Death Saved Me

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Chapter 12

Now watch me whip

Now watch me nae nae

Now watch me whip

whip, watch me nae


Jeremy laughed as Sydney and I danced to the song on Just Dance. I loved this game and was a pro at it.

Moments like this is what I’m going to miss when I die. Jeremy told me not to think much about Thanatos stalking me and me dying soon. He suggested to live my life as normal. I decided not to tell him about the note I received two days ago at the club. It still gave me chills just thinking about it. Even thought the note could have been for anybody, I’m certain it was meant for me.

“It’s like you both have two left feet!” He laughed from the couch. We ignored him as we focused on the animals dancing on the screen. I chose to be the loin while Sydney picked the zebra. The song ended and I collapsed on the couch tired. Before you judge me that was the 4th song we played! I have a right to be tired.

“I don’t see you going against anyone, chicken!” I hissed at him. After everything Jeremy told me I still saw him as just a normal friend. And not a super warrior with super powers.

“Because you girls are too scared to challenge me,” he said.

“You’re on!” Sydney jumped up from the couch. I’m glad she decided to take this one, I was way too tired to go again. I watched as Jeremy stood up as well. I silently laughed as Sydney picked the song ‘Pump It’ by the Black-Eyed Peas. The high score should’ve been a giveaway to Jeremy that this was her favorite song, the one she was best at.

“You’re going down Jemy!” I said laughing. Jemy was a nickname I had given him but rarely use.

For the next four minutes they both battled it out. In the end though, Sydney was better. Not that I was surprised, like I said high score. The odds were never in Jeremy favor. She could’ve beat him with her eyes closed.

“Woo! That’s my best friend go best friend,” I sang. She did a little bow causing me to laugh.

“Your ass sir,” she cupped her hands pretending to hand him his ass. Jeremy smacked her hand away glaring. She broke out in giggles.

“Guys play nice,” I wagged my finger at them.

“Whatever, you guys are cheaters.” He flopped back on the couch pouting. I rolled my eyes getting off the couch going to the kitchen. I dodged Jeremy’s foot as he tried to trip me. Someone’s a sore loser.

“Marie!” I grinned as I saw her in there bustling about.

“Oi! Isabella! My favorite girl,” she ran over to give me a hug. I don’t know why she calls me Isabella. She’s been calling me that ever since we hired her. After a while I just stopped trying to correct her. The woman was stubborn. “Are your friends staying for dinner?” she asked me.

“I don’t know, what are you making?” I asked.

“Lasagna and garlic bread, your favorite,” she said smiling, I grinned. She was right, that was indeed my favorite meal. She tried to teach me how to cook it once, but I failed miserably. Almost burning the house down in the process.

“I’ll go ask them, I hope they say no so there’s more for me.” I told her smiling as I left the kitchen.

“Is Marie here?” Sydney asked when I returned to the living room.

“Yes, and she wants to know if you guys are staying for dinner,” I told them.

“I’m staying,” Jeremy answered automatically. He loved Marie’s cooking, so I knew he’d stay. I was really only asking Sydney.

“I can’t I have to leave soon,” she said.


“Parents want me home for dinner, which reminds me I have to go,” she sighed as she grabbed her belongings. I nodded in understanding as she walked towards the door to leave.

“I’m leaving after dinner,” Jeremy announced next to me. I rolled my eyes, of course fatty is.

I flipped through the channels as I looked for something interesting to watch, rubbing my now full belly. Dinner was good as always and now I was stuffed. Jeremy true to his words, left right after he got done eating.

“Grim is on.” I jumped as I heard a voice. I looked over seeing Thanatos laying next to me. Any other day I would’ve jumped from my bed and ran screaming. But after my talk with Jeremy I’ve felt a little calmer.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him as I flipped through more channels.

“Not scared of me eh? We need to change that,” before I could ask how he was going to change that, I was thrown against my ceiling. I gasped as the breath was knocked out of me. Screaming I tried to grab onto something as I was floating above my bed, “Ah music to my ears,”

“Let me down!” I screamed, to my surprise he did. The air whipped pass me as I dropped to the bed. I groaned.

“You should never get comfortable around me sweet Isabel,” he warned me. His hood came down to his nose so all I could see was his mouth and chin. A very nice mouth and chin. I noticed a five o’clock shadow.

“I was comfortable before you came actually,” I said. He flicked his wrist and suddenly I couldn’t breathe again. I grabbed at my throat willing air to flow through.

“Why the smart mouth today?” he cocked his head to the side studying me. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. Since I was still getting choked, “Oops my bad,” he flicked his wrist again and I gulped in much needed air.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked him, holding my throat. He looked up at me. There was like this black haze covering his face, all I saw was red flames were his eyes should’ve been. I gasped.

“Because I can,” he said shrugging, the flames diminishing. I sighed. “I’m sorry Isabel am I annoying you?” he asked me.

“No,” I answered quickly. He probably would throw me in a pit of snakes if I were to say yes.

“Good. Now as much fun as this was, I must go,” I frowned in confusion. He usually had a reason for visiting me. Mostly to torture me but still.

“That’s it? You don’t want anything?” I asked. He stopped, dramatically smacking a hand to his forehead.

“That’s right! I came to bring you awesome news,” he flashed me a vicious grin. I instantly prepared for the worst, “I’ve been informed that you my little Isabel will be dying in four days.” He held up four fingers to my face, grinning. Four days? Why so soon?

“Why four days? Who told you this?” I asked.

He placed his thumb and pointer finger to the corner of his mouth. Dragging them across his lips, he pretended to zip them shut. So mature. I opened my mouth to ask another question, but he vanished.

The next morning at school I was ecstatic to be back, even math class couldn’t ruin my happiness. Finally, some normality to my life. knowing you were going to die in four days can really put you in a depressing mood. So can knowing you have the god of death watching your every move.

“Ms. Stewart, I expect you have your essay done based on the huge smile you’re wearing.” I stand corrected, I guess something can ruin my happiness. I had no idea what essay she was talking about, not that I would’ve done it anyways. Wants the point of keeping up with grades if I’m going to die?

“I’ll be honest with you ma’am, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She frowned at me.

“then I guess you’ll remember in detention.” I glared at the back of head when she faced the black board again. I’ve never gotten detention in my life! all over one stupid essay.

“honesty ma’am do you think that’s fair? Its just one paper, compared to the hundreds I’ve already turned in.” the class stared in awe at my response. Usually I was the quiet that never spoke up. But not today, I was tired of being pushed around.

“life isn’t fair Ms. Stewart, now feel free to stop disrupting my class or leave.” She never turned around o address me, how rude. I slid out of my seat packing my bag, ignoring the gasps from my classmates. Walking out the class with my head held high, I made my way to my locker. “don’t forget your detention.”

I debated on just leaving for the day but knew Sydney would be looking for me. I sighed resting my head against the locker. My next class will be starting in twenty minutes. What am I supposed to do till then? Maybe I should’ve just stayed in class. Although this did give me time to think about the note I received Friday. Who was watching me? And how’d they get the note to me without me seeing?

“what are you doing out of class?” I turned my head to the left to see Logan making his way to me.

“what are you doing not minding your own business?” I mumbled. I always got bad vibes from Logan and didn’t like being around him. The guy was a trouble maker and I had no more room in my life for trouble.

“it’s not safe for you to be alone.” He growled out. You’re telling me. But how would he know?

“do you need something?” I asked him.

“just watch your back.” He continued walking down the hall. Ok he’s officially a weirdo.

I opened my locker grabbing books for my next class. The moment I opened the door a note fell out. My heart stopped. No, it couldn’t be. I looked up and down the hall. Whoever left the note was long gone by now.

I bent down with shaky fingers to pick it up. Unlike the first note that was written in black ink, this one was written in red, making it even more disturbing.

Stay away.

I stood there in shock, even as the bell rung and kids started filling the hallways I couldn’t move. Someone was watching me. They knew which locker was mine and they knew I was at school. I wasn’t safe anymore, not form Thanatos and not from this anonymous person. Would I ever be safe again?

“you got what?” Sydney asked in shock as we made our way to lunch.

“I knew you were a bad influence on her.” Jeremy shook his head.

“I didn’t do anything major, just asked the teacher a simple question. Not my fault she was PMSing.” I shrugged.

“well at least you’ll have me there to keep you company.” She said.

“wait you have detention too? I swear I’m friends with a bunch of criminals in training.” Jeremy sighed dramatically.

“I take offense to that.” I glared.

“or maybe we’re just friends with a Hufflepuff.” She laughed.

“whatever, I hope you remember my Hufflepuff behavior when you’re both doing time.” He glared at us.

I held my hands up in defense.” Hey! I said nothing about you.”

“well you didn’t defend me either!” he pouted, I rolled my eyes.

We sat down at our table digging in to our food. After school Jeremy walked us to the detention room.

“remember you both are allowed one phone call, so only one should call me.”

Sydney rolled her eyes. “It’s just detention Jeremy, not actually jail.”

He shrugged. “I’m just saying maybe you guys should practice if this is the behavior, I’m going to be expecting from you both.”

She pushed him. “oh shut up! Like you’re some kind of angel.” He stiffened while I held in my laugh. If only she knew how right she was.

“whatever bye jail birds.” He waved as he walked off. Sydney walked into the room first and I sighed.

“welcome to detention, place your phones in the bin and have a seat.” The teacher barked the moment I walked in. So much for that one phone call. I dropped my phone in the bin turning around to look for a seat. My eyes landed on Logan in the far back. Great just what I needed, to be stuck with him for two hours.

I chewed on the end of my pencil watching the minute hand tick by. Feels like I been in this place forever. How can some people do this every day? This was so boring. And the teacher expected us to do work, as if. I looked over at Sydney to see her texting under the table. What the hell? How does she still have a phone? I ripped off a corner of my notebook paper scribbling her a note. I balled it making sure the teacher wasn’t watching, before tossing it. It landed on the top of her desk, causing her to jump. I watched as she unfolded it and read it, turning to grin at me. She quickly jotted something down before tossing it back.

How’d you get your phone? Sneaky little minx

Back up phone, always prepared.

I gave her a glare as she smiled. Who would think to bring a backup phone? I don’t even have a backup phone.

“Ok class I need to step out for a minute, no one move or speak while I’m gone.” He warned, making his way to the door. The second the door closed behind him they started to talk. Sydney slid her desk over to mine, a loud scrapping sound following as she dragged it across the floor. “I thought he’d never leave.”

“Does he leave all the time?”

She nodded. “Usually it’s someone else watching us, and she lasts for two minutes before leaving.” Wow no wonder people didn’t care about getting detention. Only punishment was staying after school.

“How much time have you spent in detention? What did you even get detention for?” I felt eyes on me, and I had a feeling I knew who it was. I looked over my shoulder towards the back. Logan had his eyes focused on me, not blinking. Wow what a creep. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” I called back to him.

“Wouldn’t waste the film.” He smirked.

“Wow I’m sensing the sexual tension right now.” Sydney fanned herself.

I glared at her. “Your senses are way off.”

“So you say.”

I checked my watch, dreading spending anymore time here. “Ugh why can’t we just leave!”

“You can if you want, the windows aren’t locked. But you’ll just end up getting detention tomorrow.” I’m starting to think Jeremy was right about her being a criminal in training.

“Why do you have detention?”

“Slapped crystal.” She rolled her eyes.

My eyes widened. “What? When? Why?” I can’t believe she didn’t bother to tell me this.

“Do the details really matter? She had it coming.”

“Yes, the details matter.”

“She was talking smack on you, so I smacked her.” She said it so causally, like she didn’t just admit to smacking someone. Wow I loved my best friend. I reached over pulling her into a hug. “Ok enough of that.” She pushed me away.

The door opened as the teacher returned. “You’re all dismissed.” I looked at the clock seeing we still had forty minutes later. But I wasn’t about to correct him. I grabbed my bag and notebook practically running for the door.

“Isabella! Can you go to the store for me?” Marie yelled from downstairs. I let out a loud groan. I just got home! Couldn’t she have gone earlier while I was at school? Was it too much to ask to come home and relax? Bad enough I had detention yesterday cutting into my nap time. “Isabella!”

“Coming!” I rolled out of bed letting myself fall to the floor. I sighed getting up. I grabbed my phone and purse heading out of my room. Instead of walking down the steps I decided to slide. Taking a seat on the top stair, I leaned back before pushing myself forward. The carpet made a good cushion. When I reached the end a set of feet appeared in my vision. I looked up into the disapproving face of Marie. “Hi.” I squeaked out.

She shook her head smiling. “Oi Isabella, what am I going to do with you?” she held out a hand helping me up.

“Adopt me and move me into your place?” I smiled.

“I need you to go to the grocery store. I’m making spaghetti and meatballs, but we have no sauce.” She frowned.

“Isabel to the rescue!” I walked to the front door, slipping on my shoes.

“Be careful, it will be night soon.” She called to me as I headed out the front door.

“I’m always careful!”

Instead of driving I decided to walk to the local store. The weather was nice, and the store was only three blocks away. No reason to waste gas. I looked up at the fading sunlight with a grimace. I was hoping to enjoy a little bit of the heat.

I had just crossed the street to the second block when I got that feeling again. The feeling of someone watching me. Only this time, it felt like they were directly behind me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I started hearing footsteps. Oh god someone is following me. I quickened my steps. How I wish I would’ve taken my car now. The more I sped up the more the person behind me did. Just when I thought I was going to get attacked out in the open with no witnesses, the grocery store came into view. I practically sprinted the rest of the way, not stopping until I ran inside of the sliding doors.

Once safely inside I finally looked behind me. There was no one there. “Are you ok ma’am?” the cashier asked coming to stand next to me.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “Yeah, just thought I saw a dog or something.” I shrugged, giving her a weak smile. I made my way to the sauce aisle to avoid any more questions. Not that I think she was going to ask anymore.

After getting the sauce and a box of pop tarts for myself I hesitated on checking out. Did I really want to go back out there? I know I heard someone following me. Was it safe? But I couldn’t hide out in the grocery store forever. Plus, maybe someone was just passing by and wasn’t actually following me. Maybe those notes just got me paranoid.

Making up my mind I finally I went to check out. I grew up in this neighborhood, I shouldn’t be afraid to walk the streets. I grabbed my bag taking a deep breath, leaving the store. At least now I had a weapon if someone did try anything. I took my phone out my purse as well, just in case.

I was once again on the second block when the feeling came back. This can’t be happening. I gripped the phone in my hand and the bag in the other. I made it to street corner getting ready to cross. I took one step off the curb and out of nowhere, a black SUV came zooming by. I jumped back in fear, bumping into someone. My body stiffened as I slowly turned around.

I let out a scream at the tall man standing behind me, with pitch black eyes. he growled reaching for my purse. I screamed some more, bring the grocery bag around to hit him. Only I missed, and his eyes got darker if that were possible. It was in that moment that I decided to run. I turned around getting ready to sprint across the street, only to get pulled back.

The man pulled me down to the floor, hovering over me with a sinister look on his face. I kicked my foot out hitting him square in the stomach. He flew back several feet, surprising us both. Guess I had more power in that kick than I thought. That didn’t keep him away for long though, he rushed back over reaching for me. I already lost the element of surprise with my kick, he would probably expect it now.

This is it. This is how I’m going to die. Over spaghetti sauce! The man bent down, probably to eat my face off. I screamed bringing my hands up to cover my face. I waited for the onslaught, but it never came. There was a grunt and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. I peeked through my finger, to see Logan beating the man.

“Stay away from her!” He yelled into the man’s face. The man gave a growl, before getting up and running off.

“We can’t just let him leave! We need to call the police.” I told him getting off the ground.

He turned on me, eyes blazing. “Let it go Isabel.” He turned around and started walking away.

“Wait.” I called out. I bent down to pick up my stuff, when I stood up, he was no longer there. I looked around but he was nowhere on the streets. Where did he go that fast? Who was that guy? Something sticking out the grass caught my eye. I reached down picking it up, another note.

Your second warning stay away.

I decided not to stick around on the streets in case that man decided to come back. I ran the rest of the way home. Closing and locking the door behind me. What the hell just happened?

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