Captured By A Ruthless Vampire King

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Book 2 of (The Awakening Series) I'm a She-wolf who happened to be born on the day of The Awakening. My people once believed that the day when Luna passes directly behind earth and into the shadows was the day of new beginnings. The day of rebirth! They once called those particular days.... Luna passing days! All of my people were wrong, Lycans included. The Luna passing day in the year of 2081 was marked as The Awakening. For humans it was the act of the vampire species coming into awareness of the human world. To Werewolves it was the day we were knocked off our high horses. My kind usually thrive just thinking about spilling vampire blood. They always have. I honestly feel like we all can get along. Seriously, holding on to grudges never did anyone any good. We should all co-exist. How fortunate for me, that funny word name fate decided to show me otherwise. The Vampires took someone extremely important away from me. They crushed my soul when they took her life. I'll never forgive them. For the first time in history my people were right I'll never heal. Especially, now! I'm living with this ruthless Vampire King who insists on calling me his chosen but I’m his mate.

Fantasy / Thriller
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|1| ~The Luna Blood Moon~

Luna Blood Moon
Embry POV.

I’m an outcast.

I’m the she-wolf who is more in touch with my human side than I am with my wolf.

My name is Embry Destiny Wilde. I’m the daughter of The Western Pack Beta Hunter Wilde, who happens to be the brother of The Northern Pack Alpha Maddox Wilde. Yes! I have connections.

My father is the second son of an Alpha. He was born into The Northern Pack. My mother Larentia Lakewater was an omega born into The Western Pack. I have been told by both packs that she was beautiful. Extremely, beautiful! My pack mates often speak of how similar my sister and I look to our mother.

I’ve been told that she had a heart of a Luna, brave and loyal. Pack members always talk about how my mom smile could light up a room and how her soul was as gentle as her touch. I wish that I could have met her.

My mother was given to Luna our moon goddess on the same day that Luna delivered me to earth. She gave her last breathe, giving me my first. I’m forever grateful. On the Luna passing day of May 3, 2081 the vampires took over the world.

They started with humans, destroying their world completely. I was told it was a day of death, completely dark. A lot of my pack mates interacted with the human world during that time. Some of them even fought alongside of humans, including my dad.

They lost and suffered completely. The look in my dad eyes when he tells the stories of the awakening says it all. The Awakening will haunt him forever. It shall haunt my species as a whole forever.

My father became beta of The Western Pack on that exact day. The beta before him also was given to our moon goddess during the awakening. The Western Alpha Luke passed the Beta title down to my father, making him the first wolf with Alpha Blood to become beta to a neighboring pack. In other worlds, my dad made history. My family is much respected in the world of wolves.

Even the Lycans hold respect for the Wilde Bloodline, but that doesn’t matter.

Werewolves all around the world, including my family has still suffered numerous tremendous lost. The vampires have changed our lives completely. Well, at least that’s what my pack mates say. They hate them. I really never understood why their hatred ran so deep.

My dad, siblings, and cousins alike hate them as well. My entire family hates vampires, well everyone but me.

I’m just not that she-wolf. Sometimes I feel like an outcast, a loner surrounded by my own species. To make matters worse, my people believe I’m a special wolf because of my birthday. I am their savior. They say, wolves born on the day Luna passing days are meant to do great things. I have never agreed with a lot of our traditions or beliefs. I don’t believe I can save anybody.

I cannot even save myself.

My dad always told me that I get that from my mom. She was a lover not a fighter, but she still knew how to defend herself. That’s why my dad has trained my siblings and me every single day for as long as I could remember.

He wants us to be able to protect ourselves against any threats. I really, can’t blame him honestly. Living during the reign of vampires is a dangerous time to live in. Especially in North America due to the vampire king that rules this continent being so ruthless.

I have never met him and from what I have been told.... I should pray to the moon goddess every night that I don’t. My people hate him most of all. They want his head on a spike and all of the packs are coming together to make sure that happens.

Before The Northern Village Raid.

Embry, let’s go! If you’re not down in ten minutes, you’re going to be late for training!”

So, what’s the problem with that?

Ewe! Why, can’t they let a wolf get some sleep? I use to love coming to the northern pack when I was a pup. I could play hide and hunt wolf with my cousins. Watch old chick-flicks with my auntie and spy on the pack with my favorite siblings, but now it’s all work hard, train hard, be hard bullshit. Gosh! It could at least, be working hard and then, play hard.

“Five more minutes,” I mumble, rolling over.

“Come on, lazy lady! You need to eat before training.” My cousin, Celine pulls the covers up from over my head.

Eat! That means food and that’s all it takes to make me hop out of my bed.

“I knew that would get you up! Lazy Lady, it’s my mom orders,” says Celine. I can hear the amusement in her voice.

Celine is my favorite cousin. We are like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, love and hope. We belong together.

“Farrah, is already downstairs talking about how she kicked you’re a** yesterday in camp.”

“So, let her shine,” I tell her, making my way towards the bathroom. Celine giggles in response. What’s understood doesn’t has to be explained. We both know I’ll kick my oldest sister butt. Luckily for her, I hate fighting. I wouldn’t even harm a fly.

If it was survivor of the fitness the fly would win by default. Celine looks like the bad ass she-wolf that she is. She’s wearing black yoga pants, a black V-neck and a black leather jacket to match. Her auburn and dark brown umbre waves are pulled back in a high ponytail.

“You look better with your hair down,” I tease.

“Oh, please!” She rolls her eyes. “I’ll look good even if I shaved my head bald.” I snicker. Awwww..

Celine is Queen Conceited! Always and forever!

“Hurry up sexy. I want to make it their in time to see your Alpha fine ass leave. He’s preparing for battle, you know. Maybe, you can give him a goodbye kiss,” Celine says, puckering out her lips.

I start to brush my teeth. It’s no secret that I’m crazy over the western alpha. Everyone is! That man is a Greek God granted to us wolves from our moon goddess Luna herself.

I want him so bad I can taste him. The only problem is he is not my mate and I’m not that brave to go after another’s women promised. We flirt here and there. We may even have shared a kiss or two, but that’s as far as it gets.

Besides, no one but my mate can have my heart. I’ll wait eternity if I have to. Luna only gives one promised and one second chance. I’m determined to hold onto my promised forever.

I quickly get ready for training, throwing on a pair of yoga pants and a black V-neck of my own. My waist length, dark brown hair is tangled, as usual. But a little water and brush does the trick every time.

I braid my hair into a thick braid and then wash my face with a warm rag. I take a moment to look at myself in the mirror. My thick eyebrows need to be arched and my hazel eyes look duller than usual, “Are you ready,” asks Celine.

“Yes,” I respond, following after her out of the door. She hands me a leather jacket right before we make our way down the stairs.

The smell of buttermilk, sweet cream butter, and hot maple syrup hits me hard and strong. Aunt Elena made pancakes again. I’m more of a waffle type of girl, but Aunt Elena award winning pancakes can hit my taste buds anytime they want.

Honeysuckle, pine wood and jasmine scents mixed together invades my senses as well. That means my aunt. Cousin and sister are all in the kitchen.

“Good Morning ladies!” greets aunt Elena, cheerfully. She places a plate stacked with pancakes drenched in thick maple syrup down onto the table.

“Thank you,” I say, everyone else just dives right in. They are so rude!

Her honeysuckle scent, so sweet and delightful swallows me whole as she places a gentle kiss onto my forehead. My aunt Elena is the sweetest she-wolf in the world. She too is a lover instead of a fighter but, she hates vampires like everyone else.

Her mate, which was my father’s younger brother, was also killed during the last Luna passing day. I never met him, but he was Celine dad. Her lost is my lost!

Kaya is my other favorite cousin. She’s Celine half-sister and just as sweet as her mom. Kaya dad is Aunt Elena second chance mate. However, she is still considered to be a Wilde wolf.

“Yes! Good Morning, ladies,” adds in Kaya from across the table looking wickedly delightful. Someone’s in a good mood I think to myself as I turn to face her.

Kaya is freshly matted and freshly puped. Meaning she just popped out a pup of her own. It sucks that she is the youngest and has already found her mate before all of us. So it’s really not a surprise that she’s in such a good mood, but then again it is.

With Kaya, having to deal with a crying, cute and highly addictive newborn, speaking of which, “Where is Jenkins?” I ask her, while diving into my pancakes. Hmmmmm! They are so good!

“Yes where is auntie’s baby,” adds in Celine, taking a bite into her pancakes as well. I swear, she just moaned from the taste.

“Mom put him to sleep, so Ryan and I could have some alone time before he goes to battle,” she responds. So, that’s why she’s so happy. Someone got some last night. Celine giggles most likely thinking the same thing that I’m thinking. Farrah rolls her eyes.

Oh, yeah Farrah is here as well. My oldest sister who people sometimes has mistaken us as twins. We both smell like flowers, have clear skin, long dark brown hair and hazel eyes, but we act nothing alike. For example, Farrah is serious and I’m silly. Farrah likes attention and I don’t. Farrah has hooked up with every wolf that has a title and I haven’t. See, major difference!

She’s currently hooking up with the new Northern Beta Rendell and I’m 1000% percent positive that our dad or Uncle Maddox doesn’t know anything about it.

“How’s Beta Rendell,” Celine questions Farrah, causing me to choke on my orange juice. Farrah and Celine are like night and day. They should never be in the same room.

They are always at each other neck, literally. I’m always in the middle of their epic disputes.

Just like right now, Farrah is sitting to my right, her eyes are flashing gold and Celine is sitting to my left, her eyes are flickering with mischief.

See? I’m always playing monkey in the middle. Please! Luna come down to earth and save me.

“No, wolf poking,” says Aunt Elena coming to save the day. Sometimes I believe that she is the moon goddess in disguise.

“Boys shouldn’t be the topic into you guys are at least 40.”

“I’m 400,” Farrah responds. We all burst out laughing in unison. It’s a wolf joke! We finish our food in a calm mood.

This is the life.

Eating breakfast with my family, laughing, joking, and teasing one another. Yes, life couldn’t get better. I live for this type of peace.

After, breakfast we make our way to training. My dad, brother Ruq, uncle Maddox, Beta Rendell and Alpha Luke are already present.

Farrah stands directly in front of Beta Rendell. She’s so typical, Luna please bless the unlucky wolf that’s actually mated to my sister. Celine pulls me all the way to the back and furthest from Uncle Maddox eyesight. She thinks he is extra hard on us during training.

Well Celine think he’s hard on us period. Uncle Maddox is the Northern Alpha. He’s not the best person to be around due to his ticking time bomb temper. Celine says that he wasn’t always like that. He used to be a stand-up guy, but that all changed when his mate Mecca was taking from him. I feel like he’s just missed understood.

My uncle hasn’t moved on since his mate was taken over a century ago. That’s another reason why my family hates vampires.

The list goes on and on. I tell you, but I still believe that time should heal all wounds. Not make it worst. It’s not healthy to hold onto grudges. Now, don’t get me wrong. I feel extremely bad for him. It’s just I want my uncle to find happiness.

Hopefully, one day he shall.

Kaya makes her way over towards us. Her crystal blue eyes travels to her mate Ryan. She’s so in love and it’s obvious. She stands right beside us but we all know who she would rather stand beside. Her mate Ryan is most certainly not having any of that.

He walks over to us and grabs Kaya’s hand, placing her directly in front of him. Maya entire face catches on fire. Celine and I give each other a look. Then, she rolls her eyes and I blush. Maya is so lucky.

“Now, that my nieces have graced us with their presence,” says Uncle Maddox, gaining our attention. “I’ll like to announce that the raid on the Ruthless King palace was a success.”

Everyone with the exception of me breaks out in cheers. Call me a party popper if you must, but bloodshed shouldn’t be celebrated in my opinion.

“Also, I’ll like to discuss our next move,” he continues and the crowd quiets down.

Suddenly the Lycan Princess Eva and her brother Prince Ethel make their way through the crowd. Everyone bows. Lycans are royalty! They are different than us regular werewolves. To begin with, they are direct descendant from our moon goddess Luna. Secondly, they are bigger, stronger, faster and smarter.

Third, they are fierce and extremely attractive. Well, werewolves are attractive period. We are considered to be more attractive than humans and Lycans are considered to be more attractive than most species. Besides, witches but that’s another story.

Last but certainly not least, all Lycans are born with gifts. Most of the time, it takes them centuries to access their gift. With the exception of the Lycan Princess Eva. She is different.

Rumor has it she had access to her gift since the day she was born. She has magic. They say she can make a person do what she wants with her words, just like a vampire but she can also speak what she seeks into existence like a gypsy. Some also say, that she can control the earth elements, like witches but I haven’t seen that with my own eyes. So, I don’t know.

However, I have seen her golden wolf with my own eyes and I must admit it’s magnificent. Princess Eva is considered to be the chosen one among our species and if you see her one time, you’ll understand why.

Her brother gift is to make she-wolfs melt. No, seriously his tanned skin, dark hair, sea green eyes and handsome face can make any wolf melt.

“You may rise,” she tells. Her tone is cut-throat.

I raise my head to see the Lycan princess eyes locked onto me.

“Let’s get straight to the point,” she says.

Okay this doesn’t look to good. “You’re all aware, that my people have promised to protect North America packs,” she says turning to face the crowd. “What you don’t know is that, your alphas have agreed to tie our promise with a union.”

“Embry, please step forward,” my dad request. What? Why? I look at Celine and Kaya in confusion as my feet move on their own accord. My heart is racing and all eyes are settled on me. My dad gives a slight smile as I make my way towards the front of the crowd.

“Embry, my second daughter and the last wolf recorded to be born on our last Luna passing day,” he says to the crowd more than he is actually speaking to me. I look into his piercing gaze, attempting to decipher his thoughts. His eyes doesn’t speak a word. What is he up to?

My father takes my hand and turns to face Prince Ethel, “I’ll present to you, my daughter hand in union.”

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