The Beginning

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A egg stolen from the dragon den, stuck in a never ending cycle of pain and dread. Will she survive or will she perish with her ancestors... A bloody fight for freedom and a cold loneliness that treads closer with every step

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The beginning of life~

Usually a painful but a beautiful beginning. The first cry and the breath of fresh air for the first time. A nurturing family surrounding/caring for the offspring, preparing it for adulthood and protecting it.

That is not quite how I remember my beginning

“Do you think we could hard boil it?” The young tattered looking man pulled out a large silvery green scaly egg.

The old merchant sighs and replied in an annoyed tone.“Considering we do not have a dragon to hatch it in stock at the moment then you might as well just cook it, and maybe sell the peelings to some desperate idiot.”

The young man licked his lips and pulled out sum flint and steel, attempting to start a small fire as the old merchant filled a large cooking pot with water from a nearby creek. slowly the fire began to grow as the boy continued feeding it with some small twigs and dry leaves.

Soon the pot was set up above the fireplace as the fire raged on, boiling the water. The young man slowly and carefully picked up and the egg and gave the merchant a nervous glance before dropping the egg in the hot water (afraid that some explosion would happen or a giant being would appear). The Merchant began to laugh uncontrollably, tears springing from his eyes. “Imbecile, what did you think was going to happen?”

The young man looked away, cheeks red with embarrassment. “I-....I dont know..”

As the merchant began relentlessly make fun of the young man the eggs skin like shell began to move. A snake like body pressed against the shell as a hand-like structure pressed out from within the shell. Long hawk like talons cut through and easily ripped the shell open as a hellish screech was unleashed.

The men quickly darted over and began to realize what was happening and poured the water out onto the floor. The egg slid out like a ball of slush, something inside began shifting again. Slowly weird dis-formed and burned creature slowly crawled out.

Its body was covered in burns and had weird membrane like and dis-formed wings. As it quickly collapsed from exhaustion, it gave its captors a look of pure loathing and hate before fainting.

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