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Chapter 25 - Wedding Bells

*** This is a clean version of Chapter 25. For anyone who is over 18 years, you can find a book on my profile called ‘The Forbidden Diaries’ which contains the explicit version. If any problems occur where you cannot view the book then you may have to follow me. Reading the explicit version is done at your own choice as I have made sure to warn you beforehand. ***

It’s been a hectic morning but the moment has finally arrived. In a short while, I will be Mrs. Ayla Antonov and the Queen of the Vampire Kingdom.

Calling everyone in, I smooth my hands over my dress. I immediately fell in love with it the day I tried it on in the boutique. My shoulders, a bit of my chest and the upper half of my back is all sheer with white buttons lining my spine until it flows into the skirt material. The skirt is very generous with large lace detailing of intricately embroidered flowers and leaves. The same embroidery covers the sheer material on my arms, stopping just shy of my shoulders so that they remain exposed. On the front, it has a sweetheart neckline and it’s designed in a way that the embroidery covers my chest area with some of the leaf detailing touching my collarbones.

I’m wearing white heels underneath with makeup that makes it seem like it’s minimal, my hair in an elegant up-do with messy strands framing my face. I feel like a princess and I can’t wait to see Asher’s reaction.

I blush fiercely at the thought of our wedding night tonight. We will finally become one and he will claim me as his. I’m relieved that Ivan and I can only feel each other’s negative emotions should we ever be in trouble or need to be found. I would die of embarrassment if our bond allowed us to feel every emotion!

Sage, mom, Grace and aunt Luna all tear up when they see me, giving me hugs and warning me not to ruin my makeup when I tear up slightly. When it’s time to go, dad comes in and immediately cries a little which makes me hug him tightly. We have a daughter and father moment in the dressing room before I loop my arm through his and he brings me out.

“I love you, princess. I’ll always be here for you.” He murmurs, pressing a kiss to my temple.

“Thanks, dad. I love you too.” I push up to kiss his cheek as I pick up my bouquet. “Don’t let me fall.”

“I’ve got you, little one. I always have.” He smiles, patting my hand reassuringly.

We make our way towards the archway, pink and white hydrangeas positioned in it with green leaves. There’s brown chairs for our guests with pink ribbons tied to the back, a tall wooden structure in the middle with white fabric tied to the corners, flowing in the wind. The same flowers in the archway are used to decorate it with a rug and a podium for Dimitri who will be officiating our marriage. Both Asher and I were quite surprised when he offered.

Asher had picked a simple bouquet of amaryllis flowers for me to carry, which I thought were so pretty when I first laid eyes on them. His groomsmen are Vito and Corbin. His best man is Fabian and they all have calla lilies pinned to their navy-blue suits. My bridesmaids are Astra and Sasha, who I’ve become very close with. My maid of honor is Sage and they are dressed in off the shoulder, baby blue gowns.

Valentina and Misha walk ahead of us, scattering yellow and pink flower petals on the white sand for me to walk on. I look up and my breath hitches when I see Asher standing there waiting for me, his brown eyes alight with happiness and love. I smile back at him, unable to keep my eyes off him. He looks extremely handsome in his suit, his scent mixed in with the salt of the ocean a heavenly combination.

My dad hands me over to him, asking him to take care of me before pressing a kiss to my cheek. He takes his seat beside mom, who’s already shedding a few tears. Ivan and Mikhail grin and wave. The ceremony starts but I can barely concentrate with Asher standing right in front of me, his thumbs rubbing soothing circles on my skin. Eventually we exchange our vows which has us both, along with everyone else, tearing up a little.

“My king, you may now kiss the bride.” Dimitri finally states with a grin and Asher wastes no time at all in pressing his lips to mine in a sweet, gentle kiss.

“Mrs. Ayla Antonov.” He murmurs into my ear as we turn and smile at the cheering crowd. “I love the sound of that.”

I grin, squeezing his hand with a bright blush on my cheeks. We move towards the tent set up on the beach and everyone starts to enjoy themselves once the music comes on. As bottles of champagne pop open and everyone is served with food, Asher and I make our way through the crowd to greet and thank everyone for joining us on our special day. Eventually, Asher and I have our first dance before Dad and I have our father daughter dance while Asher dances with my mom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen joining us too.

We also travel back to the castle where thousands of people wait for us, cheering joyously as we arrive. Asher takes me up to one of the balconies that faces the crowd, Dimitri announcing me as their Queen. I feel their love as I wave back to them, their smiles bright. As soon as Asher kisses me, the crowd goes wild and people holler and cheer. We stay out there for a little longer before heading to the ballroom of the castle.

When the music switches to something more upbeat and everyone lets loose, Asher pulls me away without anybody noticing. A car waits for us and I hop in alongside him, curling into his side. He drapes an arm around me before nodding at the driver. I find my eyes straying to the diamond ring he gave me as soon as we said “I do,” my engagement one sitting on my right hand. It’s more extravagant but it’s so beautiful and I find myself questioning whether this is a dream still. I had given Asher a gold wedding band to wear on his finger, the date we had met engraved into it.

“Why are we here?” I frown in confusion when the car drives through large gates, a private jet waiting for us on the strip.

“You didn’t think our honeymoon would be spent in the castle did you?” He laughs at my shocked expression.

“B-But you said you have meetings and events lined up for the entire month!” I swat his arm when I realize he lied.

“I hope you like Bora Bora, Mrs. Antonov.” He whispers, taking me into his arms as his lips meet mine.

“Ash, this is amazing!” I breathe in awe as we walk into our private villa above the water.

I make my way over to the specially tinted floor to ceiling length windows, watching the sun set slowly. When I asked Asher about how he’s going to deal with the sun while we’re on our honeymoon, he told me that Astra had cast a spell on him to resist the sun while we’re here. It’ll be slightly uncomfortable but he said it’s nothing he can’t handle.

I love how clear and blue the water looks, palm trees swaying gently in the distance. Turning with a smile, I’m met with my husband standing in the middle of the room just watching me with a content look. However, I don’t miss the heated look he sends me which makes me bite my lip.

He growls lowly, eyes brightening to red as he walks over to me. Tilting my chin up with a finger, his lips meet mine in a searing, lust filled kiss that has my toes curling. He pulls away all too soon and my eyes widen when he finds the hidden zip at the back of my dress. I close my eyes, tilting my neck as he peppers kisses on my skin while peeling off my dress painfully slow. His hand takes my hair down from its updo, running his fingers through my hair.

But as soon as my dress is in a pile around my feet, I hear his breath hitch and a low curse fall from his lips. I blush fiercely when his eyes roam over my body, taking me in. I’m wearing a white lingerie set made of lace, complete with a garter and stockings.

“Fuck, Ayla. Are you trying to kill me, baby?” He snarls, picking me up bridal style.

“I take it you like it?” I giggle, crying out when he throws me on the bed.

“I like it.” He murmurs, kissing every inch of bare skin he can find before his intense stare meets mine. “But I’ll love it even more when it’s on the ground.”

Thankfully, he doesn’t rip it all off me. His fingertips tease my skin under my bra before he takes it off, removing the garter and suspenders and throwing them on the floor before hooking a finger inside the waistband of my panties and sliding them down my legs achingly slow. Lastly are my stockings and heels. With every removal of clothing, his lips have tasted every bit of my skin.

My heart is now racing and I’m panting with need at this point, watching him remove his clothes along with his boxers. He positions himself at my entrance and I tense up involuntarily which makes him kiss me sweetly as he whispers that it’ll be okay. I nod at him with a nervous smile, feeling him push himself in inch by inch.

Whimpering at the feel of him stretching my walls, I feel as if he’s going to tear me apart. He stops to soothe me, letting me grow accustomed to his size. Only I find out that he’s only half of the way in! He eases into me slowly until he’s buried to the hilt, hushing me when tears brim my eyes at the slight sharp pain that courses through me for a moment.

“You okay, angel?”

“Y-Yes,” I nod before groaning in pleasure when he shifts a little. “Move, Asher.”

I lose myself in his touch as he makes love to me. I match his stamina, my fingertips trailing over every inch of his skin in admiration, our breaths mingling in frenzied lust. I’m showered with attention and my body soars every time I reach my peak, feeling breathless yet content when I come back down from my blissful high.

“I’m going to drink from you, Ayla.” He growls, sweeping my hair away from my neck.

“Take me.” I whimper, pushing my neck out and submitting myself to him.

He hums in approval, peppering wet kisses to the base of my neck. I feel the sharp sting of his fangs as they scrape over my skin, and he presses a gentle kiss to the spot he’s going to bite me before embedding them deep in my neck. I scream at the instant pain, feeling like my blood is on fire before it turns into extreme pleasure. Asher drinks my blood greedily, husky groans escaping him. His hands hold my hips tight, pinning me down on the bed.

He grins and kisses me sweetly, whispering how much he loves me and how amazing that was. We don’t get any sleep until seven in the morning, finally stopping after our fifth round. Each time, he drank my blood until I couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s safe to say that we don’t get around to exploring Bora Bora until day two of our honeymoon.

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