The Sin's Virtue

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"P-Pride....." "Its Kian." He whispered. "And you can't deny but be mine, Shye." His? "My Virtue." ---- Mortals live because the balance of the world is stable, because it is kept stable by the immortals like Sins and their counterparts, Virtues. Until, one night, when all the six out of seven virtues vanish in the thin air. The journey is not easy. It couldn't be when the only Virtue tries to hold up the balance against the seven notorious Sins, while she sets out to find her sisters. Maybe this isn't about the lost Virtues after all. Maybe the journey itself is a battle, one not fought to save the world but the one who created it. And the stakes are high, possible the whole world being a part of it.

Fantasy / Mystery
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: The | Evil | Above | All | Is | Seductive :

Hello to whoever is reading this! I am LIA, also thats just my pen name. I am glad you are here and ready to give this book a chance. I hope to see you at the end as well.

The book is completely out of my la la land. There is no connection to any mythological character. The names however may remain same but that does not concern to any religion in any way. If you feel offended, you are absolutely free to leave. No hate though.



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