Asher's Beloved

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Chapter 26 - Two Lines

I groan in discomfort, pushing up from the floor and walking over to the sink. Grabbing my brush and some toothpaste, I clean my teeth and wash my face. I have been vomiting every morning this whole week and finally asked Sage an hour ago to bring me a few pregnancy tests. Thankfully she was visiting for the week while Helios was away on a business trip.

Asher and I have discussed starting a family and since his mother was from a lineage of purebloods it’s highly possible to have a child as he was not turned and instead, created. I’m a pile of nerves as I wait for Sage and it’s only worsening my condition. Along with vomiting, I have been feeling tired, my breasts hurt and my period is late by a week.

Finally, she walks in with a bag and shuts the door. I thank her and grab a few, taking them into the bathroom with me. Peeing on the stick as instructed, I go back into the bedroom and sit on the couch beside her. She rubs my back soothingly, telling me that everything is going to be okay. I can tell she’s excited at the thought of becoming an aunt but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

“Want me to check?”

“Please.” I nod, watching as she walks into the bathroom.

She’s silent for a while and it almost drives me insane until I hear her loud squeal. She runs back out to me, screaming that I’m pregnant. My jaw drops as I take the tests from her, two lines on every one. I’m going to be a mother! There’s a little baby growing inside me!

“Wow!” I breathe, laughing as Sage hugs me tightly. “I’m going to be a mom!”

“And I’m going to be an aunt! This is so exciting!” She cries happily, bouncing up and down.

“I-I have to tell Asher.” I mumble, still in shock as I stare at the tests.

“Do you want to surprise him?” She grins, holding my hands.

“Sure, but how?” I frown, hearing her hum thoughtfully.

“Oh! I’ve got an idea!”

After sharing it with me, we set about putting our plan into motion. Writing a list of baby names on a piece of paper, we put it in a file which I will be giving to Asher. I’ll be pretending to give it to him so he can approve of something but really, it’ll just be a hint for him about my pregnancy. It doesn’t take us long to make but I’m excited anyways.

“How about we visit Doctor Ilias while we wait for Asher to come back?” I turn to Sage, who agrees immediately. “I had my bloods done on Monday, maybe the reports will confirm that I’m pregnant?”

We make our way through the castle and into the hospital wing. Thankfully, Doctor Ilias is standing by reception and I’m taken to his office right away. He takes out my file and looks through it as I tell him about taking pregnancy tests and getting two lines.

“You are indeed pregnant Ayla, two weeks along actually. With supernaturals, many pregnancies are detected this early.” He replies with a wide smile, taking one of his notepads out. “Congratulations! Does Asher know?”

“Not yet, I’m going to surprise him this evening when he returns from his meeting.” I grin excitedly, I just want him to come back home right now!

“Okay, I’m going to prescribe you some prenatal vitamins and schedule you in for another appointment. Now, because you and Asher are both supernaturals your pregnancy is expected to be very short – like, two to three months.” He hands me a medicine prescription before typing away on his computer. “We’ll need you to come in for an ultrasound in...let’s say, two weeks.”

“Okay.” I breathe shakily, a little scared now that this will be happening so fast.

“Don’t worry, we’re all here to help you.” Sage pats my hand with a reassuring smile as Doctor Ilias agrees and tells me to call him anytime.

I smile gratefully and thank them both, standing to leave with Sage when the receptionist comes in to remind Doctor Ilias about his next appointment. After ensuring that my medicines will be sent to me by today I walk back to my room, telling Sage that I would like to rest before Asher comes back. She makes me promise to tell her all about it and I nod with a laugh.

Closing the door, I lean against it for a moment with a heavy sigh. Taking my phone out, I call my mom to tell her the news. I need to talk to her, wanting her advice and comfort. Lying down on the bed, I hear the bell ring before she picks up.

“Hi, honey! How are you?” I smile when her familiar voice greets me.

“Hi, mom. I’m good, I have news actually.”

“You’re pregnant?” She asks hopefully and I laugh out loud, she has been wanting grandchildren ever since she found out Asher and I are mates.

“Yes. I’m two weeks along.” I confirm, hearing her squeal loudly and tell dad.

“Congratulations, baby!” Mom yells and dad does the same but also adds that if Asher doesn’t take care of me properly, he’ll kill him.

“Thank you both!” I grin before turning serious. “I’m kind of scared. It’ll be a two or three-month pregnancy.”

“I was the same with all of you kids. Don’t worry honey, your body will adapt to facilitate the baby. They grow quite fast so make sure you eat a lot throughout the day and rest as much as you can!” Mom advises, her motherly tone making me homesick.

“I will. Can you visit too, please?” I ask, knowing Asher won’t let me travel or teleport once he finds out.

“Of course, darling. You don’t have to ask.” She soothes, dad piping in saying that he wants to see me too. “You’ll be just fine, don’t stress yourself at all okay? It’s not good for the baby.”

“I won’t, promise.” I mumble, looking up when Vito knocks and enters the room.

“Asher’s here.” He smiles before leaving when I nod. I had told him to let me know the second Asher returns.

“Okay, Asher is back and I need to go and tell him. I’ll talk to you both later, love you!” I hear them say goodbye, letting me know that they’ll visit as soon as they can.

Hanging up, I put on my shoes and exit the room with the “file.” Vito and Corbin follow me towards his office and take their positions outside when we reach the door. I knock before peeking in, seeing him sitting on the couch without his suit jacket and a loosened tie around his neck.

“Hey, Asher? I need your signatures on this.” I walk up to him and pass the file over.

“Sure, angel.” He mutters, closing a folder before taking it from me.

I take a seat on the couch beside him, butterflies fluttering in my tummy in excitement. Grabbing the pen from behind his ear, he opens it up and begins to read. Immediately, I see a confused frown grace his lips, making me smile widely. My breath hitches in anticipation and I can barely sit still.

“Why would somebody want me to approve of baby...” He trails off before turning to me with wide eyes.

When they flicker down to my stomach and meet mine again, I nod with a laugh. “You’re going to be a dad, Ash!”

He’s speechless for a few moments before he turns to me fully, holding my hands in his. “Really?! We’re going to be parents?!”

“Yes!” I smile, showing him the pregnancy stick with the two lines. “I also went to Doctor Ilias who confirmed my pregnancy.”

In an instant, I’m swept up as he twirls me around in his arms. Squealing, I wrap my arms around him and laugh as he yells in joy. Setting me back on the ground, he captures my lips in a sweet kiss that conveys just how happy he is.

“I love you so much.” He mumbles between kisses, cupping my face.

“I love you too.” I smile, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I’m terrified but so excited.” He laughs, running a hand through his hair.

“I know, I’m really scared because of how short it will be.” I breathe, feeling him rub my back.

He kisses the crown of my head and pulls me down on the couch, making me sit on his lap. “Don’t worry about anything, you and our baby will be just fine. Let me take care of everything else.”

He lays me down, pushing up my sweater and rubbing my belly that shows no signs of a pregnancy yet. He peppers kisses to my skin, murmuring promises about how he’s going to take such good care of me and our child. I run my fingers through his hair as I listen to him talk and vow to keep us both happy and safe.

“I want to be there for every appointment and every ultrasound.” He states, a protective glint in his chocolate brown eyes. “I don’t care if I’m in a meeting or travelling somewhere, whenever you need me I’ll be there for you.”

I tear up a little, cupping his face as I kiss him slowly. “Even if it’s just test results?”

He nips my jawline playfully as I giggle. “Everything, baby. I mean it, I’ll be right there holding your hand through it all.”

“Thank you. I’m so lucky to have you as my mate.” I whisper, staring into his eyes lovingly.

“I’m just taking care of my beloved and child, you both deserve the world.” He murmurs lowly before pulling me into his side.

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