Death Saved Me

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Chapter 10

It’s been two days since Thanatos last visit to me, and I was starting to relax. I hope he finally decided to back off. I was still a little worried that he’d pop up when I least expect it like “Hey! Missed me?” then choked the life out of me.

“I can’t believe that jerk,” Sydney said next to me. At first I thought she was talking about Thanatos, but then I followed her line of vision. We were currently at lunch, and across the lunch room sat Duff. He was at the table with the cheerleaders and other jocks, with Crystal sitting on his lap. Clearly he wasn’t that upset over our relationship ending. I smirked in satisfaction when I saw the bruise around his right eye.

“Who cares about him, they’re both smuts and deserve each other.” I told her shrugging.

“Why aren’t you more upset over this?” she asked curiously. I understood why she was asking, when we were on our ‘break’ just last week I was torn and missing him like crazy. If I didn’t have Death knocking on my door, I would be very upset over this. In fact, I would’ve skipped today and pigged out on ice cream while watching chick flicks. But since Death was indeed knocking on my door, this other stuff just seemed irrelevant.

“Why should I cry over that jerk? There’s other fish in the sea that won’t cheat,” I said shrugging.

“Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?” she asked me seriously. I giggled.

“Don’t be so dramatic!” I told her. Ever since Thanatos told me I was dying I had debated more than once rather or not I should tell Sydney. I decided against it, something telling me it wasn’t the best idea. I didn’t want her to worry.

“I can’t believe he’s actually with her now,” Sydney shook her head in disgust. The bell rang signaling the end of lunch and I couldn’t be happier. I got up going to throw my lunch away when someone bumped me from behind.

“Watch where you’re going!” A voice growled behind me. I stiffened. Oh god no, there’s no way he’s here, at my school! I turned around slowly, relaxing as I saw that it wasn’t Thanatos behind me. My eyes narrowed at who was. It was the guy from the party. The one who told me to stop drinking. He was dressed almost exactly the same as he was at the party. Except he was wearing a grey V-neck. I blushed at how hot he was. “Well if it isn’t Ms. Drinks a lot,” he said, guess he remembers me too.

“Shut up,” I growled at him. His smirk widened.

“Stay out of my way drunk,” He shoved past me. I glared at his back.

“You bumped into me asshole!” I yelled at his retreating figure. He flipped me the bird and kept walking.

“Damn, who was that sexy beast and why have you been hiding him from me?” Sydney asked staring at his retreating form, licking her lips. I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t know who he is. I met him once at the party and he’s a complete jerk,” I told her.

“Well I’d like to get to know that jerk personally,” I sighed walking out the cafeteria, with her following talking about how hot he was.


“So, I hear there’s a party this Saturday.” Sydney told me as we sat in study hall a few hours later.

“Good to hear,” I replied, not really interested. I think I’m already burnt out on parties.

“I think we should go,” She suggested.

“I think not.”

She sighed. “I think you need it, it would be good for you to get out and have fun.”

“Then why can’t we go to the movies or something? Why does it have to be some high school party?” I asked her.

“Well...I guess we could do something like that. But it doesn’t seem as fun,” she rolled her eyes. Suddenly her eyes lit up, “or we can go to the club!”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “I’m pretty sure we’re a little too young to get into a club.” I said in a duh tone.

She waved her hands at me in a shooing gesture. “On Fridays ages 18 and up can go.”

“How do you know that?”

“I’ve been a few times with some friends,” she shrugged.

“You’ve been going to clubs?” I was a little shocked, but not that much. It was Sydney after all.

“Yes, it’s no big deal. So, are you in or not? It would just be me and you this time,” she grinned at me.

“That actually doesn’t sound too bad,” I said.

“Great! It’s settled then,” she was smiling so hard I thought her face was going to split. I opened my mouth to say something, when I heard a very familiar voice behind me.

“Well if it isn’t my two favorite ladies,” I turned around, screaming in delight as Jeremy walked up to us. I ran over jumping on him as he caught me laughing. Jeremy was another close friend of mine. In fact, I was friends with him before I met Sydney. Jeremy was also my first everything. I know I told Duff I wasn’t ready but that didn’t mean I was a virgin. I just wasn’t ready to give it to him after three months.

Jeremy and I had dated for two years before I gave into him. After a while we broke up, both deciding we were better off as friends rather than a couple. There were no hard feelings between us. In fact, I think dating made our friendship even stronger. He had gone out of town for two weeks and I didn’t know he was coming back today.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back today!” I asked as he placed me on the floor.

“I wanted to surprise you guys,” he said grinning, showing off his dimples. Jeremy was hot, and also the most popular guy in school. He was also a quarterback, and everyone loved him. He may not have been captain of the team, but everyone listened to him more than Duff.

People never understood why he hung out with us and not the other popular kids. But they never dared to question him. Even though he was a nice guy he had severe anger issues. Unlike Duff though, I’m sure he wouldn’t cheat on his girlfriend.

“Oh my god! Now you can go to the club with us!” Sydney said jumping back on the club topic.

He raised an eyebrow. “She’s forcing you to clubs now? You’re a bad influence on my Izzy,”

“I’m not forcing her! She agreed,” she defended her self.

“Why would you agree to that? You’re not even old enough,” he scoffed. I glared at him.

“I am on Fridays! And I needed a break from everything,” I told him,biting my nails nervously. I knew he was going to ask why, and just like Sydney I knew he’d be mad when I told him.

“Break from what?” he asked crossing his arms.

“Nothing rea-”

“Duff cheated on her with Crystal at the party Saturday,” Sydney told him, cutting me off. I shot daggers at her and she just shrugged. I saw Jeremy clench his jaw.

“Where is he?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

He nodded. “I’ll just catch him after school,” My eyes widened.

“That’s not necessary, I already took care of him,” I said quickly. I did not want Jeremy to get into a fight on his first day back.

“She’s not lying, you should see his eye.” Sydney giggled.

“You punched him?” he asked proudly.

I nodded, “Just like you taught me,” I grinned at him. During the time Jeremy and I were dating he taught me how to fight, 'Just in case I’m not around and you need to kick some loser’s ass' His words not mine. His lessons indeed paid off.

“Doesn’t matter he deserves more than a punch.”

“I agree,” I glared at Sydney, she wasn’t helping at all. I sighed realizing I’m not going to win this argument, I’m out numbered. I was dreading the end of school now.

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