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Watching them together was like someone squeezing my heart painfully over and over until I could no longer stand up straight anymore. She looked happy, genuinely happy but she was mine. She was only supposed to be that happy with me. I can't let her go now.

Not now.

Not ever.

I spent my days watching them. From what my informant that I sent to keep an eye on told me, they had been inseparable since they got off the plane. I didn't understand it. How could she? I thought she was beginning to get used to me? Was it because of what I did to her? Couldn't be. She liked it. Right?

I held the newspaper I was holding higher up to shield my face from them. They were currently at the beach having a picnic. He was feeding her red grapes. I should be the only one putting anything in her mouth. She smiled and ate the grapes right from from his fingertips. She should only be doing that to me.

She leaned up and kissed him hesitantly on the lips.


My heart clenched painfully and I couldn't help but to rub at it like it would suddenly go away.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and swallowed her lips into a fiery kiss. I could hear her slight moan of approval as their kiss became heated.

I stood up abruptly from the table I was at. The chair I was siting on was forcefully thrown back where it toppled over.

They looked up for a moment at the sudden sound but I had already begun my departure from the ungodly sight.

I walked a little ways down the beach and took a spot in the warm sand. I looked out at the setting sun and released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I thought everything between us was fine. When we were in the hotel, I thought that she had forgiven me. She didn't seem angry in any way.

I closed my eyes for a moment and I had the urge of wanting to cry. Knowing that the one that was made for me, didn't want me like I wanted her was heartbreaking.

The pain in my chest was excruciating now and I knew what was happening.

She was making love to him.

I needed to get away. The further away from her I was, the less agonizing the pain was. I swiftly stood up from my spot on the beach.

The sun had long gone down, leaving the sky a dusty pink as the last rays disappeared over the horizon.

Taking one last glance towards the ocean, I started making my way up towards the hotel I was staying at. I needed to go home. I couldn't stand to be here any longer.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets as I carefully stepped over the jagged rocks that lined the beach.

Looking down the beach, the amounts of resorts and hotels that lined the Miami shore was extensive. For as far as the eye could see there were hotels. Most were massive and shined bright as the sky turned darker and darker.

After sliding my card to unlock the door, I made a beeline towards the stairs. The elevators here were slow and clunky which didn't make any sense for the price it costed.

10 flights later, I opened up the door that led me to my hallway. There was a blonde petite girl standing at the end of the corridor. She was balancing a tray of ice in her hand and carrying her luggage in the other. When the door to the stairs closed behind me, her head instantly snapped to me. Her eyes looked at me narrowly for a moment before widening when my scent hit her.

Her head lowered for a moment before she looked away sheepishly.


Before she could blink, I was in front of her. I took the tray of ice and luggage from her hands and nodded towards the door. "Open it."

She searched through her shoulder bag for a moment before pulling out the solid white key card. She hovered it over the sensor for a moment before it clicked open. She pushed open the door and stood against it to let me through.

I purposely brushed against her as I was walking past. I could hear her inhale my scent deeply and I couldn't help the small sense of satisfaction that came over me.

I set down the ice on the dresser and leaned her bag against the wall before turning towards her. She was standing timidly by the door with her head down looking towards her feet.

I took a step towards her and I swore I could see her flinch. Was I that intimidating? "You may look at me." I tried to say it as softly as possibly in hopes of not spooking her any further.

She hesitated in lifting her head but finally she did after a long pause. When I saw her eyes, I couldn't help but to widen mine just slightly. From a distance I thought her eyes were a light shade of blue. Up close, it was clear to see that her eyes were actually a striking light purple.

"Our Alpha didn't tell us that another Alpha was here." She spoke softly. If I had been doing anything else and not giving her my full attention, I would've missed what she said. Her voice was light and airy but it didn't compare to Eva's.

Not even close.

"I'm just visiting is all.." I take another step towards her and I almost sigh in relief when she doesn't flinch. I want to see more of her peculiar eyes. I've never seen anything like them before.

"I see..thank you for helping with my things Alpha. I really appreciate it." I held up my hand to stop her.

"There's no need to thank me. It was the right thing to do. May I ask your name?"

She fiddled with her hands for a moment. She was hesitating. I'm not sure why.

"Lily." The moment she spoke her name, she looked up at me with those sapphire eyes. It was as if she was baring my soul to her. I felt bare and exposed in front of her.

Her eyes seemed to be glowing in a way. I'm not sure why but I felt incredibly drawn to her.

I shook my head and ran a hand through my hair.


"I've always wanted to be with an Alpha." Her eyes no longer held the emotion of fear but now filled with desire.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "What?"

She advanced towards me quickly and placed her small palms on my chest. "You're not mated or marked. Are you an Osis?"

I couldn't help but growl at the foul word that left her mouth. An Osis was a term used for wolves that were cursed without a mate by the Moon Goddess. They were outcasted and rejected by the werewolf community.

A spark of fear appeared in her eyes for a moment before the glaze of desire came back.

"You must be so lonely Alpha. I can help with that you know..I'm told I'm very talented in many areas."

Without a moments hesitation, I reached out and quickly snapped her small neck. I watched the life drain from her eyes as she quickly slumped to the ground. Her body instantly turned to ash where it dissipated into thin air.

Fucking Manaras. I hated them. They were disgusting creatures who pretended to feign hurt or need assistance to get males or even females alone. They then proceeded to get them in bed, where they literally suck the victims souls out. I've never seen one try and approach an Alpha before though.

Shaking my head, I stepped over where she had once been and made my way out of the room. I walked to the opposite way of the hallway and entered my cluttered room.

I throw my suitcase onto the bed and toss random articles of clothing that I find into it. Once I've stuck all the clothes in, I zip it up and place it against the wall.

Something was holding me back from leaving and I knew it was her. Why should I stay to endure this pain? She obviously didn't give a damn about me if she was off screwing other guys.

I shook my head and grabbed my suitcase. I'd made my decision. It was time to head home.

Getting back into my sleepy town I called home, was a little more difficult than I thought. The road there was blocked off due to fallen trees and debris. This forced me to have to take an alternative route that look almost 2 hours for a usually 45 minute drive.

When I made it back to the pack, things were quiet as usual. Many people were milling about minding their own business. I noticed many men and some children carrying firewood towards some cabins. That reminded me that I needed some for my spare cabin. I would do that later.

I made my way into the main pack house, smiling at the people who nodded towards me. Swerving to avoid the rambunctious pups in the hall, I headed upstairs to isolate myself. I thank the goddess that we had soundproof walls.

I was almost to my room when my name was shouted out through the pack link. I recognized the voice instantaneously and I couldn't help but to cringe.

Here we go.

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