to work and start folding my clothes. I end up asking one of them to find me some boxes to put my stuff in so that moving it all into Asher’s room will be easier. With all the things Asher and Sage have bought me, it’s going to take hours! Eventually, they pop back in with the cardboard boxes and I pack my things in them.

I continue working when suddenly, I feel a pull towards my desk. My feet have a mind of their own as I walk over, picking up the same book that has been the cause of my distress. Dropping it, I try and back away but that feminine voice returns. Like usual, it convinces me to practice teleporting.

“No, no, no!” I mutter repeatedly when I find myself stretching my hands out, feeling the power surge within me.

I can’t control my actions or speak anymore, forced to teleport from my room to Asher’s, to the library, to the garden and back. Gasping, I drop to my knees, slumping against the bed. My gift isn’t supposed to drain me like this but because I have no control over my actions and I’m forced to do this several times a day, my body and mind are exhausted by the end of it.

“Practice makes perfect...” She sings before disappearing completely, the sound of her laughter echoing in my mind.

The sound of knocking brings me out of my thoughts and I turn to see Corbin peek in. “Asher wants you downstairs, a guest has arrived.”

“I-I’ll be right out.” I smile, pretending that I’m fine.

He disappears with a concerned look and it’s only then that I make a move to stand. My legs shake but I eventually manage to steady myself as I grab the bed’s frame for support. After calming myself down, I leave the room and walk with Vito and Corbin to the foyer. Asher’s eyes instantly meet mine, turning concerned immediately. I shake my head with a sad smile, it’s of no use to worry him when I can’t even tell him what has been happening to me.

“Fabian, this is my beloved Ayla Romanov.” He introduces me as I walk over, tucking me into his side protectively. “Ayla, this is Fabian. He’s one of my best friends; a warlock in our realm and has agreed to help us find Blithe.”

“Thank you for coming, we appreciate your help.” I smile, shaking his hand.

“It’s an honor, your highness.” He nods with a small grin.

Fabian is a very tall man, just like Asher. He’s strong and muscular with broad shoulders, slightly boyish features but I know that he must be way older than he appears to be. He has dark blue eyes and golden blonde hair, dimples in both cheeks. I spot a tiny scar by the corner of his eye and a long one behind his ear, curving down to the base of his neck.

He’s dressed in a long, brown overcoat with black jeans and combat boots. Refusing Grace politely when she asks if he would like some food, he turns to Asher and asks that they get to work straight away.

“Would you like to come with me?” He asks in a hushed tone, only for us to hear.

“I don’t want to be a distraction.” I murmur worriedly, biting my lip. Fabian and everyone else would obviously be working.

“You won’t.” He smiles reassuringly, kissing my temple as he starts guiding me down the hall. “It’ll help take your mind off things.”

I can’t help but tear up slightly, wondering how I got so lucky with him. Although he doesn’t know what’s going on or how to help me, he still tries his very best to help me in other ways. Clearing my throat, I nod and walk with him.

“I’m going to make things right.” He states, looking down at me in all seriousness.

“I trust you.”

“I adore you.” He mumbles as his lips come crashing down on mine.

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