Asher's Beloved

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Chapter 24 - Resisting Temptation

Mild explicit content ahead! For those who are uncomfortable reading explicit content, I advise you to skip to the chapter/page break.

I wake up this morning to the feel of Asher’s lips on my body, heating me up in an instant. The blanket has been pushed to the end of the bed and I realize that I’m only in my bra and panties. My skin tingles deliciously as he places an open-mouthed kiss on my rib cage, nipping harshly at the swell of my breast. My breathless moan captures his attention which makes him look up and smile at me devilishly.

“Morning, love.”

“G-Good morning.” I stammer, flushing in embarrassment.

He chuckles huskily, pushing up so that his face hovers above mine. Twirling a strand of my brown locks around his finger, he leans down making me turn my face to the side quickly. Mumbling about how I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, he chooses to ignore me and grips my chin to make me face him again. His eyes are wild with lust before they close and his lips come crashing down on mine.

I fight for air as he kisses me hungrily, pulling my legs up so that they’re wrapped around his waist. His tongue dances with mine and I whimper loudly when his hardened bulge covered by his thin boxers grinds against my wet panties. I feel him smile against my lips when he realizes that I’m already soaking wet. That only makes him grind faster and harder against my weeping core.

“A-Ash...please!” I gasp when he nips at my throat before licking the valley of my breasts.

“Let me make you feel good, baby.” He hums, sitting up between my legs and spreading them wide.

“Oh!” I breathe when his finger traces my wet slit through my panties, his thumb teasing the waistband.

I watch with half opened eyes as he rips my panties off, his head disappearing between my legs. And just like he promised, he makes me feel very good. In minutes, I’m a mess underneath him, my hips bucking wildly as I ride his face. Gasps and moans escape me, his fingers finding my bra and taking it off.

Ordering me to touch myself, I bite my lip and do as he says. My cheeks feel like they’re on fire as he watches me from below, his fingers moving in and out quickly. I flush when I hear my juices, crying out when his tongue plays with my swollen bud. I pull hard on my stiff peaks, my back arching when he makes me orgasm. Screaming his name as I ride off my high, I beg him to stop when his tongue dips into my core.

He only chuckles in response, lapping up my juices before proceeding to make me orgasm another two times. I can barely keep up with him, thankful when he stops after the third round. Laying there panting, I curl up to him when he settles in beside me. He covers me with the blanket as I nuzzle my cheek against his chest with a tired yet satisfied sigh.

“You’re so naughty.” I mumble sleepily, feeling his arms wrap around my waist.

“And you’re too tempting for your own good.” He chuckles, hooking my leg around his waist. “Sleep, dragostea mea. We’ve still got time.” (My love)

“Love you.” I sigh before slipping into a dreamless sleep.

It’s now three o’clock and I’ve just returned from a cake tasting with Asher, who left as soon as he heard the word flower arrangements. He wants me to have my dream wedding with an unlimited budget, only there when deciding on the important details such as the cake, the venue, etcetera. We have chosen one of the bigger beaches in the kingdom to have as our wedding venue and I’m excited to see how it turns out. Asher and I found an amazing wedding planner who is going to take care of everything for us. Marissa updates us regularly and adapts to any changes we tell her of.

The guest list is slightly long because of the amount of people that Asher knows, our friends and family. Mom has also invited her best friend and his wife, Uncle Kaden and Aunt Luna, who I haven’t seen in around three years now. We used to spend every summer at each other’s homes before Ivan and I shifted and had to focus on training.

Ivan has recently taken over the Lycan Kingdom, so I’m worried that he might not be able to attend the wedding. I would love for him to be here with all the family but I understand that he could be busy. There’s been talk of other species wanting to take over the throne so Dad has been travelling back and forth, making sure that Ivan is okay and advising him on how to deal with the situation.

Heading upstairs to my bedroom, I take out my laptop with the intention to watch a movie or something until dinner. But my door bursts open and Sage marches in with a wide smile on her lips. She claps her hands, telling me to get up because “we’re going somewhere!” I frown at her in confusion which makes her run towards me.

“We’re taking a trip to the spa!” She squeals, pulling me up.

“Wow, really?” I grin in excitement, following her out of my room.

“Yes, everything is booked and ready to go. We’re going to the best place in the city and we’re going to spend the day getting pampered!” She cheers, pulling me down the steps.

I bite my lip to stifle the smile threatening to escape when I see an angry Asher waiting for us by the doors. His arms are crossed, eyes shining with disapproval. Sage glares at him, arguing that as a bride I need to be pampered before my big day. He rolls his eyes mockingly before taking me into his arms, pressing a kiss to my lips before Sage all but drags me down the steps of the castle.

I laugh and wave back at him, blowing him a kiss which cheers him up temporarily. We get into the large SUV with Corbin, Vito and Ben. I can tell that there will be at least a dozen guards situated around the spa, knowing Asher very well at this point. And with Sage travelling back and forth between the castle and her home, Helios has his own assembly of guards to protect her.

Eventually, we arrive at a fancy hotel. Sage confirms our appointment and we’re led to a room for our facials. We spend the rest of the day getting massages, manicures and pedicures before deciding to end our evening in the large bath full of mineral-rich spring water. One of the staff members comes out with a tray of desserts and champagne flutes. Thanking her, Sage and I clink our glasses together before taking a sip and trying the desserts.

But suddenly, her phone starts to ring and she turns around to pick it up.

“It’s Helios.” She mutters with a frown, telling me she’ll be right back before getting out of the bath and disappearing down the hallway.

Sighing in content, I slip down further into the warm water. Taking a sip of champagne, I bite into the chocolate covered strawberries. Closing my eyes after indulging in the treats, I put my glass back on the tiled floor before crossing my legs. The water bubbles around me, almost as if it’s massaging my body. The sweet smell of lavender fills my nose and I find myself becoming drowsy.

Until someone pecks my lips.

“Asher! What are you doing here?!” I gasp when my eyes open to meet his.

He’s only in swimming shorts, a devilish smirk on his lips. His lips meet mine again, mumbling after each kiss. “Missed - you - too - much. Couldn’t - stay - away.”

I melt in his arms, my fingertips grazing his bare chest under the water. His eyes shine with lust as he peppers hot, open-mouthed kisses on my neck and over my collarbones. I moan softly when he bites down on my bottom lip and pulls, sucking on it gently. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I tug on his hair in response which elicits a husky groan from him.

“S-Sage will be b-back soon.” I stammer, my mind heady with desire.

“Who do you think got Helios to distract her?” He grins boyishly, wrapping my legs around his waist.

Giggling, I press my lips to his again and bask in the feel of his skin against mine. But sadly, our time is cut short when we hear Sage returning as she bids goodbye to Helios. Asher growls in frustration, kissing me sweetly before grabbing his clothes and disappearing just as she comes back in. She stares at me in suspicion when she catches sight of my bright pink cheeks, making me brush her off with a giddy smile.

That man is going to be the death of me someday.

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