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I couldn't bear to look at him. His deep but soft snores filled the small but immaculate resort room. I didn't regret being with him. He filled some type of void in my heart to a certain extent. But I still wasn't content with myself.

I wasn't sure why however. He was perfect for a girl like me. He could cook, clean, treated me out to dinner and was an excellent lover in bed. The perfect package some might say. But obviously, he wasn't the right package for me.

I tore my eyes from the spot it had been frozen on. They were dry. Free from any type of moisture. I rubbed at them hard to stop the ever so persistent stinging in them. My vision went blurry for a moment before refocusing on the other objects in the room.

His room carried a sort of rich aura to it. The smell of money was everywhere, it irritated my nose and I so longed to escape the putrid smell. I didn't mind it in small doses here and there. But the air in here was suffocating. I felt as if I was choking on money and I hated that feeling.

Looking over at the man that lay beside me, I couldn't help the grimace that materialized on my face. Four lines of red and irritated skin was raised on his back. I know my nails had created them, I just couldn't remember when. When we're together, I never remembered much. Just the before and the aftermath.

The aftermath was always the worse.

His broad back was bathed in the moonlight that streamed through the thin curtains. The slight glow from the moon illuminated the curves and ridges of his fair skinned back, making it seem magical in a way. The way his back rose ever so slightly reminded me that he was indeed alive.

My fingers itched to reach out and touch him but I knew that this man was a representation of sin.


I settled my hands underneath my thighs to keep from reaching out for him. Once trapped in temptation, there was no going back.


I shouldn't be here right now. It didn't feel right. Nothing did when I was with him.

Whenever we were together, I felt like I was trying to fit us together even though we didn't fit. We wouldn't ever fit no matter how much pushing and shoving I did. Two puzzle pieces not meant to be together will never fit.

He shifted slightly to his left and I inwardly flinched. Praying that he wouldn't wake from his slumber.

After a few moments of me frozen in place, I released a small sigh that seemed louder in the quiet room.

Swinging my legs over the bed, I make my movements quick and light in order to reduce the sound I was making.

Once my bare feet were placed on the cold hardwood floor, I instantaneously felt better. I felt as if my chest wasn't being constricted by some unknown force.

One step.

Two steps.

My destination was the couch far away from the bed. I couldn't bare to share the same bed with him. It was making me violently ill just thinking about being near him.

Grabbing a spare robe from the closet, I wrapped it around my vulnerable body. The soft fabric of the robe caressed my skin and fit around me snugly.

The couch that was my destination was just up ahead. It was beckoning me. Calling for me.

Finally, I made it to my coveted couch, just about to lay down on it when I heard his voice. It was deep, deeper than normal due to his recent sleep. It was husky, still filled with sleep. It didn't compare anything to his voice though.

"Where are you going Eva?" He had angled his sleep heavy body so that it was positioned towards me, but his face was still buried into the plush pillows. "I felt the bed dip if that's what you're wondering how I knew."

He always knew what I was thinking.


It was as if he was in my head somehow.

I bit my lip in thought as I pondered on what I needed to say.

"I was just..going to the bathroom?" My tone of voice made it seem as if I was asking a question. He would be sure to catch on to that.

He always did.

"Why does it sound like that was a question more than a statement? What were you actually doing Eva?" I felt his body shift towards me. Even though I wasn't turned in his direction, I could feel his piercing blue eyes trained into my back. The thought alone made me want to squirm under his intense gaze.

"Eva?" I still hadn't responded to him and I could tell he was getting agitated, probably from his sleep being interrupted or maybe from my lack of response.

It was probably both.

"Go back to bed, Liam."

I could hear the bed groan as he shifted on the bed, no doubt sitting up so he could see me better.

"Is there something wrong? Was I too rough with you or-" He didn't get to finish as I promptly cut him off by spinning around and glaring at him. I must have had a dangerous look in my eye as he didn't try to continue.

"Can you just shut up? Sometimes people just want to be alone okay?" I really had no reason to be cross with him. I just felt so...


It wasn't necessarily directed at him but it was more or less directed to myself. I was angry at myself for fucking everything up. I thought I could try to be happy with someone else but he seemed to have this hold on me. I felt as if I couldn't be happy without him.

I groaned inwardly to myself. This is why I hated involving myself with werewolves.

Liam must have not wanted to argue with me as I watched as he laid back down without another word.

I really did not deserve him.

Sighing to myself, I opened up the balcony door that overlooked the choppy and inky ocean below. Stepping outside, I held my robe close to my body as I approached the railing that separated me from falling to my death. A deep sigh escaped my tight throat as the sudden urge to cry came over me.

I wasn't one to cry easily but everything seemed to crash down on me at the moment, drowning me. I wanted to scramble up and save myself but it seemed bricks were tied to my ankles.

Gazing down at the beach, there was a sole figure standing there close to the rough surf. I couldn't make out exact details but somewhere deep in my body, I knew it was him. My fingers itched to touch him and my core tightened. How could he have such a strong effect on me but he wasn't even near me?

I wanted to go down there and comfort him. Even though he was probably beyond pissed at me, I didn't care.

Strong arms wrapped my midriff and I involuntarily tensed up. In the back of my mind, I wanted it to be his arms but I knew better. He nuzzled his nose deep into the crook of my shoulder and pressed a soft kiss to my soft spot.

"Come back to bed Eva. It's cold out here." He mumbled into my neck. His hot breath splashed against me in soft waves contrasting greatly to the crisp air.

"I'll be back in a minute, just give me some time." I discreetly moved away from him, not wanting to feel his touch at the moment.

He huffed against my skin, obviously frustrated with me.

I could care less.

Pulling away from me, he headed back to bed. I listened for the movement of the bed before I finally let my guard down.

Looking back down to the beach, I realized he was gone.

God, what have I done?

I could feel her hard stare on my back as I looked out over the ocean for the last time. My flight back home was soon but I couldn't help but to get one last glimpse.

I so desperately wanted to turn around and catch her gaze but I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from her.

When I felt her gaze ease and disappear, I took that as my chance to go.

Tearing my eyes from the beautiful sea, I turned on my heels and made my way to the airport.

If she let me go that easy, then I could let her go just as easy.

I hoped.

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