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An hour later, I had dressed to what I thought what was appropriate for a night out. I didn’t want to wear something that would say too much. I wanted to be causal but not too casual.

My outfit consisted of dark high waisted jeans, a white blouse, coupled with a warm motorcycle jacket.

Vincent had bought it for me during an abnormally cold winter in Texas. He said when he saw it, he thought of me.

I didn’t believe that.

Looking at my reflection, I smiled. I looked good and accomplished the look I was going for.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting on this outing. I just hoped Drew didn’t take this too seriously. It was just an outing, not a date. No matter how many times I said that, my heart refused to believe it. It was like some force was telling me this was a bad idea.

Shaking my head, I checked my phone for the time.


I hoped he would be on time. Punctuality was always a fantastic trait in someone but wait. It suddenly hit me.

I had forgotten to tell him my address.

During my panic, the shrill sound of my doorbell went off.

It couldn’t be.

How in the hell did he find out my address? Possibly from Leah? But I haven’t told her at all either.

Making my way to my door, I wasn’t sure what or who to expect. There was no way it could be Drew. Standing on my toes, I leaned up to look through the peephole through my door.

Sure enough, Drew was there but he wasn’t alone. In his hand was a large bouquet of white lilies.

My favorite.

A slight smile crossed my lips as I opened the door. He had been fidgeting with the buttons on his shirt when his head snapped up. He smiled and then subtlety roamed his eyes down my body.

“You look fantastic.” His eyes were gleaming with happiness. Taking a moment to examine him, I didn’t realize how handsome he actually was. His hair was slicked back which brought out the intensity of his eyes. It seemed as if he shaved in preparation as his face was now smooth as opposed to his slight stubble earlier. His white button up and dark jeans went nicely with the look he was trying to pull off.

“Thank you. Are these for me?” I gestured to the flowers.

“There are indeed. I was going to get roses but I felt as if they were a little too cliché and I didn’t want you to think I was coming on too strong.” He was planning on continuing to ramble until I cut him off effectively silencing him.

“Drew, they’re my favorite. I’ll put them in some water and then we’ll go okay?” He nodded his head and proceeded to hand me the flowers. I couldn’t resist giving them a small sniff. A small sigh escaped my lips and I swore I saw a small smile grace Drew’s lips. “I’ll be right back.”

I closed the door a bit and went off to find a vase. When I did find one, I filled it with water and gently placed the lilies inside after cutting the stems. They gave a beautiful aura to my living room. Grabbing my phone and bag, I made my way back to the front door.

Drew had his back turned to the door and seemed to be looking out into the distance. It seemed to be a constant habit with him.

I touched his shoulder tenderly which in turn caused him to jump slightly. He swung around with a surprised expression on his face. “Back already?”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “It doesn’t take long to put flowers in a vase.”

“Right. Sorry. I’m a little distracted.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

I locked my door and turned back to him. “Why? Is there something wrong?”

He dropped his hand. “No, don’t worry about it. Let’s get going shall we?” He stuck out his hand for me which I gently placed my hand in. His hand clasped around mine and he began leading me towards a car that I didn’t even remember seeing.

Five minutes later I was buckled up and sat unknowingly in the passenger seat while Drew drive to an unknown location. His car was nice, it smelled fairly new. Like he had just bought it.

“You’re gonna have the best night tonight Eva.” I spared a glance at him.

“What did you have planned for us?”

He turned his head to look at me. “You’ll see. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

And so. I did.

“Eva.” Someone was shaking me. I wish they would stop.

“Eva. Wake up. We’re here.” They were shaking me harder now. It was giving me a headache.

Sighing, I slowly opened my eyes. Drew’s face was inches away from mine and I couldn’t help myself to take a quick glance at his lips. They were parted slightly and I could smell the faint scent of mint coming from them. His hands still hadn’t left my shoulders and the way he was gazing into my eyes was somewhat making me uncomfortable.

He seemed to snap out of his daze. “Sorry.” He mumbled and backed away from me.

He looked back at me. “If you were tired, you should’ve said so. I could’ve waited.”

I shook my head. “No no. I’m fine. Just long car rides make me sleepy.”

He didn’t look too convinced but didn’t say otherwise. “Mm. Well. Let’s get goin’ then?”

With that he got out of the car and proceeded to open my door for me. Releasing my seat belt and slinging my bag over my shoulder, I took his outstretched hand that was waiting for me.

“Where are we exactly?” Looking around, it seemed like we were in a thick forest. However the amount of cars in the vicinity made me think otherwise.

“In the woods. There’s a party.” He seemed to say it so nonchalantly. I thought we were supposed to be driving around town. Not at a rager.

“I thought you were taking me out on the town? Not to some party.” He looked at me for a moment before continuing his trek forward.

“I figured it would be more exciting you know plus the town is only so big. Don’t worry though, I’ll be by your side all night if that’s what you’re concerned about.”

I huffed in response, not really happy about my current predicament. As we walked, the thump of the music continued to increase. I could feel it in my bones. This was one of the reasons I hated parties. The music was always too loud and left me unable to have a decent conversation with someone.

We stood in front of the door now, the pounding of the music was overwhelming and I had half the mind to tell Drew to take me back home.

But, I didn’t.

Drew knocked on the door twice and it instantly shot open revealing none other than Kyros himself.

When he saw the both of us, he did not look happy.

He directed his attention to me. “Do you have an invite?”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Why the hell would I have an invite? I’m here with Drew obviously.”

He huffed and turned to Drew. “Why did you bring her here, you know it’s not safe.”

Drew rolled his eyes and brushed past Kyros with me in tow. “Calm down, it’s fine.”

The party was in full swing. There were bodies gyrating everywhere you looked. The smell of sweat lingered in the air. I hated that smell, it was almost enough to make me gag. I looked around and Kyros had up and disappeared.

Good. I really didn’t want to be here right now but I might as well make the best of it right?

Someone nudged my side. “Here.” I turned and saw Drew. He was holding two red cups in both hands.

I raised my eyebrows. Another reason I hated parties. “I don’t drink.”

Drew scoffed and shoved the drink in my hands. “Cmon Eva, let loose and have a little fun. It’s just one drink.” In reality Drew was standing just a couple of inches away from me but he was practically screaming in my ear.

If I had one drink, no doubt it would lead to me having more and more. Perhaps if I pretended to drink he would leave he be.

I stretched my mouth into a smile. “Sure.” I took the cup and took a small sip. The strength of the alcohol was so strong that it felt as if acid was crawling it’s way down my throat. I coughed harshly but it did nothing to sooth the burn.

Drew was looking at me with a small smirk on his face. “Good isn’t it? I made it myself.”

After patting myself on my chest a couple of times, I finally responded. “What’s in it? It’s so strong.”

“Nothing really. Just a little moonshine, whiskey, and a splash of bourbon.” He tipped his cup back and I watched as he swallowed everything that was in that cup. The burn didn’t seem to affect him at all.

The alcohol was already starting to affect me as my thoughts suddenly turned hazy and I had the sudden inclination to drink the whole thing. I was always such a light-weight. Another reason I didn’t drink.

Throwing caution to the wind, I tipped the cup back like Drew had and let the acid slide down my already burning throat. This time however I didn’t cough and it actually tasted good..like strawberries or milk..

A loud hiccup escaped my throat. No turning back now.

I’m not sure what happened next but somehow I found myself planted in between the sea of bodies on the dance floor..if you could call it that. The music was flowing through me and I moved my hips to the beat accordingly. I felt so free and the thoughts and stress of the past couple of days vanished. In the midst of my dancing, I didn’t realize when someone’s arms snaked around my waist and pulled me flush against them. That didn’t stop me from moving my hips exactly against their groin. I wasn’t sure who it was but the warmth from them was heating my body in such a way that I couldn’t pull away.

We danced like this for awhile until the song ended. I could feel their hardness poking me on the small of my back as a result of my grinding.

I could feel them lean down as I felt their breath caress my ear. “Come upstairs with me.”

All of my morals were out the window and my judgement was hazy. I could feel my head nodding but that didn’t register in my head until he had lead me upstairs to an empty room. It finally did register when he laid me down on the bed and hovered on top of me. I finally opened my hooded eyes to see..

“Drew?” I finally got a clear view of his face. His eyes were hooded as well and I couldn’t tell if he was drunk or high. Possibly both.

His hands were removing my jacket and I didn’t make a move to stop him. “Yeah, it’s me baby.” He tossed my jacket to floor and started to lift my shirt.

I let him.

Not even two seconds later, my shirt was off and discarded on the floor with my jacket. It had been a long time since I had any action with a man. I didn’t want to seem desperate but the way I was lifting his shirt and failing miserably, I had a feeling he could tell. However, he got the memo and lifted his shirt over his head. It revealed a chiseled chest that could only be sculpted. I’d never seen someone so built in my life.

His hands moved to the sides of my head, essentially trapping me. “You’re so beautiful Eva..I’ve been waiting to do this since the moment I saw you.”

He swooped down and gently placed his lips on mine. He began moving his lips against mine and I matched his pace with my lips. I didn’t realize how good a kisser Drew was. He traced his tongue along my bottom lip and I instantly responded by opening my mouth for him. His tongue wasted no time, plunging into my awaiting mouth. Our tongues intertwined and I could help but let out a brief moan.

The pleasure was clouding my brain.

It took me a moment to realize but Drew had begun to slowly grind his hardening member right into my jean covered core. The friction was delicious and I’ve never wanted my jeans off so quickly before. Leaning away from his mouth, I moved my hands to begin unbuttoning my jeans. He got the message and help me shove them off while taking his off as well.

My eyes went down to look at his engorged cock. He was large. So large that the tip of his weeping member was peeking out from the waistband of his boxers. When he saw me looking, he smirked and planted another breath taking kiss on my lips. He then focused his attention on my neck, more specifically my sweet spot. The pulsing in my core increased tenfold and I wrapped my trembling legs around him to get his never ending grinding focused on where I wanted it. The friction that was created was fantastic. My chest was rising and falling rapidly with how turned on I was.

His grinding ceased and was replaced with his curious fingers. They grazed over my sex and I couldn’t help but to spread my legs so that he had better access. His fingers pressed against the bundle of nerves that caused a pleasurable whimper to escape my throat. He took that as a go ahead to slip his fingers into my panty and slide a thick finger into my tight channel.

My breath hitched in my throat. It had been so long that even his finger was a tight fit.

His eyes flicked to mine, still hooded slightly. “You okay?”

I nodded and he gently removed his finger and pushed it back in. This time was better but when he suddenly added a second finger, I couldn’t help but to bury my head in his shoulder and gasp.

“Oh god Kyros.” His fingers stilled inside me and he pulled me back.

“What?” By the tone in his voice, I could tell I fucked up big time. His eyes were no longer hooded but were dark.

Too dark.

I was about to open my mouth to explain why I had spoken his name. However I had no reason as to why I had said his name. I loathed him and had no inclination to have him touch me in the way Drew was..


I never got a chance to explain as the door to the room suddenly burst open. Drew’s eyes instantly snapped to the the intruder and he laid his body strategically on mine so that I would not be exposed. When Drew finally did recognize who burst in, I swore I heard him growl.

Like an animal.

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