Death Saved Me

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Chapter 13

I’ve been watching my back all day. Scared Thanatos would come out of nowhere and do something major. Like push me in front of a moving bus, or trip me down a flight of stairs. It’s been exactly four days since I last seen him. And two days since the attack outside. The attack was just a warning though, if only I knew what they wanted me to stay away from. Meaning today is the day that I will most likely bite the dust. Jeremy stuck by my side most of the day. But sadly, pretending to be a high school student has its faults and he had to go to class just like every other sucker here. I decided not to mention anything to him about the notes or the attack. It was best not to worry him. I haven’t seen Logan today either, I was hoping to run into him and discuss who that guy was and where did he come from.

“Why are you so fidgety?” Sydney asked me as we were walking down the hall.

“What?” I asked, I just turned around from checking behind me. Thanatos wasn’t the only threat I needed to look out for.

She leaned in closer to whisper in my ear. “Is it a drug problem? We can get you some help.” I burst out laughing at her question. Oh how I wish it was something simple like that.

“No, I’m not doing drugs.” I giggled. I saw her sigh in relief, making me roll my eyes. You come to school twitchy one time and you’re deemed a drug addict.

“Then what’s going on with you? You’re twitching more than a crackhead waiting for their next fix,” she asked.

“Nothing is up with me,” I lied smoothly. I didn’t like Jeremy being away from me. I felt much safer with him around. Who wouldn’t feel safe with an angel around?

“I can tell when you’re lying, but I’ll let it go this time. If you don’t want to tell me then fine,” I could hear the hurt in her voice.

“Look Syd-“I started just as we rounded a corner. I bumped into something hard, causing a stinging pain in my nose. “Ouch! What the hell?” I screamed, clutching my nose. To make matters worse I felt warm liquid running down my hands. Great, now my nose is having a period.

“Oh my god! Are you ok?” Sydney asked me. I ignored her looking up to see what I bumped into, or more specifically who I bumped into. My eyes narrowed as they settled on the smirking face of Logan. When I said I wanted to run into him I didn’t mean literally.

“Why are you always in my way!” I yelled at him, clutching my nose. I should really get to the nurse, I’m going to be late for class. Why wouldn’t this accident occur before math class? I would love to be late for that.

“Maybe if you were more experienced with walking and talking at the same time you wouldn’t have ran into me,” He smirked. I wanted to smack that stupid smirk off his face.

“I can do both just fine!”

“I really think I should take you to the nurse now.” Sydney said from beside me. I sighed knowing she was right. I shot one last glare at him before walking away. There was something about him that rubbed me the wrong way. Especially after yesterday. Dammit! I forgot to talk to him about it. Not like I can ask in front of Sydney though. Plus my nose was throbbing.

“Take care sweet Isabel,” Logan called out from behind us. I felt my body stiffen, that nickname. No, it can’t be. I turned around quickly, but he was already gone. Maybe I’m thinking too much into this? Anybody can call me that doesn’t mean anything, right? I’ll just deem it as a coincidence.

“What’s wrong?” Sydney wondered since I stopped walking.

“Nothing, let’s go.”


An ice pack and two classes later, Jeremy was finally able to catch up with me. I haven’t seen Logan since that accident in the hall and I was glad. I don’t know how I’d react to seeing him now. He sounded just like- I shook my head, its not possible. He saved me, Thanatos would never do that. Again.

“What happened to your face?” Jeremy asked, walking next to me.

I shot him a glare, “You sure do know how to make a girl feel special,” I said sarcastically. My nose had an ugly blueish bruise on it thanks to Logan.

He laughed. “You know what I mean...I’m referring to the big ice pack covering it.”

“I ran into Logan,” I answered, my cheeks heating up.

“I knew that boy was packing some muscles under there,” Sydney commented falling into step with us.

“You’re talking about his body like he didn’t make me bleed! He practically punched me in the nose,” both Jeremy and Sydney started laughing.

“Don’t be so dramatic, it was clearly an accident.” she waved her hand at me in a dismissive gesture. I glared at her before turning my glare to the floor. I had such awesome friends.

“I doubt it was an accident, he’s had it out for me since he got here.”

“You think everyone has it out for you. Remember that time freshmen year when you tripped over Courtney’s bag? You were so sure she sat it there to make you fall on purpose even though the girl started crying for hurting you,” she reminded me.

“She did put it there on purpose! She didn’t even do school work what did she need that bag for?” I defended myself. Jeremy sighed, shaking his head with a smile on his face.

“Sure she did,” we walked into the cafeteria and I instantly started to look around for Logan. No surprise that he was nowhere to be found. It’s like he just disappeared after the hallway scene. I had a bad feeling about this.

As we sat at our table girls flocked themselves around Jeremy, shooting me unnecessary glares. Turns out people think Jeremy hangs with us because he got me pregnant. I laughed at the silly rumor, why couldn’t they just accept that he wanted to hang with us? No strings attached. Also why Sydney couldn’t be the pregnant one? I’m pretty sure she puts out more than me.

“Hey Jer-bear,” one smut greeted sitting next to him. I snorted.

“Hey Melinda,” Jeremy smiled at her. I always wondered why Jeremy was so nice with people even when they annoyed him. Now I know that he’s an angel and it’s not in his nature to be mean to innocent humans, even if they are smuts. Lucky for him it’s not in my nature.

“Don’t you have a guy you need to go bang in the janitor’s closet?” I asked her. If looks could kill, I’d be six feet under right now. With nails in my coffin.

“Why don’t you mind your own business little miss nobody?” she sneered.

I smirked at her. “Little miss nobody? Who does Jeremy like being around? Me or you?” I gave her a wide smile.

She glared. “We all know he only stays around because you’re pretending to be pregnant,” Jeremy choked on air as I held in my laughter, seems he didn’t know about these rumors. You would think with him being popular someone would have told him by now.

“What?” he asked.

Melinda looked over at Jeremy and her gaze softened. I rolled my eyes, “You should make her show you the pregnancy test,” she said to him.

“Isabel is not pregnant with Jeremy’s baby. Even if she was what’s it to you irrelevant smuts? Jeremy will never want you. Now move along before I come across this table and make you move,” Sydney told her, causally biting into her chicken sandwich. Melinda eyes widened as she quickly got up, leaving with her smut pack following her.

I looked over at my best friend grinning, “Have you no manners young lady?” I asked her.

“She was getting annoying and I’m trying to enjoy my lunch.” she shrugged.

“So baby daddy what are you doing today?” I asked Jeremy smirking.

He narrowed his eyes at me, “You’re not funny.”

“I think she is,” Sydney told him giggling. His eyes snapped to hers.

“Shut up.” he told her, causing me to laugh also. Jeremy was always fun to tease.

My laughter soon died as another person joined our table. I stiffened as I heard him speak, “Hey Jeremy,” Logan said. I looked over to see him sitting next to me, eating his lunch. For some reason he seemed to be in a good mood. Maybe he liked seeing the damage he done to my nose?

“Well if it isn’t Isabel’s abuser. I might have to beat you up for hurting my baby momma,” Jeremy said. Logan stiffened when he said baby momma. I watched as his nostrils flared like he was sniffing the air. His posture relaxed, his face breaking out into a grin.

“So, the rumors are true then?” he asked.

“As true as zombies are real,” Jeremy laughed. I expected Logan to laugh with him. Instead he was staring at me with a smirk.

“Enjoying your day?” he asked me, his smirk getting bigger if that were possible. It was with that one question I realized my thoughts were right. I was sitting next to Thanatos. I felt everything around us freeze with that realization. Like literally the whole cafeteria was frozen, this wasn’t good, “close but not quite. I’m not Thanatos, well not fully. I’m more of a manifest, but still a part of him. I guess you could say an extended shadow. We’re called Penumbras.” Sadly, everything wasn’t frozen. I looked over at Logan. An extended shadow? What kind of drugs was this guy on? It made sense now how he disappeared so fast that day. I’ve witnessed Thanatos do that and if he’s a part of him then of course he could do it too.

“What did you do? Are they dead?” I asked him. He rolled his eyes.

“Of course they’re not! What do you take me for? The god of death?” he laughed at his own joke. I glared at him.

“Where is Thanatos? Why are you here?”

He sighed, “So many questions. Thanatos is busy with more important things. I was to keep an eye on you until it was time for you to go,” he looked down at an invisible watch, “oh won’t you look at that! It’s time for you to go.”

I gulped, “Time for me to go where?”

He smiled, “A little place I like to call hell!” my eyes widened, “just kidding just kidding.” What was wrong with this guy? It’s like he was missing one too many screws.

“If not hell then where?”

“You’ll see when we get there.” he told me, leaning on the table.

“Wait! We’re leaving right now?” I asked scared, he nodded. I looked over at Jeremy who was also frozen, “How did you freeze Jeremy?”

“You mean your little angel boy? Because this has nothing to do with him, everyone knows it’s your time,” he said casually, as if we were talking about the weather. From the way he avoided eye contact with me though I could tell he was hiding something.

“Jeremy knew? Why didn’t he tell me?” I felt so betrayed.

“Because he can’t. Now enough with the questions you’re putting me behind schedule, follow me.” He abruptly stood up. I got up as well following him out the cafeteria. I looked back one last time at my friends as my vision started to get blurry. I was going to die without being able to say my goodbyes. Maybe it was for the best.

I caught up with Logan as he made his way to my car, “What are you doing? Why haven’t you killed me already?” I asked. I was in no rush to die but I was curious why he was prolonging it.

“There are too many witnesses around here. You’re going to die at the bridge where you were meant to die.”

“I thought Thanatos said I didn’t die there?”

“He lied, you killed yourself. He saved you and gave you more time,” he got in the car starting it up. How did he get my keys?

“But why?” I was a wreck right now. Did I really kill myself? All cause of Duff? How could I care so little about my life?

“Because he can, the moment you decided to kill yourself you belonged to him,” he told me in a cold voice. He was no longer pretending to be Logan but was in full killer mode again. I think I liked the joking Logan better.

“What about Jeremy? If he knew I already killed myself why did they give me a guardian angel?” I was so confused.

“He didn’t know you killed yourself recently and that Thanatos spared your life. He only knew that you were going to die soon. With Thanatos being the god of death, he was able to manipulate your lifeline. As far as Jeremy is concerned you haven’t died at all yet.” He got out the car slamming the door. I thought about locking myself in so he wouldn’t get me, but realized it’d be useless. Time for me to face my fate.

I got out the car following him to the bridge. He stood there where I first met Thanatos patiently waiting for me. “Now what?” I asked as I stood next to him. He pointed down at the water. My eyes widened, “You want me to jump?” I squeaked out.

“Not like you haven’t done it before, now get to it. You’re wasting my time.” He said, shoving me.

I climbed over the railing feeling my heart race as I looked down. The river was just as I remembered it. Dark. “I don’t want-“My sentence was cut off as he gave me a harsh shove off the bridge. And that ladies and gentlemen is how I died a second time, on the same bridge.

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