Death Saved Me

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Chapter 11

As I walked outside to my car, I noticed a crowd forming in the middle of the parking lot. This can’t be good. I quickly ran down the steps pushing my way through the crowd. I knew Jeremy was planning on confronting Duff after school, but I was hoping he had changed his mind.

As I finally elbowed my way to the front I stopped in shock. Laying on the ground with a bloody nose and mouth was Duff. But standing over him, preparing to hit him again was the guy from the party. I was more than confused about what was going on.

“Looks like someone beat me to it,” Jeremy commented from next to me. I couldn’t speak. I was still shocked from witnessing the scene before me.

“Watch what the hell you say,” The guy glared down at Duff. Duff spat blood onto the ground.

“Let me guess, she’s messing with you too?” He laughed humorously. The guy reached back and socked Duff in the face once again. I don’t know why or when, but suddenly I was moving towards the guy.

“What are you doing? Why are you guys fighting?” I asked, looking down at Duff for answers.

“Stay out of this tramp!” I flinched at his words. What was his problem? The guy saw my reaction and moved to hit Duff again.

“Stop this!” I demanded, pushing him back. He glared at my hand on his body, I quickly snatched it away.

“Yeah, listen to your bitch Logan,” Duff smirked. Why won’t he just shut up? At least now I knew the guy’s name. Logan, it fits him. While I was distracted with my thoughts Logan had gotten another punch in on Duff.

I growled at the both of them. Gripping Logan’s arm I started dragging him away. I’m pretty sure he let me, because there was no way I could’ve moved him on my own. Not with all the muscles he was packing.

The crowd parted as we walked through them. For once Duff didn’t make any comments as we walked away. I made it all the way to my car before he finally snatched his arm away. To my shock he started walking away.

“Where are you going? What happened back there? Answer me!” I screamed as he kept walking.

He stopped to turn and glare at me. “If you kept your damn legs closed people wouldn’t make comments about you,” he snarled. I was hurt, but quickly hid it.

“Explain what happened back there!” I demanded, crossing my arms.

“I don’t have to explain a thing to you,” he stated calmly.

I threw my arms up in frustration. “What is your problem with me? Honestly!” he simply shrugged.

“Izzy you party pooper!” I heard Jeremy say from behind me. I turned around to see him jogging over to us. When I turned back to face Logan, he was gone.

“What?” I sighed, I missed my opportunity to get answers.

“What nerd breaks up a school fight? Especially when it’s her ex getting his ass kicked,” he raised an eyebrow at me.

“You don’t even know what the fight was about!”

“Actually I do, turns out Duff was going around telling everyone you were a smut that cheated on him. Logan heard this and for some reason decided to beat the crap out of him,” he explained smirking.

“He did what? He’s the one that cheated!” I was angry now. How dare he!

“Yeah I know, aren’t you happy he got beat to a pulp now? Wish I would’ve done it to be honest,” He grinned. I smiled as well, no longer feeling sorry for the douche.

“There you guys are! Are you ok Isabel?” Sydney walked up to us pulling me into a hug. I rolled my eyes at her actions, she’s so dramatic.

“You know I’m fine, now get off,” She pulled back grinning at me.

“Girls are so weird,” Jeremy commented shaking his head.

“Aww Jeremy, do you feel left out? Come here!” Sydney pulled him into a hug as well.

He sniffed. “It’s like you guys don’t love me anymore,” I laughed.

“Aw Jeremy, anymore? We never loved you!” I laughed. He grabbed his heart like I just stabbed him in it, stumbling back.

“Your words are like bullets,” he cried dramatically.

“I’m going home.,” I announced before getting in my car. Jeremy slide into the passenger side, I raised an eyebrow at him. “Where do you think you’re going? Where’s your car?” I asked him.

“At the mechanic,”

“What did you do?”

He rolled his eyes. “A parked car hit me,” he looked so serious, I couldn’t help but laugh. I twisted the keys in the ignition starting the car up.

“I’ll be over later!” Sydney said running over to her car.

“I don’t want to watch this!” Jeremy complained about the show I just put on.

“Too bad! You can always go home,” I said. We were currently sitting in my bed room. I wanted to watch The Originals, but big mouth wouldn’t stop complaining.

“Damn, high school changed you,” he told me fake frowning. I glared at him, but inside I was kind of sad. Everything may seem normal from the outside but I’m going to die soon. I’ll never get to see Jeremy or Sydney ever again. As much as I try to ignore it and live my life, I can’t. It’s always in the back of my mind. Like a dark cloud following me around.

“Hey Izzy, you ok?” he asked, suddenly sounding serious. “Why are you crying? I was kidding you know that."

I didn’t even realize I was crying, but indeed silent tears were falling down my cheeks. “I’m fine Jeremy."

“Don’t lie to me. I know you’re not fine, what’s bothering you?” he asked sitting next to me, pulling me into his chest.

“I’m going to die!” I blurted out, not being able to stop myself.

“I know,” he sighed. I froze. What does he mean he knows?

“What?” I pulled out of his embrace, looking up at him in alarm.

“I know you’re going to die soon, I’ve always known.” He told me sadly.

“How? How could you have known?”

“I was promised to never reveal myself until you knew you were dying, and since you know now, I can tell you. I’m your guardian angel. I was assigned to you when we first met." His face look troubled. My mind was racing with a million thoughts at once. He’s my guardian angel? Well that explains why he’s so overprotective. Though he doesn’t really act like an angel.

“What do you mean my guardian angel? Shouldn’t you be in heaven then?”

“Let me explain. In heaven we are called Heavens Warriors. We’re trained to serve and protect the humans we are assigned to. We must help guide them in the right direction but without interfering. For example, I can be by your side when you’re unsure of something and if you were to ask for my help, I would give you the answer that leads you closer to heaven. Not everyone has a warrior though, only those whose future may or may not upset the balance.” He explained.

“So I’m going to upset the balance or something? How? The balance between what?”

“The balance between good and evil. We’re not exactly sure how you will upset the balance. Your future has many different paths, it depends on which one you’ll take.” Wow talk about peer pressure. One wrong turn and I can upset a balance I didn’t even know about.

“Oh my god!” I just realized something.

“What?” he asked in alarm.

“I had sex with an angel! I’m going to hell,” I said. He looked guilty.

“Yeah... I wasn’t supposed to do that,” he started rubbing his neck. Something he does when he’s nervous or extremely uncomfortable, probably both at the moment. “I got in trouble for that.”

“Why did you do it then?” I asked him.

“Because I loved you, another thing that wasn’t supposed to happen. I still love you, but as a friend now,” he told me quickly after seeing the look on my face. “Everyone has accepted it now and I no longer get punished for it, I was young when they assigned me to you. I couldn’t control my emotions as well as other guardians could,” He confessed shyly.

I laughed. “That’s just like you,” I quickly sobered up. “but how did you know I was dying soon? And when do I actually die? Do you know Thanatos has been following me?” I fired questions left and right.

“I’ve known your day of death since I was assigned to you. I can’t tell you exactly when you’re going to die, it’s against the rules. Yes, I know Thanatos has been following you, it’s one of the reasons I came back early,” he said.

“Came back from where?” I asked him.

“Training, as I mentioned I’m still fairly new to this. Not everyone gets picked to be a warrior, only the strongest bloodline since we have a better chance of defending ourselves against the evil that inhabits earth."

“Do you have powers?” There's a chance I’ve been hanging out with superman and didn’t even know it.

He shrugged. “Each warrior is gifted with their own unique ability. Mine is the gift of sight. I can see something minutes, or even hours before it happens. It’ll play out like a little movie inside my head.”

“So you’ll be able to see how I die? Before it happens?”

“Not exactly, like I said before, your path is unclear. Also since I’m your guardian my powers don’t work on you. Just like with other warriors they can’t use their powers on the human they’re assigned to.”

“Do you know why Thanatos won’t leave me alone?” I asked him.

“That we’re not really sure about. He never meddles with the lives of people he’s going to take, but for some reason he's latched himself to you,” He tells me sounding confused. Great, of course Thanatos would decide to latch on to me. Aren’t I just lucky?

“I can’t believe I let you drag me here.” I shivered slightly, wrapping my jacket tighter around me. We were standing in line outside the club Sydney mentioned earlier called The Succubus. Surprisingly lots of teenagers wanted to party here on a Friday night. I was foolish enough to show up in a mini dress and jacket. I didn’t expect Florida weather to be this cold.

“And I can’t believe I let you drag me here.” Jeremy glared at me. I smiled at him. If I was going to be forced into this so was he. Angel or no angel.

“I can’t believe you both are still complaining, didn’t you do enough of that on the ride over?” Sydney scoffed.

“Do you think we complained enough Izzy?” Jeremy asked, a thoughtful expression covering his features.

I put a finger to my chin. “Why Jeremy, I don’t think we complained enough.”

Sydney rolled her eyes. “Why did you two breakup again? You’re so much alike I’m surprised you didn’t get married.”

“Everyone knows only opposites attract Sydney. Besides you know the only female I want to marry is you.” he told her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her close.

She shoved him away roughly. “I would never.”

I laughed as we moved up to the guard. “Let me see some I.D.” he barked out. He couldn’t be a little nicer about it? We handed him our I. D’s, he looked them over twice before grunting and letting us by.

“Who pissed in his cheerios?” Sydney mumbled as we walked by. I was about to answer her when I suddenly caught a glimpse inside. I stared in awe at how packed it was. There were many people dancing on the floor and a couple of women dancing in cages above them.

“Are you sure this club is age appropriate?” I shuddered in disgust when a guy at least forty winked at me. Jeremy glared at him, moving to stand in front of me.

“Let’s go get some drinks!” She yelled over the loud music. We followed her as she pushed her way through the crowd and towards the bar, which was also packed with people. “We’re never going to find seats.” She pouted.

“Look! There are two seats over there. I’m sure Jeremy won’t mind standing.” I pulled on her arm, dragging her over before someone snags them. I hopped up on the barstool giving a small dance of victory.

“What can I get you ladies today?” The bartender walked over to us.

“Do you have like a menu or something?” Was I supposed to just guess what they’re serving? Should they even be serving us drinks? Does he know eighteen-year old’s are coming in tonight?

The guy raised an eyebrow at me. “Sorry princess, this isn’t a five-star restaurant.” I blushed at the judgement in his eyes. No longer able to face the guy I decided to scan the dancefloor instead.

“We’ll start off with three shots of vodka please.” I heard Sydney order.

Being out with Jeremy I wasn’t too worried about running into Thanatos. But it was still better to be safe than sorry. I needed to make sure he hadn’t followed me here.

As I scanned the dancefloor, I suddenly felt a burning stare on the side of my face. It felt just like the stare from the party, full of malice. Could it be Thanatos? Did he actually follow me here? Was he going to torture me in front of all these people?

My eyes snapped to the side, only to see a mop of platinum blonde hair disappear into the crowd. I let out a sigh of relief. He wasn’t here, I was safe.

Sydney tapped me on the shoulder, handing me a shot. I cringed as I sniffed the liquid. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I think past events was a good enough excuse to drink tonight. I threw my head back letting the liquor slide smoothly down my throat. Trying to ignore the acid taste it left. “Should we go dance a little?” I nodded my head hopping down from the stool.

I swayed my hips as we made our way to the dancefloor. “I love this song!” I yelled to Jeremy as he rolled his eyes. He grabbed our hands, giving us a twirl. I laughed as Sydney and I twirled pass each other, barely missing the other.

We continued dancing and goofing off as Jeremy brought us more and more shots. A slow song started, and I closed my eyes getting lost in the rhythm. As I threw my arms in the air dancing, I felt something light hit my lips. Opening my eyes I looking down to see a piece of paper on the floor. I looked around me, but everyone was still dancing. I bent down to pick it up. The air left my lungs when I read what was written on the other side.

I’m watching you.

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