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Fire and Desire

Turning my attention back to Vincent, I couldn't get what she said out of my head. It was repeating over and over again.

You're just like him.

Did he already reveal to her of our true nature?

Raising my eyes to look at him, he had calmed down significantly but I could still see the fire behind his eyes. "Why are you near my female?"

I raised my eyebrows. The last I heard he had a mate back in Texas. "Your female? I wasn't aware the Moon Goddess was handing out two mates for one."

His canines were back now. "She's mine!"

I let my canines lower just for show. Just a glimpse to show this male who ruled around here. "She's my mate. And anyways I'm not sure Hannah would be amused that you're trying to claim another." His posture stiffened.

"Hannah is barren. I cannot be with someone who cannot provide an heir. I rejected her." His eyes revealed no remorse for his actions. This wolf was damaged goods. "I've chosen Evathia as my new mate and I refuse to let some filth get in the way of that."

I was shaking now. How dare he refer to her as his?

I so desperately wanted to kill this male in front of me. But he was of Alpha status. The Council would have my head if I killed another Alpha..but he was trespassing on my territory.

"Does she know of our nature?" That's the only question I needed to know before I shipped this pathetic excuse for a male back to Texas where he belonged.

"Obviously. She's watching us through the window now you know." He gestured to the window behind me.

I turned my head to see the curtain moving slightly. I could see a piece of Eva's dark hair flash by as she retreated from sight.

Sighing, I decided to take the civil approach. "Get off my land Vincent." I really didn't want to have to fight this demented wolf and scare Eva off.

I expected him to put up a fight but he just laughed and just before shifting he yelled out to her. "I'll be back for you Evathia!" I couldn't help but to let out a snarl. He'd never touch her for as long as I was alive.

After I could no longer smell his scent, I went back inside and called out for Eva who was no where to be seen. "Eva! Get out here! I know you saw!"

I heard shuffling and slowly but surely she came out of her bedroom. She had changed into the shirt that I let her borrow when she got drunk and passed out. The pride in my chest swelled; she looked amazing in my clothes.

Looking at her face, she looked somewhat upset and just a tad pissed off.

She crossed her arms which inconspicuously pushed up her breasts. I couldn't help but look.

I knew it. I fucking knew it. I moved away from Texas to get away from these..these creatures. Vincent had stupidly shifted in front of me one day and to say I was surprised was an understatement. My mother would always say that there were others roaming around that weren't of our human nature. When I was growing up, I thought she was silly. I even considered her to be mentally ill at one point..but when Vincent came along, it was if a whole different world had opened up. I didn't know who was who. They all blended in so inconspicuously.

Looking at Kyros now, it was silly of me to even think he could be human. His whole demeanor screamed 'werewolf'. I just hoped that maybe I could live a normal life here in Palmyra. That I could start over and forget everything but all my problems and stress just transferred here.

Vincent hadn't told me much about the werewolf life. He just said that they could shift into their wolves. That's all I knew. He was very secretive about everything really. He was a person to feed you small details and never give you the big idea.

I hated people like that.

I snapped out of my daze when I heard shuffling. Kyros had taken the liberty of walking behind me into the kitchen and was currently tasting my spaghetti sauce with his fingers.

"Kyros! That's disgusting!" He turned around and gave me a sheepish smile. There was spaghetti sauce on the corners of his lips and my hand was twitching to remove it.

"It's good. Really good." His tongue shot out to lick the remaining sauce from his lips. His eyes closed as he savored the taste.

He was the first non family member to taste my famous recipe.

Stepping away from the stove he leaned his body over the kitchen island and stared at me. There was a thoughtful expression on his face and it was if he was waiting for me to say something.

"Well?" His thick eyebrow quirked up as his eyes bore into mine.

I stepped behind him and began to stir my sauce. It was beginning to splatter everywhere on the stove so I turned it down and covered it with the lid.

I turned back to Kyros with my hands on my hips. "Well what?"

"Aren't you going to say something?" His hands were rubbing on his thighs again.

"What do I need to say? You're a werewolf. Big deal." His mouth became ajar for a moment before returning to its original position.

"It's actually a really big deal Evathia. As my mate, you'll stand by my side..forever."


"As your what? I'm not anything to you Kyrosian. I'm not going to associate myself with anything your kind has going on."

A fire had ignited in his eyes. I could see it as clear as day. His hands slapped against the granite of my counter. I had expected him to yell but his voice had came out deadly calm. "You are my mate. Every werewolf has a mate. You will be by my side no matter what." As he was speaking, he had backed me into the corner of the kitchen. A streak of fear ran through me when I saw his eyes.

They were pitch black. There was no hint of white in his eye whatsoever. I could feel my heart racing. This is why I didn't associate with their kind. They intimidated me. They were unpredictable.

His voice was deeper. "Do you understand me?" His hand had gripped the upper part of my arm and with the force he was using I knew it would bruise later on.

When I didn't respond, he shook me. "I said do you understand me? Do you understand that you are not to let another male touch you in the way I will touch you? You will not let another male touch what is mine." His hand went underneath my shirt to cup my sex. "This is mine. You will not let another male stick his disgusting fingers in you again."

My mind was telling me that I needed to get away. My body was telling me to stay. To take what this man would give me. My heart felt as if it would jump out of its place in my chest. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to say.

When I felt his fingers push my panty aside, I was frozen with fear. My mouth was incapable of forming words. When I felt his fingers caressing me, I could feel the wetness in my core. My mind was full of fear but my body was responding in the opposite to his sudden intrusion.

His fingers guided easily along my slick folds. Why was I letting this happen?

His breathing was labored now. His head was leaning against my shoulder and I could feel his hot uneven breath wash against me.

His fingers had finally reached the bundle of nerves that broke my silence. When he pressed against it, I couldn't help but let out a breathy moan. My toes curled at the tingling sensation that spread throughout my body. He continued his assault and my breathing too had become labored. My pants of air were harsh and it took everything in me to not cry out in pleasure.

When his finger finally entered me, there was no pain. His thick finger easily slid in me with the help of my self lubrication. He didn't pause to let me adjust but instantly began pumping his finger in and out of me. It wasn't long before he pushed in a second finger. I could no longer hold back the moans that's threatened to tumble out of my mouth.

I could see the bulge straining against his jeans so taking my free hand, I quickly unbuttoned them. They pooled at his ankles and he took this as an opportunity to step out of them. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

Before I knew it, he had carried us to my room and was hovering over me. All of our clothes had been discarded on the floor. His eyes were still pitch black.

He bent down and brushed his lips against mine. "Do you want this?" His voice was husky with what I assumed was lust.

The slight nod of my head was all he needed to take the plunge and dive into my body.

My head pounded. It was if something was trying to escape my head and was repeatedly pounding it to get out.

What the hell happened?

Sitting up, I realized I wasn't in my room. Everything was blurry and I couldn't make out exactly where I was. I could only see that there were many many bright colors in this room. Had I gone out, got drunk and fucked someone?

No. Couldn't be. I hadn't done that since before I met Eva.

Swinging my legs over the bed, I realized I was naked. What the hell?

My vision was clearing slightly. I could make out items of clothing on the ground. I spotted my underwear and pants and struggled to put them on. Rubbing my eyes, I willed them to clear. I needed to see what was going on.

There were other items on the ground but they were female. Who did I fuck?

When my eyes finally cleared, I realized I was in Eva's room.

It couldn't be. We didn't mate. Right? I would've remembered something that that.

Scrambling over to the bed, I pulled back the covers to see exactly what I hadn't hoped to see.

There in the middle of the bed was a bright red blood stain.

I placed my hands on my head.

What have I done?

My wolf was eerily quiet. He was never quiet. The only time I woke up with a pounding headache and couldn't remember anything at all was when my wolf took over my body. When I drank, I usually could remember bits and pieces of what happened but I was drawing complete blanks. The last thing I remember is tasting her spaghetti sauce.

Taking a look around her room, it was destroyed. There were clothing items strewn around. All belonging to Eva. It looked like she was in a rush.

Stepping out of her bedroom, Eva was no where to be seen.

"Eva!" I called out for her.

No answer.

"Eva!" I stepped into the kitchen and the spaghetti from last night was still there but it was turned off.

I was starting to get worried now. "Evathia. This isn't funny!"

I peeked my head into the bathroom. All of her items were gone from the counter. I checked the medicine cabinet and everything was gone from there as well.

Walking back into the living room, I was genuinely upset. How could I be so stupid to let my wolf take over like that? I've always wanted to fight against it but my wolf refuses to give back control when he has it. I hated to not be in control of a situation and now look where its got me.

With a missing mate.

Sitting down on the couch, I put my head in my hands. I didn't know where to start. All I knew is that I couldn't lose her. Not when I just found her. I refused to let someone in my life that I cared about slip away without me putting up a fight.

Not again.

Standing up with renewed determination, I retrieved my coat and shoes and made my way outside. The snow had stopped falling now and I could see distinct footprints that led from her door to her driveway.

Her car was gone but her scent was still prominent.

Throwing caution to the wind, I shifted and began following her scent being sure to keep hidden amongst the thick forests of Palmyra.

I'm coming for you Evathia.

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