Her Valor Guardian (Book 5)

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Ante/Elia.. A flicker passion between them can cause a fire that no one can extinguish. Not even dark secrets, her real soulmate or the evil king. "He's my true soulmate, yet my heart beats for my husband. My Valor Guardian." "He's her true soulmate, but am I ready to give her up? My Guardian Thief?" Sometimes true love means that everything that you see isn't what it means. .

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Nightmare


Dear Dante

I don’t even know how to even begin. Saying sorry won’t cut off how sorrowful we feel towards you.

I don’t know if this letter will ever reach you, but if it does, know that your father and mother love you very much even though at the time we weren’t in our right minds.

Can you forgive us? Can you truly forgive us for everything we did? We shall atone for our own sins. We did it to save you, but is still no excuse.

For him, don’t hate him, Dante, he has no fault on our doings. Regardless of everything we are still a family. King Drake, he doesn’t know about you two so you have an ace up your sleeve and you’re the only one that can stop the doors from opening. You can stop the Key from opening those doors.

Again we truly love you Dante and I hope one day you can forgive us and find happiness. We know you’re not a bad child and please be at peace with your brother Ante.

Lots of love and hugs

Your Parents: Madrid and James

Someone, please wake me up from this nightmare.

How can I hurt her?

I couldn’t concentrate at all, I felt my body being restricted my mind shuffling in and out. I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare. I couldn’t concentrate on what’s happening around me. That I didn’t even notice that I began to bark with a vicious tone. I began to hear voices.

Kill her, she’ll betray you just like all the humans.

Damn it, get out of my head.

“Now, now, calm down mutt, I need you to give a scare to my woman.”

Woman? What woman?

“Elia of course, even though she’s your wife, she only belongs to me. Just give her a fright to make her hate you.” He mentally adds as I turn to growl at him, while he held me tightly.

'I want to kill you!' I told him, cuasing him to laugh.

“The feeling is mutual,” he whispers when Elia shouts.

“Don’t touch him, let him go!” she screams with desperation, as the man lifts himself raising his arms up.

“Okay, I will.”

“Now, to be fair, I was trying to control him, now it’s out my hands.” He lies as he goes behind Elia, and simply smirks at me, while he paralyzed her. He wraps his arm around her waist and gave a seductive look at her.

“See, how calm she follows my orders? And lets me wrap my arms around her so easily? Get it Mutt, she was using you.” I heard the man in my head.

'Don’t touch her, if you want your hand still intact. Elia isn’t like that.'

Anger is all that I can feel anger in this nightmare, I couldn’t do anything.

Then I see Elia point a gun at me.

Why is she pointing a gun on me?

“I told you mutt, she’s with me.” I snapped at his words, all I want is to tear his head apart.

He snaps his fingers feeling myself being released from whatever I was bound to and jolted forward barking like a mad dog at him only to hear him say.


“NO! ELIA!” I heard someone shout, I think it was Crystal in the background scream as a sound of the pistol is shot and fired.

“ANTE!” I heard Elia desperately shout as something hot pierced right into me causing me to fall, letting a loud whimper escape.

“Hmm, hopefully, that will kill him.” I heard in a distance, as I slowly open my eyes to see Elia on her knees crying hard as she drops her pistol, noticing a puff of smoke coming out.

“Ante!” her voice quiver as she slowly began to crawl towards me, but I shook my head.

'It’s okay Elia, I’m not mad at you.' I wanted to tell her. She looks horrified and with deep pain in her hazel eyes.

“I HATE YOU!” Elia screams out of nowhere as she stood up and grabs the man by his collar, but the man has more power that made her get down on her knees and he bends to her eye level.

“Your powers are useless, my dear pup, we made sure of that Truly, it hurts me when you say that to me. Everything I do is because I love you and we really need you to open those doors. I promise no harm will fall on you .” he whispers, as he moves and presses his lips near her lips once again. Her eyes widen pushing him away rapidly and slap him across his face. She wipes close to her lips with disgust. As the mystery man cups his cheek, looking back at her.

No! Don’t touch her.

“Don’t kiss me, no one is allowed to kiss me. Oh, God. This isn’t loving, if you love me then you’re not supposed to do bad things. Ante!” she crawls around him, trying to reach me. Her eyes became puffy as tears seem to not stop. I felt her warm arms wrap around my thick neck````` as she buries her face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it. I.. Oh God, you’re bleeding too much. Your white fur is drenched, My Ante.” she cries out in agony while she nuzzles her face against me.

It’s fine Elia, don’t over think it. I know it’s not your fault.

I was about to move my paw, only have Elia get caught by the man with the wolf mask and began to drag her away from me.

“No, no, let me go, he’s hurt, he can die. Let me go!” she screamed like a mad woman, thrusting and hitting his arm as I whimpered.

“Let her go, don’t harm her,” I said breathless, as my breathing became shallow, then I yell in pain when I felt someone step on my wound.

“This is quite boring, to be honest, take him away. Guardian Thief, say goodbye to your husband, this is the last time you will ever see him.” William said.

“NO! Don’t take him away.” Elia screams hysterical.

“Take my uncle as well, we still need him alive,” William said with an unamused tone.

“Alive?” The mystery man asks.

“I clearly don’t care about my uncle, but it's so much fun causing harm to the Pirate, knowing that we have some way to torture him. I still have unsolved issues toward him,” he said as he dusts his red cloak, looking unamused.

“Damn you, William, I should have finished you off when I had the chance four years ago.” Bayou burst out in anger.

“Oh, but here’s the catch my dear Pirate. It’s a good thing that witch of yours stopped you. If you would have killed me or any of my father’s henchmen, let say your curse would have ended and your pathetic life and hers would be over in a blink of an eye.”

“What?” Crystal asks with disbelieving what she heard. I twitched my ear, while everything around me began to blank out.

“Why do you think that wench kept stopping you from killing one of us? My father wasn’t an idiot and if his plan failed, he had a plan B. My father is and will always ahead of all of you pathetic peasants. Now, back to business, I grew tired of speaking. Remove them.” He waves his hand as he walks towards King Max’s original red thrown chair, flopping his long cape back, he sits on it. I heard someone grunt next to me. I lifted my gaze up just a slight to see King Max on his knees unconscious.

“No, Papa! Damn it, don’t you touch a hair on my father head, if you do I swear, I’ll make my curse look like it was candy compared to me.” I heard Bayou scream.

“Blah, blah, blah, you are nothing now Pirate, no powers, no witch, you’re just a puny man with nothing even the seven seas hates you. Oi, what are you doing, do as your told, I’m the new King,” William shouts as the mystery man sighs, letting Elia go and walks towards us.

“NO, Please, if you love me, then let them stay. Please I beg of you, don’t take my husband.” she pleads, rushing towards him getting on her knees wrapping her arms around his legs, but he stops and looks at her.

“Precisely because I love you, I have to do this. He isn’t what you think Elia and I’ll be damn if I let him take you from me. I’m your true soulmate and I won’t force you to see that, but I want you to come to me willing.” I slowly close my eyes, feeling my body pulsing back to human.

“ANTE, NO, DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY,” She cries, as I open my eyes, now fully human, naked and losing blood. I was truly living a nightmare.

“I’m just glad that this is the last time you two see each other.” He said as he snaps his fingers. The last thing I see is Elia running towards us, as I finally lose consciousness.

I’m sorry my Guardian Thief, for not protecting you.

“I promise you my Valor Guardian, I will find you!”

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