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14: Revelations

The next two days passed by in a flurry of emotions that wracked my entire body. The emotion that stood out the most besides the longing sadness was a deep disappointment. It lingered constantly with me throughout the days, but hit me the most at night when I was alone with my thoughts. I had never felt this type of disappointment in myself in a long time and I had hoped that I would have never had to feel it again.

I had been down this road before long ago, running away from my fears and drowning myself in any person that even looked at me too long. It was a dangerous coping mechanism that took a year in therapy to come to terms with. I thought I had it handled, thought it was done with but here I‌ was again, in the same predicament. I think what hurts me the most is just thinking that the only person who got me here was myself. I only have myself to blame and that's what my mind constantly reminds me of. I ran in fears of getting burnt again, scared that I‌ was experiencing these intense emotions for someone I hardly knew. The feeling was terrifying and my first instinct was to flee. I didn't care about who I hurt in the process and it's left me, once again, alone.

The image that keeps replying in my head is the shadowy figure of him standing on the beach before leaving. I didn't see his face but I‌ knew it was him from the constant pull that I felt in my chest. That was the last time I‌ saw him and I didn't even get to see his fucking face. I caused him to walk away because I was too busy smothering my emotions down with meaningless sex with yet another guy I barely knew. God, maybe my roommate was right when she called me a whore. It's not like I was doing it intentionally, it was just my way of trying to distract myself from my real feelings. But in that process, I hurt someone who didn't deserve anything like that.


I didn't deserve him and I wish I hadn't led him on like I did. I used him as my excuse that maybe I‌ could be happy with someone normal, someone who couldn't shift into a fucking wolf. I wish I had seen the signs that he was falling for me. I‌ was so caught up in my own bullshit that I‌ completely ignored the person who did everything he could to make me happy. In another timeline, I wish I was able to put all this shit behind me and just throw myself completely into Liam. I'm sure he would've dropped everything to be with me and give me a safe and happy life. But that wasn't the timeline I was on. My life wasn't that simple and for that I was surprisingly grateful. It was giving me yet another chance to make this right and I refused to pass it up.

My monotonous thoughts were interrupted by the shrill ring of my morning alarm. Yet another sleepless night with the same thoughts but this time, I felt as if I had a sort of renewed vigor. After the constant feeling of disappointment, this hint of feeling opportunistic was exactly what I needed to start of this day off right.

I reached over and turned off the alarm, looking at the few notifications that I had. There was a text from my mother, urging her to give her a call when I‌ could. I made a mental note to give her a call later, possibly on my lunch break. I just wasn't ready for the same barrage of questions over and over again that I knew she was ready to unleash on me.

I covered my mouth as a loud yawn escaped my lips. The feeling of tiredness lingered in the back of my head and I knew it would multiply as the day went on. I‌ hoped I‌ could push back the feeling with a couple cups of coffee throughout the day. Pushing myself up, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up slowly. I glanced over at my bedside clock, making sure that I had enough time to get ready for work.

An hour later, I was buzzing with 2 cups of coffee and ready to head out. Walking out of the door, I looked out over the rest of the neighborhood.‌ All of the snow had melted but the promise of spring was still far away. The world looked dull and barren as trees were stripped of their precious leaves and grass had yet to mature to its bright green. Triple checking that I‌ locked my front door, I‌ decided that instead of driving, I would take the scenic route and walk.

15 minutes later, I arrived at a not yet open Lola's. It still felt strange to be back at work but I was excited to get back to mastering my craft. Baking required such precise measurements and techniques that it was hard to think about anything else while doing it. It was exactly what I needed after these last few weeks.

Pushing open the door, it seemed like everyone had already beat me there. I could hear loud chattering in the back and couldn't help the streak of nervousness that ran thorough me. I had already been back for a bit but I still felt on edge around basically everyone. I had no idea who was who and what they knew about me.

I didn't get anymore time to think about what I was gonna say because I was abruptly interrupted by the swinging open of the kitchen door. I held my breath, hoping it wasn't Leah. After our phone call, I had no idea what to expect from her. She seemed angry and I still had no clue why.

A pile of blonde hair pulled up into a top bun entered my vision first before my gaze finally lowered from the ceiling. A long sigh of relief escaped me and I silently thanked the heavens. I knew I'd have to run into her eventually but I wanted to prolong it as long as possible.

Katie gave me a million dollar smile and made her way around the corner towards me. The first day that I arrived at Lolas, I didn't get to meet her as she was out on lunch. However, I did get to meet her on my next shift. She reminded me of my college roommate, minus the jealous bitch. Her bright and bubbly personality could light up any room.

I wouldn't say that we were incredibly close but I could definitely see her as a potential friend. From the few conversations that we've had, we seemed like we had a couple of things in common, especially music wise.

A hand waved in front of my face, pulling me from my thoughts.

"Helloooo, earth to Eva! Are you still in vacation mode?" Her tone was of a teasing one and I couldn't help but to crack a smile. I gave her a once over, taking the time to look at her personalized apron. It had tons of pins that had lots of positive quotes and sayings on them.

A dark thought came over me. Was she a werewolf too? She didn't seem to carry that aura like Vincent or Kyros...but what did I know? I didn't even peg Kyros the first time I saw him and he showed all of the obvious signs.

I gave her a tight smile and a light laugh. "Unfortunately not, just in my own little world. I guess."

One of her eyebrows raised high. "Hmm, don't tell me. Boy issues? What was his name again? The one with the thick ass accent..." Her brows furrowed as she tried to recall his name.

"Liam. His name is Liam. But no...we're not together anymore..." I didn't mean to make it sound so sad but I really did regret what I did to him.

She shook her head and gave out a soft 'tsk' sound. "See, that's why I only date girls." A smirk crossed her lips as she played with one of her buttons.

"You mean the same girls that take 2 days to text back?" The last time I was in the café, she was telling me about some girl out in Bangor that she was "seeing". They had went out once and she didn't hear back from her until two days later.

Katie let out a huff and crossed her arms across her chest. "She lost her phone okay! It was a legit reason! You're just jealous that's all."

I started to make my way towards the back. Better now than never, I guess. "Oh yeah, I'm totalllly jealous." Pushing the door to the kitchen open, I was met with loud chatter as my co-workers chatted amongst themselves about various topics. I scanned the room and was confused when I didn't see Drew. We were both on friendly terms after the party fiasco, surprisingly. He kept apologizing over and over about what he did to me but I quickly reassured him that it was okay. I still thought he was cute as all hell but I didn't see myself being with him.

I only saw myself with one person. Someone who I hadn't seen in weeks.

An audible sigh left my lips as I walked towards the back, giving a short wave to the people that I passed. I was on good terms with just about everyone and I wasn't about to ruin that over a boy. Stepping into the break room, my eyes quickly spotted Leah who was huddled into the corner speaking harshly into her phone. I froze at the doorframe, hoping that I didn't alert her.

"...she'll be here any minute...no, I didn't say anything about you...you know she—"

She stopped mid sentence as her head snapped up to look at me. Her brows furrowed together as she looked away quickly.

"I'll call you later." She moved the phone from her ear and tapped it once before placing it into her pocket.

"Hey, good morning." Her smile was tight and didn't quite reach her eyes. I began making my way towards my locker and returned her "smile".

"Good Morning. Did we have any orders for this morning?" Usually she would have them taped to my locker so I could see them first thing but there was nothing there today. Spinning my combination, I opened up my locker and began to put my belongings inside.

I could hear her shuffle behind me. "Two, I didn't get a chance to print them out and tape them. I know for sure one is a wedding cake. The brides a picky one so I'd make sure everything's as perfect as you can get it." I shut my locker and turned to face her, nodding my head.

"Got it, how many tiers? I can try to have it done by the end of the week." Heading towards the corner, I picked out my apron that had been freshly washed. I slipped it over my head and smoothed out the pesky wrinkles as much as I could.

"3. It's a traditional design, nothing out of the ordinary."

I gave her a tight lipped smile as I watched her slip her waitress apron around her waist. "You can count on me"

I was about to head towards the office so that I could print off the wedding order before she spoke, in a softer tone this time. "Eva, I'm sorry about our previous conversation. I was just stressed out is all. I haven't told anyone anything if that's what you're concerned about."

I stopped in my tracks before spinning on my heels. A mixture of emotions ran through me as I tried to process what she said. Though one question persisted and I had a feeling I already knew.

"Are you a werewolf too?"

Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times before her eyes glazed over for a few seconds. Her gaze turned towards the floor before looking back up at me.

"Yes. But not everyone here is. You can NOT say anything to anyone, Eva. I don't know how much Kyros has told you about how we do things around here but we live amongst humans that have no clue about us. We want to keep it that way. Do you understand?"

Her revelation didn't shock me as much as I thought it did. I had a feeling that she was, but I wasn't able to confirm it 100%. She could fool any unsuspecting human that had no clue about werewolves. She wasn't muscular or tall or anything out of the blue. She just seemed like a regular woman. Their ability to blend in with humans was honestly astonishing.

I nodded my head slowly, keeping my gaze on her. A question that kept running through my head was nagging me to no end. I had been thinking about it ever since she hung up on me two days ago. How the hell did she know about Kyros and I? Fuck it. A closed mouth never got fed.

"How did you know about Kyros and I? How do you even know him?" I tried to keep my voice as neutral as possible but I know I probably failed miserably.

She looked away from me for the briefest of moments before focusing on me again. She ran her fingers in her hair absentmindedly. "We grew up together here. Childhood friends. He told me you two were mates, it was painfully obvious. Plus your scent was all over him, all the time."

I thought I saw her pull a face at the end of her last sentence but I could've been mistaken. Her words sounded so truthful but there was a sickening feeling in my gut that she was leaving something out. She said my scent was on him? What the hell?

However, it still didn't make sense as to how she knew we weren't together anymore. Why would Kyros share something like that with her? That wasn't any of her business.

However, it suddenly dawned on me that if they grew up together she should know where he lived right? Or be able to track him down with her super scent. I suddenly got excited, maybe I did have hope after all.

"Does that mean you know where he lives or maybe the general area? I just really need to–"

She raised a hand up to stop me, shaking her head. "He doesn't want to see you, Eva. Why do you even care? You already have a boyfriend. You didn't seem to care about where Kyros was when you were parading him around in here." Her tone suddenly turned into one of a sneer and the anger was practically dripping off of her.

There was a deep heat in my belly as rage suddenly began to fill me. Who the fuck did she think she was? She had no clue what was going on between us. Why would she be so protective over him?

Unless...? No. No. No. No.

"You fucked him, didn't you?" I didn't bother to hold back the malice in my voice. The heat that was in my belly has spread throughout my body and I was burning hot with anger.

She brushed a small piece of hair that had fallen into her eyes. A devious smirk slowly materialized on her face. "I think you've forgotten your place here. Those cakes don't make themselves, hun."

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