Dark Shadows

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“Morning Grams” Blair shouted from the steps as she made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Grams was standing over the stove cooking breakfast. She was a feisty antique of a lady. She was fine-boned and had long gray dandelion hair that was pinned up in a bun, her caramel skin was glowing from the little sunlight that shined in through the window over the kitchen counter.

She had a heart-shaped face covered with light brown spots, she was wrinkled and wise, her face lined with experience and wisdom. Her wisdom curves into a smile as she turned to face Blair.

“Good morning, B” Grams said with this bright smile on her face.

B, is what Grams called Blair, every since she was a little girl. Blair came to stay with her when she was seven years old. Her parents died in a car accident. A car accident that Blair was in as well and as tragic as it was Blair had no memory of the incident. She only had memories back unto the point of when she arrived to stay with her Grams.

Blair grabbed a red apple out the fruit basket on the kitchen table and approached her Grams from behind hugging her tightly and kissing her on the cheek.

“The food smells amazing Gram, but you know I can’t eat anything this morning, I’m already running late to school.

Grabbing her book bag and heading toward the door she yelled “this apple should be enough”.

Blair got all the way out the door, When her Grams grabbed a hold of her hand.

“Blair, remember to come straight home and where is your necklace?” She had given Blair a necklace with a ruby stone when she was a little girl and told her to never under any circumstances take it off.

Blair did as she was told and never removed the necklace, she loved that necklace very much because Grams told her it belonged to her mother.

" Yes Grams, I’m always wearing my necklace don’t worry, I will never ever lose it.” Blair gave a warm smile to her grams.

Grams let out a sigh of relief as she let Blair hand go and watched as she made her way out of the yard. She noticed a black crow landed in the yard and was followed by three other crows who all sat on the gate cawing away.

The wind picked up and an uneasy feeling went through her body. She closed the door and went inside.

Blair arrived at school and met up with her best friend Maeve in the hallway in front of her locker. Her and Maeve had been friends since she first moved into town to live with Grams, they were a lot alike in some ways yet so different which made their friendship balance out well.

They were both the same height about 5′7. Blair was slim but curvy around the waist. She had deep brown eyes and hair as dark as midnight with soft curls and waves. Blair has a sun kissed skin complexion, naturally brown that has been made brown by the sun. Her personality was easy-going and unassuming, she was witty,confident,resourceful and loyal.

Whereas Maeve was a petite slender girl with blonde straw like hair that drooped around pale cheeks stopping at her shoulders. She had blue eyes and brown blemishes along her cheeks. Her personality was very bubbly and sincere she says what she thinks and feels. She was also witty,chatty,shy, and lovable.

When Maeve approached Blair, She was overly excited about something and smiling from ear to ear.

“Omg, I just saw Matt Durham and he is looking hotter than he was yesterday, is that even possible? Maeve said as she looped her arm around Blair’s arm and they began to walk down the hallway.

" Your obsession with this guy is a bit alarming” Blair laughed.

" It’s more than an obsession, it’s love, Blair. I think I love him” A serious expression fell over Maeve face.

Matt Durham was one of the popular boys in school. He was captain of the football team and Maeve had been obsessed with him since the fifth grade. She never had any courage to say anything to him because he was already in a relationship with the biggest bitch in the school Heather Stonewall.

Just then Matt and Heather were hugged up coming down the hallway.

“What does he see in her? Maeve said with a sullen look on her face. ”

Maybe he likes the evil bitch that she is, everybody has a type you know,” Blair said in a sarcastic tone.

“One of these days he is going to realize he belongs with me until then I have to suffer the immediate stomach sickness I get at the sight of them together.”

Maeve grabbed her stomach and placed a hand over her mouth as if she was going to vomit. She ran into the girl’s bathroom.

Blair was approached from behind by her longtime friend and next-door neighbor Liam Edge. “I waited as long as I could for you this morning, but as usual you never come out on time,” Liam said leaned up against the wall.

“I overslept again, sorry”. Blair said shrugging her shoulders.

“Let me guess you’re standing outside the girl’s bathroom because the royal couple strikes again and sent Maeve puking at the sight of them.” Liam Laughed.

Blair laughs and pushes the bathroom door open to check on Maeve ” Hey Maeve, are you ok?”

Liam steps in front of Blair and teases Maeve ” Hey Maeve, you need help. I know a great psychiatrist that will do wonders for your mental state.”

They both laugh and await Maeve to come from the bathroom. When she finally does they all head to class.

While sitting in class Blair was trying her hardest to stay focus but she couldn’t help but stare out the window lost in thought. She looked out the window there were black crows filling the schoolyard. Blair suddenly got hazy and her eyes began to roll to the back of her head.

She was twirling the ruby of her necklace between her fingers. Something was urging her to remove the necklace. She could hear a low and deep growl, that sent a cold chill down her spine.

“BLAIR! , BLAIR!, BLAIR!” she immediately snapped back into reality to see that class was over and everyone except her and her friends were left in the classroom.

Maeve had her hands on Blair shoulder’s “You ok, I’ve been trying to wake you for about five minutes now”.

Five minutes, Blair couldn’t explain to Maeve what had just happened or the chilling feeling that had come over her. She stood up in a awkward rush dropping her books and when she bent down to pick the books up her necklace was caught on the edge of the desk, it ripped off as she stood back up.

“Oh, shit” Blair caught the necklace in her hands as it fell from her neck.

Liam grabbed it from her hands ” Your mothers necklace, I always thought this thing was indestructible ” he gave it back to Blair.

" No biggie, just buy a new chain from the jewelry store and it's good as new” Maeve said picking up the rest of Blair books from the floor.

As soon as the necklace broke Blair had such an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness. She just wanted to go home. Blair arrived back home and she was so upset about her necklace she was almost afraid to tell her Grams about it because she didn’t want her to be disappointed.

All Blair could hear was her Grams saying to never ever under any circumstances remove the necklace. Only she didn’t remove it, it broke. Which was weird because the necklace had withstood other incidents where it should have broken or come off and it didn’t. What was so different about today.

“Hey Grams, I’m home.” Blair dropped her bag in the living room on the sofa and continued to call out for her Grams.

She checked in the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement and lastly upstairs. Grams wasn’t anywhere in the house to be found. Blair didn’t think anything of it she decided to tell her Grams about the necklace later and just head upstairs to do her homework. As time went by it was approaching 9:00pm and Grams still wasn’t home yet.

“Grams, Where are you?” Blair whispered as she looked out her bedroom window.

The sky was an eerie black and the wind was blowing ferociously. Just then looking out her window pane she saw what looked like a person standing in front of her house. She couldn’t tell if she was seeing things or if someone was actually there.

She wiped her eyes and looked with a slight squint. The person was gone. Blair was completely freaked out and decided to call her Grams cell to see when she would be coming home.

Grams cell phone rung and rung with no answer. Blair left her a voicemail urging her to call her as soon as possible, she was beginning to worry. It was going on 10:30pm and Blair couldn’t stay up any longer. She decided to go to bed and hopefully Grams would be there when she woke up in the morning.

“Wake up”, Grams whispered as she shook Blair in attempt to wake her.

“Wake up, Blair” She said with much more intent and a firm tone of voice.

Blair glanced over at the clock to see that it was 3:00am. Blair jumped up from her bed and could hear the panic in her Grams’ voice and see the fear in her eyes.

“What is it, Grams?”

“What’s going on?

“Are you okay?”

Blair asked so many questions in confusion, Grams grabbed and pushed her down into a corner and placed a finger over her lips gesturing for her to be quiet.

Blair just couldn’t understand what caused her Grams to be so fearful and why they couldn’t speak loudly.

“Grams, talk to me, you’re scaring me?” Blair screamed out to her Grams.

Grams hurriedly placed her hands over her mouth “Blair, I thought they would never find you!, I thought I could protect you from your past, whatever you do, don’t trust the society.

I should have told you about who you truly are and prepared you, I’m so sorry my sweet Blair.” Grams hugged and kissed Blair on the forehead.

Blair looked into her grams eyes and couldn’t help but feel like this was the last time she would ever see her grams.

Just then the bedroom doors flew open and a dark shadow filled the room as if they were being swallowed whole by darkness. Grams stood before Blair with her arms open wide facing the shadow and she yelled out ” You can’t have her, evil shall not win”.

The shadow began to swirl and gusts of wind came out of nowhere. Blair sat looking up at her grams in confusion and so much fear. Blair couldn’t move and the room went silent and cold.

A low and deep growl echoed through the room, it was the same gruesome sound she heard earlier from school. something was present in the shadow and it spoke in a smokey and malicious tone.

“Finally, I have searched for many years for you and finally you will be mine” A low and dry laugh followed his words, a voice so dark and fearful that tears began to run down Blair’s cheek.

“Blair, Blair! Focus on me baby, look at Grams.” She was kneeling over Blair wiping the tears from her cheeks.

Blair could see her Grams lips moving, but she could not hear anything she was saying. Grams leaned over and whispered something into Blair’s ear and looked at Blair one last time and smiled at her.

Grams stood up and her lips were moving again but still, Blair could not hear. A bright light shined around Grams and suddenly she was gone along with the dark shadow.

Blair passed out and fell over to the floor.

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