Dark Shadows

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Will Blair find out the truth behind her origin and her parents death and will she defeat the dark shadow that is out to end her life. (STILL IN PROGRESS) A young girl who didn't know who she was until she found magic, Blair Blackwell must face off demons and evil spirits as she search for answers of who she truly is and why she is being chased by an evil dark shadow.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Black Crows

′A crow caws.

It’s dark.

I’m alone.

I can’t help but wonder
Is this a foreshadow

of death .

There’s a cold dark corner
in the back of my room,

it speaks to me
and says I’m coming for you.′

“Morning Grams”, Blair shouted from the steps as she made her way down into the kitchen.

Grams was standing over the stove cooking breakfast. She was a feisty antique lady, fine-boned with long gray dandelion hair. Her caramel skin was glowing from the little sunlight that was shining through the kitchen window.

Her heart-shaped face covered with light brown spots wrinkled and wise lined with experience and wisdom that curved into a smile as she turned to face Blair.

“Good morning B”, Grams smiled warmly.

Ever since Blair was a little girl, Grams called her B. When she was seven years old she was involved in a tragic accident that took the lives of her parents. Blair was also in the car but only suffered a memory loss of her previous life. As far as she could remember she has always lived with her Grams.

B grabbed a bruised red apple out of the fruit basket on the kitchen table and approached her grandmother from behind hugging her tightly and kissing her on the cheek.“The food smells amazing Grams, but you know I can’t eat anything this morning, I’m already running late to school.”

Throwing her backpack across her shoulder “This apple should be enough” she said walking out the door.

B got halfway out the kitchen when Grams grab a hold of her hand “Remember to come straight home!....Where is your necklace?” she whispered concernedly.

Grams had given B a necklace with a Cat’s-Eye stone when she was seven and told her to never, under any circumstances take it off.B did as she was told and over the years she never removed the necklace. She cherished it because it belonged to her mother. Although she didn’t remember her parents, it felt good to have something so personal that belonged to her mother.“I’m always wearing my necklace don’t worry, ” B winked her eye at Grams and left for school.

Grams sighed relief as she let go of B’s hand. Grams was standing in the doorway way and noticed a black crow sitting on the mailbox and two other ones in the yard, cawing away. The wind picked up and an uneasy feeling went through her body, giving her chills she quickly closed the door.

Grams knew seeing the crows in the yard meant death was near. With a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms, she hurried to her bedroom reaching under her bed pulling out a large black book.

The cover of the book read The Blackwell Grimoire. She grabbed the book and hastened back downstairs. The number of crows in the yard had doubled. Grams clenched her chest as it filled with heaviness. Tingling sensations went through her hands, feet, legs, and arms. The uneasy feeling she had was urging her to get the book to safety because of unknown events that may take place.

She went into her room stood in front of the mirror and chanted a spell “Mirror to see, Mirror to know , let the powers that flow reflect my gaze, show me the future ,show me the past, all that is hidden reveal at last” the mirror liquified and began to drip to the floor revealing a hooded figure “Speak hear and now loud and clear what is it that you desire? the eerie voice spoke.

I wish to know what’s to come, I feel it in my bones the evil that draws near. Gram said as she pleaded for answers. “Show me mirror all that I desire to see.

The hooded figure laughed low and rasp then slowly lifted its head opening it mouth wide into a dark spiraling hole. Images of past events flickered in the mirror then a dark and imminent future was foretold for Grams.

Grams took a deep breath then waved her hand over the mirror drawing a pentagon with her first and middle finger blue flames igniting from her fingers ”Nocte et die abundantius malum ego deceptus protectione custodiat et interiora." Grams chanted as she placed the book inside the mirror.

She grabbed her coat from behind the door and hurried back downstairs " I must make preparations" she uttered as she flew out of the door.

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