A Rogue's Tales: The Ties That Bind

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In a world of magic and monsters a young rogue seeks life adventures away from the toils of farm life. 1st of 3 stories Ransacked and ripped off. Carr a 17yr old with more skills than just farming returns home to an upset mother and house. The local King's tax collector and armed men expanding the territory found their hidden away farm. Taking what they want in tribute to King Darvel. Taking more than they should have, Carr sets out to return what they should not have taken. A starter story of a young rogue and his area. Two other stories accompany this one set in the fall of his seventeenth year. Torn between wanting to help his mother with the family farm or seeking adventure and treasures. His actions have a bigger effect than he's aware, creating problems for him and those within the Tau Woodlands. Originally a self published story done as a bucket list item to put out my creative thoughts and artwork. Never finishing the artwork for the other two stories didn't follow through with self publishing them. Ten years later why not put them here for your amusement. If you wish to see artwork from the story check Facebook profiles 'a rogue's tales' or Robert A. Lancaster in my photos check 'An Album' If you wish to read the next two stories I can gladly email you a copy

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#1 - Carr's life so far

A Rogue’s Tales: The Ties That Bind

Conceived in 1999

Poorly Self Published in 2009 with illustrations

Retyped by R.A.Lancaster in 2019

Chapter # 1 - Carr’s life, so far…

Raised by thief parents, with strangely strong morals, Carr was given a better life than most. A quiet childhood on a simple farm deep in the Tau woodlands, and taught many of life’s skills.

A family friend Hal, a half-Elf considered a natural ranger, provided knowledge on the lands, plants and animals around.

Jacob a traveling scholar, spent several winters on their farm teaching Carr to read and write, in a few simple languages.

Early one spring day Carr was traveling to the town of Ingleside with his father and the scholar. While in the village of Ahn, they met up with an untrustworthy goblin thief, Uoto Gutoo. Wanting to join their trek, mainly to discuss a proposition with Alfred, Carr’s father.

Keeping Carr out of the conversation Jacob got the boy chatting about the woodland creatures seen. Talking way too much about rats Jacob noted, in jest, how much Carr had in common with them. Small and hairy, always scurrying about in search of food, lurking in the shadows and hiding in small spaces. Finding it amusing and being young Carr agreed, occasionally squeaking while they walked.

The conversation soured between Alfred and Uoto. Alfred wanted nothing to do with Uoto’s plan.

Starting to cross a narrow wooden bridge Uoto became angry and frustrated knocking Carr aside to hastily get away from Alfred.

Carr was knocked off the bridge into a fast moving stream. Torn between wanting to kill Uoto and save Carr, Alfred could only yell at the goblin. Taking opposite sides of the stream Alfred and Jacob chase after Carr.

Annoyed at all and tired of the young boy squeaking away for the last league Uoto yelled back. “Rats can swim.” Continuing on to Ingleside.

Fortunately Carr could swim, struggling some he made it to the bank.

Glad to see the boy is okay, Jacob chuckles calling out from the other side. “You can toss rats into raging waters and they still manage to find shore.”

From that moment on Alfred and Jacob calling the boy the Orc name for rats, Carr.

Finding Carr good for traveling with Alfred slowly began teaching the young boy, skills, skills of a thief. Despite mother’s disapproval, he picked it up quickly and wished to learn more.

Soon the innocent trips to local villages and towns turned into jobs, that mother wasn’t pleased with.

Wanting a better life for Carr mother stated her case pleading Alfred to stop taking him on ventures. Even if they were just to retrieve lost items within barren caves or ruins.

However it was too late, the desire for adventure roams Carr’s mind and soul.

After many debates she realizes he’ll not stay on the farm forever and makes a serious request. If taking on their past life, he should learn how to properly fight.

At the age of eleven Carr is taken to Hal. Informing the half elf of the intent for the boy’s future he hesitantly agrees to take Carr to meet with a Master Fighter.

Across the mountains Hal and Carr trekked, reaching a secluded castle ruin. Inside Carr was introduced to a serious man of few words, Braccus.

Hearing the skills already acquired and to what Carr plans to do with them, Braccus gets into a long conversation with Hal, smartly Carr sits quietly.

Not wanting to train a future thief, Braccus is impressed at how still and quiet Carr remains.

After a few days of training Braccus sees something worthy in Carr’s character informing Hal. “He’ll never be a great warrior, but perhaps something better than a common thief.”

Deciding to see what he can get out of Carr, Braccus takes him on as a student.

Two years of training are put into Carr and on a late fall visit from Hal, Carr is released. Braccus figures he’s learned enough, not all, but enough.

Back on the farm Carr’s youthful urges want to put new skills to test. Mother reluctantly allows him to venture with his father.

The following summer Carr was searching for entertainment and paid Hal a visit in Ahn. Where another favored, family friend and healer Violetta had requested Hals’ aid. They were headed north to help out villagers caught amongst wars with King Darvel. Of course Carr wanted to go, seeing him still as a boy Violetta stated no.

Hiding within their cart of supplies Carr stows away. Found a few days later, too far to go back Hal defends Carr and promised to watch over him.

At the same time father Alfred decided to take on a job, to which became his demise.

Now the man of the family Carr does his best to keep the farm going and mother happy.

Desires for adventure gradually get the better of him. Starting from taking on simple requests while in the villages.

Taking off for weeks at a time in search of treasure and coin began upsetting his mother. Sitting alone in the secluded farmhouse she wondering where he is or is he alive?

At fifteen Carr becomes bolder with jobs, interfering and affecting merchants. The merchants raise concerns of troublesome trading within the open territory of the Tau woodlands to their King Darvel.

Curious of the Tau woodlands and not yet part of his territory King Darvel sent a group to survey the lands and towns.

This traveling party was too tempting for Carr’s curiosity. Making a majestic mistake he decides to sneak in and steal what he can from the group as they slept.

Only getting away with a small amount of coin and some maps, Carr thought it easy and fun. King Darvel found it as a personal attack. Sending out horsemen to route out thieves, bandits and anyone else found to be questionable in nature.

By the next year Darvel was sending out a party of armed men to collect taxes, with force if needed. No village was to be missed in their routes.

While out adventuring in the fall of his seventeenth year Carr left his mother alone one too many times. Darvel’s tax collecting party headed south from Ahn. Reaching only the Great Swamp they turned back, coming across an unseen path, heading west.

Three of the tax collector’s horsemen were sent to investigate the path. They of course came across the farm and a lone woman.

Inviting themselves inside the farmhouse they noticed several nice weapons. The kind no farmer can afford. Stating their business and intent Carr’s mother told them she had no coin to give. Not believing her, the men ransack the farmhouse: Taking the most valuable items and before leaving inform her they’ll be back next year.

Returning home Carr finds a very upset mother and home. Always feeling bad for not being there for his father in the end and now his mother’s safety in danger, Carr truly wants to do right by her.

Finding out what happened and what was taken Carr vows to make it right to her. She of course just wants him to forget about it and make it right with her by helping on the farm.

He just can’t let the invasion of his home go.

A.R.T. The Ties That Bind Chapter # 1 Complete

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