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Vivienne Sullivan, a girl with a traumatizing past and a fetish for knives. Her story starts like most, having a loving mother, a caring friend, and being a middle-class citizen. On the downside, she suffers from loss, an awful Stepdad, and being a forgotten student at school. All of it seems normal good and bad until you look deep into her history. Suddenly, ripped away from home, Vivienne wakes up only to be strapped down and tested in front of a group of unnaturally twisted, nimble, and power-hungry siblings. - "What they want from me is out of the question, but they said I have no right to choose. I wished I could have seen it coming, maybe I could have escaped before being taken. Escape from him. Escape from being raped. Escape from bearing a child. Escape from bearing the firstborn pureblooded vampire."

Fantasy / Drama
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You are about to read the final draft to The Benefactor (Blood Addict).

I don’t sugar coat and its rated 18+ for a reason. I took this book from the erotica genre and changed it to a drama because I felt it didn’t fit right for what I currently have planned. I am a person who likes to put detail because I like the full picture, you are being warned that the story will include violence/gore and sexual abuse.

Hitting the heart at the bottom (or to the top left side) of the screen would definitely help. Comments of your opinions would as well, it helps me know where I am going. But please be respectful is all I ask. I'm still growing as I write and I put my best into all of my chapters.

“𝒱𝒾𝓋𝒾𝑒𝓃𝓃𝑒,” a voice calls out, its melody smooth and familiar. “Vivienne, look over here.”

I sit up, not fully aware of my surroundings but I do know I am underneath another bed. This must be a bunk bed perhaps and these blankets...they are familiar. I gaze around within the four walls, taking in the furniture and the posters hanging. Everything appeared without color and the room itself did not have a temperature.

“Vivienne,” the same female voice calls out to me. I turn my head to the sound but only see a door. I don’t know when but I had already been standing beside the bed and found myself walking to the spot. “This side, turn around.” With her command, my feet stop and I slowly face a shadow that stands at a corner of the room.

“Why did you do it?” she asked, her small voice cracks with grief. The shadow shifts, its body still blending in with the dark. Moonbeams shine through the window from beside the figure and reveal long strands of brown hair.

“Do what?” I ask, making it sound more like a plea. I wanted to help her but then again I find myself stepping backward. Confused yet curious, I proceed to speak, “Show yourself.”

Somnolently, the voice answered, “I loved you, Vivienne.” A piercing screech came from the sobbing figure. “Why did you do it?” I keep my backside to the door, the shadow steps out from the corner. “You did this to me!” Blood falls rapidly from the stab wound embedded in her chest and the chunk missing from the side of her neck. Some crimson fluid fell from between her legs and onto the floor.

I furiously twist the doorknob, attempting twice. “I am burning in hell but thanks to you, I am not alone, sister.” She knocks on the wall thrice with her crimson covered hand, slow and sturdy. Somehow it fills the room with echoes although the room was small and packed. A smile forms upon her lips, revealing blackened teeth.

“Let’s all be together princess,” a distorted and tired voice sends me twirling around. “Like three peas in a pod, remember?” Arms suddenly lock around me, I struggle against them as the warped version of my father walks up to me.

“Our hunting trips, all the fun we had hunting deer’s down. Skinning them and the best part, eating the meat. Doesn’t that make you hungry?” I struggle once more before Dad grips my jaw and forces me to look at him, “Because I know it makes me.”

Nasty sharp fangs and canines grew from his gums then pierced my neck.

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