Power of Wuduf

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Our main character Wuduf, in his early years where one chose ends his life as he knew it. Would it be for better or worse? Let's find out. When an ordinary five year old boy from a poor mud town has been targeted by the earth power's princess as a potential groom. His life falls from beneath him as banished from his home, to handle one of the most rare elemental powers in the world. Can Wuduf take revenge on the princess for ruining his life, or start over with his new upcoming friends the water dragon, Kiara the fire Phoenix, and Cyclos the forgotten air god. As the group starts to take their thoughts into action against the magic counsel.

Fantasy / Action
Joseph D
Age Rating:

The Decision

In the mist of summer on a dry, humid plain a village of dirt huts with hints of straw stood Cindo laid with the earth elemental tribes starving in desperate need of food. The soil blistering under the heat, crops dying, all that was left cacti. Wearing their only set of baggy, torn clothes trying to stay out of the heat, death had still found them as bodies were piling up. The Earth tribes more know as Eyquins just like every element power tribes lived in their perspective regions and each had the strongest, and richest royal family inside that power.
The strongest was the fire tribe in terms of attack power, but the Eyquins were the strongest when it came to defense.
The ground shaking as like an earthquake was happening, Wuduf a beyond skinny child with long brown hair, torn hair, holey pants. Looking for his next meal in the dumpster behind one of the few restaurants in the village.
The princess Elisen of the Renchin’s who rarely stepped out of their castle was striding down the main path. It was as if the normal zombie like villagers just won the lottery as the princess’s bodyguards were throwing bread into the streets. A sickening smirk covered her face as she stared at Wuduf, learning over to her closest bodyguard still her eyes locked on him. The bodyguards wore a royal seal over his clothes a body armor consisted of chain meal, a loose shirt, and slightly baggy pants for movement. The princess was wearing a beautiful, purple dress as it seemed that she only seen wearing dresses some say she didn’t own any other type of clothes. While most villagers including Wuduf wore baggy, torn, and clothes covered in dirt as they only could afford one outfit.
Everyone in the village kiss up to the family for the smallest hand out, but they all knew that the family looked down on the people like the dirt on the ground. Wuduf started fading back behind the crowd continuing to look for money or food.
He snuck up on a villager and right as he was going through his pocket he gets bumped into him. As Wuduf was about to apologize the man see his hand and starts to raise his hand and hits Wuduf. He escapes and starts running down the alley, as he stops to catch his breath an arm grabs his shoulder.
His heart beat jumped liked crazy before he could see who caught him the figure picked him up and started carrying him. Wuduf kicking, and screaming trying to get free or for someone to help but no one came, as he was about to give up he hears a girls’ voice. It was soft, and faint but a voice Wuduf never heard and wished he never would again.
It felt like they carried him for ever when they came to an abrupt stop Wuduf looks up and is surprised as he was right in front of his house. Although he was groggy, and the huts looked the exact same his family’s hut had small holes located above the entrance Wuduf was carried home, the first of many things that didn’t make sense is how the two men knew where he lived.
They finally set Wuduf down as he stumbles to stand up he collapses, they give him some bread to regain energy. While sitting down eating the bread vigorously, it’s been a few days since the last time he ate more than crumbs from the ground. Wuduf finishes the bread and slowly starts to stand up as he does a small shadow walks by and knocks on the door three times ‘knock, knock, knock’. As Wuduf looks at the shadow all he could see was long, blond hair, and what looked like a purple dress, as he turned to face the guards he started to ask “Who ar-” the door opened, it was Wuduf’s father Fendil standing there star struck.
Finally the shadow spoke “Hello, sir may we come in?” “Of course, please do. Honey come over here right now!” his wife Xinquin walked in, her eyes widened as she saw the little girl standing in her living room.
“Your Highness, what brings you by our home? she said. “I came to drop something that is yours off.” as she pointed to Wuduf who was standing in the corner. He was just wondering why she really was here there was no way it was to bring him back, then she continued to speak “I brought him back so I could meet you, and determine if we are compatible.” as confused faces filled the room as Wuduf’s sisters entered the room “I’m sorry, compatible for what exactly?” his father said.
“Well to be my fiancé of course. I just have to make sure that our magic will work together when it comes to our kids.” For a while everyones face were in shock as she was smiling the whole time, finally his parents put on the biggest grins Wuduf had ever seen, and they started to hug and jump up and down. His sisters were not phased by the news as they didn’t care much for their brother.
Wuduf was showing confusion in his facial expression as he speaks up. “What is a fiancé? And why would we have babies” “It’s where you and her would be married in the future, and have kids together like your father and myself.”
“I don’t want that i’m just a teenager, and I don’t like her, when she smiles I get a bad feeling!” He hears a snicker and looks to see her smile fading a little, his parents arms now at their sides as he had seen many times before, while they were upset with him. Even the two big, burly bodyguards who showed rarely any expression jumped up.
He lowered his head, “Hey, this nice lady likes you, and that is incredibly rude to her for saying you don’t like her, you don’t know her. If you spend time together your feelings will change.
Your mother and I didn’t like each other at first.” “I don’t care i’m not going to be with her. I want to choose someone when I want to.” Wuduf folds his arms standing his ground as his parents haven’t given him any say when making decisions as he is still a child.
“You have always listened to what you’ve been told all your life, why now, why do you believe you have the choice being a kid HAVE THE POWER TO TELL US NO? His father tone drastically changed he rarely raised his voice at him. Partly because he always did what he was told to, but this could prove a big mistake.
The room was silent as Wuduf’s mother putting her arms around her husband trying to calm him down, the princess and her bodyguards just stood there fiddling with their thumbs waiting for an answer. His sisters were whispering amongst themselves, Wuduf took a few deep breaths remembering the last time his father was like this four years ago on a cold, windy day Wuduf continued to ask him about hunting along side his father.
Wuduf clinched his fists, brought his head up, and looked around the room first at his sisters their eyes wide, bodies shaking, this was the first time Wuduf has seen them like this. It was also the first time they had heard they father yell at Wuduf or anyone for that matter both their mother and father were passive people, that they didn’t like to argue with anyone.
In awe, Wuduf slowly turned his head to his left with his face covered with fear as he looks over to see the princess and her bodyguards their eyes meet he saw something he didn’t think she could feel lonely.
He felt sorry for her just like her he has been alone most of his childhood, but that wasn’t going to change his mind, he still thought she was using him, and others her whole life. As they both looked away he cleared his throat, “Excuse me, I would like to talk now, not yell, not argue just talk. I’m sorry but I can’t become someone’s fiancé that I just meet, we can start off being friends and go from there.”
Wuduf was a smart kid not based on his knowledge of words no based on his ability to notice things about people like the loneliness in her eyes, the fear in his sisters, due to being alone he has always been more a thinker than a speaker, and has learned to notice, and look for signs in others. It didn’t mean he was better than anyone else he certainly didn’t think he was just saw things others didn’t.
The atmosphere dropped not a sound filled this room, the princess snapped “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Why would I want to be just friends I like you?” “I don’t want to be your fiancé, sorry but I will not marry you now or in the future.”
“Fine i’ll leave, but this is not over!” The princess stomps her feet and leaves her bodyguards leave shortly after saying nothing showing nothing, his father slammed the door made everyone jump. The wind whistling through the holes in the hut Wuduf looking at the ground trying to avoid eye contact with his family knowing they were beyond angry.
“What did you just do? LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!” Wuduf jerked his head up looked his father in his eyes and saw anger, and disappointment, “What about my happiness, why do I have to suffer for wealth? Money is not everything we can be happy without it. Why can’t you understand that?”
Fendil just shook his head, and took a deep breath “Your mother and I will talk this over, and let you know what we come up with co to your room.”
“But”, “No buts, you are still our child so we make the decisions, now go.”
Wuduf stomped off mumbling under his breath his sisters Jesibel, and Rinlu stood they until their father looked over and directed them to their rooms as well.
As he got to his room he started to punch his dirt walls, his father yelled “STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!”
Wuduf had no escape as the only way outside the house was through the front door, so he could do was wait he hated the waiting game. An hour passed by and his parents came to his room which was just a corner spot against the east wall of the hut.
His mother was looking away the whole time which concerned, she always looked him in his eyes with her beautiful blue eyes just like a clear blue sky. When his father strolled in the air in the room was pungent, and silence had continued running a muck, finally his father spoke.
“So you want to make the decision about your future and you have a say in it, your mother, and I talked it over and decided that you don’t have to be the princess’s fiancé.” “Really, tha-” “ Hold on I wasn’t finished you don’t have to marry her, but you can no longer live here and be apart of this family we will not deal with this embarrassment you have created.”
He couldn’t believe his ears now his father has been mad at him before, but his mother would always calm him down, and the worst that would happen would be he was grounded, but to be outcasted, and never return was unthinkable.
Wuduf tried to speak but no words were found all he could do was franticly move his arms, his mother opened her mouth, but closed it just as fast. “Either leave willingly or I will force you out.”
Ten minutes went by with no one saying a word as his father just gave him a dead glare, while his mother gave quick glances, Wuduf looking down eyes as big as pool balls, mouth wide open, didn’t care that bugs were landing inside. His arms, legs shaking as if he was just told a family member just died, his father grew restless, and began to shove him out, as his mother tried to speak she couldn’t not because of fear, but she knew that the humiliation wouldn’t stop once word got around the village.
Wuduf thrown against the ground by the same hands that used to love him, as he hit the hard, dirt he got up to his feet to run back inside, but the hole was closed as hit hard into the rock. He sat down right in front on the rock entrance, a few hours passed, Wuduf began dozing off, but a slight breeze rolled in, and kept him awake.
He started to walk holding his arms together desperately trying to find some warmth as he stumbles walking for half an hour, forcing his eyes to stay open, with his stomach constantly rumbling, he starts losing his balance. A few minutes more pass as his body can’t take anymore Wuduf collapses in the middle of a back alley with the last thing he sees a black looking figure in the distance.
As Wuduf wakes a smell of wet, rocks filled his nose, his eyes blinking vigorously he finds himself inside a dark, cold, wet cave. Frightened moving side to side, stands up, and runs to the cave light, just as he’s about to a shadow figure appears out of no where and grabs him. He starts wiggling to break free from the figure’s clutches. When it finally spoke “Relax i’m not going to hurt you. Breath breath.”

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